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Latest FreeFlight 3 App Update!

FreeFlight 3.3.4 for iOS and FreeFlight 3.3.6 for Android:


  • Welcome video with tutorial for Bebop
  • Profile interface on large screens
  • Bug fix to avoid unnecessary battery leak of the controller (Android device)

Jumping Sumo

  • Handle new Jumping Sumo alerts when motors are blocked. Activated on newest firmwares (1.99 and above)

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  1. Kenneth says:

    Thanks for the updates recently Parrot, you’re on your way to a well functioning drone (though there are still some areas in need of improvement). Keep up the good work, and the frequent updates!

    • Parrot says:

      Thanks for your message! :)
      We do our best!

      • Jay Scott says:

        Parrot 22 days ago
        Thanks for your message! :)
        We do our best! <—– are you kidding me. Does this make anyone else laugh?

        I'd just like to say that you're best isn't good enough. I've paid $500 for something that can't do what you promised. No flight plan, drifting issues, RTH doesn't work, continued loss of connection within a 30 meter range just to mention a few. You guys need to get your acts together because this product is far from what you've promised your consumers it would be.

        • Byran Davies says:

          I think that this message is a little too harshly laid out, but i do agree with it. I have faced all these problems mentioned above not to mention i have purchased 2x Bebop + Skycontroller and both are suffering similar symptoms. Im confident that Parrot will rectify this though as I believe the hardware is quite capable of doing exactly what they advertise the drones capabilities (hence the price). The software is very flawed right now, but as soon as they get that fixed up (hopefully soon), the drone will be capable of incredible things. Right now im confident of the future rectifications as i’m sure the problems are not invisible to them, but im worried this may occur when it’s too late and by then my drone has drifted off into the unknown due to system crash or disconnection. Lets hope not as the drone is not bought to sit on a shelf!
          Come on Parrot, show us what the Bebop is made of and let it put the DJI drones to shame!!

        • Jeremy Abbott says:

          Parrot is a joke.

      • Reg Foster says:

        Why is it you only respond to positive comments but never answer anyones questions IE no maps on android since the update ,no flight plan.we paid alot of money for our bebops but it seem now you have our money your not interested .Until these issues are sorted i would suggest anyone thinking of buying from parrot DONT

  2. Fabio Merlo says:

    Sorry but I ask you Parrot if Windows version it is in discontinued mode , or you think update also this.

  3. Marco Galleazzo says:

    This version 3.3.4 for IOS with my iPad Air 2 KEEP CRASH!!!! Ggggrrrrrrr!!!!!

  4. JMDrone says:

    With the last update (3.3.4) for iOS with my iPad Air 2 the drone has crashed! This is terrible. Who pays for this? This works worse with every update

  5. mmv101 says:

    This last update doesn’t work , I hope you send an update very quick because your “toys” are very expensive to have it in my desk without movement.

  6. Miguel Angel Palicio Martínez says:

    Good morning. When will flight plan be released Parrot? (As you have advised it since market release, last Christmas!) thanks

  7. Byran Davies says:

    Hi There,

    Though I might start by sharing an amateur video I made on my 2nd flight with the Parrot Bebop + Skycontroller…..


    I bought my first Bebop Drone + Skycontroller about a month ago. It has been an exciting experience, yet also a disappointing one to some extent. I’m getting increasingly worried about flying it at higher altitudes or the longer distances that the product brags about. At the beginning it was great but since then I have been experiencing some problems where by the Application on my phone as well as the Skycontroller would completely disconnect from the drone and it’s left hanging in the air until the battery runs out. With consistent attempts to reconnect, it just fails. Luckily this has happened to me at low altitude over some grass.

    Furthermore, the drone likes to take control of itself once in a while and suddenly move forward/backward or sideways at full speed and I need to counter control it from doing this and try to land it as soon as possible. I think this could be due to a software issue but i’m not sure.

    My worse experience was flying to about 80 meters, batteries and GPS connectivity all good. The drone suddenly dropped from the sky along with system crashing on my iPad mini, and skycontroller losing connection to the drone. My heart sank as I watch it fall battery side down on concrete floor. Was only when i picked it up and opened up the drone that i figured out the damage. A smashed GPS module, 4 bent stators, minor crack on main frame, and minor crack on the battery. After replacing the parts following communication with very efficient Parrot Customer Service, the drone was back in working order again, but it does not quite feel the same.

