FreeFlight 3.2 is now available!

Bebop Drone: We know we still have software bugs to fix, please stay tuned for the next Bebop Drone firmware update coming next week!

In you have any technical question please check our Support pages and Forums.

Main Updates in the App

Home (iOS / Android)

  • Help Menu



  • Available on Android
  • Rename your drones
  • Delete your drones
  • Delete your runs (left slide)


  • Improved cluster display on the Academy Map (iOS only)


  • Crashes fixed


HUD Bebop (iOS / Android)

  • Display distance + height + speed (available with next Bebop firmware update coming next week)



Rolling Spider (iOS/Android)

  • Improve range
  • Decrease long distance lag



Next update for Bebop Drone coming on February!

Main updates in the firmware

  • Stability improvement during flights (including in high altitude)
  • Video recording and quality enhancement (noticeabily less black frames) and video stabilization
  • Enhanced GPS accuracy and Return home function
  • GPS path features improvement in the Academy
  • And many more bug fixes!

Stay tuned and have good flights!

FreeFlight 3.2 is now available!



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272 thoughts on “FreeFlight 3.2 is now available!

  1. what is about flight plan? you sell bebop in expection (there is screenshot in the landingpage with flight plan included) to plan flights via gps -but i still cant use that feature since bebop was released – this feature was mainly the reason for buying that drone. pls give any advice how long it will take to release flight plan / inapp purchase or open a kind of beta testing for ppl who want to join at their own risk.. thanks

      1. Later this year is a poor reply seeing as its only the 7th day into the new year. If it’s any time later than quarter one 2015, then you shouldn’t be advertising the feature on your box from back in mid November 2014. With all the issues people have been reporting, you should be working night and day to fix bugs and bring the features promised to your customers as soon as possible rather than asking customers to stay tuned until later this year. Shame on you.

      2. An estimated timeline would be beneficial to both your company and customers. This would have shown the commitment your team has to work on a feature that’s promised and seemed late to deliver.

      3. wow……now is jan, you mean wait 12months……then, please don’t include this feature in the advertisement anymore. Or you can said Bebop can fly to moon in 2999.

      4. Are you kidding Parrot. Flight Plan is one of the key selling points on the box… Your website says “coming soon”, not later this year. Seriously, it’s time to massively lift your game

    1. If you’re interested, you can join the facebook group “Parrot Bebop Owners Group”, there’s many useful information and experience sharing from fellow owners.

    1. Good idea!,I had this problem the other day for the very first time after a dozen flights! I wasn’t even 150 meters. Luckily it was directly above me… it disconnected 2 times in a row I was wondering if I should hit cancel it took so long? I was able to regain control just before the battery died luckily and landed… what happens if you hit cancel? Anybody know?

  2. Parrot please reply,
    My drone keeps on bugging out, the last thing that happened, is that it raced up into the air, and then just came cradhing down, it broke some kind of sensor in the drone! So now it wont stay still, is often just keeps turning!!!

    1. Hi,
      We are deeply sorry for what happened to your drone.
      We are taking the satisfaction of our customers very seriously that’s why our support team is here to help, until the issue is completely solved.
      Please raise a ticket via
      Also, our developers are working hard to constantly improve our products through software updates.

      Best regards,
      Parrot web team

  3. I really hope that you’ll solve the terrible video lag with the BeBop… it goes like 2-3 FPS on my android tablet.

  4. I dont think that the product (bebop drone) was ready for the market yet, i think that the only reason why it was released is because parrot was falling behind !

  5. I would appreciate getting an unambiguous answer from Parrot regarding HMD and head tracking support. I believe this area to be given the least attention with almost no official information. Worse, whatever information is out there is conflicting as well. (Oculus Rift front and centre promoting FPV feature during the development phase. Now, it no longer merits a mention – with fragmentary information implying that support has been dropped.)
    Your Skycontroller page lists just the Zeiss Cinemizer and Sony FPV “with more to come”. Your Skycontroller users guide states that the USB port is for plugging in sensors as well as for activating the head tracking function or charging the HMD. It does not say any more than that.
    I ordered the Cinemizer OLED + head tracker from Amazon and it should arrive within the next few days. I want to know if the Skycontroller with the current firmware version supports the Zeiss Cinemizer head tracker accessory, or even if it supports head tracking at all. I would rather get a firm answer now rather than waste time trying to figure out how to get it working if it doesn’t.

    1. SkyController has its own HDMI plug to send images. These live image are not preprocessed for specific FPV products. Currently, Sony FPV glasses are compatible.

