Everybody’s going south for the summer vacation, everybody’s posting pictures of of warm tropical countries but not us. We decided to go North! There we found fresh air, more space and less tourists. If you’re looking for new ideas for your trips follow the Bebop!

3.  Various places – Sweden


If you’re not that kind of guy who’s been everywhere and knows everything, it’s most likely that you’ve never been to Sweden (No offense, we’re just speaking statistically and rationally here).

However, you should have heard about Sweden for many different reasons (let’s not mention IKEA). Sweden’s reputation is to be a country full of beautiful blond people leaving a happy life in a beautiful country. At least that what stereotypes tell us.

This video seems like a prove that there is no smoke without a fire. Enjoy it. Thank you Nils Ohm for this great Video.


2.  Mount Saint Helens – USA


This video was shot by Zed1 , a young Parrot Bebop drone that explores the world. Most of us would gladly with places with Zed1 since the landscapes are absolutely breathtaking.

The great thing about his video is that it doesn’t hide the part where the pilot and his friends are having a hard time climbing the mountain. Through the eyes of Zed1, you see their effort and right afterward, you see the reward. Frankly, it was totally worth it ( It’s easy to say that when I didn’t get off my chair while writing :)

We hope to see more of Zed1’s adventures!

1.  Lofoten Islands – Norway


Our Journey to the North ends here. It’s really difficult to get further North because of the wildlings and the wall but also because besides the North Paul and Santa’s home, there’s not much beyond these islands.

One of the great advantages of being so close to the North is that the sun never completely disappears during this season. On top of that, you get hours of sunset everyday to shoot impressive videos. Embrace the beauty of Nature. Thank you Lukas for this perfect Ending to our trip in the North.

If you like the videos you see in our articles, send us your videos at digital.team@parrot.com to get a chance to get yours in the next one!

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Bebop Drone – Best of The Week (#18)



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One thought on “Bebop Drone – Best of The Week (#18)

  1. The UAV community is a glorious thing- it not only provides perspectives never before seen, it provides those perspectives in countries that many have never visited. I’ve never been to Sweden, Norway or let alone Mount St. Helen’s, but after I see these aerial videos I feel obligated to make it out there! The footage is always stunning and drone culture is rapidly growing from each videographer showcasing their views.

    There’s a lot of regulation to be made over the years but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the cooperation between drone enthusiasts and legislators. Here’s a blog that touches on a drone provider in Wilmington, NC that goes by digitus89. They recently had an employee get an FAA Approved commercial drone license. They put up a video of some of their work- it’s not Norway or Sweden, but it’ll do. Thanks for posting these videos, keep them coming!



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