    Since I have bought a 2nd Bebop Drone + Skycontroller as a b’Day gift for my brother last week. Some of the same symptoms such as the iPad and Skycontroller losing complete connectivity with the drone and unable to reconnect at all with the drone in mid air until the battery dies. I’m quite certain it has something to do with a glitch in the software. Im all up to date with software on drone and controller.

    Apart from these issues, which I think should be rectifies ASAP given how expensive it is for the product, i think that the Bebop is an awesome amount of fun!

    • Christopher E G Davies says:

      I agree the product is highly flawed. Parrot needs to fix this ASAP or will will all end up with very expensive paperweights!!!!

    • Jared M says:

      Yes, I had noticed this with my bebop and I tried both the android note 4 and an iPhone 4. It has major connections issues. I don’t recommend flying to high. I lost mine for several days into some trees. It only started happening after I updated the firmware.

  8. Luka Peradze says:

    When/Where can i get the flight plan in app purchase?

  9. Charles K. 2015-Wadyka says:

    i need an update for the rolling spider.

  10. Kevin Bitzan says:

    On the free flight app, how do get beyond the tutorial and into the start button show on some videos? I can’t seem to get to the actual calibration and flying section. Thanks in advance for any help!

  11. Jmt Six says:

    Just purchased my Bebop and Sky-Controller 15 days ago and using it with a samsung tab 4, 10.1 and I can’t get the GPS flight plan to work at all, it won’t evening appear on the screen the map it just gives options to drag different icons to the area were supposedly you’re able to plan out your own route! Already went thru I don’t know how many times the preload my area and still nothing, Whats the problem? Alot of money to spend on something that dose not provide as advertised!!
    I’m very disappointed thinking of selling it and getting a different drone with a better or an real existent GPS function.

    • Jeremy Abbott says:

      Flight plan is not released yet.. get a refund and goto 3dr or walkera drones. Much better platforms.

    • Tamas Tokai says:

      Important updates need for parrot bebop.
      1 anti theft function = Password protect.
      2 smooter more slowly landing, minimum half speed.
      3 If lose signal, return home after 2 minutes, and follow the same path to come back.
      4 low battery, return home straight if battery level smaller than 25% !
      5 emergency button upgrade, press 3 sec long or 3 times to take effect, need avoid accidently press.
      6 after emergency or call home or lost signal, the drone should show on gps map its position, to find easier!

      Neccesary updates :

      7 follow me function
      8 route planning function.
      9 independent waypoint fly, so no sky controller, no smart phone or tablet.
      I think most of bebop drone user would be happy with this upgrades.

  12. RC says:

    looking to buy but……? scared

    • Jeremy Abbott says:

      Dont… look at 3dr walkera or dji. Better platforms and more features out of the box. No broken promises

      • RC says:

        Thanks looking forward to the phantom 3 or solo looks pretty awesome. But expensive, thus will be my first drone. Any recommendations for furst drone, I like the new anti -flyaway fearures the new drones are claiming, as a novice this intrigues me.

        • Jeremy Abbott says:

          If your going for a 1st drone. Get an Ar Drone 2.0 with the gps board.run you about 350 on amazon or ebay. It’s a good learning drone. It was my 1st. And it has flight plan. And blades are cheap to replace. I wouldn’t spend 500 or 900 on a 1st drone you’ll probably total sooner or later. Or get the rolling spider. I’ve heard ok things about it.

  13. Gilbert says:

    Can my Rolling Spider record video? or is it an software update?

  14. Tamas Tokai says:

    Same on you Parrot guys, 6 months ago no any update for “follow me” & ” flight plan” functions.
    You should take of the advertising of YouTube & official site then if its this functions are not available at all…
    I think not I`m the only one who disappointed.. Most people bought the quad copter for this reason.

    • Jeremy Abbott says:

      I’m pretty upset about it.. I want a refund so I can goto 3dr with my money.

      • Tamas Tokai says:

        I just don’t understand why they don’t do anything ??? there is no programmer ????
        It should take 6 days not 6 months ..ficki-fucki :)

        • Jeremy Abbott says:

          Oh I agree.. they promoted the shit out of the bebop.. people bought it.. they had a couple of updates.. sells went down.. then they said fuckem.. we got their money..

  15. Jeremy Abbott says:

    Why did parrot close out new forum members? Guess they want all the negative feedback for broken promises.

  16. Tamas Tokai says:

    Important updates need for parrot bebop.

