[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]FreeFlight 3 V3.5 is now available!

This update includes major new features for the Skycontroller as well as many improvements for the Bebop Drone![/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”15768″ border_color=”grey” img_link_target=”_self” img_size=”600×600″][vc_separator color=”grey”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]

FreeFlight 3 V3.5 release notes :

– Compatible with Android Lollipop

New Skycontroller buttons re-configuration settings

New Skycontroller Bebop radar and co-piloting mode

The co-piloting mode allows the assisting pilot to take and give control of the drone to the main pilot. This is especially useful when the main pilot uses FPV glasses and can not see the drone. It’s also a great way to teach someone how to pilot the Bebop Drone as the copilot can take control of the drone at any moment to prevent a collision!

– New Academy flight summary available on big screens

– Internal memory available free space indicator

– Batterie details added in Academy graph

– Anti flickering feature

– You can configure the maximum distance pilot/drone before getting a warning

– It’s now possible to set the Academy flights to private by default

– Settings pages have been reordered

– Better management of Wi-Fi connections and improvement of Wi-Fi emission power

– Skycontroller compass calibration[/vc_column_text][vc_button2 title=”Update on iOS devices” style=”rounded” color=”sandy_brown” size=”md” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fitunes.apple.com%2Ffr%2Fapp%2Ffreeflight-3%2Fid889985763%3Fmt%3D8||”][vc_button2 title=”Update on Android devices” style=”rounded” color=”sandy_brown” size=”md” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fplay.google.com%2Fstore%2Fapps%2Fdetails%3Fid%3Dcom.parrot.freeflight3%26hl%3Dfr||”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Are you excited? 

And as always, your feedback is valuable to us. Let us know on Twitter or Facebook what you think about this update![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

FreeFlight 3 V3.5 is now available!



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133 thoughts on “FreeFlight 3 V3.5 is now available!

  1. What’s this copiloting mode you mention? I don’t see in-app purchase options in the app….
    …did you release an update without flight plan?!?

    Hope I am getting this wrong.

    1. Hi Dario,

      The copiloting mode allows the main pilot to give control (and take it back) to the copilot. This is especially useful when the copilot uses FPV glasses and can not see the drone. It’s also a great way to teach someone how to fly and to prevent any crashes!

  2. No flight plan. Copiloting is for a sky controller pilot in fpv (or not) and a tablet pilot who is the main pilot ( take and give back the control) !

    1. I am not at home and wont be for another 5 days, and I’m dying of curiosity: could you elaborate on what is the copiloting mode? Two persons piloting at the same time, maybe one for the camera?
      Thanks big time!

      1. Hi Patrick!

        The copiloting mode is especially useful when the main pilot uses FPV glasses and can not see the Bebop Drone. In an event of a crash, the co-pilot can press the co-piloting mode butotn on his device to take control of the Bebop Drone.

        As you can imagine, this can be very useful if you want to introduce someone to drone piloting!

  3. Garbage updates. It will only introduce new bugs and make us to crash as all the previously published update releases. Even the flight plan has never come out after 7 months. Information printed on the box are false. Liar company.

  4. Hm, since this update i cant seem to get a GPS lock any longer.. and the SC calibration screen. doesnt do anything.
    please Parrot tell me whats going on? i have the latest firmware aswell.

    although, for some reason i think its way faster to connect now, than earlier, when it could take a long time before Freeflight understood that there was devices connected.

  5. and what exactly is the Radar feature?.. i know theres a new circle on the screen, and i guess thats the radar, which you doesnt seem to have an option to turn off, and also there’s nothing in it..

  6. Look… I’ve been trying to give Parrot the benefit of the doubt about Flight Plan. I’ve been willing to wait under the assumption that it is coming and the delay is due to quality control. That’s fine… I understand.

    But at the end of the day, I’m frustrated. I really want this capability and it was one of the features I most looked forward to at the time of purchase. And I really get frustrated when I see things like the screenshots that are part of the new FF3 update. If Flight Plan is not in the app (as an included feature or something that can be added immediately) then don’t include the screenshot. Or, if you really want to include the screenshot, don’t lie… Don’t put ‘in app purchase’ on the image… Put ‘coming soon’!

    1. Hi Devin,

      We were so excited to bring this feature to you that we commited this blunder. We’re very sorry about it.

      We are still refining Flight Plan, hang in there!

      1. Where is Flight Plan??? The Flight Plan feature was PROMISED at the time of purchase, it is printed on the side of the Bebop packaging!! You have mislead the market and sold a product that was not what was described on the packaging.. Parrot Australia, stand-by for a Fair Trading inquiry!

