We continue to follow our dear Bebop around the world. Today we decided to give you a glimpse of France, Parrot’s home country! No, France is not only the country of the Eiffel Tower and the baguette,  France is also full of breathtaking, wild places, often overlooked by tourists.

Bienvenue en France, chers amis

1.  French heights


You may have visited Paris, the French Riviera, or even Corsica. But I bet you’ve never visited “Les Gorges du Verdon”, a beautiful and peaceful place between Marseille and Nice, where fresh air is the only thing that disturbs the majestic Montagnes du Verdon (Mountains of Verdon).

Icare 2.0 shows us how amazing this place is, thanks to his Bebop drone.


2.  Dronies in France


DJI Squad found an unusual yet stunning way to show different places of Haute-Savoie from his Bebop drone. The most beautiful selfies we’ve ever seen! Plus, they’re made in France.


3.  So close but yet so far from St Tropez


The little corner of paradise called Cap Bénat, seems far far away from all the St Tropez stir. And yet, it’s just a few km away!

Thanks to Stan Leurent for sharing this video with us.

PS: Sorry if you’re not in vacation anymore… This video could be a bit painful.

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Until next week!

Bebop Drone – Best of The Week (#19) – Welcome to France!



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