After a long week of absence, because of the #BebopYourWorld contest, we’re back in the game! We came up with a brand new topic. What’s the common point between desertic mountains, Italy and caves? …  The answer is our topic… We’ll start our trip with arid mountains. To cool you down, we’ll fly into dark caves, away from the sun. We’ll wrap this up in Italy, with wonderful landscapes. We obviously chose Italy because of it’s rich history, the great legacy of the roman empire and the Renaissance… and because of Pizza

3.  Al Aqah Mountains – UAE

This video really gives you the view of what an eagle sees every day. The Bebop is flying, lonely, High above mountains that don’t seem to show any signs of life. IT flies so high you’ll get to see the ocean at the end. On a more practical point of view, we have a thought for the pilot who probably had to walk a lot for this. Thanks Tariq Yahia!


VIdeo of Al Aqah mountains, UAE with Bebop

Posted by Tariq Yahia on jeudi 28 mai 2015


2.  Caves – New Caledonia

We’re all used to beautiful videos with magnificent landscapes, palm trees and so on (not that we don’t like it!). This one is totally different. Instead of getting off the ground, Ludovic flew his bebop into the ground, into a dark cave. This is not something to do on a first flight! The outcome is quite surprising. Who thought you could play Batman exploring caves with a Bebop? It’s pretty amazing to see the Bebop fly out of the cave to get back to the open air. For those who think our articles are not intellectual enough, we’d like to talk with you about the allegory of the cave. You can look it up on Wikipedia. Our thought on this matter: If the guy who got out of the cave had a Bebop with him to film everything, convincing his friends that they live in a world of lies would have been a lot easier. Now that we raped some basic philosophy class for commercial purposes, we can go on with our trip.


1.  Vald D’Orcia – Italy

If you’ve never had the chance to travel to Italy, this is the kind of video you need to get general idea why so many people want to go there. Just look at the landscape, the white road leading to an isolated villa with poplars one the side. You can drink an espresso to that, if that’s the most italian thing you have at home. thank you Gabriele Paris.



That’s it for this week. Thank you once again for flying with us, and come again to discover new places from an aerial point of view. Until next Week

Bebop Drone – Best of The Week (#13)



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