devin-2My name is Devin Graham. I’m a filmmaker for Portland Oregon, who currently runs a youtube channel with 3.1 million subscribers. We are known for action extreme sport videos with a twist.


1)      Please tell us how you started making videos on YouTube ? What was it like when you first started ?

I started in 2010. I was working for a company called Orabrush who was using Youtube to launch their product. When I saw the value of using Youtube, I went and created my own youtube channel, and used what I had learned to build my own career.


2)      What drives you today to make these often spectacular videos? What is the Devin Super Tramp spirit ?

I make movies I’m passionate about. I always try and create content that I would like to watch, and try and create content that no one has ever seen before.


3)      You’re the author of the incredible Drone Wars video. How did you come up with that concept?


I was inspired by Star Wars and the movie Home Alone. I feel as kids we are often at war with our siblings over little things, so I wanted to convey that. We tried to capture that story so the audience could feel apart of the action/adventure. We also wanted to show off what these drones could do, so we tried to push the boundaries the best we could.


4)      What was it like to make a film with the MiniDrones and Bebop Drone ?

Watch Behind The Scenes – DRONE WARS!


It was awesome! I have never worked with drones inside a house, and once I got one to test out, I fell in love with how easy it was to control it, especially inside. We were filming with up to 8 drones at a time, so that was hard from a logistic standpoint to make sure everyone knew the flight patch they were in charge of, but after practicing it, we all got it down.


5)      Do you plan to use drones again in the future (either as a filming technique or as a subject) ?

Yes, I would love to do both. I feel we as people always want to fly like a bird, or a superhero, and drones is the closest we can come to that.


6)      It seems like you are super active on social media, and you’re very diligent about answering your fans’ questions on YouTube. Do you ever sleep?

I do not sleep, haha. Even right now it is way past my bedtime. I average 4 hours a sleep a night. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do though if I didn’t love it.


7)      If you weren’t making videos today, what would you do for a living?

I would be an astronaut, or an explore like Indiana Jones!


8)      Feel free to add anything !

It was a blast working on this film. We spent 5 nights filming, they were short nights since we had to work with kids who would get tired around 2AM or earlier. When we were all done filming we were all genuinely sad. Working together as a group on something we were all super excited about is always the most rewarding.


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Drone Wars Director interview: Meet the man behind “Devin SuperTramp”



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