Thanks to the Bebop Drone’s GPS and Flight Plan, an in-app purchase on Free Flight 3, you can plan your flights directly on the map and enjoy the flight as a spectator. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to do it using your tablet or smartphone.

Pre-load a map

In order to use Flight Plan in an area with no internet connection, you have to pre-load the map while you still have access to internet.

1 – Open Free Flight 3.


2 – On the contextual menu, tap on Settings.


3 – Then, tap on Map preloading. The map appears on your screen and the blue point indicates your position.


4 – Zoom in on the area where your flight will take place. If you are already on location, tap on the blue point to center the map on your location, and then zoom.

5 – Press Preload.

6 – Once the pre-loading is done, press the return arrow to go back to the previous page.

Create your Flight Plan:

Flight Plan allows you to create the flight course with the tip of your fingers

The blue point shows your current location. Tap on this icon Focusto focus the map around your location


Zoom/unzoom and change the map type

You can adjust the zoom level of the map with two fingers using the touch screen

You can change the display mode (map/satellite view/hybride) thanks to this button Map


Enable/Disable the editing mode: 

To enable or disable the way point editing mode, tap on this icon cadenas2

How to create a way point:

Press on the location of the map you want to create your way point. A bubble with a number pops up.

How to change altitude:

The number in the bubble shows the flight altitude of your drone. To change it, press on the way point and adjust the altitude on the cursor on the right of your screen. Press a second time on the way point to save it.

You can then place other way points following the same rules.

How to change in-flight orientation:

The arrow around the way point shows the direction your drone will look at while flying to the next waypoint. You can change it by pressing on the way point and then place the arrow in the right direction

Set the flight speed between two way points

Press on the line between the 2 waypoints and use the horizontal cursor at the bottom of your screen to adjust the speed

Move a way point:

Press the way point and drag it to desired location

Delete a way point:

Keep pressing on the way point and then tap on delete.


Close the loop:

your starting point is tagged with an S for start, while the finish point is tagged with an E for End. Keep pressing on your last way point and then tap on buckle if you want your Drone to land where it took off.

Scenario Mode

You can add contextual actions that take place during the flight. Just tap on the icon Scenariothat brings you to the scenario mode. On the timeline, you’ll find all the way points you created on the map.

Add and modify actions:

To add an action, just drag the icon between two way points. If you tap on it, you can modify the parameters of the action. Let’s say you want to change the orientation of the camera between the 4th and the 5th  waypoints, drag the icon Orientationbetween these two points and the tap on it to set the right angle.

To remove an action, drag it outside the timeline.

Available actions:

Save, edit and delete a flight plan:

The plan you’re working on is saved in the app’s cache memory/CPU memory. To save a new plan, tap on the save icon : folderand the tap on save as. You can then name you plan and tap on ok.

To edit or delete a flight plan, press on the flight plan and the tap on edit or delete. To create a new flight plan, just tap on new.

The actual flight:

Check your GPS fix

Start your drone and connect it with your smartphone/tablet.  Wait until this green signal :  Bebop-GPSat the bottom right of your screen should appears, it means your Bebop’s GPS location is detected.

You can now select flight plan on the home screen of free flight 3. Let’s go!

You are now ready to let your drone do its first autonomous flight. Press on start to start the flight plan and your drone will take off and follow the instructions you just set.

Note: The Bebop can fly by itself outside of the Wi-Fi network’s reach.



During the autonomous flight, a small HUD window appears.  It allows you to access the piloting screen to to see the Bebop’s live video. If you want to go back to Flight plan, there is similar window. In case of a problem of any kind, you can pause the flight plan and take back control over your Drone any time.

Have great flights!

Some regulations about drones flights:

Do not film people without their consent.

For more information on how to optimize the Bebop’s reach, check this article:

You can watch the tutorial video on our You Tube channel.

Flight Plan Tutorial : Learn how to plan your flights!



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76 thoughts on “Flight Plan Tutorial : Learn how to plan your flights!

  1. Needs a battery level indicator when on the fp screen, and also the rotation at waypoints is dreadful…way too jerky.
    Can the rotation not be done over the period of time between 2 waypoints? Not rapidly when it gets to the next one?
    Great possibilities with the app…but it hardly allows professional quality filming!

  2. Hey I just bought flight plan and was wondering if it would be okay to use in neighborhood areas ? Im thinking trees and houses would be a problem. And my parrot drone always loses control when a car goes under it so I’m pretty sure its not gonna be agood idea and i think i just answered my own question. Second, Would the drone carry out the flight plan even if my phone is disconnected to the drone ?

    1. Hello, You’d better not to fly in neighborhood areas. If the drone fell or crash, you have to compensate.
      2. If your phone is disconnected to drone while flight plan, It’s OK. Bebop will carry out the flight plan as you set

  3. it works, it works but sometime it does not work.

