On the 13th May, in ABU DHABI, the Zik 2.0 by Parrot won the Middle East DISTREE Diamond award for the headphones category. This award is the result of our product’s quality. Music addicts love its active noise cancellation, the flexibility of the app and the touch panel controls. However, no matter how good a product is, it’s useless if it’s not available for sales in many retailers and e-tailers. This award is also the result of our local team’s hard work to promote it and to make it available for people.

What are the DISTREE Diamond Awards ?

DISTREE Events launched a new series of exhibitor awards in 2015. The DISTREE Diamond Awards series continued in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday May 13th, forming part of the 11th annual DISTREE Middle East retail channel event. The recipients of DISTREE Diamond Awards were determined using on-site live voting feedback from retailers and e-tailers participating in the event.

During the course of the event, attending retailers and e-tailers assessed all exhibitors on a range of factors including product portfolio, product roadmap, channel programme, business potential, go-to-market strategy and the quality of meetings and interaction at DISTREE Middle East 2015.

Farouk Hemraj, Director and Co-Founder at DISTREE Events, said: “DISTREE events feature hundreds of great brands with innovative products and go-to-market strategies that appeal to participating channel partners. The DISTREE Diamond Awards enabled retailers and e-tailers to reward the brands that impressed them most at this year’s DISTREE Middle East.”

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“Retailers attending DISTREE Middle East 2015 spent two days meeting exhibitors, discussing business opportunities, learning more about their products and assessing their plans for 2015 and beyond. It is only fair that these retailers were then given the opportunity to recognise companies that truly excel in a product category,” added Hemraj.

The DISTREE Diamond Awards serve as recognition for companies that offer a compelling channel proposition. Selected by channel partners, the DISTREE Diamond Awards are a hallmark of quality in terms of go-to-market strategy for brands that are selected to receive an award. The winners in each category were determined by a live electronic vote by hundreds of channel partners during DISTREE Middle East’s Gala Dinner.

If you want to learn more about the features and characteristics of the award winning Zik 2.0: http://www.parrot.com/usa/products/zik2/

Parrot Zik 2.0 DISTREE Diamond Award



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6 thoughts on “Parrot Zik 2.0 DISTREE Diamond Award

  1. Buyers “Be Aware!” The FPV on the Skycontroller with the Bebop drone is
    very, very delayed! I just bought the whole system about 4 hours ago and
    the feedback is nothing like the advertisement Parrot represents. Take
    it upon yourself to you tube the consumer videos before you even take my
    word for it…should of done this myself before I spent almost $1,000. I
    already talked with tech support and now they want you to pay for the
    shipping so it can be sent to them. The hobby store has a no return
    policy and said they have had many complaints about this drone. Complete.
    false advertisement. Seriously research this before you consider. I am
    spending the extra money to by the DJI Panthom 3 http://www.dji.com/product/pha

  2. International guaranteee.

    I bought 8 months ago the new zik2 ( I had and sold the 1which I loved) and it broke. I Bought it in Italy and now I live in Canada. How can I make the guarantee to work? There is no sign in the website. Anf this is not verytransparent. Zik is made to travel and there is nothin on the website that explains how to use the guarantee abroad…..

  3. Nobody saw a company that made drones coming out with such a successful headphone, but the Parrot Zik original and the Zik 2 have done extremely well. And today at IFA 2015 the company has launched the Parrot Zik 3 a brand new iteration with some really cool added features.

    Headphones are still really light and comfortable the weight is about the same, but you’ll notice there’s a slightly different exterior design there are 2 different options available. We have a sort of a quilted pattern here and then over here is I guess you can call this alligator or crocodile that has a very distinctive look that you can see coming it from far away. The USB port on the Zik 2 was used for charging but this is actually used for audio now. You can plug into your computer or your phone and stream music through the USB wire and internal DAC converts it and then and amplifies it for you. So you’re going to get a better overall sound in Zik 3 than you would with Bluetooth wireless.


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