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  7. Buyers “Be Aware!” The FPV on the Skycontroller with the Bebop drone is very, very delayed! I just bought the whole system about 4 hours ago and the feedback is nothing like the advertisement Parrot represents. Take it upon yourself to you tube the consumer videos before you even take my word for it…should of done this myself before I spent almost $1,000. I already talked with tech support and now they want you to pay for the shipping so it can be sent to them. The hobby store has a no return policy and said they have had many complaints about this drone. Complete false advertisement. Seriously research this before you consider. I am spending the extra money to by the DJI Panthom 3 http://www.dji.com/product/phantom-3/feature

    1. That’s true. I noticed most buyers has turned to DJI if you have read their comments in the forum and they regretted to have a Bebop.

  8. Dear Parrot
    I called Noriaki Okada. Thank you Nice to meet you.
    For screen display version of this new FF3 (v3.5), there is hope and questions.
    1. When is the newly displayed circle on the left side of the main control screen, how do you use?
    2. You can not change the settings of the joystick of Sky controller.
     iOS: do not see the settings.
     Android: Although the settings are displayed, it does not change from “no operation” to be selected.
      Joystick settings, please view the state before the change.
    3. It gave a earth’s axis adjustment of Sky controller, but does not complete.
     iOS: Although animation of Sky controller is running, I do not know how many time completion.
     Android: animation of Sky controller is stopped from before the start. How do should you start?

    As a user, I am very glad that a new function increases.
    However, would be noticeable at all does not work function, I feel very sorry.
    I hope that the specification corresponding to the current version 3.5, is immediately released software that works perfectly.

    Please forgive me the clumsy sentence.

  9. What EXACTLY is radar and what does it do??? Are we going to have a “follow me” option in an upcoming update?

    1. Never mind, I found radar just shows you the direction of the drone when using hdmi. I thought it would help you avoid collisions with telephone poles, trees, etc. THAT would be cool. So what about the “follow me” option then?

  10. Is the next update going to have the flight plan? If yes, when is that nest update going to be released? (I need a date)

  11. This v3.5 app update keeps crashing!!! I had 6 flights yesterday and the app crashed 3 times a day on my iPad Mini!!! My drone hanged in the air hopelessly!!! Don’t proceed this update if you want your drone to keep alive!!! Lucky, I had backup copy of v3.3.2 in my iTunes app library. I needed to proceed the app downgrade immediately in order to resume a safety flight!

  12. F K Y O U
    Still no flight plan????
    I bought this fkn drone because of its flight plan function.
    There is picture about this plan on the box, app, video..

    You lied.

  13. WTF. Parrot this is a disgrace! You have committed the offence of false advertising.

    The Bebop product packaging states a ‘Flight Plan’ function. Not in 6 months, not in 10 months, but at the time of purchase.

    I can see a very good class action coming on.. and the icing on the cake is that you think you are going to charge customers for the ‘Flight Plan’ function once it is released!! That will be interesting!!

    So, when are you releasing ‘Flight Plan’ and will you now make it FREE??

  14. Parrot this is a disgrace! You have commifftted the offence of false advertising.

    The Bebop product packaging states a ‘Flight Plan’ function. Not in 6 months, not in 10 months, but at the time of purchase.

    I can see a very good class action coming on.. and the icing on the cake is that you think you are going to charge customers for the ‘Flight Plan’ function once it is released!! That will be interesting!!

    So, when are you releasing ‘Flight Plan’ and will you now make it FREE??

      1. Why? They have clearly misrepresented the product at the point of sale! Many, including myself, bought the Bebop because of this function. The Flight Plan function was clearly portrayed on the Bebop packaging as being something available at the time of purchase.

        1. Completely agree with your point. I saw the picture GPS Flight plan printed on left side of the box

  15. ¿Puedo denunciar a parrot por publicidad engañosa? Tanto en la pagina web de donde compre el Bebop “el corte ingles” como en la caja del mismo “bebop + skycotroller” anuncian a bombo y platillo las excelencias del bebop con flight plan, la principal de mis decisiones de compra fue debido a esa caracteristica de vuelo, 899€ gastados para tras un mes de su compra no contar con dicha funcion.
    Espero 15 dias antes de interponer denuncia formal de publicidad engañosa en la venta del producto.

    1. Pienso igual que tu! A ver si sacan de una vez el flight plan!

      Por cierto ,creo que he visto algunos pilotajes por mi zona.