    1 anti theft function = Password protect.
    2 smooter more slowly landing, minimum half speed.
    3 If lose signal, return home after 2 minutes, and follow the same path to come back.
    4 low battery, return home straight if battery level smaller than 25% !
    5 emergency button upgrade, press 3 sec long or 3 times to take effect, need avoid accidently press.
    6 after emergency or call home or lost signal, the drone should show on gps map its position, to find easier!

    Neccesary updates :

    7 follow me function
    8 route planning function.
    9 independent waypoint fly, so no sky controller, no smart phone or tablet.

    I think most of bebop drone user would be happy with this upgrades. :)

    • Sasqch says:

      Good list Tamas. I would add on to the anti-theft… ownership should be linked by electronic serial number of the bebop to your drone academy ID. if someone else tries to activate, you should be notified, and they should be given the owners contact info for returning. The finders should be notified that the drone can not be activated for them without the owner’s transfer code.

    • Mario says:

      Must havr for all 9 features. I’ve nothing to add 😉

      • Tamas Tokai says:

        They not really moving they ass
        This can happen only at promise land I see…

        They only can hear what they really want to hear.

        But I think a good solicitor could help them to speed up a little bit :)

        Six month is more than enough for simple coding for a good programmer team…

        Ill suggest to all my friends to not buy any items from this company.

        I just don’t understand… was a nice start and now… looks like they don’t give a sh@t..

        They only share nice videos..

        I bought a DJI Phantom 3 anyway, so I don’t care anymore.

    • Max Brassart says:

      6′ Outdoor without GPS lock a least a BIG Alert with OK or Landing
      6” After landing or crash some kind of repeated beep
      6”’ Non GPS Locator option
      6”” Limit distance like it is already for height

    • Carlos Silverio says:

      Help please update it

    • Tom Rollauer says:


    • Helderhugo says:

      You are totaly wright!

    • Jake Roman says:

      Only one I want is #7, Anti-Theft seems overprotective (It might be nice if its optional) and #4 is silly because 25% is still a quarter of maximum capacity. Waypoints sound a bit risky but I might not be seeing the upside to it.

  17. Tamas Tokai says:

    Hi Guys, Letter sent to parrot support :

    I`m & We interested about when is the next software update available ?
    We waiting for , what you did promised :
    1 “follow me” function.
    2 “route planning” function.
    Also we would recommend :
    Important updates
    1 Password protect.
    2 If parrot drone lose signal then return to home after 2 minutes, and if necessary follow the same path to come back.
    3 when battery level low as 25%, then return straight to home, or give this decesion !
    4 emergency button upgrade, if we press 3 sec long or 3 times then should take effect( because need to avoid accidently press what can cause crash).
    5 after lost signal if drone some reason not available to come home and may accidently landed, then should show on gps map its on position, to find it easier!
    6 independent waypoint fly, so no sky controller, no smart phone or tablet need, just setup and let do the job alone !
    I think most of bebop drone user would be happy with this upgrades.
    Ill share this short letter on parrot forum as well.
    So please let me/us to know when you do software updates.

  18. Tamas Tokai says:

    Answer from Parrot :

    Hello Tom,

    Thank you for contacting Parrot.

    Thank you for your feedback and suggestions, the forum is the perfect place to leave these suggestions as the development team review this regularly.

    Flight Plan is currently in the final stages of development and is scheduled for release soon, unfortunately, I don’t currently have an exact date. Once released, Flight Plan will be available as an ‘in app‘ purchase via your chosen app store.

    The Parrot blog is a great way to keep up to date with new features and developments, keep an eye on the link below for the latest news:


    A ‘follow me’ function is something we have had requests for but there are currently no dates for this feature to be implemented

    With regards to the disconnection behaviour the Bebop will automatically return to the home point after a 1 minute wait*, unfortunately it will not be able to follow its flight path, it will rise to 10m if below this height and fly a straight path back to the home point. If you are flying above 10m it will stay at the height it is at and fly back, once back to the home point it will lower to a hover a few metres off the ground.

    *as long as the GPS icon is green.”
    That’s it.. nothing else only hopes..

  19. Tattooed Heavist says:

    What I’d like to see implemented to the Bebop/Freeflight app is the chance to LOCK exposure. The hunting/pumping of video is disturbing. Maybe once hitting “take off” the A/E lock would keep the current exposure locked. Should be easily programmed to the app or firmware. Some of my best shots are unuseable due to the constant AE changes.

