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Try to win a Skycontroller to celebrate its upcoming release!

We heard you. We will soon be releasing the Skycontroller (standalone)!
Enter for your chance to win a Parrot Skycontroller

Update : The SkyController is now available in Europe ans USA/Canada in our Online Store

What is Parrot Skycontroller? Simply the best way to pilot your Bebop Drone!

Equipped with an amplified Wi-Fi radio and with 4 antennas, the Parrot Skycontroller extends the Wi-Fi range to 2km (check your local Wi-FI regulation).
Pilot with a smartphone or a tablet fiexd into an integrated shelf that is compatible with the majority of tablets available on the market.
The pilot is at the helm of the drone with the help of 2 ultra-precise joysticks.
For more extreme sensations, connect FPV (First Person View) glasses to the Parrot Skycontroller over HDMI. Once connected and if your glasses allow it, your head movements will position the camera of the Bebop Drone!

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And the winners are:

– Timo Kuoppa
– Gossa Olivier
– David Petrau

Congratulations to them! We’ll send you an email with the next steps to follow to receive your Skycontroller.

Thank you everyone who participated – we’re looking forward to the next contest.
Until next time! Have great flights.

  • Zacharia Samuel Grierson

    Give me da skycontroller b0ss

  • Alan Strydom

    Awesome! I saw the Bebop in London in April, and thought about it purchasing it when I returned in September. Then this morning I heard it calling me again, and checked the local supplier for stock and price. Price is on par with London, and I thought… yes! :) Then this email and competition opportunity arrives!! Well played Parrot, well played! :)

  • Ian Capon

    Being involved in VR decades ago, having a headset on again will be great fun……..New era beckons!

  • Lorenzo Navone

    I use the small one (parrot) with a lot of fun. If I shall win the controller for sure i’ll buy Bebop

  • Mehmet Tögel

    Good to Use Excellent. ..

  • Libert Youssa

    Yes the beebop is great but the sky controller is what really sets it aside from AR Drone 2.0
    I will definitely get the beebop if I win.

  • corvette75

    Der Jumping Sumo ist ein gutes Produkt hingegen der Rolling Spyder ist noch etwas zu schwach und so mit noch nicht ausgereift !

  • Ferry Krauweel

    an must have for #bebopYourWorld maximum range !

  • Barry Bradshaw

    this is honestly a dream prize thank you for the chance

  • Mark Nahuysen

    Best drone ever. Even better with the Skycontroller I guess :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NNIPtJPXQ8

  • David Rowden

    This is on my wish list @ No 1

  • Gabriel Matas Torrellas

    The best drone!

  • Manfred Bolz

    Winning the controller would increase my wish to finally buy the Bepob Drone.

  • Martin W-S

    Fingers crossed

  • Bill Rogers

    Now get the “waypoint” software working!

  • Gabriele Da Tos

    Good news :-)

  • Errol Raymond

    Good luck every one

  • ncatard

    Bravo les frenchies !

  • Anthony Withsource Reddy

    I want a sky controller. NOOOOOOOOOW

  • skunkflat

    Please, Please, PLEASE bring this to America!

  • Ricbug

    I’m crossing fingers :)

  • http://www.ColumbiaWaterGardens.com Carl Petite

    I made the mistake of buying my Bebop stand alone in March. I thought that at the time I could upgrade to the Skycontroller. I love my Bebop and have over 100 flights recorded, and take my drone everywhere. Once, I filmed two very elusive Bighorn Sheep rock climbing in an area that hasn’t had a sighting in years! With the skycontroller I will be able to broaden my horizon and see things from a greater perspective! Thanks Parrot!

  • Sven

    The best drones in the world :-p bring me the happiness 😉

  • Napatara Athakravi

    My drone is one tough mofo i have crashed it like over a 100 time into many terrains accept from water

  • nrennie

    Great news! Do we also get Flight Planner too? As promised? On my box? And on the website? And all the marketing material?!!???