      ¿Eres del polígono de santa Ana ?

    1. It’s an auction, the guy is not really “selling” for that price ,though he could end up selling for that if that is the final offer he gets. But if he gets more offers, he could end up selling for, say, $898…

  16. Hi, why with this update the Drone Academy not display the GPS route on Android?
    Even the old routes (old flights archived) not displayed correctly.
    Is a new bug?
    See the image.
    Thank you for reply.

  17. I think the Parrot Bebop is Fantastic. I’m sick and tired of all you moaning Children. Grow up and learn patience, if the Flight Plan isn’t ready – it isn’t ready. Wait until it’s perfected and ready for release.

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  18. It´s very tedious to read all the comments here from people who lack certain features. Sit down. Take a deep breath. The folks at Parrot are working hard to make all their customers happy. Without us they obviously are nothing!

    Try to understand that things sometimes may take longer than expected and that the responsible developers probably don´t spend time reading your bitter comments here. The features comes when it comes. All of you who say that you should buy competitors drones instead of Parrots, and of course will persuade the whole world to do the same thing, we all know that it´s the most common lie in the book and you are sitting here because you have already purchased a Parrot product :) Otherwise, you would whine in another forum, for it´s probably a genetically problem for you. Relax and stop acting like babies with ADHD!

    Parrot gives you more drone for the money than any other company – and you know it! Let´s just wait for the Flight Plan an all the other coming features. XoXo

    1. Superuser Hasse, what a ridiculous post. Its obvious you work for Parrot. We have all paid good money for a product (Bebop) that was not complete when first available to purchase. At the time of purchase we were promised features and functions that have still not been made available. If Parrot and Superuser Hasse are concerned about the rep of Parrot they should not have promised things.. frankly the Parrot Marketing clowns have let the whole team down by falsely marketing the Bebop as something that it is NOT!

  19. Hi parrot! Very congrats for Your job … Well done now also new minidrones!! I ask you what do you have innmind for Windows Version of freeflight .
    thank u fabio

  20. Well, new update today for Free Flight 3 but still no Flight Plan. Will you release it or is it just for getting customers.
    I would love to have it within the next weeks because that makes the Drone worth keeping.

  21. Hi Parrot
    A new parrot bebop bought 2 weeks ago, but this new bebop could not control after about one minute, and could not keep horizon, joy stick mode up and down can work, right or left have no function ,the bebop out control crash on the wall. so return to agents in Taiwan

    This video at 55-58 second could not keep horizon then crash, I test this condition happen 3 times.

    Parrot, Your agents in Taiwan even did not test this and fined me 4500 dollars after I requested refund all. I think Parrot should be request your agents or vendor treat with friendly attitude to serve for your customer,


    iphone 6.0, freeflight v3.5 firmware 1.98.10

  22. Where is the Flight Plan Function for Bebop?? and I hope you are not going to make us pay for an update!! We have been waiting and waiting and waiting.. for a Bebop feature that was promised when the Bebop come to market!!

  23. The jumping sumo is kinda plane it’s a moving video camera that jumps you might a well put a go pro on a rc car. And don’t even get me started on the range. Thumbs down. Are there going to be any new modes or selections for any upcoming updates

  24. come mai non vengono memorizzate le statistiche di volo e neanche la registrazione dei droni va a buon fine, o effettuato quasi 50 voli e neanche uno memorizzato c’è una soluzione grazie.

  25. Parrot, I just want to know a date of when you are going to release waypoint navigation please. I understand you are still working out the bugs, have been since before release date. When exactly will it be available?

  26. I just wanted to say that I bought my first drone and it was working fine untl i started losing signal from the drones wi-fi to my phone every 5 seconds after the drone took off so i went to return the drone and they gave me an other one an now the app can’t find the drones wi-fi signal even though my phone is conected to the drones wi-fi signal.
    Another suggestion is that if you guys can add something in to the app to let know it loosing signal from the drone.

    Thanks if you read it.

    As you can see on the photo below im conected to the drones wi-fi and the piloting options do not appear.

    1. i have similar problem. my replacement drone loses connectivity at 60m whereas my old drone could fly over 150m. i suspect the antenna wire is not attached properly

  27. I too bought the Bebop for the sole purpose of the autonomous Freeflight feature. I live on a lake and don’t want to risk putting my Bebop into the drink. My Bebop sits in its box awaiting the arrival of this feature. I’m a photographer and not a flying hobbyist…my attempts at flying the Bebop we limited to winter when the lake was frozen. Come on Parrot, Instead of releasing new products, focus on getting the existing ones right!