    I have spent some days of test. During one of these test flight I switched off the
    Wifi and the drone finished their flight and landed at origin.
    But my last flight was a desaster. I entered a route, only 50m around me inside a park to go
    around a station with high 30m. After second waypoint the drone starts doing strange things.
    Toggled down, comes up again, flight above the trees. Finaly I could not see her anymore and so I was running
    in their direction.
    Around 200m far way I could see the drone in 30m high above a crossing road.
    So I moved to free flight and could bring her back savely. Wow. no coffee need.
    How can this happen? I cannot trust its function any more.

    1. Did you check earth magnetic field? This affects GPS signal, If the rate is high, you shouldn’t fly drone.
      and not in the middle of city; there are so many GPS and Wifi signals and obstacle like buildings and trees..
      Every country has their own rules.
      Flight near the station, road… is dangerous.

  4. And there is really missing the battery control. The drone comes down, when battery is empty. If this over seaside, you will have a problem, because there is no indicator.

  5. 1. The camera angle is an horizontal 0° view? 2.The inflight orientation, allows a constant “fixed point“ recording? 3. And about the new Bebop 2: Could I use my actual Skycontroller to control the new Bebop 2? Thanks.

  6. Is this feature also available in FF3 v2.3.3.0 ???
    FF3 v2.3.3.0 is the “latest” Windows version for FF3 (compare to 3.8.12 on android and iOS) ??? Does that means that Windows user are not allowed to buy from Parrot ???
    Perhaps the windows 10 potential user base is not big enough for Parrot (only over 110 millions installs a few months from release, many on Windows tablet / mobile phones etc)…
    When can we expect a Window 10 universal app for FF3 (same app runs on all Windows 10 ecosystem, tablets, mobile phones etc.) ??? or are Parrot remaining a iOs / Android exclusive club?

  7. parrot has been amazing i went threw a bunch of problems and they replaced my drone everytime! longest wait was 2 months and I’m in canada. just make sure you take care of the drone and really learn how to fly it before you fly around anything other than an open field. the sky controller is really a must to fully enjoy the capabilities of the drone i give it a 10 / 10 as for their support team and their product very well done !!!!

  8. When she says if the drone loses WIFI connection it will follow its path to the end. Does she mean the programmed flight plan or the last course it was on?

    1. If you are on a flight plan it will continue to the end if you are not on a flight plan and you loose the connection try to regain it as quickly as possible and use the go home function.

  9. Amazing product with great capabilities. Autonomy is a little low and I’m thinking about buying 2500mAh batteries on ebay which are not from Parrot, does someone tested this kind of batteries ? I also thought that selling 19,99€ was not fair, but it’s a nice piece of software with no bugs and really easy to use, nice job Parrot ! @ Raff, you’re an idiot, try other drones and let us know which one you prefer :)

  10. this would be much better if the planning could be done offline? Given the bebop short battery life this would be a great feature?

    1. Being it works with Wi-Fi signal you will not need a mobile service also with the sky controller you are looking in a access of around 2Km in an open area.

    1. Hi Jimmy,

      I had the same problem after the update. It starts downloading maps but then it stops with the message fail. For me the problem was memory space. When I checked on my IPad the available space I showed 3Gig free, but It seems to be that It cannot see volume of the download map filles. So I deleted free flight but that didn’t work. Then I installed a cleaner app from the app store and that showed me that I didn’t had any memory left. After cleaning I could pre load maps. I hope this Is a solution for you.


  11. I like the flight plan very much. Great feature! I noticed just one nasty bug:
    Somehow the “camera angle” resp. “camera tilt” doesn’t work correctely. The sign seems to be inverted. I guess negative should be looking upwards and positive should be downwards. I experience it opposite. Additionally sometimes a little value (e.g. -2 deg) leads to a large deflection, sometimes a larger value (e.g. -5) leads to a smaller deflection. Additionally the entered value of angular speed does not seem to have any impact.

  12. hi, after update firmware the camera angle (video) work not properly in flight plan mode. Can anyone have an idea?

  13. Uninstall and reinstall free flight 3 after one of the updates I had the same issue and works like a charm.

  14. I keep getting a message ‘error sending flight plan’ when I try to start the flight on the iPad. I have everything set up and the play button on flight plan is available to touch. The GPS and wifi are connected. Why won’t the bebop drone start and follow the plan? Help please?

  15. hi, how can i pause flightplan during flight and take back control over bb2? which knob must i press during flight plan flight and which screen appeares after pressing that knob?

