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Introducing Parrot Zik 3 – The newest generation of Parrot wireless Headphones

As singular as ever, Zik reinvents itself with new colors, an improved design, wireless charging, hi-fi quality in USB, and smart noise cancelling.

Just beautiful

More fashion forward, the Zik 3 embodies ; shiny croco , leather-grain or
overstitched effects in tremendously trendy colors.

  • Croco effect, a touch of impertinence that comes in black, brown, emerald green or red;
  • Overstitched effect, an assertive style in black or ivory;
  • Leather-grain effect, a classic, proposed exclusively in black.

Also, the design of the headphone has been modified, especially the headband; it has been enlarged for even better comfort.


Firmly wireless and hyper intuitive

  • Wireless charging: Parrot Zik 3 has its own wireless charger and is compatible with wireless Qi chargers. Charging time is 2 hours for about 18 hours of autonomy.
  • Bluetooth & NFC connections: Parrot Zik 3 is compatible with all brands of mobile phones available in the market. It accepts a large number of music sources (audio via Bluetooth and through a three-point mini jack cable for the connection to all audio and video systems, like those available in planes.) Parrot Zik 3 also has integrated NFC technology.
  • A capacitive command panel: Located on the entire surface of the right earpiece, a tactile panel accesses the Parrot Zik 3’s basic functions in a very intuitive manner. A vertical movement of the finger adjusts the volume, a horizontal “finger swipe” launches the next of previous track and a tap pauses the music.
  • Head detection: Placing the Parrot Zik 3 around your neck pauses the music. Putting the headphones back on your head allows the music to resume playing.

Highly technological for an audio quality without compromise

  • Automatic…adaptive active noise control
    The Zik 3 benefits from a very powerful adaptive noise control. The headset’s microphones capture the surrounding noise and an algorithm combine these signals to generate opposing acoustic waves, creating noise reduction up to 30 decibels.
    The ANC can be managed via the headset’s dedicated App, but the Zik 3 is also capable to adapt to surrounding noise, automatically!
  • The “Street Mode” (brevet Parrot)
    A Parrot patented algorithm compensates the isolation from the earpiece by re-injecting part of the surrounding noise. This algorithm also removes the occlusion effect commonly experienced with closed headphones. During a phone conversation, for example, this mode enables you to have a natural perception of your own voice. If offers an optimized listening comfort and eliminates the isolation sensation.
  • Hi-Fi quality
    Thanks to USB connectivity, the audiophiles experiences allows music in Hi-Fi qualify while recharging the headset!
  • HD telephony
    No matter if you are on a noisy street, in a windy place or on public transportation, phone conversations are crystal clear thanks to powerful algorithms isolating your voice from surrounding noises.
    Compatible with “Voice HD” technology, the Parrot Zik 3 offers a natural voice quality during calls, as if the person on the other line was seated next to you.

A dedicated application compatible with “modern” devices’

The dedicated ‘Parrot Zik’ App for Smartphones and tablets is now compatible with Apple Watch and Android Wear!
It enables you to « tune » your headphones to your musical tastes and listen to music tuned by artists.

  • Parrot Concert Hall: Recreates the accoustics of a living room, a concert hall or a jazz club.
  • Equalizer: Ability to adjust the sound of Parrot Zik 3 in a fast and intuitive way.
  • Produceur Mode: the professionals do in studio thanks to a highperformance five-band, full-parametric equalizer combined with a proprietary spatialization effect.
  • Tuned By: Access the audio presets of artists and listen to their music the way they want it to sound on the Parrot Zik or download the presets created and shared by other Parrot Zik users.

The Parrot Zik 3 works with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery.

The headphones come with:
1 Li-Ion battery (830mAh)
1 USB/micro USB cable
1 three-point mini jack 3 cable
1 protective pouch
1 quick start guide

  • Availability date: End of 2015
  • MSRP: NC
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  • Martin John Ingram

    Will these headphones allow me to connect 2 iphones simultaneously?
    (1 to play music but also be able to answer calls from both)

    • Mark Gorman

      this doesn’t work for me, Bluetooth connected to laptop i can not also connect phone to adjust eq settings. If on usb to laptop and bluetooth to phone, i can listen to laptop and control eq via phone. A windows app that lets you control zik3 would be idea!

  • rhubarb

    I have a simple question: I bought and then returned a Zik 2.0 because of annoying and significant interference on bluetooth (I updated to 2.5). Has anything about the remote connection to the audio source changed for Zik 3.0? The problem I was having was that in my office, with many fluorescent lights and many colleagues using lots of computer equipment, I would get frequent (< 2-3 minutes respite) very loud crackling when using the bluetooth connection to my mac pro laptop. I liked the music sound from the Zik, and also the really nice sound isolation from outside noises, but the relative ferocity of the crackling made them unusable.

  • Huu Nguyen

    I agree with Arrick. It is basically the same as 2.0 with uggly skin. I’ll wait for real improvements. Maybe in 4.0 ?

  • http://careersreport.com Dawne Avila

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  • iPhilGreat

    Does anyone have an idea about the release days ? Even approximately ?

