Parrot in San Francisco Silicon Valley
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The Parrot Group’s American subsidiary is opening an office in San Francisco, at the heart of Silicon Valley.  Parrot is adjusting its organization as it ramps up its Drone business, which generated 83 million euros of revenues (34% of Group revenues) in 2014 and grew 97% compared with 2013.

A dozen staff are working out of the Landmark Building office at 1 Market Street: the sales teams for retail drones and connected devices, as well as professional drones, covering the American continent. The automotive teams will remain in Detroit, at the heart of the US auto industry.

The professional drone team will also be further strengthened in order to accompany the growing level of demand for the Group’s products, particularly senseFly’s eBee for the agricultural and mapping market, as well as Pix4D’s aerial imaging software solutions.

Parrot in San Francisco Silicon Valley
A visit from HEC graduates in our new office space


While the American government and the FAA (Federal Aviation Agency) are working with the industry to put in place legislation supporting the use of commercial civil drones, flight exemptions (“Section 333[1]”) are being granted in the meantime to private operators wishing to operate professional drones in the United States: since the beginning of March 2015, 9 exemptions have already been granted for the eBee, while another 20 or so are pending. Universities and US government agencies may also use professional drones (for research purposes or to support their activities) through a COA (Certificate of Waiver or Authorization) endorsed by the FAA.

Among other benefits, the opening of an office with these teams in San Francisco will enable the Group to position itself within the technological, financial and commercial ecosystem for drones and more generally connected devices. During the second half of 2014, these two activities made up more than half of the Group’s revenues.

Henri Seydoux, Parrot’s Chairman, CEO and founder: “The American market is extremely buoyant for Parrot and our innovations relating to drones and connected devices in particular have been very well received in the past few years. One year ago, we unveiled our Bebop Drone in San Francisco. We have strong potential for growth in the United States and the opening of an office in Silicon Valley sends out a strong message about our ambitions”.

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Parrot Inc. sets up in San Francisco



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3 thoughts on “Parrot Inc. sets up in San Francisco

  1. 83 million euro is a small amount of revenue to a global enterprise. Your company is quite poor actually.

  2. In case somebody is seeing this, I have been trying to get in touch with your office for over a month now with no success. I need a contact number or something where I can introduce my company to you and start a business relationship…

  3. I have been calling various locations for Parrot in an attempt to resolve a faulty camera that had been returned to them in San Francisco about 7 weeks ago. I have spoken to customer service representatives in the US, France and in Cairo, Egypt who all promised to resolve the issue but none followed through and did anything.
    I have a case number and a tracking number for the return which was received by Parrot On September 6, 2017:
    I would advise anyone who is contemplating buying a Parrot product to look elsewhere as I would rate their customer service between poor and non-existent.

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