The summer is now over, so is the second edition of our BebopYourWorld contest. We received more than 100 #BebopYourWorld videos from all around the world. Thank you so much for sharing all these beautiful moments with us. Now that this contest has come to an end, we had to choose the winners among all the amazing videos we received (tough decision, I must say).

With no further introduction, here are the winners for each country! Each one of them will receive a Parrot Zik 2 !


BebopYourWorld winners from Europe


France: Summer 2015 #BEBOPYOURWORLD II #France – Parrot Bebop drone by Eric M.


Belgium:#BEBOPYOURWORLD #BELGIUM by Laurent van Hoorebeke


Netherlands#BebopYourWorld #Netherlands by Roel advEnture Cam

United Kingdom : Bebop by alexwillink


GermanyMy holidays at Koh Samui (Thailand) #bebopyourworld #Germany by One Boy And Many Ideas

Spain#BEBOPYOURWORLD #SPAIN Treasures of Crete by Jose Manuel Rodriguez

GreeceBebop Drone – Aegina (2015) by  nosma77


Northern Europe#BEBOPYOURWORLD #FINLAND by  tola11


Austria#BEBOPYOURWORLD #AUSTRIA by  Markus Seiler


Poland#BEBOPYOURWORLD #POLAND – Polish coast (west side) – Parrot bebop contest 2015 by  Tom Rollauer


Portugal#BEBOPYOURWORLD #PORTUGAL by  Helderhugo


BebopYourWorld winners from America




Canada#BebopYourWorld #Canada Parrot Bebop Drone Fairmont, BC by  Trevor James

Mexico#BEBOPYOURWORLD #MÉXICO by  Daniel Flores

BebopYourWorld winners from Asia




Taiwan#BebopYourWord 2 #Taiwan by e2229763


Japan#BEBOPYOURWORLD# by Billy Chan


Korea#BEBOPYOURWORLD #KOREA by Song Youngjin


BebopYourWorld winners from Oceania


For all the winners, please send us your address at for the reward.

BebopYourWorld #2: and the winners are… !



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39 thoughts on “BebopYourWorld #2: and the winners are… !

      1. And what about all the video’s you didn’t even added to the list of entries? And applying your own rules like max 60 seconds, yet choosing winners whit over 60 seconds of video?
        And only the ones that had after editing to make the video quality better seemed to be added to the list of entries.

  1. I like that you lumped Finland/Sweden/Norway/Danmark/Iceland into one big “Northen Europe” area lol. (I keed, I keed! Congrats everyone, LOTS of beautiful and awesome videos in this competition:)

  2. Good evening Parrot, I would like to know, why Italy has not been awarded. You wrote on my Youtube channel to participate in the competition, and at the end, you have not given any prize at this country !! Why ????

  3. Sigh…
    Congrats to the winners, but really Parrot, next time please apply your own rules (60 sec max. for example) and be more clear FROM THE START about the goal of the contest.
    It was not clear for me (and many others I think) that you could/should use holiday footage not from the country you are using in the hashtag (I even think the blogpost was changed after first publication?), otherwise I would have used footage from my holidays in Spain, France, Netherlands and Germany too instead of only using “boring” Belgian footage.
    Yeah, I suppose I’m just a sore loser :-(

    1. 100% right! And also they should’ve included ALL the entries for the contest instead of only the few they liked enough to make a commercial video with it.

  4. The video from Greece is so poor… Me and my friends were sure my video will win, but it seems you didnt like it. It has much more actiot like I risked the drone to fall in the water driving it from a small boat but nobody noticed that. We are really disappointed because we sure our video is much better. Have you seen it?

    Now look at the winners video for greece and tell me which one is better! 😀

    1. Only for the record I was you big fan till today. I had the ar.drone2, now I have the bibop with skycontroller and this is my 3rd bebop because the 1st was lost in a lake, the 2nd lost signal and hit a tree and felt broken. Now I have this bebop and this is the last thing I buy from you ! I am so disappointed. It looks like nobody saw my video at all.

    2. Read T&C….

      Film a video in under 60 seconds with your Parrot Bebop Drone and upload it ontoYouTube with the tag #BEBOPYOURWORLD and your country of residence (for example, #BEBOPYOURWORLD #USA).

      You should compete for #Bulgaria and not Greece… since your “country of residence” is Bulgaria. I guess that’s why you didn’t win…

      1. it doesn’t matter if you visit greece offen or having greek passport… you should live in Greece in order to participate for Greece. By the way noone send video for the contest from Bulgaria..

        1. I know but I also pay taxes and have a residential adress here in Greece. I spend the half of the year here. I shot the video here and I thought shots have to be taken here.

      2. In that case, they just might like this video more then yours.. Your video maybe more “dangerous” to shot, because of risk of drone fall into water… but it was almost all in the same beach with different heigh and angles.. (except from few sec at start). Also the video that win has rare footage from a place really hard to get to (It shows Ancient Olive Groves 500 years+ old) …and other places from Aegina Island…

  5. C’mon, take yourself seriously at least Parrot…
    YOU added around 30 missing videos to the playlist , half an hour before you published the winners, there was not even enough time for the judges to watch all those missing videos.
    not to mention your max60 sec rule.

    Now it feels like it was a joke, but I am not laughing at the end

  6. Hey!!! C’est quand même bizarre!! Vous faites gagner 2 fois la même personne pour #France en Mars et en septembre… Ça sent vraiment le concours truqué

  7. Only ONE video from Australia?

    Could it have anything to do with the fact that whilst you can buy a BeBop in the US for around 500$, even correcting for our miserable exchange rate, they should cost around 715$ over here, but instead you choose to GOUGE us and charge WELL over A THOUSAND DOLLARS ($1300 with skycontroller, to be precise) for a drone that isn’t even anywhere near as good as commercial grade drones starting in a similar price bracket?

    The Australian people are not stupid – stop the “Australia Tax” and treat us like adults.

  8. Hi i can’t update my skycontroller tje led’s are all full but if i update the skycontroller he doesnt update this pls help me im at tomorow in a other country and cant filming:(!! Sorry for the bad englisch i can only good speak and write in german and turkish

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