Hello fellow pilots and drones enthusiasts, today’s special is about nature and hope. We don’t lure you into reading this best of by promising you naked women (our legal department wouldn’t allow it anyway). We know you’re better than that: pioneers of a new discipline, adventurers looking for the perfect shot, dreamers escaping gravity… You’ll understand our topic after watching the videos (who likes spoilers anyway ?)


3.  Norway – Scandinavia


In everybody’s mind, Scandinavia is the place where everybody is happy. They are eco-friendly and have well furnished houses thanks to Ikea. According to this video these clichés weren’t made up. Just look a these cute and curious lambs, the wild streams in the snowy mountains, the breathtaking fjords… All of this in just one video. When I’ll grow up, I wanna be a viking!




2.  Windmills – Japan


This video could be used as a commercial for General Electric, but it’s more than that. Windmills have something majestic: pure white in the blue Sky. It’s the perfect picture for an optimistic future with green energy. The windmills change the view but not in a bad way. ideal combination of nature and Technology.  It really looks like science fiction. You would wake up, see that landscape and a smiling guy in a weird latex suit would say: “welcome to the future”.


1.  Somewhere over the Rainbow – Italy

Have you ever felt like the universe is against you? No matter what you try, you can’t make any difference ? You had a really bad day and then the blue skies fade to grey, They tell me your passion’s gone away and I don’t need no carryin’ ooooon! …  Well, in that case, sometimes, all you need is a Bebop to step up. Like Stefano, you can find a way to the sun. Watching this drone emerge from a cloudy grey landscape into a clear blue sky it truly astonishing. You feel like the chosen one leaving a world ruled by machines seeing the sun for the first time.

We might have gotten carried away here. We were just supposed to introduce the video.




So… do you feel the hope? :)
[insert “yes” here]

Great! We’ve accomplished something today. Until next week!



Bebop Drone – Best of The Week (#15)



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2 thoughts on “Bebop Drone – Best of The Week (#15)

  1. Recently got a bebop drone works great but a few issues can’t seem to have a work around for. 1 the only way to transfer pics and vids are via Bluetooth. And the USB port doesn’t seem to fit, I even got it exchanged for a new one and same prob in the new one. 2 battery life sucks

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