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Update for your Bebop Drone firmware

Bebop Drone 1.98.8 Firmware is now available!

Main updates in the firmware

  • Stability improvement during flights (including in high altitude)
  • Video recording and quality enhancement (noticeability less black frames) and video stabilization
  • Enhanced GPS accuracy and Return home function
  • GPS path features improvement in the Academy
  • And many more bug fixes!

You can also download the firmware on our online support site:



  1. Jonas says:

    A new update! That is amazing!

  2. Enric says:

    When we will be able to use waypoints?

    • iCatcher says:

      I’d guess with the Bebop Drone 2.xx.x firmware update and the next FreeFlight 3.3.xx app update. But I would love to know when the Skycontroller finally gets its firmware update with the FreeFlight 3.2.xx app included. Any news on that Parrot?

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  3. Arf c’est bien jolie mais a part la correction de bug ? aucune nouveauté donc :/
    Tracking GPS, Configuration du timing du RTH, etc…
    Prévu un jour ?


  4. Anthony D says:

    Thank you!!!

  5. Marcus says:

    Finally Parrot! Very very impressed by this update! Auto-landing changed down to 4%!! MUCH more fluid FPV with almost no lag 200 Meters away with my smartphone!

  6. Marco Marien says:

    First flight @(new firmware) = ok
    Galaxy tab 4

    Have not looking (yet) off the 90° offset on the map view is fixed …?

  7. Ramon Espelt says:

    What are the limitations in the future function of gps waypoints, I mean how many waypoints can you put, how far the bebop can go with a way point, how high?

    Thanks for your time PARROT

  8. thomas says:

    Any firmware update for skycontroller?

  9. Firnas says:

    Got the Bebop. It didn’t record or take pictures. Called Parrot they said must be a defect. Took it back to Best Buy got another one same problem! This is the worst drone I got. The Parrot drone 1.0 is much better that this one -_-

    Get ur act together Parrot and improve your quality control before releasing new products.

    Anyways, 3D Robotics here I come!

  10. Richard Sanchez says:

    I have trouble on my drone, it is not stable when the drone take off it should be at one place in the air, but it does move forward and backward..
    Any comments and suggestion please?

  11. Brandon says:

    When can I buy a skycontroller?

    • Parrot says:

      Hello, for the moment, you can only buy the Skycontroller with the Bebop Drone as a bundle.

      • PigsCanFly says:

        Nope, mister Henri Seydoux or wathever you’re name is. I’ve seen some clever people that sell the skycontroller without the bebop, but, sorry for everyone, i don’t remember who. (Think it was in EU or something… Not 100% sure.)

        Take that, PDG !

  12. Andy Marks says:

    I just downloaded the new firmware. The previous version was SO much better than the code running on my first Bebop (rest in peace, 12/24/14). We found 1.32.xx very stable. We’re looking forward to 1.98.xx: as soon as the sun comes up…

  13. Road1 says:

    New firmware update has sucked for Me. GPS will not lock. Drone is very unstable and drifts bad. I’m starting
    read a lot of post on various forums from others having this problem.

    • Azzurro X says:

      I have had the same experience with the update… Terrible drift and inability to lock/stay locked into GPS. At one point I couldn’t control the drop e direction at all just vertical ascent /descent. I found that killing the app and restarting it helped that but not the drift or GPS lock. Even after leaving the drone outside for 40 min under clear sky.
      I downgraded back to 1.32 and was relieved the crashes that occurred during 1.98 did not seem to leave permanent damage.

      Parrot, if you’re listening….if you have documented best practices to firmware upgrading.. And this drone’s operation in general… Please publish it to your users!

  14. litti01 says:

    Hello fellow sufferers,
    Oh yes …. new firmware 1.98.8

    Did they just tried:
    In the controller I have not experienced any change.

    However, the return home function has reagiert.Und so well that she wanted to go home, but I think that was the site of their production.

    So you still can not rely on the Funktionsfähikeit is ….. Sorry ….

    We will continue to beta testers sein.Und still pay good money for it.

    good Flight

    • Andy says:

      Hi Sigurd
      Hast ein Reset der Bobop gemacht nach dem Update?

      • litti01 says:

        Hallo Andy,
        ja das habe ich gemacht.
        Wie ist das bei dir, läuft alles normal nach dem Update?

        • Andy says:

          Ja bei mir zur Zeit alles i.O. Ich habe zwei Bebop eine aus
          der Anfangsserie und eine aus der späteren. Bei einer musste
          ich das Reset zweimal machen bis es klappte. Vorher ist sie wild
          nach vorne und hinten geflogen als wäre sie besoffen! Aber nun
          laufen beide stabil!

          Versuch die App mal zu löschen und neu auf zu setzen! Anschliessend würde
          ich nochmal ein Reset der Bebop machen! Kalibrieren dann nicht vergessen und
          auch das Flat trim (ausrichten auf eine geraden Fläche) siehe Seite 9 in der Anleitung!

          Beides sollte man sowieso vor dem fliegen machen!

          Das Reset nach einem Firmware-Update pflicht! Das sollte Parrot auch so kommunizieren!

  15. Max Brassart says:

    CAUTION ! Just updated the new firmware aka 1.98.8 Crashed after clibing about 12 meter total lost of control – Flight condition over 1600 m north of Mexico city.

  16. Andy says:

    Parrot you have to necessarily communicate the reset bebop must be made after a firmware update , otherwise it may not work with the firmware !

    • Jehn-Shan Yeh says:

      Bebop can not hover stable, it will drift over any direction……

      • Roger says:

        If you find solution to hover stable please write it here

        • Andrew Niederberger says:

          I have no problem to stable hover as of this date 5 17 2015…. are you in winds above 5 mph? if so yes it will move a bit. but really I just took mine up to 74 meters >242 feet in an 8 mph wind and it was perfect. Have you crashed it? have you recently calibrated it? and do you have all the updates. theres more to just turn on fly and smile……. flying the Bebop is very simple once you have master all the info thats needed. I do think there are some bugs in its system so lets hope the get all worked out. My problem is video recorded wobbles. Ill be calling them. good luck and stick with it.

          • bill james says:

            When I select photo or video I get the message, “memory is full” and I haven’t yet used either function. Any suggestions?

            As to drifting, a video guy said that he figures the GPS has to be connected in order for it to stabilize in hover.

            ex-navy f8u pilot on CVA-60 then old panam pilot. (I’ve always felt uncomfortable in helos — go figure)

      • Mike Igartua says:

        I have the same problem. Have you found a solution? Mine drifts in reverse immediately, not allowing me to pilot it. Since new out of the box.

      • Mike Igartua says:

        I found the problem! I was flying it with the hulls without selecting “hull” in the settings. I also calibrated it on a flat surface with the flat button. I found all that out with the user’s manual. I found the PDF online.

