[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Bebop Drone 2.0.29 Firmware is now available!

This update includes major new features for the Bebop Drone following the recent major Skycontroller update.
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Bebop Drone 2.0.29 release notes :

New features

[Photo/Video] New jpg 180 photo mode available in the photo/video Settings menu

[Photo/Video] Anti-Flickering : Improvement of indoor video quality under artificial light (available in photo/video Settings menu)



[General] Return To Home timer is now set to 30s

[Wifi] Improvement of video streaming between drone and device

[Wifi] Improvement of wifi connection stability


Main fixed issues

[General] Free internal memory is now refreshed in the “internal memory” screen

[Photo/Video] Horizon is less tilted during flights in the wind

[General] Return To Home now sets home to user GPS position when there is no Bebop GPS fix at first take off

[General] Many more bug fixes[/vc_column_text][vc_button2 title=”Download the firmware” style=”rounded” color=”sandy_brown” size=”md” link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Fdownload.parrot.com%2F%2FDrones%2F0901%2Fdownload.php%3Ffichier%3Dupdater_payload.plf%26product%3D100%26version%3D2.0.29||”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]And as always, your feedback is valuable to us. Let us know on Twitter or Facebook or leave a comment below on what you think about this update.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Bebop Drone 2.0.29 Firmware is now available!



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41 thoughts on “Bebop Drone 2.0.29 Firmware is now available!

  1. Too late !! :p The release is now 2.0.29 !
    Thanks and keep going making the Bebop a good and trustable product !!
    … and don’t forget flight plan !!! Would be disappointed if I can’t use it during summer time !

  2. Is there a exposure Lock in this update? I use the camera for my videos, but the exposure is changing automaticly while flying.
    Shouldn’t be a big issue to embbed that in the next update?….please?

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  3. I have no idea why my bebop can’t update to this version. I tried to update with smartphone or usb driver. But the firmware not change. Please help me

    1. First u have to check the update with the internet and download it then when u connect the wifi dron go to update and click the check update and wait it will update dron too . Dont forget to reset the dron after the update

  4. Dear can any one tell me what ur doing to increases the battery life or what ur using instead of 1500 mah which its give just 25 min flight

  5. URGENT: What about “Follow Me” feature? This is very important when flying/filming from a boat because the “return home” feature is useless as by the time the drone comes back the boat has moved. I have a video shoot job on a boat coming up, please hurry with this feature u.u God bless!

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  6. Hello everybody! In last update 2.20.29 my drone seems don’t come back home using the app button, it goes randomly (I lost it twice…), but work correctly if it lose signal….
    Somebody has the same issues?

  7. I updated firmware to 2.0.29 on 7/25. Following all procedures and with a fresh battery, after calibration and gps lock I began to fly with Skycontroller. After a few minutes at about 4 or 5 meters, the Bebop became erratic and a few seconds later lost all power, falling to the ground. Unfortunately, the Bebop bounced off the ground and directly into my pool. I have over 100 flights and this never happened before. Very disappointed. I read that others have had similar problems with loss of power mid-flight. This is clearly a design defect caused by the update or some other manufacturing defect. Parrot should replace my Bebop. I sent an e-mail to Parrot customer service on Saturday, 7/25. No response yet. We will see what happens.

  8. Hello!

    I’m having trouble with my recently bought Bebop drone which refuses to get a GPS lock.
    (The drone works really good otherwise with the exception for the GPS…)
    Looking into the settings screen in FF3 I’ve noticed a strange GPS hardware version as “try internal flash” – is that with a USB stick or?

    I bought it as a demo unit from a respected company here in Sweden and could return it if I’d like to but would rather get help if possible to fix it. It was already updated to 2.0.29 when I got it.
    I’ve tried with a reset the “manual way” which didn’t help either.

    I’ve also contacted UK technical support but hoped for someone here to assist me :)

    Thanks in advance,

  9. All critics please stop posting stupid comments, parrot bebop drone is amazing. I started a month ago and the drone has not done anything wrong at all. I think it is a joy to fly and love all the cool features. I to think follow me and flight plan should be released, as it says that you can use them on the box, but I don’t really care, even though it would be awesome. As for stupid comments like :
    How to d/l if your wifi is connected to the drone and not the Internet???
    Use your brain, I’m twelve and can figure it out.
    All in all parrot bravo, I think that the app is easy to use and works great and that your drones are some of the best in the world , fast , light, nimble and with amazing camera footage, keep up the good work and make more awesome updates.

  10. I’d would like to see the “return to home” function have a higher altitude then 10 meters. That altitude might work in open areas. But in an area with lots of trees, 10 meters just isn’t enough. Any chance for 20-25 meters altitude at least for the return to home function? Pretty please with cookies on top? :)

  11. To parrot: what about the Flight plan feature, which you hate to talk about: it is still not available and it is presented as available on the packaging ! Here is some evidence that this compagny is doing some false advertising on its products.

    1. same here, they fool me into thinking that feature was available right out of the box. I mean, it has an asterisk in the picture but later in the foot notes says “Flight responsibility :check your local aerial …” it doesn’t say that the feature was false advertised or wrongly advertised or the feature was just a dream.
      You parrot people should check the false advertising laws.

  12. somebody know this situation? i cant enable the RTH… i cant fly any further coz im afraid it will not turn back home…. help!!!

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  14. I have upgraded the firmware of the drone to the latest 2.0.57 and also update the FreeFlight app (ver 3.8.10) in the iPad and iPhone and everything got screwed. I always have issues controlling the drone but I get to work it out, after the update, the drone no longer goes sideways and going up requires a lot of letting go the control and trying again to get it up a few meters. I tried with different devices, the iPad and iPhone 6 could not control elevation or turning, a samsung (android) phone also had issues, the weird part is that all had different problems controlling the drone. At last an iPhone 5s could control the drone but were not able to go sideways.
    I fell like parrot has lie to me since the beginning when I look at the box and it states it has (in present, it doesn’t say “it will have” a “GPS Flight plan” and “sky controller” which didn’t became available until now (almost a year later) and at a very high cost.
    The return home feature some times works (yes, I do wait for the GPS to detect position and confirm it in the screen), but when ever the drone lost connectivity, it supposed to return to the home position and never did, I have lost connection (iPad has better range than the iPhone) and the drone just stay flying until the battery runs out.
    Couldn’t you just build very well the basic flying and security features and then worry about the drone making circus acts later?
    How can I return to a previous firmware and app version?

  15. Why does it says “Bebop Drone 2.0.29 Firmware is now available!” if I already have 2.0.57? by the way, don’t upgrade to 2.0.57, has a lot of bugs.
    Picture was edited to remove the serial number but I promise you the firmware version is real.

  16. Not seen any good quality stil pictures taken by the bepop drone even though the camera claims to use a 14mp camera. How can you improve the picture quality on this drone?

  17. I’m trying to connect my iPhone 6S to my Bebop 1, but the DRONE GPS is not detected. What could it be?

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