Skycontroller Firmware update is now available on our Support Page:, Software Update section


  • Country configuration on SkyController doesn’t require a Skycontroller reboot anymore
  • “Home” button now resets Bebop’s camera direction to its default
  • 5Ghz support between SkyController and compatible Smartphone or Tablet
  • Bebop Drone firmware update can now be launched from a smartphone or tablet connected to the SkyController
  • pictures and videos can now be downloaded from the drone to a device connected to the skycontroller
  • Academy downloads can now be launched from a smartphone or tablet connected to the SkyController


  • SkyController no more visible from customer devices after selecting some countries
  • Minor bug fixes


To find the version number installed on your Parrot Skycontroller, use the FreeFlight 3 application. Press Free Flight, then . The version number is given in the general information (Skycontroller settings).


    1. Connect your USB flash drive to a computer. Make sure that your USB flash drive is formatted to FAT32 and not NTFS and that it has no other plf file. The procedure to format a USB flash drive to FAT32 depends on your operating system. Usually, you have to right-click on your USB flash drive.

  1. Download the update file available in the red box located above. The .plf file is the update file you have to install on your Parrot Skycontroller. It is important not to confuse it with a .pdf file opening in Adobe Reader..
  2. Move the update file to the root of your USB key. Do not place the update file in any directory. Do not rename the file.
  3. Turn off the Parrot Skycontroller.
  4. Connect the Parrot Skycontroller to a screen using a HDMI cable. This step is optional but it will allow you to view the update file installation status.
  5. Connect the USB flash drive to the Parrot Skycontroller.
  6. Turn on the Parrot Skycontroller.
    > The update file installation starts automatically.
  7. Wait until the Parrot Skycontroller reboots.



Skycontroller Firmware Update (1.2.3)



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50 thoughts on “Skycontroller Firmware Update (1.2.3)

  1. Hey Parrot! Do you guys know (even if you made it) when we will be able to use the Flight Plan feature that’s coming into the next uptade? Also when will be the next update? Thank 😀

    1. YES +1… When can we expect the next Bebop firmware update to fix poor GPS locks, and when will the Flight Plan feature be implemented. You are soon approaching your “end of quarter 1, 2015” deadline, for a feature that you’ve included in promotion and packaging since November 2014 (or we can go back to April 2014 if you count the 7 months of silence after first announcing the drone).

      1. And plz .. when we have “Follow me” options available?? I want it for my marathone moments .. or never?? Plz answer to know .. !!

        1. It will be one short 10 minute moment. Are you going to have someone else pick up the drone while you keep competing? drones should not be left unattended. Not because one can (technologically) doesn’t mean one should.

  2. The camera centering button is great. That was one of my inital minor complaints, because if you are flying FPV, your directions would be skewed if the camera was off to the side (I had a few close calls with that).

    Parrot, When are you going to add the ability to change control schemes (modes) to the unit. I understand that Mode 2 is the “standard” in the US for flight sticks, but just like people write left handed, or ride a snowboard goofy-foot, there are those of us who prefer a slightly different layout of the control sticks. Personally I’m a Mode4 type person. Any Tx worth its weight has an option to change what control mode it uses. Pretty please with sugar and a cherry give us the ability to either customize what action is assigned to each stick, or at minimum let us pick from the standard Mode1-Mode4 (attached).

      1. But at the box of the drone/skycontroller is an other fpv glass. Which one is it and why is it not compatible with skycontroller?

  3. Hello Parrot,

    I am getting a Motor Problem (1) on the Bebop. Showed up after I landed it on my 4th flight. Nothing is wrong physically with the Bebop. I really love this thing and do not want to send it back. Any suggestions?

      1. Thanks Parrot,

        Great rep. (Nick) on the phone at tech support. Looks like we will be able to get me back in the skies soon.

  4. newbie here, I Hit the Home Button on my Parrot Beebop & it just hovered for a minute then dropped hard to the ground & busted into 2 pieces. WTH? I mean, why did this happen?

  5. After updating the drone, can’t see the bebop in Skycontroller wifi manager list!! while still able to connect and control from iPad or iPhone directly..

    please advice or let me know how to reset or downgrade the drone and Skycontroller

  6. Hello,

    when it is possible to fly the bebop drone with the Oculus Rift VR glasses?
    I already saw an advertisement video of Parrot where the bebop drone
    was compatible with the oculus rift glasses. But in my case this doesn’t

    Best regards

  7. Hello will this skycontroller be sold separately from the bebop skycontroller bundle because i already have a bebop and now i want to fly further but i don’t want to spend another £800

  8. Usefull TIPS for Problems -free flight with Parrot Bebop

    well, i own Parrot Bebop with Skycontoller from 4 days:
    1st day.: Very exciting – 2 indoor and 1 outdoor crashes ( nothing damages on the drone)
    Then i update all: FreeFlight app, Bebop drone and Skycontroller with the latest firmware
    Works more than a better after it !!
    2nd day: Very windy and partly rainning . I flew about 30sec ., cause of starts rainning
    3rd day: Absolutely windy. Try to reach 100m altitude- DONE! Nothing problem for the drone, wind try to blow it and it does, but after 1-2m. drons become stable and return to its possition. 1 crash during this day flight – Cause of the hard wind , i was prepare for landing when wind moves my drone and it hits a metal pillow with the camera. Lens of the camera has now a scratch :(((
    4th day : weather is Ok, no wind, no rain-perfect :))) I enjoy my Parrot bebop drone this day a lot :))) Reach 155m altiitude, super stable , return to home function tested – super working, landing, take off, tricks , all functions are working very very well.