  17. Marco Marien says:

    My problem : LOST BEBOP after update

    Send to parrot:

    Hello , parrot 
    Yesterday  i lost my bebop !!!
    After update firmware (where we have waiting for again longer than prommised) it all looks fine (first site) i took it outside to a quick  test flight ( at home for one battery) en it never felt better ! more stability  (I tough )

    Yesterday i had more time to test the new firmware  (I reed the problems some people had with gps lock after te firmware update ) yesterday a don’t  have take look to the gps icon red or green ?
    So I was wondering if there was a problem 
    Before I takeoff  a left the bebop for +-10
     min (standby ) before the gps icon getting green = OK ?  then I took off (all fine there) i make a couple off pass by ‘s (all fine there)  then I went I little bit higher +-15 m I think  (my limit in the freeflight app was 20 m at the moment) then I lost conecion with the bebop,  nothing  to worry I thought  (is happened before ) it will come back ? =not this time !!!!!
    Suddenly it takes more hight (first I thought  the RTH taking the lead ) then I look at my tab : still looking for conection with the bebop ?? The next thing  that happened I had never experienced 
    It went off in the WRONG direction !!!!! Farder away off me  ( the only  thing a can do at this moment  =watching  my bebop went off ) then I driven my car in the direction off the bebop until I was closer to the bebop (lucky it was possible there )
    Set my wifi off and back on trying to conect an Yes wifi back conection  then reopen again  the freeflight app no bebop there ??
    The bebop still drifting  towards a forest 
    There I standing again  hulpless! !
    It fly over the forest out off site   !! Then : shit,shit,shit what new ?,shit gone !! , shit!!
    We have looking the hole afternoon(until it went dark) for the bebop( and if there was a wifi signal) in the forrest and surrounding areas : nothing found! !!
    It’s  a yellow version so a tought I will find 
    It , badly no !  
    Tomorrow I will have another look where I last see it  
    Ps : the total drift from lossing conection until it get out off site  +-2 km I belive !!
    Some tips to find it ?
    What now to do ??
    someone experience thiss  ? Please help ?

    Ain’t happy !!!!!!

    Sorry bad english

    THE ANSWERD OFF PARROT : Today 12:48:08

    : Dear Customer,

    1. Please remove the application Parrot Free Flight 3 of your mobile or tablet and upload it again.

    Always on your mobile or tablet please disable WiFi off then on again.

    2. Snap the battery charge in the BeBop and press the on / off button ten seconds.

    3. Connect the WiFi on your mobile or tablet at BeBop then open the Free Flight 3.

    4. If you encounter the same problems contact your distributor in order to know the service procedures or service representative Parrot Service 01 48 03 60 69 and 2

    Best Regards


    • Parrot says:

      Hello, we are really sorry for what happened. Canyou please tell us your case number? We will contact our support team to reopen your case.
      Kind regards,
      Parrot’s Team

      • Marco Marien says:

        Case n° 325907

        • Parrot says:

          Hello, our team is currently treating your case.
          Please keep us informed on your situation.

          • Marco Marien says:

            Parrot says thy gone replace my bebop that has flying away
            The service seems to be OK !!!
            Thanks !!!
            Keep you informed

          • Marco Marien says:

            Hi parrot, Still no RMA & returns slip ?
            Please hurry up ?
            belgium isn’t that far away !

          • Parrot says:

            Hello, we have an issue with Chronopost Europe. Your case is in stand-by but we haven’t forgotten you.
            Can you please wait until the beginning of next week?

          • Marco Marien says:

            Have no option , do I ?

            It will be nice to have my new bebop before I’m going on vacation in 2 weeks (to filming there )
            Do you heard from :dhl , gls , ups ?
            How long gone take the hole proses ?
            Please help my out , hurry up

          • Parrot says:

            We are doing our best. You’ll hear from our customer service on Monday.

          • Marco Marien says:

            Thanks , i received my RMA number this evening !

          • shannon and matt says:

            I have a new out of the box bebop that says my vertical camera is defective?? what is wrong?

          • Hayden Watson says:


          • João Paulo Barcellos says:

            … I’m having the same problem in GPS “learning gps position…”. Does anyone have the answer?

    • Christopher E G Davies says:

      This is typical of Parrot. They don’t give any personalised service for such an expensive product. I have faced the same problem with the bebop shooting away for no reason even with a full gps lock, and that was with the skycontroller at only 20 meters away!!!!! Seriously Parrot, what are you guys doing? Stop wasting time creating April Fools UFO videos and put that budget and effort into improving a potentially amazing product. After you iron out these “bugs” and get the product mechanically and software stable, then you can go back to the production process and refine your quality standards. I can comment on your quality and consistency as I have had enough beop bundles go through my hands to know that each one is built to different quality standards. This is especially obvious on the build quality of the skycontroller, where buttons don’t sit evenly, structural strength is weak and “squeaky” and on one of them the ball joint from the antenna was loose, creating a wobbly Antananarivo even after tightening the screw joint to the max. Inside a screw which secures the ball joint to the antenna was not screwed all the way in but only 50%!!! This is bad quality control.

      • João Paulo Barcellos says:

        Hey… I’m having the same problem in GPS “learning gps position…”. Does anyone have the answer?

    • Shady J says:

      You should buy your self a pet tagg pet tracker for 100 bucks I think it was they offer gps enabled location service for pets its worth 9.99 a month then if the drone loses power you can locate via gps for like 24 hrs t man its light weight and the new one is actually waterproof my best advice for future flights over 20m altitude

      • João Paulo Barcellos says:

        …Hey… I’m having the same problem in GPS “learning gps position…”. Does anyone have the answer?

    • João Paulo Barcellos says:

      I’m having the same problem in GPS “learning gps position…”. Does anyone have the answer?

      • Júlio César Petrini says:

        I’m having the same problem.
        I got an iPhone 6S but when I connect the Drone with my iPhone, my GPS location is not detected…What can we do?

  18. PigsCanFly says:

    So yeah… At the middle of the week, the mailman is gonna ring to my door like a boss and deliver me my first bebop ever.

    Oh… I forgot to ask parrot a technical question…

    I have an ipad 2 (Pretty old i know) and as you can tell the range won’t be a succes on this thing with the bebop (If you believe it will not connect, then , you are wrong because i actually can connect to RC devices that uses Wi-Fi as the bebop and the skycontroller)

    So, i wanted to know is: Assuming i am gonna use my iPad 2 with the skycontroller, the power of the iPad won’t matter any more, right? (Because it’s the skycontroller that’s connected to the drone, not the ipad wich is connected to the skycontroller)

    And if i am completely wrong and that i do my maths like a pig that can fly, then eventually i will use my iPod to controll it, but, will it work? I DONT KNOW. Thanks for helping me in the future Parrot, even if i am in Switzeland and that i talk english.

    “To work or not to work, that is the question.” – Piggy Shakepire, 2015

  19. PigsCanFly says:

    Oh, i forgot to say that i never had a problem with any parrot drone. I thing the people who have problem should think about pigs that can fly and maybe LEARN HOW TO USE DRONES GOD DAMMIT !!!

    Ooops… Sorry about that guys. Stay awesomne Parrot !

    • szu says:

      If someone lost his AR.Drone 1.0 then it was probably his own fault – flying this thing above ultrasonic range required some skill.
      But if GPS+compass+baro equippped Bebop drone flies away then it’s always Parrot’s fault unless something extraordinary happens, like stormy weather or aliens abduction.

    • Marco Marien says:

      Mr hero : I believe !
      Flying more then 20 year rc plane ‘s & copters (without many problems )
      Don’t think that this is all ways the problem
      With the parrot bebop !! (Losing conection & gps lock)

      maybe a tip for new pilot: ar drone sim for android a nice one !