  28. I dissapointed with wifi connection of Jumping sumo.
    I use iphone to connect, at the first, it takes 3 minutes to connect. after 1 month playing, it takes forever to connect with Jumping sumo wifi.
    I ask Parrot team, we Indonesian is the biggest market in ASIA, what the hell do you think you are doing, selling trash like this??

    I dissapointed….. VERY DISSAPOINTED

  29. Dear parrot
    i just buy a bebop but i find some problems that i can’t find where is “gps flight plan” menu in FF3..

  30. I am really enjoying the Parrot Bebop. I bought it in the chance that it would be suitable for filming a large scale Meccano structure but did not expect to perform as well as it has. Even given my poor piloting skills…. can Parrot give us an update on their current expectations for the release date of FlighPlan?

  31. Hey guys, I love it that you guys included DNG files as an option for the images, however, tthe pictures are all being shot in 180 degree mode. That make them virtually useless!

    Please fix!

  32. can anyone help please please.
    when I shift the nob up and down on my parrot skycontroller… the drone rotates as it’s going up and down. before it wasn’t like this…
    what should I do to rectify this issue????

  33. I want to buy motor parts for my spider and parrot. .. I’m a bit confused with anti and clockwise motor…. so which one should I get ?? front units is anti or clockwise

    1. I don’t know about clockwise or anti but the propellers on the front of the bebop have the opposite pitch / angle to the two on the back….. actually now looking at it …. the following is for vertical lift. (Parrot bebop camera facing me) back left prop is clockwise _ back right prop is anti_ front left anti_ front right is clockwise.. as I said this is for vertical lift… I’m not even sure if it matters in regards to the motors rotation if the motor puts out equal power at ether polarities. But you definitely wouldn’t want to wire a motor the wrong way.. I’m no expert so if you get no other help I would go to a hobby shop for help.

  34. I like a lot to check the map prior to each outdoor flight to ensure the home point and drone are well located. But somehow I cannot zoom in/out by pinch of the map during/prior to the flight, even with sky controller. Anyone facing the same, or did I do something wrong?

  35. I’m enjoying my parrot

    If the flight plan isn’t ready it isn’t ready

    I don’t want parrot to rush and put something out that’s unsafe

  36. Freeflight 3 with pvr mode??? … well I’m saying if you have the skycontroller!!! the video feed could be split in to (two pictures) on any device (my note 3) and I will make my own pvr glasses… so please make a in app option button to split the video feed from the bebop in to left and right pictures … I thought it’s better, cheaper and simpler than a hdmi out to very expensive pvr. They can have my idea for a bebop :p

  37. Hello, I wonder if there is a feature for Bebop return home when losing the Wifi signal or plan to have this functionality?

    1. There is a button but if it loses sinal completely then , IT DOES IT AUTOMATICALLY . At least mind did I sent it far away , lost connection then notice it in my radar coming back to me .

    1. YES , You’re right it got a lot of us amped up then upset, However a few times they apologized and said they were refining it . Look at it like this they don’t just give us crap, I’m Sure it will be Well Worth The Wait !!!

  38. So I’m actually a BIG fan of parrot. As a kid I was always into Drones. Got older , got a Job and I then got my very own First bebop drone and drone in general. I don’t regret it one bit. However I would like 3 updates in mind one of which you’re working on!! And I can’t wait for , FLIGHT PLAN. 2 if possible Not the picture quality but the Quality of the live Video and 3 find a way to extend the Lenth before the Video cuts out . I know it’s a lot and will take time, I just love my drone and have a lot of ideas for. CAN I WORM WITH YOU GUYS ??

    1. I am not sure that the advertising of the flight plan feature on the packaging, on the app store and on youtube is completely legal.

  39. Is there any event tentative release date for Flight Plan for the BeBop Drone. Like many it seems, my purchase was predicated on Flight Plan coming soon. i’m an old bat need Flight Plan as my flying ablity is rather limited. Not a firm date, but just a date we might be ablate go forward…

  40. Hi all,

    I’m having problems uploading my flights to “Drone Academy”, its like FF3 gets “stuck” from some day and since that, every weekend I go out to flight, when connecting the Ipad to internet to upload my flights nothing happens, nothing new.

    What should I do to unblock the app/problem? Are this logs/flights somewhere saved?

    Thank you in advance, I really love to flight my bebop.