  20. Nathan Armstrong says:

    Hi Parrot,
    Have we given up hope on the rolling spider? No updates for ages!!
    Required improvements which has been emailed to your customer service at the beginning of the year:
    1. signal strength bar whilst in flight mode to know before its too far, disconnects and flies away!!!
    2. screen recording flight with rolling spider using the app becomes pixelated on Samsung galaxy S phones and Galaxy tablets Why?

  21. Guy T says:

    I can’t connect to my settings on the freeflight 3 app (not the settings of the bebop) and therefore I cannot enable my media gallery….and play about with any other settings. Can anyone point me in right direction! Ta

  22. exad says:

    Oiii Oii Oii PARROT u tell me when the f** i get the flight PLAN?????????????

    • Tamas Tokai says:

      This can happen only at promise land I see…

      They only can hear what they really want to hear.

      But I think a good solicitor could help them to speed up a little bit :)

      Six month is more than enough for simple coding for a good programmer team…

      Ill suggest to all my friends to not buy any items from this company.

      I just don’t understand… was a nice start and now… they looks like they don’t give a sh@t..

      I bought a DJI Phantom 3 anyway, so I don’t care anymore.

  23. heru says:

    i bought parrot bebop, my device samsung P5100 (Galaxy tab 2), after i press button on, can not see wifi name parrot bebop in my device, what’s the problem?

  24. Dalton Kensvadden says:

    If its possible, could you add a sort of night flying mode? Like a camera filter so you could see were your flying in the dark?


  25. Grandpa Jake says:

    I wrote Parrots support on Sunday and had a response that I would hear back within 48hrs Still no word, that is a bit disappointing when all I am looking for is that they received my issue and were taking care of it.

    • Parrot says:

      Hello, we are very sorry to read that. Can you please tell us your case number?

        • Parrot says:

          Our support team is currently treating your case. They will come back toyou as soon as possible.
          Kind regards,
          Parrot’s Team

          • Grandpa Jake says:

            Case 389687 They did contact me yesterday as if they never read my entire situation. And now I will wait days for another response! This is not how you take care of a customer that is already upset. When I write 3DRrobotics with an issue I have answers within the day and that same tec support person who gives me their name, stays with me till my issue is resolved. Could you make an effort to check on exactly what they want me to do or what they are going to do for me?

    • Vrahos says:

      exactly the same thing happens to me . i got their auto reply on november 22, 2015, now its dec2, 2015 and i am still waiting. my case no. was 492343

  26. John macdonald says:

    Took my first flight with bebop and sky controller went up around three meters bebop just went out of control and crashed breaking the camera after paying twelve hundred Australian for less than a minute feel a bit sick as I have no idea where to take this to for repair as I cannot find a Australian agent

  27. Junior Juarez says:

    Is there a cam on spider drone ?

  28. Sébastien Boyer says:

    just order a bebop with skycontroller …. now i m reading a lot of complaints about bebop flying away. Has this issue been fixed ??
    should i cancel order ?

    Thank you


  29. Ofir Aharoni says:

    Freeflight 3 v 3.3.8 has major conectivity issues. Also saw an issue that when bebop is hooveribg up 10 meters and an object is passing under it it follows the object and run away. This is another major bug.

  30. Gregg says:

    When is Director for Android being released? The”coming soon” message is wearing thin. I bought the ARE based in part on the promise of Director. Have I been cheated?

  31. Gregg Faulkner says:

    I must say that reading this forum for the first time fills me with dread. I’m seeing every sign of a totally unresponsive company that is all flash and glitter but lacks customer support. Promising a function like Director for Android endlessly without delivering is VERY bad for business.
    PS. Do you ever respond to customer comments / requests, like this one?

  32. Helderhugo says:

    On my FreeFlight 3 with bebop maps don’t apear. It’s just a white screen.

  33. The_Last_Fallout says:

    I honest to god wish I had come across this forum before buying their
    drone. I only went for this drone because of all the features they had
    advertised and now I find out that they haven’t bothered to implement
    any of them and there are a bunch of problems with them; video feed to
    my phone is god awful, no follow me, no flight plan and pre-loading maps
    doesn’t work. If it’s taking them this long, and there’s been no sign
    of them doing anything about it, surely this is false advertising and we
    have some sort of legal case against them?

  34. nick says:

    i have recently purchased the Parrot Bebop drone but can’t use flight plan. can someone please help?