      Nice flight’s

    • Kenneth says:

      Man, you think you know it all don’t you. I’ve had Bebops since November and now own two (have owned 4 all together). There ARE problems with the software. Parrot even confesses to it in their blog posts and in the fact that they are replacing these crashed drones at their own expense. If it was user error they would be telling these people with crashing bebops to start dropping bills on their spare parts websites. Maybe you should wait until you actually have one before you tell everyone else its their fault. I hope you get a dud bebop so you can experience what I’ve been dealing with for 3 months

      • PigsCanFly says:

        Yeah i got my bebop. Sorry for the comment dude… Apparently yes, there is some problems. Wath i experienced was a motor instant stopping problem, the thing (drone) just fell to the ground, but it still going! I thing it would be lying to say that this is not a good drone. Thanks for the reply, it’s always awesomne to talk with people that knows wath they’re talking about.

        PS: Yes, i thought that i knew it all but i was wrong. I’ve always been like that, don’t hate me i’m a nice person.

    • Christopher E G Davies says:

      How much is is or paying you?

  20. kidman says:

    after I have updated the firmware to 1.98.8 and go out for
    piloting, when i was taking photos, with tilting up the camera, i
    preview it on the screen and press the button. the photos taken in the
    drone’s memory are not actually as i seen on my screen. i can control
    the camera angle and see it on the screen during piloting, but the
    photos i have taken are not what i see on the screen. Parrot, is it the
    bugs of this version or any problem?
    it works well in video
    taking and haveno problem, but i also love to take photo by using the
    bebop drone. another thing is the distortion when taking the photos,
    left and right side has distorted a lot while video taking has no
    problem. please help!

    • Nicolas Cordova says:

      The image you are viewing on your screen is only a portion of what the camera sees.Iif you take a photo while recording video the picture will only show what is on your screen.

      If you are not recording video and take a picture you will get a full 14 megapixel fisheye photo. That’s why you have distortion at the edges of the photo.

  21. Jake Juice says:

    I’m posting here cuz it seem the Customer service reads these posts.

    So after weeks of reading terrifying posts about the latest firmware, I finally took out my Bebop.

    I’m interested in the bebop primarily for footage, not as a hobbyist (although flying it is terrific fun) and I use the Skycontroller. So here’s some feedback

    noob suggestion: Turn off the autolock on the iPad when using a skycontroller.
    On my first run, after a few minutes, the autolock turned on without my noticing. I looked down and the iPad was off. When I re-logged in, FreeFlight seemed to do a quick disconnect and reconnect with the Bebop, and I noticed for a quick second it shot straight up, but was quickly able to regain control. Luckily it was only a few meters away.
    I also had excellent GPS lock for the entire flight.

    I import my footage into Adobe AfterEffects so that I can apply a host of post effects. Here are a few suggestions to users and/or Parrot.

    The footage is grainy, even in direct sunlight. This footage looks fine when posted to youtube, however in a true HD environment its noticable. I’ve tried hi and lo end de Noisers and they do okay in the Lower level light where the grain is really bad, but I still find they still can’t do the job fully even in the direct sunlight footage. And Low level light here is a canopied forest, which I dont consider low level light.

    When the drone is stationary, the footage can swim just a tiny bit, like footage reflected in water, subtle but its there, which I attribute to all the real time HD image processing, which technically is impressive.

    Because of all the realtime image stabilization and fish eye lens correction, which is NOT cheap from a CPU standpoint, is THAT what is causing some graininess from the Bebops 14 MP camera?

    I’d love to see what the RAW unfiltered footage looks like. Especially considering AfterEffects can do all the stabilization and lens correction as a post effect itself.

    Also, the footage I got back was NOT @ 29.97 FPS video standard, it was @ 29.440 and 29.455 FPS. weird.

    So a couple of work arounds to make the footage look better was, that I dont use the stationary Bebop footage. A faster moving camera hides the grain/swimming artifacts in combination with applying a Pixel Motion Blur. Right now the bebop footage has a very fast shutter (frozen looking images) so adding the motion blur, with a fast moving shot makes the footage look more realistic and less like video.

    also, the auto correcting exposure is death for footage. there needs to be a quick toggle button to LOCK exposure.

    I purchased the skycontroller for the fine tuned Hobby controls, but also for the camera control stick. Now, my brain is still not ready to contol the camera and the bebop at the same time. But what would be great is to set the camera speeds intensity much like in the settings when setting rotation speed, vertical speed, etc.

    Lastly, and this is minor, in the footage I found a light halo/blurring in around the shadow of the bebop around a noisy moving Background, like grass. Now, certainly you want to avoid Bebop shadows in the footage, but this would still happen if you were say dollying with some runners against a busy backdrop. Now this is most likely due to the real time encoding to H.264.
    H.265 codec is out there…

    Until I find the need to drop 5x more dollars for a pro solution, I’m sticking with the Bebop. But would love to find some of these issues addressed to take the bebop to the next level.

  22. Thomas Chan says:

    I almost lost my Bebop today after updating to 1.98.


  23. Marcus says:

    Parrot fix the GPS lock and return to home ASAP!

    • João Paulo Barcellos says:

      i’m having the same problem in GPS “learning gps position…”. Does anyone have the answer? Pls pls pls

  24. BOBDABUILDER says:

    My drone now has worst stabilization and the camera as well
    It even crashed when it was disconnected with my phone
    When will there be a newer update

  25. BOBDABUILDER says:

    A little help here parrot?

  26. Zaheer says:

    Case number 325602,
    Received RMA on friday, was told to expect correspondence from chronopost within 24 hours. Not heard anything yet it has been 72 hours

    • Marco Marien says:

      I’m having te same here ,also received RMA on Friday , nothing heard after

      • Marco Marien says:

        Please parrot , some reply ?

      • Parrot says:

        You’ll be contacted by DSV today or at the latest tomorrow.

        • Marco Marien says:

          Let’s hope !
          Thnx !

        • Zaheer says:

          DSV are due to collect my box today. Any idea how long the turn around is? I.e. Delivery to france and back

        • Zaheer says:

          finally some progress! Parrot could you answer how long it takes normally from collection to delivery of new bebop?

        • marcoskynet says:

          I have seen that DSV has delivered my box today at parrot !
          When you gone sent me a replacement ?

          • marcoskynet says:

            Please parrot , when you gone sent me a replacement ?(I’m now already 14 days bebopless)
            It will be nice to have it back(this week ) so I can use it !!
            thanks !

          • Parrot says:

            Hello, our team is treating your case.
            Please wait a little more.

          • marcoskynet says:

            Please keep me informed off the progress?
            Do I get a tracking nr to follow ?

          • Zaheer says:

            I also second marco’s question, when do we get replacements

          • marcoskynet says:

            It takes very long !! ( treating my case ) i dont get it ? Way it take so long ?

          • marcoskynet says:

            Hello , someone ??
            Treating my case ??
            How long takes to treat one case ??

            Case 325907

          • marcoskynet says:

            Any response ?

          • marcoskynet says:

            Drone days belgium

          • marcoskynet says:

            Today finely answer : Dear customer,

            We receive your defective product.

            Your exchange order number is :97189

            We will make the necessary to send your new product as soon as possible.

            Thanks a lot for your trust in Parrot.

            Kind regards

            So my question :

            As soon as possible?  That is just the question WHEN will this be? 

            what is the problem? ??

            No bebop there ?

            Not the right color ?

            Not a good one ? 

            Anather problem?  

            Please tell me ?

             Grtz marco from belgium

          • marcoskynet says:

            Today chrono post has come to collect my box , as you now DSV has already collected it 10 days ago and delivered to you !!!!! ??????
            Case 325907
            exchange order number is :97189

          • marcoskynet says:

            Hello someone out here ?