      1. Thanks for replying.
        I’m afraid we’re not on the same wavelength. I was not asking about HDMI video output – although it’s good to know that it outputs std HDMI. If that’s the case, why doesn’t the Oculus Rift DK2 work with it then?
        Anyway, my query is about head tracking. Specifically for the Zeiss Cinemizer. The Sony HMZ does not have this feature anyway, as far as I know. So, Is head tracking enabled on the Skycontroller and does it work with the Zeiss head tracker attachment? Since the Rift is not supported and the Sony HMZ does not have head tracking, that effectively leaves the Zeiss Cinemizer as the only mainstream HMD with head-tracking that is specifically listed as compatible in Parrot’s own site. Is it?

        1. Many thanks Kevin!
          Unfortunately, I don’t think the problem is linguistic in nature, but a lack of transparency. It’s obvious that this product was rushed to market for the holiday season and now, many customers can’t even get spare parts for the drones that were broken due to buggy software. Parrot needs to work non-stop to deliver on everything that is missing, broken or incomplete. They owe it to their customers.

          1. Hi, we are really sorry for the mis understanding. The head tracking feature isn’t available
            for the Bebop Drone nor the Skycontroller for now.
            We are working on it!

      1. Dear parrot,
        Today i lost connection of my drone and jt just flee off. It didnt even hover. And then i didnt regain connection, so when the batterie was empty, it just flew down into a tree and fell down 5 meters. i dont know if something is broken, but can I return the drone for a new one? Please reply

  6. Parrot please please please help me out: I’ve got a Bebop sitting in its box that I’m desperate to fly. But I mistakenly got one without the skycontroller and now I don’t dare to break the seals until I know whether the skycontroller will ever be sold separately. If yes, I can happily fly the Bebop as it is and wait to buy the skycontroller. If not, I can return the bebop I have and track down a skycontroller bundle. But not knowing either way is killing me!!

    1. Iv been chasing this answer for a while now and I’v found that parrot does not plan on releasing the sky controller independently until at least Q2 of 2015. However Parrot also said they would release the sky controller + bebop package in December and now we are coming up on February and you still can not get the sky controller + bebop package in the US. Unfortunately Parrot has been very elusive as to the reasoning why or how much longer it will actually be.

  7. yeah, this is sad… releasing alpha quality product again and again.
    i purchased my first parrot drone a year after release and it was great.
    my brand new 2.0 (2012) could not fly farther than 5(!) meters – no wifi range.
    another 2.0, one year later is pretty cool and works correctly and it finally has the “director mode” that was advertised in 2012 😛
    purchasing the bebop drone in 2015 is probably stupid, but next year it could become a decent toy. let’s come back in 12 months and see :-)

    1. This was my thought as well. This could one day be a very fun reliable product. But they can test their product on some one else dime. Its to much money to be anticipating a future update that will make the product reliable.

  8. Can someone give me a little advice? I’m purchasing a drone in the next day or two and after reading conflicting reports am torn between the Bebop and simply tracking down an AR 2.0 sitting on some store shelf. It seems there are a lot of reports of Bebop flyaways (indoors, at the very least), and buggy software without full implementation of promised or advertised features. Is this a fairly accurate summary? The video feed from the Bebop is clearly superior to the AR 2.0 as seen on the respective Flight Academies and, more importantly, the promised extended range of the controller is enticing if, indeed, Parrot follows through with working software. Bottom line: this is supposed to be, after all, a hobby and NOT a source of another life’s frustration. At the end of the day does the Bebop work essentially as advertised or would you recommend the AR 2.0?

    1. If by “the end of the day” you mean the end of 2015, then yes, they will probably fix everything by that time through software updates 😛 I was going to buy the bebop, too, but now I see that my AR 2.0 will have to serve a bit longer.

  9. It may be better if you could let us CHOOSE return home or just going down to certain attitude when lost connection… I am still worry about the accuracy of RTH.

    1. This is a MUST if the footage is to be used in any kind of professional manner. This can’t be that hard to implement.

  10. I think that for a drone like bebop is good to have a director mode like in 2.0, that had a not good cam, why free flight was changed so much, and not only improved? It have created a lot of problems..

  11. What about Windows app? I would like to fly with my Surface Pro 3. Also, does the app support third party controllers? (xbox, ps3/4, other android/ios otg controllers) I don’t necissarily need the entire Skycontroller. A range extender/controller/ipad holder is not worth 400 dollars.

  12. Is it possible to PLEASE show “MEMORY FULL” on Freeflight?. We got some awesome footage today which showed perfectly while streaming and the recording button was showing red, but when we downloaded it, there was only one 45 sec video (we lost about 1/2 hr footage). Deleted footage off drone, works fine. Very annoyed and frustrated!