  41. Really $10 to purchase flightplan that the box of the drone said was already supported? So not only did I have to wait for something that I was told by the (false) advertising was already supported, but I have to pay for that already supported feature as well? Horrible business practice if you ask me.

  42. Question about Flight Plan, and I apologize if this has already been answered. I have the BeBop and have been controlling it via an iPhone6. With Flight Plan, will the Bebop execute the coordinates that are entered into Flight Plan, and continue beyond signal range of the iPhone, or will the Bebop stop and return to home as soon as it wifi signal is broken between the iPhone and the Bebop? Any confirmation or additional details will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  43. I am using FF3 version 3.7.11 and bebop software version 2.0.57, I.e. The latest and still I cannot buy this ‘flight plan’ app. When I tap the button ‘buy’ within FF3 app, there’s no response. I applied to both Parrot and Apple, but so far nobody can help. The one considers the issue to be the others responsibility. The one blames the other and I am helpless!!!

  44. am using FF3 version 3.7.11 and bebop software version 2.0.57, I.e. The latest and still I cannot buy this ‘flight plan’ app. When I tap the button ‘buy’ within FF3 app, there’s no response. I applied to both Parrot and Apple, but so far nobody can help. The one considers the issue to be the others responsibility. The one blames the other and I am helpless!!! It works ok on my Android phone, but not on iPad. On iPad it behaves like I described above.

  45. am using FF3 version 3.7.11 and bebop software version 2.0.57, I.e. The latest and still I cannot buy this ‘flight plan’ app. When I tap the button ‘buy’ within FF3 app, there’s no response. I applied to both Parrot and Apple, but so far nobody can help. The one considers the issue to be the others responsibility. The one blames the other and I am helpless!!!

  46. as 2 days ago
    am using FF3 version 3.7.11 and bebop software version 2.0.57, I.e. The latest and still I cannot buy this ‘flight plan’ app. When I tap the button ‘buy’ within FF3 app, there’s no response. I applied to both Parrot and Apple, but so far nobody can help. The one considers the issue to be the others responsibility. The one blames the other and I am helpless!!! It works ok on my Android phone, but not on iPad. On iPad it behaves like I described above.

  47. FF3 Windows 10 ?

    Hey Parrot,

    There is a large amount of users and potential users who are wondering when the feature gap between the Android / IOs FF3 version (currently 3.8.12) and the “abandoned” windows app is going to be filled…
    I am interesting in BUYING a bebop and BUYING the be flight plan feature… is this available to Windows users?

    Only little effort is required for converting Android/iOS app to Windows Universal App…
    With Windows 10, a universal app (1 app, 1 code line) runs on ALL windows 10 ecosystem, including Tablets, Mobile phone etc)… Microsoft even provide a free SDK (called bridges) to convert Android/iOs app to Windows app with a minimum programming effort (candy cruch is a perfect example)… see https://dev.windows.com/en-us/bridges.
    In short, once the Free “bridge API” is installed in MS Studio, You can run your native code (iOS objective C etc) and recompile to windows apps format !!!

    Why is Parrot not releasing a long overdue FF3 app for Windows ????

    A few weeks after launch over 110 millions devices installed Win 10, many on tablets and windows 10 mobile phones (7+ millions win 10 mobile “insider” preview installed on mobile devices… Windows 10 mobile now commercially available on some device, more to come !) 7 millions potential bebop users on mobile phone only…
    That doesn’t includes the tablets!… nowadays, you can get a Win 10 tablet for about £100.00 (and run a full PC experience rather than only android/iOS “content” viewing tablets…

    Is this not a big enough potential user base for Parrot? without having to redevelop an app but rather port an existing one to Windows !!!

    When will parrot communicate on the Windows 10 FF3 release? or are Windows users ban from buying Parrot products ???

    please respond or communicate on this ASAP… thanks.

  48. Hey Parrot.

    I have some issues downloading the latest software 1.6.6. I have tried everything but it just won’t work.. I have the Yellow skycentroller and i want it to work with my new bebop 2! Pleas help me with that! :)

    My USB is FAT32 and is a PLF file.. And my screen right now its all green when is fanaly connected

  49. Hello, I buy a bebop and I’m very happy , I also buy the flight plan and is really good. I want to ask if you could implement an option for that while the bebop continues its flight plan the camera keep me framed in all moment?

  50. I have the latest bebop software and iOS software running on an iPad 3. When I try to move or delete a file from my gallery, the system quits free flight and bumps me out to the iOS. Do I have to reinstall the software?

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