          • marcoskynet says:

            Take over the bebop ??? (Drone days belgium )

            Dear parrot how about the security of the bebop ?
            The wifi conection off the bebop is not safe at all !! 
            Sunday 08/03/2015  a have PROVED ! On the BELGIUM DRONE DAYS :  I have take over the bebop-drone A027204  from your demo – pilot !  , ask him !! (arrond the midday ) with 1 simple app (free)
            On Saturday 07/03 I broke my bike frame on my (Normally 3 days biketrip) so I get to go back home (a little bit frustrating )
            The only good thing on it was : I have time on Sunday to go to BELGIUM DRONE DAYS :  here the Story :

            Sunday 08/03 I drive together with my son to Brussels (a 1.30min drive) we going to drone days belgium 1e edition
            On a demo – flight with te bebop-A027204 (in the flyzone ) I have disconnected the i – pad an phone from your demo-pilot (ask him )he didn’t now what was going on at all !!
            If I wanted  i took full control over it & flying it arrond !
            To make it a little bit discreet ! a just let it hovering on the same spot !  for 1m30sec (doing nothing at the controls )
            Your demo – pilot trying to get it back with his i – pad :not working ! Then he taking his smartphone out of his pocket trying :  nothing ! then I realised the conection & let them !
            I belive that I have done this very discreet because the customer that was together with the pilot into the flyzone bought a bebop from your pilot after thy go back at the stand !
            After the customer was gone :  I walking to the pilot asking of he talk Dutch
            He pointed at an Anather person en walk me to him so thy where with 3 pers 2 guys , 1girl  from parrot so I ask them it looks like you pilot lost control on his last demo flight ?? The girl told me that the pilot was forgot to disconnect his smartphone and so there the i – pad lost its conection off it because off that blabla. ..  ! So a told them:  bullschit ! 
            IT WAS ME !! I have disconnected the i – pad from you pilot !! IT WAS ME DOING THIS !!  Thy looking at me of am came from Mars ? So I told them how I did this !
            The down site : thy wanted not to now !!
            The only thing that the girl from parrot says to me : that is hacking !!! =maybe true  !!  Let it be clear I’m not a hacker at all ! , Not a programmer ! Just a regular guy ,   the software a used to do this I came across (last week) looking for wifi apps on a market (free)
            Let it be very clear, I have no bad intesions at all !

            My concern : as I’m a Customer myself !!
            I have lost my first bebop (lost conection)
            An parrot has promised to replace it
            So I’m very happy with this !!! (Not losing my 500€ investment )
            Case 325907
            Replacement order nr : 97189
            (Still waiting also)

            I don’t belive that my drone is hacked
            It lost conection(wifi)  with no working gps and drifting away  (Anather software prob I belive gps losing lock)
            Normally you now this story of me of course !
            So I reeding many post on the forum(more) sinds a lost my drone !
            More then one post going on the safety off the wifi conection  !! You now this! 
            ,So I reed on the forum that when you lost the wificonection with te bebop someone else ho has installed FREEFLIGHT can conected with te bebop drone ?
            That is not good I tought !!
            So last week when I came across the app (………….) I tought emidetly on the bebop’s safety,  and people that having bad intesions !
            I wasn’t be able to test this at all ( having no bebop at the moment)
            So when we where on BELGIUM DRONE DAYS  it cross my mind and I tried !
            And it worked !!
            Now I’m really don’t trust the security at all because the flight’s we make going online with info on the location where we fly and people with bad intesions can come and look for you drone and take over the drone , not only when you losing 
            Conection ! Thy can make you losing it !
            So please ,verry please in the name of the Custumers !
            Make it not possible to conect freeflight without a key code setting in  the next update !! For the safety off all costumers
            I now that hacking is forbidden !
            Thief’s that going  steel is forbidden also
            And it happened all the time ! So I’m worried about that fact   !!

          • marcoskynet says:

            I have sent this story to parrot Yesterday! 
            With  the titel : please reed this !!!!!!
            Today te answer : Dear Customer,

            Thank you for contacting Technical Support Parrot.

            – Perform a “reset” of the Parrot Bebop by holding the ON / OFF button for 10 seconds (LED turns red);

            – on your iPad, delete the FreeFlight 3 application and the Drone Bebop from the Tablet memory (forget this unit). Then perform a Reset of the Tablet by pressing simultaneously on the ON / OFF button & the main one until the Apple logo appears.

            – Repeat the pairing, what is the behavior of the Parrot Bebop?

            Best regards,


            Euuuu  ??

          • marcoskynet says:

            Thanks parrot : my replacement bebop has arrived today !!!

          • Parrot says:

            Hello, we are glad to hear that.
            We wish you good flights! :)

    • Marco Marien says:

      I Think , we have to go bring it ur self !!

  27. Ramon Espelt says:

    I have the skycontroller with my bebop, I live in the united states. I was flying it 63 meters high when it disconnected.(flying it 2.5 ghz with skycontroller) The drone stayed at the same place (63 meters high) for 5 minutes, it didnt returned home. Then, it ran out of battery and landed in a fence just below where it was flying. The drone its OK but I was lucky. Why not 2 kilometers of range if I am in united states, only 63 of 2000? I dont know if is something wrong from this update or if my skycontroller its broken, I have just bought it in amazon!

    Well, I dont know if this has happened to someone. If so, say it please.

    I wait PARROT’S REPLY.

    Thanks for your time Parrot

    • Henrik Johansson says:

      I also have the Sky controller. The connection is not entirely stable let’s just say. I’ve done about 50 flights and in two of them the drone decided to disconnect in the middle of the flight. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with range, one of the times the drone was just 3m away when disconnecting (and I have gone over 500m away with no problems). It appears to be some kind of bug. Once it has disconnected, I can’t get a new connection without restarting the drone.
      The last time this happened the drone was around 50m high and maybe 200m away from me. About a minute after disconnect it initiated return home and came right back to me in perfect order. Then I just had to wait for the battery to go low enough to initiate the auto landing. So the safety mechanisms worked like a charm for me, and with so few cases of disconnects, I’m not too worried about it.

      • Ramon Espelt says:

        Thanks for your reply!! I am going to try today another flight. One question, your return home its precise? What channel do you use to go far and with good video quality? Well, thanks for your answer. I am going to figure out if the return home didn’t worked last time because I didn’t have gps connection.



        • Henrik Johansson says:

          My RTH has been farily precise. Within 2m usualy.

          So far I’ve only used the 2.4 GHz and auto select channel. I have not payed attantion to what channel it actualy selects, so I realy don’t know what channel I’ve used :)
          The video stream is very laggy once I get beyond 50-100m. It’s realy more of a series of pictures than a video 😀 So it’s not realy feasible to do any precision flying with FPV, but it’s good enough to navigate by if I fly slow and take it easy.

        • João Paulo Barcellos says:

          i’m having the same problem in GPS “learning gps position…”. Does anyone have the answer? Pls

      • Christopher E G Davies says:

        Would you mind explaining the steps you took to ensure the RTH function worked. Mine does just as yours did (disconnection) only difference is mine did not return to home and could not reconnect till I restarted it… Luckily it was not too far away and I was able to collect it after it descended from dead batt.

    • Christopher E G Davies says:

      Yes happened to me here in Malaysia! The disconnection has nothing to do with the distance. It just does it occasionally. It is some kind of hardware or software failure. Mine did not rth after the disconnection either. Just came down after batt ran out. I often wonder if it could be a overheating problem? If a computer can freeze up when ov reheating, maybe the bebop does too. I hope we are making waves at Parrot!!! They need to fix all these issues fast.