  13. Dear Parrot, do you plan to provide a “Follow Me” feature?
    I really like your drone, but multiple other brands are providing it already… and for action sport fans this is a must-have…

      1. To be precise – it would be totally awesome, if the “Follow Me” works from all angles, not just flying behind you.
        Like “Capture this frame and fly with me while I make this cool stuff”.

      2. I agree, I like the Bebop. But the bebop seems to be unreliable . I am afraid to fly it anywhere else but my backyard . If parrot can live up to there own hype , then I will stick with them if not then I will just go find a drone that can deliver what they promise. $500.00 is a lot of money for a product too be so unreliable

      3. Why not make this App available for your AR Drone as well. The other App is always crashing on me and still won’t allow saving videos to my iOS devises running iOS 8. That App hasn’t been updated since iOS 7. Not being able to fly for something I spend 300 on is a pain!

      4. Hm… reply changed from “we are working on that” to “we will keep you informed”… I’m quite interested about the reason? Not working on it any more? Already done? :)

        1. Sync your tablet (or phone) to the drone, then using the app, go into internal memory. that’s where it’s stored… transfer it by “selecting each pic/vid” and it’ll convert over. Once you’ve done that, you have a prompt asking to delete it or keep it. (recommend removing to save storage space).

      5. Flight path seem never happen. I’m going to give up any sell bebop drone because of this fate advertise. It seem French company don’t read English and they don’t care about USA customer

        1. Hi Jason,

          We do read English and we’re sorry you feel this way. We’re still refining the Flight Plan feature to make sure that it’s the best when it comes out. It will soon be released. Hang in there! :-)

    1. Parrot should take Action/Adventure enthusiasts more seriously. Iris 3DR impresses me in this category. I guess it requires significant upgrade, probably parrot can plan a completely new product which enables you to be a one man crew for your own adventure videos.

      1. I totally agree with you. However, Iris+ only supports GoPro, which sucks for aerial footage. I asked them and they do not plan to improve in this direction. AirDog also is GoPro-only solution… not to mention the large size. ZANO and HEXO+ both look promising, but both are not yet released… HEXO+ however is also GoPro-only solution, but at least promises to offer very rich cinematography features.

        I REALLY hope Parrot will fix Bebop issues and add follow-me-from-all-sides feature. Would become the Nr1 drone in my list.

          1. I have no idea why so many drones are going for GoPro… it is a nice action cam, no question about that, but is totally unsuitable for aerial footage…

  14. Hey Parrot! Amazing Drone and thrilled you all are up dating the firmware frequently. It would be great if you would list on the webpage what the future firmware releases has in store with expected release dates. (sorry if it is on there and I missed it). I.e. 1. follow me. 2. reduce lost connection return to home. 3. Altitude, 4. GPS indicator. 5. Flight plan. 6. SEPORATE PURCHASE OF SKYCONTROLLER.

    Now my feed back and suggestions for future and current users:

    From reading other reviews I can’t help to get the feeling an over abundant of the new Bebop owners have never flown a RC product much less a drone. I have had several planes, helicopters, and before I even purchased the Bebop I bought an inexpensive non GPS drone. I learned to fly this drone and did not even think about flying my Parrot Bebop until I could fly this at
    any height in any wind conditions without losing it or crashing it. I then read all the directions and understand the controls before flying $500.00 off into the sunset. Once you master this the Bebop is like driving a BMW.

    My first Bebop I purchased it would fly and then at or around 38% would just drop out of the sky, no self-landing just fall to the
    ground. I called customer support and actually spoke with someone. That was awesome! I took the Bebop back and exchanged it. The second one did the same thing. So I recharged the batteries and went at it again. After about three flights I think the batteries are now conditioned and the drone flies as advertised. So I think it is more of a battery issue. I decided to time the
    flights and not pay any attention to the battery % meter and I flying about 8 to 10 minutes. Now the battery percentage seems to be working fine. At about 15% it will self-land. For all the neigh Sayers… Make sure you know your limitations when flying this product.
    Thanks Parrot for a quality product and great photography.

  15. Can’t wait for future enhancements, would be nice to have a “fly around you” option and not just the stunt modes.

  16. Hey there… Any chance you will make it more obvious to tell if you are recording or not, in video or photo mode (also easier to switch between the two) and more obvious that a picture has been taken in full res…. At the moment I find it confusing… The on screen button barely change when activated… Very frustrating!