  • rucadeep

    Surprise, skycontroler is there , :))

    Thank Parrot , have been saving my bebop Drone and money to see if I can buy and fly at lower limits .. :) ) )

  • Tamas Tokai

    yes, yes, yes, but any update for independent waypoint navigation…

  • Christopher Potts

    Unbelievable, Parrot making the best even better.:-)

  • David Stroud

    I love my bop, the Skycontroller will only make it that much better. I just wish the Bop had a longer battery life.

  • Larson Cr

    Excellent ! Need one

  • http://www.ballet-school.ru Ilya Kuznetsov

    Great great great!!!!

  • Whitewolfe

    the ULTIMATE..!

  • Michael de Raad

    I like the bebop very much, but without the skycontroller as I bought it , I can only go 18m high and 40m far before losing connection. I really need this skycontroller. Without it bebop is just a fun toy, with skycontroller a pro copter ! (I hope ☺)

  • The Ryan Ranch

    What a anhancment !!
    Parrot team, thank you, thank you !!!
    So now where do we get it? I’m ready to buy it :)

  • Javier Caceres

    Nice . I wish to win one and fly far away lol. Thanks parrot

  • don-louis casanova


  • Norin Radd

    Fonctionne t’il avec l ardrobe 2?

    • http://www.parrot.com Parrot

      Bonjour, le Skycontroller a été conçu pour le Bebop seulement. il n’est pas compatible avec l’AR.Drone 2.0

  • karlmarxsux

    I love my Parrot.Just wish the batteries lasted a tad longer.Then again I should have spent more money and purchased the upgrade.My fault for being a cheap #%^^$$#@!@.I have not used mine in a while .Going to the site to see if if there is anything new.This control rig looks incredible.

  • Mark Nahuysen

    I deserve one. Specially because I lost my new bought bebop last week because of a fly away. That same evening I ordered a new bebop….

  • Kevin

    Looks like a great addition!

  • JoeF

    I just ordered a Yellow combo pack $900 us. I hope I like it. Been watching YouTube videos of it all day.

  • Tracy Lee

    I like the concept & would love to have one…

  • Ahmd Adl

    Thnx for the excellent product… The photage is unbelievable…. Just amazing.
    By the way it helps me a lot controlling the progress in my construction site.

  • chao

    good luck!

  • Clyntr

    Save your money folks, it’s crap. Controller barely increases usable range, still constantly disconnects from bebop and if you try flying strictly by fpv you will crash because the image lags too much to be useful

    Spend a bit more and buy a dji phantom 3, you’ll be glad you did, much better machine and a 20+ minute battery

    • QUOY25 Doubs

      hey guy, those are bullshit advices, only because quality of connection depends on “wifi” environnement and particularly with electromagnetic disturbance… when flying in “clean” electromagnetic conditions they’re no problems …see all the video posted for the bebopyourworld contest and perhaps you’ll stop posting so stupid comments …

      • Clyntr

        I stand by what I said. I live way out in the country far from any interference and still can’t get further than 500-600 meters with the controller before disconnecting. And the lag is horrible well before that.
        People are better off putting that money towards a tried and tested product not one that can’t even deliver on what it promised was already part of the package(waypoint function)

        • QUOY25 Doubs

          i’ve got a parrot bebop with a skycontroller and at the time i’ve made 42 flight wich represent 2h20′ of flight ( you can check on the drone academy with my QUOY25 profile ) without any problem for the moment ( just 1-2 crash because of bump into trees or walls => need more practice and training ..) … in the same time i’ve made something about 2 hours ultra HD videos with marvelous results (controlled on a HD TV => fantastic !…) . so for my opinion , just one comment :
          this is a high quality produc for sheep price ( best value for money on the market) compared to DJI product at equivalent capabilities …. and finaly nowadays i have just one claim : when will Parrot develop the GPS way point programming option ? i’ll buy it immediately even if i must pay for it …

    • Brian Ables


  • Moose442

    Okay I HAVE to Ask: Will it work with an AR 2.0?