      • Michal says:

        It happened to me twice in last two days. Once I was 150m high I had to wait till battery went down and then landed. And today it happened again just after start. I was trying to restart skycontroller, then I tried to connect directly with iPad but there was no Bebop access point available. I suppose the best solution will be to send it back to Parrot. Cause I don’t want to risk lose this 500 EUR toy.

  28. Kenneth says:

    So, its been 12 days with no GPS lock. When are we getting an updats to fix your crap GPS chips!?

    • Ramon Espelt says:

      What is the gps lock?


      • Kenneth says:

        the GPS lock is what dictates your drones position when outdoors, without it (if you are flying above 8 meters) then you can encounter very bad drifting issues at best. It has been a problem with mine, and many other drones, since the 1.98.8 update. Many people think it is because they increased the number of satellites or other criteria needed for a good lock, and now our drones almost never get “good locks” even in optimum conditions.

  29. szu says:

    what is truly shocking, while bebop is of course a new product, the software is the result of many years of work on previous drones, one would expect it will have all the best stability and unique features, that’s the advantage of having experienced developers and strong scientific background.

    yet, in reality, any cheap chinese drone beats them. how is this possible?!

    come on parrot, i said i am going to wait until 2016 because i like the bebop concept, but if things continue to develop this way, we will see full-featured bebop clones before your original toy become stable!

  30. Trevor says:

    I can’t seem to get my Samsung Galaxy s Tab 2 to find the wifi for my Bebop. Any reason for this???

  31. Petter Marklund says:

    I’m having issues with the GPS lock on my bebop. The skycontroller has a very stable gps lock but the drone keeps losing gps. Usually it takes around 20 seconds for the gps indicator to turn green after losing signal and it looses it just as quickly. I always wait until both indicators turn green before taking off.

    • João Paulo Barcellos says:

      i’m having the same problem in GPS “learning gps position…”. Does anyone have the answer? Pls pls pls pls…..

  32. Trevor says:

    When will Parrot be releasing the in app purchasing for the update “Flight Plan”

    • Christopher E G Davies says:

      Still waiting -.-

      Come on Parrot. We need what we paid for… Good product all round but very big issues which bring it down (no literally)

  33. There is a problem in GPS with the new 1.98.8 firmware? My Bebop takes many minutes to lock the GPS and sometimes don’t lock at all.

    • João Paulo Barcellos says:

      i’m having the same problem in GPS “learning gps position…”. Does anyone have the answer? Pls pls pls pls

  34. Fernando Echevarrieta says:

    I am a new owner of bebop + skycontroller. The frst thing I did was upgrading both firmwares, so I have the latest versions. I have tried ony a couple of flies in an open environment in Madrid, with good sunny weather, no clouds, no obstales… and have not got to get GPS lock. So no lock, no return to home button actve. Scaring.

    Any advise from Parrot? Should we only flight low while there´s a new firmware update? Any news about a new firmware update?

    • João Paulo Barcellos says:

      i’m having the same problem in GPS “learning gps position…”. Does anyone have the answer? Pls pls pls pls….

  35. T Un C Angın says:

    It looks, all of the bebop drone owners have the same gps lock issue because of the 1.98.8 firmware update. My drone can not connect gps. Never. When i turn on the bebop first it connects the gps, after take off the icon turns yellow then never conncet the gps. So that my return home button doesn’t useful nowadays. Thanks parrot. You r the best!!!!!!

    • João Paulo Barcellos says:

      i’m having the same problem in GPS “learning gps position…”. Does anyone have the answer? Pls pls

  36. T Un C Angın says:

    It looks like, all of the bebop drone owners have the same gps lock issue because of the 1.98.8 firmware update. My drone can not connect gps. Never. When i turn on the bebop first it connects the gps, after take off the icon turns yellow then never conncet the gps. So that my return home button doesn’t useful nowadays. Thanks parrot. You r the best!!!!!!

  37. T Un C Angın says:

    It looks like, all of the bebop drone owners have the same gps lock issue because of the 1.98.8 firmware update. My drone can not connect gps. Never. When i turn on the bebop first it connects the gps, after take off the icon turns yellow then never conncet the gps. So that my return home button doesn’t useful nowadays. Thanks parrot. You r the best!!!!!!

  38. Matteo says:

    My Bebop often disconnect and the video stream is very laggy after 50m with iPad.
    When will be available a new firmware version ?
    And another question is :
    When the SkyController can be purchased separately ?

  39. Fernando Echevarrieta says:

    I´ve tried the new firmware 1.98.10 and now, for the first time, GPS does lock and return to home does work. Return to home is not very precise, but it keeps on a 10m radius which I think is appropiate for non-military GPS resolution. So in my case, kudos for the update. Thanks parrot.

    • João Paulo Barcellos says:

      i’m having the same problem in GPS “learning gps position…”. Does anyone have the answer? Pls pls pls pls…

  40. Jehn-Shan Yeh says:

    Can I downgrade from 1.98.10 down to 1.98.8. My bebop drift to any direction cannot hover stable after upgrade 1.98.10,

  41. Roger says:

    Hi, can someone tell me where could I find the 1.18.R.4 firmware version? I just updated to 1.98.10 and It doesn’t respond to my commands anymore. The previous version worked pretty good. I really need to downgrade in order to use my bebop drone. Thanks in advance

  42. Salbacho says:

    Since the latest firmware updates my Bebop Drone has gone from stable to crazy!! It has a life of its own and I have decided to box my drone until you PARROT APP/TECH ENGINEERS find a solution to our problem. How many people do you have working trying to fix the problem?…..ONE!!??

    Please don’t make me regret spending $500+ for promises you have yet to deliver on this product.

    • Parrot says:

      Hello, we are very sorry to hear that. We recommend you that you contact our hotline. http://www.parrot.com/usa/support/hotline/
      Our team will diagnosis what happened to your drone and will suggest you a way to fix it.
      Please keep us informed on your case.
      Kind regards,
      Parrot’s Team

    • Christopher E G Davies says:

      Strongly agree. If they don’t fix this soon, Parrot is going to have an very angry mob of customers who are paying a high price for a product that is half finished at the least….

  43. Paco Serén says:

    Hello Parrot. After the last updating of Bebop (1.98.10) the drone with sky-controller has lost much stability when flying. It flies in a crazy way and miss the connection making the re-connection impossible. Once it stood 50 metres high and I had to wait till the battery run out and fell on the ground and got beaten when landed. In other two occasions it fell right from 20 and 50 metres high. Another time it went back suddenly before falling. The engine just stopped and the lens of the camera broke when it fell down. On top of it all although the bebop was recording video when taking off after the crashes there wasn’t any video recorded. Before the updating I didn’t have any problem. Is there any solution? Does the warranty cover the damage of the camera? New update? It’s a shame that having such a stable hardware it has so many software problems.
    Thank you for your help.
    Best regards,

  44. Fernando Echevarrieta says:

    Hi! I have made a new test flight with version 1.98.10. The first two were good but, this time, I tried a bit higher and further, 27m high. It was in the seashore and there was strong wind so I wouldn´t judge its stability. Anyway when I clicked on return-to-home button, it got crazy, it seemed to return but surpased my position and flied for some seconds to the open sea. It happened to detect it and returned again to me but didn´t respond to my control. It started looping in the air (twice) at constant heigth, so I pressed the landing button. It responded ok, and started to descend but in the final approach, kept hovering at 1.5m and finally landed almost like a plane, horizontally (?) almost crashing. When I took off again, it went backwards at high speed and crashed. It had lost calibration (?) so I recalibrated and the next time it hovered ok, but I did not try again. I´m “a bit” scared, as it is a dangerous machine, not only I could lose the investment but, what is really important, it could also hurt someone. The flight is recorded in drone academy, so I have all the height, speed and GPS path recorded as well as the whole video. Can this help to your developers to debug? Where should I report it? I am from Spain.

