What is Gauges?

  • Gauges is a quick and comprehensive way to see how your plant is feeling

Why did we bring Gauges to the Flower Power?

  • To grow big, strong plants you need to know exactly how your plants are feeling. With Gauges, you can compare the needs of your plant to its current environmental conditions.

How does Gauges work?

  •  Access Gauges by tapping on the fertilizer, light or temperature icons in the “Plant Information” page.


  • Once in the Gauges screen, you can immediately see what the growth range is for your plant and aim for that growth sweet spot.
  • With Gauges you will know precisely what your plant needs to grow.

Temperature Level Gauge


Sunlight Level Gauge


Fertilizer Level Gauge


Download the Parrot Flower Power app: for iOS and Android

Parrot Flower Power Features – Gauges



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2 thoughts on “Parrot Flower Power Features – Gauges

  1. It would be nice to have some feedback on the fertilizer levels. Exactly what is it measuring. . . what metric? Since different plants have widely varying needs, we don’t really know if we truly should add fertilizer or not, without knowing how much of what type the meter is sensing.

  2. please give me information about light value… in lumen how can i make a conversion with your value ? Example 12 on power flower app screen……. xxx lumen. Thanks

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