Parrot, designer of the Minidrone Hydrofoil toy, sponsors the Hydroptère, the fastest Hydrofoil boat ever built.

Hydroptere’s team will try this week to break the world record between Los Angeles and Hawaii.

Hydroptere and Parrot Hydrofoil meet for the first time in Los Angeles, June 22.

The giant hydrofoil meets the smallest hydrofoil!

A flying boat is not new, it was invented in 1898 by Enrico Forlanini in Italy.  But making it reliable and fast becomes tricky, as cavitation in water can quickly impedes flight.

I have spent my past 20 years to make it a reality and build the fastest Hydrofoil boat on earth. When I saw Parrot succeeded in making a Hydrofoil toy, I wanted to meet the engineers behind it”. says Alain Thebault, designer and skipper of the Hydroptère.

Hydroptere and Parrot Hydrofoil photo session with Hermes gear. © Betsy Pfeiffer

The Parrot Hydrofoil drone is an app-controlled toy and will be available this Summer. It is built on the very same idea as the Hydroptere, but is much smaller! Parrot’s Hydrofoil Drone rise out of the water at 6 mph (5.4 knots) on water. While Hydroptere relies on wind to power it, the Parrot Hydrofoil takes advantage of a drone engines. Thanks to the four propellers of the flying Minidrone attached to its body, the Hydrofoil glides on the water and stays about 2 inches above it with amazing stability and agility.

Parrot is proud to sponsor the Hydroptere.”says Henri Seydoux, Parrot CEO and founder.


Watch Parrot Hydrofoil demo video:

Length: 18.28 meters (60 ft).
Wind speed required to take off: 12 knots
Max speed: 52.86 knots

Parrot Minidrone Hydrofoil
Length: 33 centimeters.
Speed: 5.4 knots
Powered by Minidrone engines


Alain Thébault and the Hydroptere Team are the origin of different sailboats:
– In the 90s, they designed and built the first large flying boat, l’Hydroptère, at Airbus, which is the double world record holder for speed sailing in 2009 at more than 50 kt of average speed (95 km/h).
– In 2010, as part of a partnership in Switzerland, they designed a smaller model, l’, now holder of three speed records on Lake Geneva.
– In 2012, the Hydroptere team was the scientific advisor of one of the challengers for the America’s Cup especially on dynamic and flight stability for the AC 72.
– At the beginning of 2014, Alain Thébault, Anders Bringdal and their team of engineers from the aircraft industry – led by Philippe Perrier (Dassault Aviation) and Maurice Prat (Airbus) – launched the project Hydroptere Rocket, a planing sailboat whose objective is to increase the outright sailing speed record to 150 km/h (80 kt) average over 500 meters.

Hydrofoil bigger and faster: the Hydroptere!



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  1. I thing this is not as practical as your other products. Parrot if you want to keep up with your competitors make something more interesting and more technologically advanced. This thing is not the big deal here. Wake up PARROT!!!

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