    • Parrot says:

      Hello, we are really sorry for what happened.
      Can you please tell us your username + the date of this flight?

      • Fernando Echevarrieta says:

        Hi. Mi nickname is “echeva”, flight is [March 21st 14:44] In GPS graphic you will see at maximum heigth a vertex which indicates the moment the drone surpases home position and returns. It went away further than the graphic shows, to the sea so that vertex should be almost over the water (that day the water was higher than in the map sttelite picture, touching the wall) so I think it went away around 15-20m. Anyway, it automatically returned but I lost navigation control although it still obeyed when ordered automatic landing. Maybe it lost contact with sattelites for a while and then it locked them again. After that you will see some descending, which indicates the moment it looped twice. And if you see the landing segment, it is not vertical at all, and the last half meter it was almost running horizontally. the second time I tried to take off it had lost callibration. After recalibrating, as I said, it was able to take off and hover ok. The rest of movements in the ground are just my steps while holding it. During the fist part of the flight I got it flying, while during the highest part I just try and keep it stable in the same position and rotating. Considering there was a really strong wind I think it performed really well. High altitude flight was much more stable than low altitude. At 2.6 m it was not able to keep position while at 27m it did… or maybe from the ground, it seemed more stationary, I don´t now, if it is just my perception, better accuracy when driven by satelite or, unlikely, that there was less wind at that heigth. My previous flights with this firmware were very satisfactory so I think something happened when returning home that made the drone lose callibration so, I feel almost confortable when flying manually and close to me, but I´m scared of pushing “return-to-home” button. Thank you for your support. I wish this can help you to find any potential bug. Regards.

    • Parrot says:

      Hello, if you haven’t flied again with your Bebop since the last incident, can you please follow those steps:
      1. Connect via WIFI with a PC with the Bebop,
      2. Write down the following address in your browser:
      3. Download all the files named as: debug_XX.tar.gz
      4. Send them to webmaster@parrot.com
      Thank you very much,
      Parrot Team

  45. Pat says:

    I just bought a bebop drone and every time I try to make it take off it flies to the right and crashes, help

  46. Eck0h Cobra says:

    Wow so many comments from parrot saying sorry that this problem happened to you please contact ……. Overwhelmingly to much of that.. They need to fix it fast, sooner than later. Hey parrot I have a bebop drone had a bebop drone which I bought from m the apple store. If it where to fly away by disconnecting and got lost in the sea would I get refunded. I’m afraid to fly it at the beach. Thanks

  47. Tony Hopkinson says:

    Hi Parrot. I have the Bebop and Skycontroller and I have an issue with altitude hold. When hovering and I very carefully move the lefthand Skycontroller stick left or right, to turn the bebop around, the bebop drops perhaps 3 or 5m meters towards the ground. If my altitude is less than 5m it becomes dangerous as the bebop may hit the floor. I need the bebop to remain at the set altitude when I rotate it, otherwise the filming is not good. Is this a bug that an update can fix ? I currently am happy with the bebop, but I do not have confidence in flying it in anything other than a wide open field if I don’t have full control over it ! Look forward to your reply, Tony

  48. Cai Garage says:

    Big issue with the lost bebops is that the gps heading is off from actual heading. I noticed this when my bebop was uncontrollable at night. It was new then. I have crashed many times because of this. My lens is now broken too. In the day, vertical camera can stabilize it but gps image on screen is always facing the wrong direction.
    With bebop on the ground, open your map and check the bebops heading. Manually move the bebop around and see if the heading follows properly. Mine drifts off in all directions on the map even if i dont move or touch the actual drone.
    I dont know if this is a firmware problem, gps board problem or gps signal problem.

    • João Paulo Barcellos says:

      i’m having the same problem in GPS “learning gps position…”. Does anyone have the answer? Pls pls pls pls

  49. payten says:

    So I’m curios I just updated to 1.98 firmware and on my tablet device it looks delayed laggy and of course wen I playback the video it’s fine anyone else have pretty nig delay on iPad or device

  50. payten says:

    Does everyone else have delay on device tablet

  51. payten says:

    How can I make my live feed to my device from my drone not laggy or delayed I want a perfect connection so I can use my tablet screen to fly off of from long distances!

  52. Melo Mak says:

    My Baby Medusa died today as it drawn in the lake, after a weird acting and rolling around in the sky, ended hitting the tree and drained in the lake. my #bebop drowned in the lake after abnormal technical #defect cause by the latest software update that caused a weird acting and rolling #bebop ended hitting the tree and fell in the lake this defect should go under the #warranty and @parrot should provide me with a new drone.

  53. Guest says:

    My Baby Medusa died today as it drawn in the lake, after a weird acting and rolling around in the sky, ended hitting the tree and drained in the lake. So my #bebop drowned in the lake after abnormal technical #defect cause by the latest software update that caused a weird acting and rolling #bebop ended hitting the tree and fell in the lake this defect should go under the #warranty and @parrot #parrot should provide me with a new drone.

  54. Benoît Di Sancio says:

    Hello ,
    Since I downloaded the firmware the bebop memory is half full unless there isn’t any video in it.
    How to reset my Bebop ?

  55. Benoît Di Sancio says:

    Waypoints GPS ! Parrot has delete this Ad about it !

    • João Paulo Barcellos says:

      i’m having the same problem in GPS “learning gps position…”. Does anyone have the answer? Pls pls pls pls…

  56. Joe Fazio says:

    I am a new Bebop owner and am wondering if there is anyway to go higher than the 150m limit using the flight app and the controller. I want to soar higher over my farm.

  57. Paco Serén says:

    I’ve just received the Bebop+skycontroller of replacement. I just made two flying tests and it doesn’t work properly. The Bebop updated to the latest version, calibrated and connected to the skycontroller flies very unsteady and flows uncontrolled. When landing it jumps on the floor till disconnection. the same as the previous Bebop, not crash for now! Maybe new update is needed ?, with 1.98.8 in the previous drone flew perfect, can I downgrade to 1.98.8?

  58. Vinay says:

    My bebop doesn’t start … Green light flashes very dim and slow … If I keep pressing power button then the fan starts … But doesn’t work

  59. Hans Albrecht says:

    I bought yesterday a Bebop and after reading about all these Issues here after updating the firmeware, I think i´ll return it to the shop tomorrow, because I dont wanna lose 500 Euros after a few Flights :(

  60. Jesse Okeya says:

    Parrot drone is completely a waste of money I lost my drone while I clicked on the return home button instead of coming to me the drone went further and couldn’t retrieve it. I honestly regret purchasing it I tried contacting parrot and they have low quality costumer interactions I’m seriously disappointed. Better go for dji or 3dr instead

    • Parrot says:

      Hello we are really sorry to read that. Can you please send us your case number so that we can hlp you?

