Show us your best holidays memories through the eye of your Bebop Drone!


Film a video in under 60 seconds with your Parrot Bebop Drone and upload it onto YouTube with the tag #BEBOPYOURWORLD and your country of residence (for example, #BEBOPYOURWORLD #USA).

The maker of the best video per country or group of countries(*) will be chosen by Parrot to win a Parrot Zik 2.0 (you choose the color) !



1. Film a video with your Parrot Bebop Drone showing us your World in under 60 seconds

2. Upload video onto YouTube with #BEBOPYOURWORLD and your #home country in the title before September 15th.

3. Check out the winners of each country from September 22nd 2015 on our blog


Parrot will look after these criteria when it comes to select winning videos:

– Brightness: filming in conditions of optimum light

– Shot with Bebop Drone only, little editing

– Respect of local regulations

– Duration: 60 sec max

– General rendering, aesthetic sense and story-telling

All videos will be shown in a dedicated Playlist (#BEBOPYOURWORLD) on the Parrot YouTube channel, which will be updated regularly.




Until September 15, Show us your world through the eye of your Bebop Drone and get inspired here and don’t forget your local regulations.

T&Cs for the USUS T&Cs BebopYourWorld #2

T&Cs for the rest of the world: T&Cs BebopYourWorld #2

*: Belgium, Canada, UAE, Germany, Hong-Kong, Netherlands, Spain & Portugal, UK, USA, Australia, Japan, Switzerland-Austria, Taiwan, China, North of Europe (Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland), Eastern Europe (Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungaria, Estonia), South-East Asia (Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore), Latin America (Brazil, Chile, Mexico). Note that pilots posting videos in Italy cannot participate for legal reasons.

WW Bebop Drone Amateur Video Contest #2 – #BebopYourWorld



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57 thoughts on “WW Bebop Drone Amateur Video Contest #2 – #BebopYourWorld

  1. İ m from turkey and i want to submit videos to win that wonderful headphones but turkey is not in countries of the contest. What can i do to get a chance to win that headphones

  2. I posted this sept 13 but noticed that you still haven’t put it on the playlist even though you added another video that also was posted sept 13

  3. Hey Parrot,

    are you serious? This is YOUR blog on the contest and there’s a lot of vids (including mine below) that has not been added?!
    Have we done anything wrong or do we have to send in a DVD?
    Please complement the list.

    All the guys whose vids haven’t been added yet

      1. oh, yes! I recieved the prize on 11/15.
        I sent them e-mail on 9/23 (which doesn’t contains my phone number)
        and sent them again on 11/2 (which contains my phone number)
        when I got the prize, there was post-it on the Zik 2.0 and my phone number was on it.)
        so… maybe they forgot to send me the prize.. maybe :)
        anyway, I got Zik 2.0 now ! and It’s cooooooool !

        1. lol!! Yes it is! The first time I test the zik 2.0 I was doing the lunch in my kitchen and listening from the smartphone the online tv transmission to zik. Then I recieved a phone call and pick up with the zik on my head and then I speak and listen the call and walking throw the house. :-) and with a very good sound.

    1. Congratulation!
      you got the prize about 24 days ago??
      what was the shipping company? DHL? Fedex?
      I haven’t got yet… :(

      1. Thank you! It was FedEx. Ship Date 07Oct15, it arrived 12Oct15 but I
        wasn’t at home on the delivery day, so I recieved it in 13Oct15. But
        France to Portugal is “near”. Where are you from?

        1. It is very far! You have to be pacient. Things from this distance takes a lot of time to arrive. See on the map. Sometimes I ordered things from China and it takes a month to get here. So you are the winner of Korea. Where can I see your winning video?

          1. Very nice! Flying Bebop over water, the fear!! :- Very nice move when you are seated and the Bebop fly away! and you have control it only with the smartphone!

          2. Wow~~ I’m flattered!
            Yes I’ve controlled Bebop with smartphone for 8 monthes !
            I think this is the best way to enjoy Bebop :)

          3. I think Skycontroller is too big for Bebop.
            but it’s stable and has big advantage with controling camera angle softly.

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