Summer has really begun now. Many of you must be off roasting at beach or barbecuing. We do not forget  neither those who stood their ground in their office nor those who aren’t done yet with their semester. This best of was written in their honor. May they find the courage to fulfill their duty.

Nothing like a mood killer right at the beginning of the article. :) .We’re just trying to sort out the strong from the weak one because this journey is not recommended for everybody. You’ll have to face your inner self before taking off for other planets.

3.  Le Touquet – France


Le Touquet is a seaside resort famous in France for many different sort of things. Don’t let this fool you. you have never seen any like this one before. Put on your Cowboy hat, light your cigarillo and press Play.


The music and the slow paste of the video really makes you feel like you’re watching a western. This city supposed to be pleasant and full of tourists suddenly feels lonely and sad. According to our research, the pilot looks like this:

We really loved this video for showing another aspect of Seaside resorts. Another proof that the choice of the soundtrack can make a big difference!

2.  Somewhere – in a Galaxy far far away


You though you were lonely alone with your horse an Winchester? How much lonelier can it get? We could take you off this planet. This video was shot in a place that looks  really similar to what Mars could look like! Add to that a soundtrack probably taken from star wars and you’re off exploring a planet looking for a safe place for the rebellion. These are not the drones you’re looking for.


1.  West Dam – Hong-Kong


After traveling to a dry and lonely planet, you’re starting to feel home sick ? you’re missing your good old blue planet which has always been there for you. time to head back home.

Don’t worry you didn’t land on the wrong planet. It looks odd and beautiful but you’re on Earth. Many things have changed since you left. The architecture seems strange because Humans aren’t ruling any more.

We hope you enjoyed the trip. thanks to Bebop Airlines and all the Pilots, you’ll get to see many different aspects of our planet : places you never heard of, and places you thought you knew until you looked at it from above.

Bebop Drone – Best of The Week (#16)



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