      • Jesse Okeya says:

        Case N° 391083. I filed a previous cases but I was having problems replying to the emails sent to me. It kept saying the email Doesn’t exist anymore.

      • hayden says:

        This is my case number in Australia for repair Bra448820 for a bebop I sent back because it would not hold gps lock position on launch even in the lightest ( all most no ) wind… I Had Used The Bebop IN Very Strong Wind and it was great would return to last gps position and I was really impressed, then I changed the battery on the $1400 item and checked that it was level and full gps was acquired, press launch on the skycontroller it goes up then it takes of horizontal uncontrolled. I emergency land. I take home reset everything, then try in little to no wind and it slowly drifts away it tries to come back but struggles, it took 20 seconds from a distance of 3 meters to return to gps last,but the tiniest breeze pushes it very slowely away, but this time about ten meters and I’m over it. Return to shop they send to get fixed. Repair center say there is nothing wrong but they test inside. And while waiting for its return one of my clients purchases one and after 6 flights yep that’s rite the same thing no gps lock. I had my bebop 5 days he had his for two. I get it back today or tomorrow. I will try in no wind or very very little if it dose not stay on its gps lock position after I press launch I WANT MY $1400 BACK. I don’t want to be told again there is nothing wrong WHEN IT IS STATED ON THE PARROT SITE IN THE NEW UPDATE (BUG FIXES). This means that you admit you are selling a product that has flaws and in turn means that the customer is not %100 liable for possible failures in the purchased product. If it dose not work fine give me my money or I’m going to have a field day on YouTube and blog bom with facts relating to poor customer service faulty products etc. Yep I hate company’s that are happy to take your cash and only give half ass after sales service.

        • João Paulo Barcellos says:

          i’m having the same problem in GPS “learning gps position…”. Does anyone have the answer? Pls pls pls pls

  61. Ronnie Cargill says:


  62. Ronnie Cargill says:

    just got a parrot drone and it will only go about 6 meters (18 feet) in to the air

  63. Florian Heindl says:

    Hey guys from Parrot,

    I just received my Bebop 2 weeks ago and it was great. Quite stable flight and anything ok.
    Then i found the update and did it. Afterwards the drone really went crazy and starts drifting away, did not keep height correctly… almost impossible to fly it anymore. I followed instructions exactly, but in on a even ground to calibrate etc.

    It crashed twice because it suddenly starts going down and I guess this did harm it even more. A leg is broken.

    Parot should better provide working firmware.

    Hopefully i can fix the broken parts. The thing looks horrible after the last crash…!
    I am really not happy to destroy such an expensive toy because of buggy firmware.

    • hayden says:

      Take back to store or send to repair center and tell them in writing what happened and it was after update… it has happened to hundreds of people including me. It’s there half ass firmware that is full of bugs .
      Bugs mean they know they are selling a product that is not flawless so you are not at fault and the bebop should be repaired at there expense. . Add what I just stated to the letter about your broblem/s with the bebop.

  64. Cristi says:

    Please help!
    I can’t seem to connect to my drone..when i start FreeFlight3..nothing.. The wifi connection sometimes says “internet connection unstable”..it’s realy nasty to pay so much for it and juat look at it..
    So again, PLEASE HELP!

    • hayden says:

      Do you still need help? because the person from parrot that was helping people here has gone by the look of it.

  65. Delvis Gamboa says:

    I received my Bebop Drone yesterday I fly it but do not return home using Return home funtion. I fly it with

  66. Revi Sandresa says:

    I have no idea why my bebop can’t update to version 2.0.29
    I tried to update with smartphone or usb driver. But the firmware not change. Please help me

  67. Pascal Lenoir says:

    hello, is there anyone that has a problem with maps. I can not get any maps on the freeflight app anymore.not even on the academy . the bebop drifts off in hight. can we undo the updates. is was fine until the last update.

    • Hjelt says:

      Hi.I have the same problem. When the drone starts it goes up first like it should, but then starts to increse height – but in freeflight it still seems to think it is on 1meter height. I will try to call Parrot to ask if I should send it for warranty repair or if this can be fixed in SW.

      The issue with loading maps I have in devices with Android OS version less than Lollipop. Also sky controller wifi manager crashes the app in that device. In lollipop version devices tge map loading seems to work, but there are other issues for instance with Academy. Flights disappearing if made private, and I am not finding that switch that was supposed to be available to set flights private by default either… Not really a finished product it seems :(

  68. bud says:

    Parrot, I just purchased my new bebop drone and I am having drifting problems. The drone drifts on its own, and if I don’t make an adjustment it will crash, I am flying it with an android tablet and have all the current updates, I always calibrate it, I have tried rebooting it, a response from parrot would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  69. bud says:

    Dear parrot, I recently purchased a new bebop drone and I am experiencing drifting problems. I am operating the bebop using a android tablet. I have all the current updates, I have calibrated it, used the leveling button, and rebooted it, but basically every time I fly my bebop it wants to drift left or right if I don’t make an adjustment it will run into something, a response with what to do would be greatly appreciated, thanks bud

  70. Jim B says:

    I had the drone for 16 days, 1 day over the Best Buy return policy. I had No choice but to send it to Michigan for repair, costing ME $25USD in freight. After two emails from me to Parrot Support, I finally got a message stating that the unit needed to be replaced. Hotline US (Parrot third party reverse logistics contractor) further stated: “Replacements normally take 7 to 10 business days based on available stock”. Based on availability????!!! HEY PARROT, you have now had the drone longer than I have, after I spent $550USD….That’s about $150USD cost per flight for me. World Class Companies take care of existing customers first as a code 1. Engineering driven companies don’t care about customer satisfaction…. guess where you stand.

  71. Astrix Love says:

    When will the network security be inplemented in an firmware update?

  72. Larry Richway says:

    freefilght 3 the gps will not learning gps position what do i do your support dose not help with this it is out side and still will not learn

    • João Paulo Barcellos says:

      i’m having the same problem in GPS “learning gps position…”. Does anyone have the answer? Pls..

  73. Pracetyo Suprayetno says:

    guys i really need your help!! because next day i should filming by this parrot drone. so suddenly my gps doesn’t going well, it always at orange icon and it says “learning gps position” with x bar. i already try to fly it just for 0.5 meter and it’s terrible the drone flew to everywhere glide and slide without control.. help me guys! all my firmware is lastest updates maybe for info

    • Pracetyo Suprayetno says:

      no any response? even from parrot bebop? man i really at urgency situation.

    • João Paulo Barcellos says:

      i’m having the same problem in GPS “learning gps position…”. Does anyone have the answer? Pls pls pls pls pls

  74. Marc Ludwig says:

    How do I update my drone? The app says it can’t find updates but when I connect to the drone it says I have to update it. My phone will not connect to the drone and internet at the same time.

    • Marc Ludwig says:

      And on your help desk, could you take out the notification telling me all operators are busy every 10 seconds. It’s driving me insane

    • Marc Ludwig says:

      found the problem. I was hitting the home button instead of the back button on my phone.

  75. Darcé Stelly says:

    My drone continues to say memory full even though there is nothing to delete in video gallery. This happened before and I found hidden footage when dumping on my computer, dumped everything and the problem persists. HHHHEEELLLPPPPP please.

  76. Rogerio Russowsky says:

    As Bebot have the self return function for signal loss (automatic go home)?

  77. Gibbs says:

    my return to home smashes my drone to the nearest power line, it just passed over me and was keep going to a random direction, and i lost video after that, i saved it however!

