Paris, April 13th , 2015 Parrot, a leader in automotive connectivity and infotainment solutions, announced today that it supplies a Premium German car maker with its new intelligent Display for starting mass production in Q2.

The rear seat passengers can now enjoy premium Rear Seat Entertainment system powered by Parrot FC7100. It will entertain rear passengers with advanced media sharing, distribution and synchronization playback on each display, extensive connectivity, HD video, and a wide range of connected Apps:

  • Android Apps from Parrot Cloud such as internet browser, mails, weather, news, etc.
  • Video Call : video chat and instant messaging for Rear Seat Entertainment.
  • Wide range of Games is provided to the passengers
  • Internet music and video streaming, radio and TV Apps aggregating stations from all over the world
  • Internet connectivity on each RSE Display is enabled by connecting a phone (Wi-Fi® tethering) or using an
    in-vehicle Wi-Fi® hotspotParrot,Automotive,display,entertainment


With high-resolution 10.1-inch touch screens, the 2 displays connect to each other through Wi-Fi Direct and share media with distributed and synchronized Playback from various sources (USB, SD and integrated DVD-player).

The HDMI input interface is available to connect external media players.

A remote control is provided as a Parrot Application running both on iOS and Android smartphones to control the display’s functions.
The Rear Seat Entertainment also includes an internal memory with a 64GB memory to allow the user to store data within the system.

Each display can connect to two Bluetooth Headsets simultaneously.

Parrot is honored to collaborate with a Premium German car maker in bringing the best in Rear Seat Entertainment to their four-door sports cars. In this project, Parrot uses his knowhow in infotainment solutions with an intelligent display” said Eric Riyahi, Executive Vice-President at Parrot.

Parrot Automotive: New Contract with Premium German car maker



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4 thoughts on “Parrot Automotive: New Contract with Premium German car maker

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  4. Your “Premium German car maker” shold take a look how you support your existing systems. The Asteroid Smart did not receive any update since more than 2 years, so its Android version is stone age and unsave. If I see your system in a car I by, I would immediatly turn around and buy another one!

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