    I am happy with my Bebop, but because of few rules what i follow always before and during flight:
    1.- Read the full user manual of the drone and skycontroller !!! Very important!
    2. -Start Bebop drone as you push start button on it for 3-5 sec. Then always you have WiFi visible connection! By the way, when you push it very shortly, i found out that then drone is turn on only that you can download photos and videos
    3. – Turn on Skycontroller and wait for few seconds , then connect your controller’s wifi to your smarphone/tablet and bebop is automaticaly connect
    4. -Always be sure your Bebop is connect through GPS (drone icon on the display is GREEN) BEFORE you Take OFF!!!
    5. – Check all setting before flight – doesn’t matter indoor or outdoor
    6. – Take off your bebop and leave it for its altitude for few seconds . Then you can starts your flight!
    7. – Always watching WiFi connection, drone and controller’s battery status!
    8. – when you landing your bebop, after 5 m above the landing ground move it slowly till it is about 30-50 cm hight and then press LANDING
    9. – When you landing and it last flight for this day, first disconnect from FreeFligh app your Skycontroller or drone if it is without controller and then shut them off

    Plan your flight carefully and safely!

  9. I have the bebop drone. The sky controller was not available at the time. When and where can I get the sky controller??

  10. Hi my I have the problem with my skycontroller its stop working and I dont know how to Up date it plz Help me to solve this problem?

  11. Hi Parrot , i need a little help .. just bought a bebop + sky controller and the on / off slider dropped off whilst i was out !! .. not very happy about this .. where can i get a new one ..??

  12. For some reason when I connect the iPad to the skycontroller, and that to the bebop, my camera screen goes black. But if I fly only with the iPad, the camera view works.

    Can ANYONE help me with this?

    All files are updated, but I just can’t get
    Pilot view on iPad when I want to use the skycontroller. Individually, both iPad controlled flight and skycontroller flight works.
    Want to use skycontroller for range and iPad for FPV.. Cannot.

    Please advise,
    Aman Chowdhury

  13. Hey Parrot.
    I have some issues downloading the latest software 1.6.6. I have tried everything but it just won’t work.. I have the Yellow skycentroller and i want it to work with my new bebop 2! Pleas help me with that! :)
    My USB is FAT32 and is a PLF file..

  14. Hi,I have a problem,when i connect The skycontroller i can’t see enything on my Phone or tableta…image from drone is Black…When i only use Phone for control It works.
    Whats can i do?

  15. dose anyone have an idea what i can try to get my skycontroller to conect to my bebop drone had it for a year with no problems it asked me to up date my drone witch i did ok up dated my skycontroller witch i did now they will not pair for love or money thanks robbie

  16. Hello Parrot-people, could you please help me with a problem of the skycontroller. There is no problem when I connect my Bebop with Ipad, phone,…. bun when I connect the controller the led’s of WIFI are all light up but te lights for the drone…. one stays red. What could be the problem??? Thanks a lot!!!!!

  17. Greetings,
    Today took on skycontroller and my Bebop’s 1 and 2 was to update the software when I was testing the skycontroller I came across a serious anomaly, barely carry the take off button the Drone, even lift wheel to the left and accelerate forward, without any kind of control on my part.
    With the tablet, the drones operate normally without any anomaly.
    All equipment was calibrated, successfully updated, settings of all equipment were reset to default values, do not know what to do.
    What can I do ??

      1. Greetings, yes I decided to, after having contacted the Parrot, they gave me instructions to make a reset the instrument of skycontroller and then calibrated normally and everything was working.

  18. Hey guys I really need some help. This should be simple I know. but I cannot update my sky controller, I have the file in the root I have it formatted to fat32 I have hdmi hooked up to the tv. when I turn on the sky controller the usb flashes several times and then stops and the sky controller does its normal boot into android without updating. I have tried multipule times . I am currently on 1.4 something version and I need to be at 1.6 if I’m not correct. Is it the usb? I am using an 8 gig stick. brand new.

  19. Hello,

    I wanna ask about the connection between the IPAD and the sky controller. Is it only possible throught WiFi? The connection between the IPAD and SC drops constantly, and especially when the drone flies out of range. So weird! One more question, why everytime the drone goes out of range, the page on the ipad turns to the digital controllers (as If I do not have a sky controller)

  20. Why when I’m flying bebop with skycontroller I can’t see the view from the camera on my galaxy s4 is the phone to old ??? please help

  21. Just bought this drone and it’s saying Software Version 3.3.0 on the drone, which we keep updating and Free Flight Software 4.1.22. The phone Samsung Galaxy J3 connects to the sky controller then automatically connects to the drone, when we go to fly and view no video comes up, no pictures it just keeps beeping saying Update Drone to Display Video – we’ve been going round in circles for days with it. Very disappointing.

  22. Help! got the FPV pack for my Bebop 1. cant connect drone once tablet and controller are connected. Can someone help?

  23. When I fly my drone with the skycontroller and my tablet is in the skycontroller it doesn’t display video, it says “Update to display Video”, but when I trie to update it says “you’re devicees are up to date”

  24. Trying my new bebop and skycontroller and just saying needs update to use video. Have updated but still says it……help please.

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