Hi everybody, what have you been up to lately? This week Parrot was at the Paris Air show, watching some pretty big planes and helicopters show off their skills. While our bebop isn’t as big or lethal as many things we witnessed there, Bebop pilots are quite impressive at shooting  videos and capturing the beauty of the landscape! Buckle up for another Best of bebop !


3.  Taiwan – Earth


We heard you liked best ofs, so we decided to start ours with a best of (#inception). Zen Ho is a known Bebop Pilot who already published great videos. he recently edited all of them in one short video for the pleasure of your eyes. You may recognize some footage taken from videos that we already shared. Sometimes you need to look a things twice to fully appreciate the beauty of it ( ==> we kindly invite you to watch all of our best ofs once again just to make sure you didn’t miss anything)




2.  Takasu – Japan


Unlike Macdonald’s chicken nuggets, some food products grow in places worth visiting. As you’ll see after reading this enlightening introduction, we are talking about rice. Takasu Terraced Rice Fields stretch across the mountains on the highest reaches of the Yoshino river at 350 meters above sea level. The rice from this area is known as ‘Aikawa Rice’ and is really popular. We are not trying to change your food habits, we are just pointing out the fact that some farms are better looking than others.


1.  Dune of Pyla – France


Paragliding is an impressive sport as you can see in this video : all of them are trying to use the wind blowing against the dune to stay as long as possible in the air. The closer you get to the ground the greater the wind and the risks. Do not try to replicate what’s done in this video at home. If you do try despite our warnings, please have someone recording you (for research purposes). all jokes aside, this video is truly breathtaking. It all seems so easy!  It’s probably only the result of years of practice. I’ll stick with the Bebop for a while :)




We hope you liked this Best of. Feel free to share some of you videos with us on Facebook to get a chance to be in the next one.  A bebop and  a great place to film is all you need. The beauty of the nature will do the rest (some great music doesn’t hurt though). Until next week !


that's all folks

Bebop Drone – Best of The Week (#14)



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