Broadcast journalism goes one step further thanks to our collaboration with Inmarsat, the leading provider of global mobile satellite communications services.

If you work for a broadcasting media company, then you know that sometimes it is not easy to get the images you need at the right time, especially in case of  natural disasters or other large scale-unexpected events. This is about to change. We are pleased to announce that for the past six month we’ve been working with Inmarsat (LSE:ISAT.L) to give you a Bebop drone-based solution enabling you to broadcast live and unique aerial footage from anywhere around the globe.


How does it work?


Inmarsat’s BEGAN service (that stands for Broadband Global Area Network) is a global satellite internet network with telephony using portable terminals. Unlike other satellite Internet services which require bulky and heavy satellite dishes to connect, a BGAN terminal is about the size of a laptop and thus can be carried easily. So what does it mean? Well, to put it simply: the BGAN-powered Bebop Drone is now the first remote drone with live-streaming video capabilities. Learn more about Inmarsat’s BGAN HDR.

For broadcasting media, this has great potential. Martin Turner, Director of Media Business at Inmarsat said: “The Parrot Bebop Drone will give journalists on location another valuable tool to enable them to deliver breaking news first. When paired with Inmarsat’s BGAN and BGAN HDR services live broadcast of aerial footage can provide a unique perspective on, for example, reports on civil disturbances and natural disasters, footage which can prove extremely expensive to get any other way. The drone used in these situations avoids potential hazards to film crews attempting to capture similar footage on the ground. And because BGAN works across Inmarsat’s global network, journalists can deliver breaking news whenever and wherever it happens, even if cellular and terrestrial networks are degraded or not present.”

Inmarsat Parrot

According to Yannick Levy, Executive VP Corporate Business development here at Parrot: “The potential of drone technology is extremely promising. We are seeing the applications of drone technologies in more and more industries; from journalists covering news and remote infrastructure inspections, to environmental applications and precision farming. We are delighted to be working with Inmarsat, and with the Bebop Drone’s certification under the CAP programme. In places with poor terrestrial or fixed network coverage, we see Inmarsat’s network as a crucial part of making live streaming possible.”

Watch Yannick explain all the applications of live drone broadcasting:

Have great flights!

Parrot Web Team

Live Broadcasting takes off with Parrot and Inmarsat



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3 thoughts on “Live Broadcasting takes off with Parrot and Inmarsat

  1. Will the scycontroller be available this month? Some internet pages say it will propably come out in march this year. Is it true?

  2. Is this a modified Bebop Version with a better HD camera? Alle my (replaced) bebops didn’t have television quality like viedostreams or video recordings. The pictures are blurry and not sharp. Will the camera unit of bebop be replacable e.g. with later better cams if bebop 2? I hope so, because only thumbs down is the picture quality of bebop cam, the stabilization instead is the best I ever seen…

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