    • http://www.parrot.com Parrot

      Hello, the Skycontroller was only designed for the Bebop Drone. It’s not compatible with the AR.Drone

  • Mohammed

    I like it I have the old one it is very very nice I am from Saudi Arabia

  • JoeF

    A bit more? How about a lot more to get the Phantom 3…. Try flying that phantom in door. One mistake and you lose $1500 dollars. Looks like the Bebop is a lot more forgiving for new flyers. Anyways, you’re comparing apples to oranges. Show me anything that I can get for under $1000 that does what the Bebop does. You can get other Quad copters for around $1000 but you have to provide your own GoPro which adds $500 or more. I’ve seen lots of video and reviews on YouTube that show the picture quality and people flying this with no issues. I think you are just a TROLL.

  • Tyekim1

    If I win this….it only makes sense that I will buy the quad to go with it. It looks very fun to fly. It is small enough to be able to fly extremely fast and low the the ground. I love vids that really demonstrate the speed and agility of flying around obstacles.

  • Tyekim1

    I just saw the extended range….that is awesome.

  • Brett Fuller

    Does it work with ar drone 2. .??

    • http://www.parrot.com Parrot

      Hello, the Skycontroller was only designed for the Bebop Drone. It’s not compatible with the AR.Drone 2.0.

  • Sylvain Michaud

    Bonne chance……

  • Medhekar

    Will it work with my Parrot AR.Drone.2

    • Drone Spain View


    • http://www.parrot.com Parrot

      Hello, the Skycontroller was only designed for the Bebop Drone. It’s not compatible with the AR.Drone.

  • Carlos Sanchez

    I bought my bebop a few months back I have been anxiously waiting for this for the controller to be released on its own I will finally be able to really play with it and my oculos

  • xavier

    J’attends le skycontroler depuis 7 mois car vraiment indissociable du bebop. Je ne comprenais pas que l’on ne puisse pas se le fournir séparément connaissant la précision et le confort d’une manette traditionnelle. Merci a l’équipe de développement pour le boulot accomplit et la veille technique. Bref je ne regrette pas mon choix de noël.
    Merci, merci et merci.

  • Jérôme Maynard

    Je suis fière d’être français,nous faisons de belles choses! Merci Parrot je m’éclate avec mon Bebop mais je kiferai essayer avec le skycontroleur!

  • Brian Ables

    if the controller does not come out soon i will never buy a thing from parrot again the bebop is JUNK WITH OUT THE CONTROLLER they need to get off there hind ends and get it in stores NOW

  • Dakar

    Parrot rolling spider, diversión garantizada!

  • Andreas Schmid

    Hi Parrot

    Why can not I select the country Switzerland in the competition?
    We do not exist in the middle of Europe for you !?

    But this is not only here but around the website so!

    Shame on you ….! 😉

    • QUOY25 Doubs

      hey Switzerland isn’t in europe , it till has border line with customs officer checking if you’re a rich mann or not => they only accept billionaires and save the money for the gangsters of all the planet ….

      • Andreas Schmid

        Switzerland is more European than you think …
        And evil banks are everywhere!
        In addition, we also have people with little money!
        Good Luck …..

        • QUOY25 Doubs

          so why do you wait to use Euro as your money and remove your borders ?
          and for people with little money , one thing is sure, your low cost employees are mostly french and italians guys ….

          • Andreas Schmid

            And what do you want from me now …?
            I am certainly with you in the country is not all that glitters is gold!
            Wiping first before your door …

            I asked what Parrot and not you …. so let it be good!

  • Виталий Игнатов

    oh, its my chance:3

  • Ryan 5kinner

    Please God, let me win the Sky Controller. #prayforskycontroller

  • Yangboshi

    It is a very good drone for flying video shotting and funy.

    • Paco Nieto Fernandez

      comment as tu fait ça ?

  • Yangboshi

    Is this drone can setup the access password? And how can I do it.


    It is. Fantastic baby!

  • DongHwan Kwak


  • Jae-in Kim

    if you enjoy bebop, you should.

  • Zack Kleist

    if I win that skycontroller I will buy like 10 batteries and fly a bebop 24/7… or in till I pass out

  • JoeF

    So we win 3 controllers if we win this? I’ll take out a loan and buy me 3 Bebops……

    • Dalton Kensvadden

      Their giving away three sky controllers to three different people

  • Youngjin Song

    This is good one, I’ve been using Bebop drone for 3 months, never had any accident yet.