    • Hawre Balak

      yes! at the end of December! be sure about that!

      • sebwg

        I got it today in Paris.

        • sddk

          Is it real photo? If is real how you get zik3?

          • sebwg

            I went to “Fnac” this morning at “Les Halles” and bought it.

          • sddk

            How much the price?

          • sebwg

            349€ without the wireless charging cushion… And the app isn’t available yet so I can’t set it… I tweeted parrot but no answer atm.

          • sddk

            Is it flexible to choose with or without wireless charging.I’m follow the parrot there isn’t any news about releasing zik3.

          • sebwg

            No, only one choice. I think the wireless charger will be an accessory…

          • Dolphin44

            You are right the wireless charger is an accessory, but I cannot find on their website where to get it.

          • sebwg

            Wireless is not available yet. It suppose to be on store shelves for xmas… Waiting for mine.

          • Joeri Hellinga

            The Zik 3.0 is not released yet right? I am trying to get my hands on one of them but all the (web)shops are not having them yet.. :(

          • Mark Gorman

            it’s QI compatible (i sent a message to support) couldn’t see in quick start any directions, so to let you know it’s right ear cup on the pad and the red led power flashes… i got mine from http://goo.gl/nre8yS I like ’em.
            Previous were sennheiser 450x when they died i tried, the wireless Momentium on ear and over, AKG n60, B&O H8, Bose soundlink. each at least a week at a time Like these the best, if only they folded into a smaller footprint.. oh well.

          • Marc Worthington

            What improvement from zik2 is in zik3?

          • sebwg

            Well, can’t say test about the sound since the app is not available yet…

          • Marc Worthington

            I don’t think there is much difference in the 2 & 3 apart from the gimmicky wireless charging

          • sddk

            Bro do u use whatsapp Can we talk with whatsapp

          • sebwg

            If you give me your number I’all add you to my contacts.

        • Dolphin44

          Have you done a you tube video with them and are they loud? I have just bought a pair but realised the wireless charger is sold separate.

          • sebwg

            No I haven’t done any YouTube video. Don’t really understand your askings… Sorry

        • Arrack

          Can you confirm if the ear cups on the Zik 3.0’s are now stitched? Parrot claims they are, but it looks glued to me.

          • sebwg

            I met them at their office (I’m living across the street). They told met that the glue is better and they add few stitches.

    • Dolphin44

      They were released in the UK on 23 Nov 2015. i bought one today http://store.parrot.com/uk/zik/517-product.html#/color-black_croc the only thing I am not happy about is the clever marketing from Parrot, but the wireless charger does not come with the headphones and I cannot find where to get them yet.

    • Christina

      The Parrot ZIK 3 are available at Audio46.com

  • saindodamatrix

    Unfortunetly this is what WILL happen to your overpriced “croco” product:

  • Kevin Sigua

    Is the wireless cushion available yet?

  • Slam

    Big fan of Zik (1&2), made myself a christmas gift already :)

    Basically,this is what I found out as new features : ANC improved, USB Audio which seem to be the best audio restitution, music listening with a little bit smoother trebel sounds, and touch panel with much better sensitivity !

  • muju khan

    You don’t need to get the croc or over stitch but i agree overpriced with not too many big improvements. I’d rather buy the Zik 2.0

  • M.A. Buijnsters

    Same problems as below, bought at Atlanta Airport Brookstones USA , who don’t react on complaint from Europeans. Neither does Parrot France. No one wants to take responsibility for the problem of Parrot’s poorly manufactured earphone shields. And that for a US$ 399 headphone. So Mr. Seydoux if you take your customers and products seriously I guess you should fix these problems or have them fixed

  • clyde2801

    Hey, Parrot guys: how improved is the overall sound quality (on bluetooth using the app, not just USB audio) of the version 3 over the mark 2? There was a big jump from the version one to the two, and I’m wondering if it is the same? Thanks for answering.

  • http://douglasarruda.com Douglas Arruda

    Same happened to me. I tried to fix with super glue, so now it is not comfortable anymore. it is a great product, but there are several glitches. Mine stops to play times to times. It is a pity, this thing sounds amazing if you know how to play with the mixer. I still preferring this over Bose QC20 or Bets Mixr when it comes to sound quality.

  • Jon Feder

    You can of course still plug the phones in if you want. Perhaps the
    coolest innovation with this new model is wireless charging. Here’s the
    battery here. The company has not got the pack with
    it but imagine a little square with the same sort of finish you just
    set the headphones on top of it and it wirelessly charges the battery.
    If you’re familiar with the Zik headphones you know that there’s an app
    that controls nearly every aspect from the noise cancelling,
    effectiveness to different EQ curves, but what’s new for this Zik 3
    model is that you can use it with an apple watch so you can control your
    music, you can control the noise cancelling effectiveness and select
    different EQ options all from your wrist. As for availability we are
    expecting to see these in the coming weeks and as for price what is
    assumed is there going to be about the same prices as Zik 2 so
    anticipate about $400 the US The new Parrot Zik 3. For more watch my Video