Learn how to program Rolling Spider and be familiar with programmation through Tickle App. A visual programming app with a lot of fun! For children under 14, it is recommended to use Tickle and Rolling Spider with an adult.

visual programming Tickle Rolling Spider

First, go in the app and select a new project for Parrot Rolling Spider.

You’ll see that there are two interfaces: one for the screen and another for the Rolling Spider.

You have several categories to control your Rolling Spider.

  • Motions: basic commands you can send to the Rolling Spider to make it do what you want (for example: take off, flip, fly forward, etc.)

visual programming Tickle Rolling Spider


  • Events: you can program events to chose when your commands are sent to your Rolling Spider, or executed by your iPad (for example: when starting to play, when the Rolling Spider receives a specific event, etc.)
  • Control: you can set up conditions on your program execution. (for example: forever (repeat it whatever happens), if XXX then YYY (if the event XXX happens, then do the action YYY), etc.)
  • Sensing: you can set up conditions by using some sensing conditions (for example: finger touching down (when my finger touches the iPad screen), reset timer (if I have set up a timer in my program, it occurs when the timer reaches zero, etc)
  • Operators: basic calculations

With Tickle, you can create a choreography for your Rolling Spider using different categories you interlink properly.

For example, here’s the following code to make your Rolling Spider perform a choreography:

You start your program by “When starting to play”.

Then, the Rolling Spider performs two motions (the maximum height is set by security, so that the Rolling Spider doesn’t go too high), then you can see an event called TookOff. In computer programming, it’s always good to check if your commands are properly executed. This event allows us to check if so. (See the screenshot below) You can see that “If the TookOff” event occurs, then the iPad will Play a sound.

You can also chose to erase those broadcast events because they are not affecting the Rolling Spider motion in any way.

You can add as many motions as you want and put conditions you like.

visual programming Tickle Rolling Spider


* Note that there is a parachute button in case something went wrong (the red picto at the left of the coding  interface)

Here’s the code for the screen interface, that defines events and what they do when received:

visual programming Tickle Rolling Spider


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Programming a mini drone using Tickle app @ Hillcrest Elementary in Victoria, BC, Canada