  • Napatara Athakravi

    Skycontroller more crazy mods for my bebop

  • pytypaldy

    Oh yes Oh yes!!!

  • Wildmuduck

    Bebop drones really being the best in the world.
    Sky controller only if the universe being the best.
    Sky controller I need ^^

  • Hector vega gil

    Tengo un Bebop drone y es fantástico. Tengo un poco de dificultad para operarlo con la tabet, me ha funcionado mejor con el teléfono. Seguro con el Sky controller será mucho mejor la experiencia. Saludos.

  • guy

    i think that the drone is extremely stable and great, just make a longer battery life
    i saw that it uses electro magnets to power the motor which is extremely energy efficient
    but parrot should use at least one infrared camera on the bottom to calculate the distance of the ground, and i like the idea of how it uses and air pressurizer to detect the height of the ground above eight meters, but it it should only USE AN INFRARED light because it is much more efficient making the battery life last bit longer (a few minutes).

  • junhee

    i want to controller~~!!!!

  • Johann Angel Dit Hugo

    ca me fait rêver 😮 I need

  • gaspare signorino

    i love bebop parrot…. is the best!!!

  • Rodrigo Avila

    I will really enjoy it if I win

  • Kreiner Botond

    Parrot please release it for the Ar.drone 2.0 for me and for you to get more money. Mehhh.

  • PJ

    Just got mine an hour ago – super stoked!!!!!

  • ray sia

    can i use this sky comtroller for my jumping sumo

  • Michael Mestrom

    Really hoping to win this one. Aint got enough money to buy the drone including the controller. Dont want to buy this without te controller though. Fingers crossed!

  • Angel Nada Nada

    Estoy deseando que salga a la venta.

  • Orkun Soyak

    I loose connection when the drone goes above 12-13 meters.once it was drifting in the air itself and i had to go up on a roof to catch it.and it didnt return home when the connection was off.i hope skycontroller will prevent these kind of unacceptable stuff

  • Mario Ceruti

    Greetings from Naples – ITALY one od the Most Beautiful city of the world. Very suggestive viewed by Parrot Bebop Eye………..better whit Skycontroller to reach highest POV and take wonderfoul Panoramas of Land and Sea.

  • damiano

    I hope that the next controller is Hololens

  • Brandon

    Buyers “Be Aware!” The FPV on the Skycontroller with the Bebop drone is
    very, very delayed! I just bought the whole system about 4 hours ago and
    the feedback is nothing like the advertisement Parrot represents. Take
    it upon yourself to you tube the consumer videos before you even take my
    word for it…should of done this myself before I spent almost $1,000. I
    already talked with tech support and now they want you to pay for the
    shipping so it can be sent to them. The hobby store has a no return
    policy and said they have had many complaints about this drone. Complete,
    false advertisement. Seriously research this before you consider. I am
    spending the extra money to by the DJI Panthom 3 http://www.dji.com/product/pha

  • Andre McDonald

    I hope I win. I really want this controlller. Fed up of want it.

  • ProbablyMovingSoon

    So who won the contest? Did you announce the winners yet?

    • Shea Stanley

      Thank you! I’ve been dying to find out!

      • Justin Baines

        same here

        • Shea Stanley

          Im waiting to see If I won, or even if I’m old enough, (15). Hopefully they see me as the drone enthusiast I am (I own 2, and at school the have the bebop, who I’m planing to donate the prize too).

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      • http://careersreport.com jane.regg@

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  • Robert

    The results were supposed to be published yesterday…

  • Youngjin Song

    did Parrot announce the winner??

  • http://www.parrot.com Parrot

    Hello everyone!

    Sorry it took us so long to announce the winners, we were in the middle of Paris Air Show at Le Bourget! :-)

    And the WINNERS are:

    – Timo Kuoppa
    – Gossa Olivier
    – David Petrau

    Congratulations to them! We’ll send you an email with the next steps to follow to receive your Skycontroller.

    Thank you everyone who participated – we’re looking forward to the next contest.
    Until next time!

    • Shea Stanley

      Oh well, it was worth entering anyway.

  • Vasilii

    omg i wanna to win =( Don’t have money to buy this greatest Controller =(