  35. SDRasor says:

    I have a Bebop Drone. When I turn it on, light on the back works and motors click and light turns green. Turn on new ipad Air 2 with ios 8.4 software and select Bebop Drone on Wi Fi and its shows found and selected active. Go to Freeflight 3 V3.5.10 and it doesn’t seem to know the drone is there. The screen in FF3 never loads a control view, other than the same as if drone is off. Can’t get a screen to control drone or have any icons. The APP was down loaded from the APP Store and removed then down loaded again, same each time. I reset factory setting on drone and that went ok, booted up with correct tone and green light after motors clicked. Drone has fresh charge on new battery. Thanks for any help.

    • SDRasor says:

      I found out that the lights on the Bebop can be green after boot up and provide a Wi connection even when the JPS cable has come loose on the mother board. After reconnecting the JPS cable it worked fine.

  36. Andrea M says:

    Hello. Both on my nexus 5 and nexus 9, I’m not be able to load map data. Preload doesn’t work. I think it’s a bug.

  37. Raj says:

    Thanks for these great apps. I will give a try and is it available in android version. where can i download?

  38. Mikko says:

    When is the update for windows phone coming? As of last week I can’t connect to drone anymore. Getting on my nerves …

  39. namhaeya says:

    Plz upgrade picture quality!

    too many noise/ too soft
    too bad picture quality

  40. Frank Holth-Carlsson says:

    Somthing new about the “fligth plan” ………i’m just asking.

  41. Jared M says:

    Does anyone know what would cause my bebop drone to fly ok for awhile (different amounts of time) then all of sudden it’ll glitch out and crash. All four props are spinning when this happens , and it knows it’s speed and altitude.GPS also has a lock. It just flips and crashes at any time. Thanks for any help.

  42. Vrahos says:

    I am using a bebop (software ver,. 2.0.57) with freeflight 3 version 3.8.10 and it works perfectly. However, when i try to buy ‘flight plan’ application from inside FF3 it doesn’t work. When i tap the ‘buy it’ button nothing happens. Is this app intended for specific countries only? i am based in Cyprus. I can’t explain this behaviour otherwise I would greatly apprciate it, if anybody can help. I applied to parrot hotline many times, the last one on november 22, 2015 (case number 492343), but still no reply, despite the fact that they claim that they reply within the next 48 hours!!!

  43. Vrahos Hadjihannas says:

    after 16 whole days, I’m still waiting for an answer from Parrot!!! this is after sales service for their customers!

  44. masko says:

    Does anybody know if they plan the app working on Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini?

  45. Sam Richard Rhodes says:

    does anyone know of any issue’s with the app today, I use my drone for 2 seconds this morning now I cant find the free flight option and It wont find my drone. also there appear to be issue’s with the app itself

  46. Evan Shanks says:

    Parrot, if you would respond that would be great, I am having an issue where when I pull up the controller on the application a red bar goes over all of the controls and starts vibrating like it’s about to die when it is at like 98%, if you could tell me how to reset it or something that would be great, thanks :)

  47. Billy James says:

    I bought the free flight in app on my iPhone and i can also see the rest in app purchase o the iPhone. but when logged into same account on my android tablet there is no restore purchase and it wants me to buy the app again. Why? How can I use the app I paid for on my iPhone and android tablet with the same account? I fly with both devices! This is for Bebop 2 wit black controller kit. Everything is up to date as well. I even logged in and out of both devices many times in hopes to trigger the app to work.

  48. Piotr Osmalek says:

    It would be nice to have a Bluetooth controller support on windows as android and ios already have it. Secured connection would be a great improvement as on last flight I have lost connection with bebop just nine meters away and the drone was hovering 5 minutes In the air with no controls whatsoever.

  49. Stewie Graham says:

    iv got a bebop 1 i downloaded free flight 3 and bought flight plan for £15 and its faulty the camera wont move so iv bought the drone and cant use it so it just sits there doing nothing cheers parrot

  50. omer maor says:

    what about using vr goggles for moblie is it comptiable

  51. Leandro Clavery Lima says:

    Hi! Hi !
    I bought a Hidrofoil Drone Parrot and I am not finding the App FREEFLIGHT 3 in Brazilian APP STORE.I found only APP FREEFLIGHT PRO. Can you help me?

  52. Kassie Ciolino says:

    my drone wont update im new to this and need help please

  53. Matt Wiltshire says:

    Need help got the drone but cant update it to get video without disconnect from my internet. How do i update any help.

  54. Guilherme Ferreira says:

    Does anyone know why my Moto g doesn’t recognise the Parrot jumping sumo wi-fi? I’m using android 6.0

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