  78. Nick says:

    hi can anyone help me I have a bebop drone and for some reason in free flight and flight plan I cannot get a good gps signal it wont let me fly it in flight plan it displays weak gps signal I have tried it in a number of places and it still says the same it is set for outside but the gps stays amber not green thanks Nick

  79. Bethany Francis says:

    I just got a new minidrone (airborne cargo) have downloaded the FREEFLIGHT 3 app and connected it to my drone, however the app keeps saying I have to download the firmware update to be able to fly it. Each time I go into the screen on the parrot app to download this update the download fails with no explination.
    I have tried uninstalling the app and re-installing it, restarting my (android) phone and I have full connection to internet.
    Thus I can not use the drone at all.

    Is anyone else having this problem??

    I have searched the parrot website and cant find anything relating to this.

  80. Timothy Karjadi says:

    Tried to update it, When it said to reset it i clicked yes and now its just blinking green light and nothing else. How can i fix this issue?

  81. Júlio César Petrini says:

    I purchased a Bebop 1 and updated the FreeFlight 3 and also the Firmware.
    I have an iPad Air and also and iPod touch with NO 3G and NO 4G internet, only Wi-Fi.
    My GPS is not working and I can’t set up the Flat Trim option below Calibration button. I don’t really know if the GPS is not working because I’ve no 3G. The Drone Wi-Fi works well, but I can’t control with no GPS.
    How can I proceed to improve this? May I have an iPhone, iPad or iPod with 3G to capt GPS location even conected with the Dtone Wi-Fi?
    Please, I need help.

  82. Tore Gard says:

    Can I USE Bebop 2 GPS Board one bebop 1?

  83. Ronald Kempe says:

    after the update my filetransfer doesn’t work on my mac

  84. Rohan Paul Dalli says:

    After last firmware upgrade my bebop is very unstable what i can do please?

  85. Joe Cakacaka says:

    Hi Team,
    I just receive my bebop drone blue one updated with the latest software. I test out couple of video shots and I found out that the video is blurring. Please tell me why and how can this be fix. The drone is still brand new comes with a sky controller.

    Please anyone help with this on how to take away the blurring of the video and the drone is still new not even 2 weeks, just use it twice and found out that the video is blurring.

    My email: joecakacaka@icloud.com if anyone found out the solution.

  86. john says:

    Ive just purchased a bebop drone. Took it straight out the box, charged up and flew no problem. Came back in, realised i was still on firmware 1.8 or something, and updated to the latest firmware, 3. something or other. Since doing this, i can no longer get GPS. I could get it before the update, had to wait a minute or so, but now it just keeps saying its attempting to connect to gps and never does. Unlike others, if i don’t get a solution within a day, its going bloody back for that price!

  87. john says:

    keep saying learning gps position. return delay if connection is lost (seconds)

  88. john says:

    well well well, been back to argos twice today now. took 1st one back and got replacement, couldnt for the life of me get it to connect to my samsung phone. 1st one connected no probs, but couldn’t get the 2nd to connect. Sat my daughters samsung tablet beside my phone, scanned and got it first time. Flew straight away, got gps etc. Remembered again that i hadn’t updated firmware. once i did guess what happened? No GPS AGAIN!. Got my f450 with Naza v2 out, same place as bebop, picked up 9 satellites in no time.

    Took the bloody thing back again!

    On to bebop #3 now, didn’t fly it straight away instead i updated the firmware first, went outside…NO FRICKIN GPS…AGAIN!. I’m on the latest firmware version and software version, everything is updated. One other thing i did notice though, within settings, i can select the options to calibrate, bank and inside flying, but i cant trim?

    Is there something wrong with this version of firmware? How do i uninstall it and go back to factory settings? ive held in power button but it doesn’t go back to previous firmware version. When i got it it was 1.8 installed (I THINK) the current is 3.2 (i think)

    Parrot, you really need to sort this out. Its not as if its pennies your drone costs

  89. john says:

    Another replacement sent by bebop, arrived yesterday, been trying since yesterday for a GPS signal….nothing.

    @Parrot…The amount of people i have encountered over just a short 3 week period who have had issues beyond belief with your parrot drone bebop 1 is D.I.S.G.U.S.T.I.N.G!

    May i suggest a little more investment in your Quality Control department? I received my drone yesterday and the GPS flap of plastic was bent upwards!., I had to re-stick it down, this set alarm bells ringing straight away. I know of at least 10 people who are on Bebop Drone #4 and upwards. This just isn’t acceptable!. I commend you for your customer service. You are swift and responsive, unlike your drone.

    Why should i have to play BEBOP Bingo with you week in week out since my purchase? I fortunately have the benefit of 20 years flying and 15 building, but i cant help but think about how many people you scare off the hobby with your inferior builds?

    I called your customer support today, and had to endure your staff laughing at me when they asked how many times i had reset the drone, at that time the count was at 16. I had to wait a good 7 seconds for the laughing to stop. Do you think this is acceptable?

    I’m not familiar with your countries version of the UK’s Trading Standards, but im most definitely going to enquire. For a product that costs so much, the standards are shocking. I considered buying the sky controller package initially, and im glad i didn’t. £300 is a LOT of money, £400 for the package is terrible pricing. You realise consumers could buy a DJI Phantom for that price, a product at the top of its game, from a company that didn’t even have to up its game yet continues to re-invest in its technology.

    My year old NAZA V2 works flawlessly, as does my standard, its like night and day with parrot.

    So no doubt i’ll have to waste more of my time returning and receiving. I have now genuinely spent more time with the troubleshooting and returns procedure than i have actually flying. Bow your heads and start compensating your customers who have spent £££ on your products. Simply replacing isn’t good enough, we expect quality in our first purchase, and not fighting for it in our 4th and 5th!!>

    John Fleming
    Parrot Case 663412

  90. Vitz B Espina says:

    Help gps on the bebop don’t work what should I do. I tried my phone and tablet the drone can’t connect to both gps

  91. bc says:

    my bebop will not hold a wifi connection for more than a few minutes. Makes it unusable. Any ideas

  92. ASAStudios says:

    Cant stop bebop2 from rolling over on take off

  93. JuanFly2016 says:

    Hi, Do you something about 4Fly APP? It is more than 15$ and I have some doubts. Please, help 😉

  94. bikiboy says:

    if i use only iPhone with Free Flight Pro, the screen displays and i can adjust the camera in proper angle to take picture and video but if i connect sky controller the screen does not displays, it shows black screen and it is difficult to take the correct video or picture, please advice what is the problem.

  95. Riccardo Bernacchi says:

    Updated my app and drone , now my controller will not work ……..seems to connect but then nowt …any answers ,

  96. Riccardo Bernacchi says:

    Aaarrrrgggghhhh ..I updated my app and drone , now my controller will not work!!!, help please

  97. Scott says:

    Parrot bebop 1 with firmware update was working great. But has developed a very bad habit of dramatic loss of vertical control.

    For example, flying OK, then change battery, then fly horizontally 10 metres and wham! 100% ballistic into a tree. Thought it would have broken it, but to Parrot’s credit its still in 1 piece.

    Not pilot error, re-tested with no hand on vertical controller. Wind not a factor. Same result.

    It is also is having great difficulty descending with control inputs or hovering or maintaining a level flight height.

    Really glad I wasn’t flying over the river like last weekend!

    Any suggestions from the drone legends and pros would be enormously appreciated!

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