Show us your world through the eye of your Bebop Drone!



Film a video in under 60 seconds with your Parrot Bebop Drone and upload it onto YouTube with the tag #BEBOPYOURWORLD and your country of residence (for example, #BEBOPYOURWORLD #Germany).


The most popular video per country will be chosen to win a Sony Personal 3D Viewer!

#Bebopyourworld sony personal viewer


– Immersive 2D and 3D experience

– A 750-inch screen in your face : Feel like you’re sitting 20 rows (65 feet) back from a spectacular 750-inch movie screen

– Directly connect with mobile devices : enjoy the 750-inc screen everywhere

– Virtual 7.1 Headphones built in : recreates a theater-like  sound experience just about anywhere.

– Gaming mode :  keeps you right in the game with speedy responses



All participants will also be given a 10% discount on the Parrot Online store*.



  1. Film a video with your Parrot Bebop Drone showing us your World in under 60 seconds
  2. Upload video onto YouTube with #BEBOPYOURWORLD and your #home country in the title
  3. Share your video to generate the most views possible to win
  4. Check out the winners of each country on May 21st 2015 on our blog



Parrot will look after these criteria when it comes to select winning videos:

  • Brightness: filming in conditions of optimum light
  • Music: echoing the scene picture, consistency is key!
  • Shot with Bebop Drone only, little or no editing
  • Respect of local regulations
  • Duration: 60 sec max
  • General rendering, aesthetic sense and story-telling
  • Views, comments and how the author reacted to them


All videos will be shown in a dedicated Playlist (#BEBOPYOURWORLD) on the Parrot YouTube channel, which will be updated regularly.



Until May 17, Show us your world through the eye of your Bebop Drone and get inspired here and don’t forget your local regulations.


T&CsParrot Bebop Video Competition Contest Rules

* Applies to countries where the Parrot Online store is available, see for countries.



Bebop Drone Amateur Video Contest – #BebopYourWorld – Entries closed, results coming soon!



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88 thoughts on “Bebop Drone Amateur Video Contest – #BebopYourWorld – Entries closed, results coming soon!

  1. Hi, I would like to know how often is the playlist with the participating videos update and whether or not people will receive a notification for the videos that are not accepted as entries .

    Thank you,
    Federico Claudi.

  2. Wait people from the United States aren’t eligible for the grand prize? The U.S. is not on the list of countries in the official rules. Please explain.

  3. How will you know it’s been filmed with Bebop ? I’d love such contest for old partner Ar drone pilots !

  4. Hey Parrot! When do you update your playlist? It’s not updated since 2 days ago. I think there will be much more videos.

  5. Hi! Do you verify if the video meets your requirements before adding it to your playlist? Can I join the contest from Georgia?

          1. Of course it is. Thats me with my brother and sister. I think Parrot even not want unknown people on video. And of course somebody has to control the bebop … And I took my brother and sister with me. So thank you for your comment. Very fair…

  6. Hi Parrot, I’m from Mexico living in Germany. Can I participate with a video made in Mexico during my last vacations? Which country should i state on the #home country?

  7. that are participating videos that have more than 60 seconds? in the instructions makes it clear under to 60 seconds

    another question , how do I benefit me discount online store ?

  8. hi parrot is NEW ZEALAND an eligible country to participate in this competition, since that’s where i live???????

  9. hi parrot is CHILE an eligible country to participate in this competition, since that’s where i live ? TK

    1. Wonderful Atomium! Are you sure it’s allowed to fly in Bruxelles? And don’t forget, it’s only one submission per user.

      Have a nice day!

      1. Thanks, legislation is not yet finalized in Belgium, so to be honest I don’t know for sure… Just using common sense: don’t go too far/high, don’t invade people’s privacy or fly over forbidden/private/crowded areas.
        Did not know only one submission per user was permitted, sorry. Parrot can choose which one they like best 😉
        Have a nice day too!

        1. Yes I know for the legislation in Belgium. The Bebop is under 1kg, so it shouldn’t have any problem. This one is considered as a toy. But to avoid any problem I prefer to follow the same rules that in France. 😉

          Good luck for the contest.

    2. Changed the music to the Brabançonne (= the Belgian national anthem) to avoid copyright issues on YouTube 😉

    1. Hi White Rooms,

      a very nice idea, and Bruges is surely worth some nice aerial shots!
      However, don’t forget to make sure that the contestants check the local regulations… I don’t know about Belgium, but in Germany you would need a permit by the local authorities (that also comes with some cost) to obtain commercial footage, particularly in a settlement. So you might think of mentioning that in the contest rules.

      I wish you a successful contest and will be looking forward to enjoying the results :)

      Greetings from Frankfurt

  10. 6. Grand Prize.

    One (1) winner per Participating countries: Italy, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Hong Kong,
    United Arab Emirates, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Canada will be selected from all eligible
    entries in accordance with the Judging Criteria and will receive:

    One (1) set of Sony Wireless Personal 3D Viewer

    Hmmm …..

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  11. Hi Parrot my video has not been uploaded, I posted it Friday May 15. Will it be part of the contest? #BepopYourWorld #Norway Muruvik by SindreLyngsethDyrstad

    1. Are you sure is this Bebop made video ?
      There is a big wind…
      Even the steamboat go faster than this drone.

    1. Parrot said – “We havent any Sony Personal 3D Viewer, We send you 20% discount on Parrot Online Shop” 😀 Joke 😀

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