  16. I am not sure how does it will work, I am very carefully with flight plan, going always minimum 60 meter alt. The GPS is terrible, my first ever crash happened return home, my drone from me 3 meters only object was a recycle bin, it visited it. Nothing in the whole 3 m circle just the recycle bin, and landing cannot be terminated, I just pushed UP UP, CRASH. However after this flight plan is rly good. The only issue with this, i usually create my plans on my Iphone 6+. But i have an ms surface pro, which kinda big and awesome tablet. I downloaded freeflight 3 already, but i can’t use flight plan there. Is there any workaround, or it even not working at all on windows 10? Can anyone successfuly done a controlled or auto flight from X86/X64 intel non-rt windows ? I am rly curious just downloaded the app yday, and i was supprised how many “not working with surfice” on the internet. So I am pretty sure at all the gps is not the best so you need to be rly carefully find a 5m radius empty circle as “landing” point, anything can happen. And also go as high as the highest building with antennas/trees etc located.

  17. Hello everyone. Been playing around with flight plan but had a question about the height of the drone. If I set the drone on a flight plan at the top of a cliff for it to be 50m altitude, if it flies off the edge of the cliff will the drone drop until it is 50m off the ground again? This would not be desirable at all!

      1. No but I have experimented near hilly terrain and I think the height is based on where you start from. So if you start at the top of a cliff at 10m altitude and fly over the edge the drone will still think it is 10m high although in reality it might be 100m high from the sea. That’s based on my flights so I’d be careful and maybe suggest you try it out too.

        1. OK mate, well I got my answer and I’be still got my drone. Flew it off a 300m high cliff in Greece and I’d didn’t change vertically at all. So can say with confidence that it zeros at the beginning of the flight path.

  18. Hi
    Has anyone encountered connection drama with drone?
    Using the sky controller
    Wifi is working and can manually fly but flight plan brings up see picture attached

    1. have you got to the bottom of this?
      i excrescence this every now and then and haven’t worked out what i’m doing wrong
      i think its somthing to do with the order of which you swich on your equitmetn

      1. i found this info “Delete flight plan and make new plan and make sure to select bebop 2 at initial screen”

  19. Hi, i can buy last month flight plan ios. change my ios phone but i dont see flight plan, why ?
    Can you help me ?
    My free flight account name : infazure

  20. Flight plan worked great! Just to see what happened I disconnected my phone from wifi. Sure enough it finished the plan perfectly. Does anyone know what would happen if it was running autonomously and lost gps as well?

  21. Excellent analysis – Just to add my thoughts , if your business has been searching for a a form , my husband found a fillable form here

  22. I have flight plan on my Ipad. I recently had to reset the Ipad though. Now when I try to use flight plan, it says I have to purchase it again. It says purchased in the in-app purchases, but when I try to get it it wants to charge me for it again. What can I do?

  23. Hey guys, I set up a flight plan around a building with the first way point starting at 26 meters altitude, on play, the bebop did not raised to the pre-programmed altitude but banked to reach the first way point, effectively crashing in to a tree. any ideas ?

    1. It heads directly to the first waypoint via the shortest route. I always look at my screen and try to put it right at the first point using the GPS. Alternatively when you put it down, edit your flight plan and drag your first waypoint over the top of the drone icon. That way it will go straight up before moving to waypoint 2 as it hovers at first waypoint for a few seconds.

  24. Hello,
    First sorry for my english, it’s not good, but I need your help please :)
    Is it possible to make bebop fly in circles around some point of interrest?
    I would like to close the loop (from last waypoint to first) and then repeat fly from the first waypoint without landing. Is it possible? Or do you know about any way how to do it? Something like repeat in scenario mode? I can’t find anything.
    Please help me.
    Thank you very much.

  25. Hi there I just got a drone I can get it to find a gps position is there something I need to turn on to activate it I can fly it inside but soon as out side won’t fly. Many thanks

  26. Hello all,

    I have parrot bebop 2. When I am trying to use Flight plan i got an error message saying that can not tranfer data to drone. Any help to solve this?

    Thank you

  27. Can someone explain what Angular Speed is in reference to both Rotation & Camera angle features on the Flight Plan?

  28. Is it possible to input GPS coordinates directly into Flight Plan
    without the use of the map? If not, how can I view the coordinates o the
    waypoints on my Flight Plan before I fly the route? Thanks!

  29. As I recall, it is adverticed on the box as an “In app purchase”, so it should not be a surprice that you have to pay for it.

  30. I own one, so I don’t blindly defend.

    Actually, this “toy” is a little marvel, the highest concentrate of technology you can find today, the next comparable drone as features is 5x the price and weight.

    Also, I built in the last five years a lot of multicopters to be able to judge the achievements of this platform. As a builder I can’t simply equal all the features, is the drone I wish could build myself and I am sad other did it before me, and better. Will try to improve it, though, creating another power train able to fly half hour.

    If you need a test report, I just performed two times variations of a five points plan in an area of about a football field, and the only issue I found is the altitude, not enough accurate as planed. Everything else worked flawless.

  31. Compared to most other drones out there in the same class, this is one of the most INEXPENSIVE ones. It’s all relative. There are drones that cost $30,000. Most in this class are upwards of $1200.

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