    Thanks heaps

  17. Hi Parrot, in future update can we please be able to delete pictures and videos from the gallery? My gallery is getting overloaded and it’s hard to find anything!

    1. Hi, thank you for your feedback. For the moment, you can do as followed to delete your videos + pictures. Push Power button until Led turns Orange (10 s). This action delete all settings, videos and pictures stored into Bebop memory

      1. Hi! Do you have a more precise ETA for the updates? Previously was 26 January and now only a very general “February”

        1. Hi, our engineers are working on it so that the major firmware update can be released as soon as possible in February.
          We are very sorry for the delay.
          Kind regards,
          Parrot’s team

          1. We are sorry that we bay the parrot beflop !!!
            Shame on you parrot
            Sorry for delay! again , nobody tel you when you bay this thing , its not fully working like on the box !!
            many many many complaining people on the net !!!!!
            bad for the future !!
            We will waiting again !!

  18. Nice Job Parrot ! New firmware brings much better flight stability and much improved video stability. The video appears to be sharper with less exposure issues and fewer black frames. Very Nice !

      1. Firstly, the firmware that you have (1.33) is not the release referred to in this blog post. 1.33 has a change log that it only addresses issues with the barometric pressure data in high altitude flights, nothing to do with video or stability or jumpy frames or any of that which you say has been improved. Follow the parrot forum topics or find the Facebook “parrot bebop fan page” and you’ll see all the new drifting problems and motor stalls/errors people have been having since the update. Many people are looking into how to revert back to 1.32 because of the issues.

        1. Hi Ken, Ok I will look back to see but are we sure that this release didn’t a dress video issues? If you go to my chanel on youtube ….venne782 and look at the 2 videos I posted this past weekend vs any 2 that were posted previously you will see a dramatic improvement in dropped frames and low light flicker. Also, in my case I was experiencing occasional drift prior to the update but have had no issues since. I have put about 40 minutes of flight time on it since the firmware update.

          1. From their support page:
            Version 1.33.0
            [General] Improvement barometer management. Better flight stability at high altitude

            Had you tried a hard reset before the update? That could possibly have solved your video issues without the update, and the update acted similar to a hard reset to fix your video problems. Or they could pop back up in your next flight, who knows with these anymore.

  19. Parrot please,1 work to insert a setting for disable And enable camera stability for record dynamic speedly video (airplane effect). 2 when i use dx camera joystick, The camera move more fast. I can’t record The armonied videos. Improve sensibility when you move few The joystick. (Now, The camera no moving. It’s starting movement only after a determinate step. Sorry for My English. Please, answer me

      1. the update was not planned for today? because you have taken away the January 26 by the announcement? when you get then?

        1. Hi, we are really sorry that we delayed the release date of the firmware major update. Our engineers are currenlty working on it very hard so that it can be avilable as soon as possible in February.
          Please excuse us for the delay.

        2. Hi, we are very sprry for the delay. Our developpers team are working hard to release the major firmware as soon as possible.
          Please wait a little more.
          Kind regards,
          Parrot’s team

      2. La actualización estaba prevista para hoy día 26. Y el último día la cambiais a febrero??? Es ridícula la imagen de empresa que estais mostrando. Definitivamente DEVOLUCION!!

  20. Hi Parrot Guys! Awesome Work! Your Bebop Drone is really great an d a lot of fun. I have one suggestion: can you built in support for the Moga Rebel in FreeFlight 3? It’s available für Android and iOS and i can’t imagine how great this would be. Thanks and keep on your good work.

  21. Une amelioration interessante serait de pouvoir piloter le drone quelle que soit son orientation par rapport à votre iPhone: on bascule à droite et le drone va à droite, on bascule à gauche et le drone va à gauche , en avant le drone va en avant…
    Actuellement il faut inverser la commande quand le drone revient vers vous et on est toujours perdu surtout quand le drone est loin , qu’on l’a fait tourner, qu’on veut qu’il prenne en video vers vous…
    Ce serait un mode de pilotage bien plus intuitif et sécurisant, surtout quand on va près des arbres ou des bâtiments, sans doute éloigné de l’habitude des pilotes de modélisme, mais pourrait etre proposé en option de mode de pilotage

  22. Vergogna! Siete poco seri! Date una data e poi non la rispettate! cambiate mestiere! Ci sarebbero gli estremi per la truffa! Sullo scatolo e nelle pubblicità avete mostrato una cosa e poi nella realtà il prodotto è tutt’altro! Pagliacci!

  23. Will there be an update that allows the option to save video directly to your smartphone, like the AR Drone 2.0 did? That’s much better for those who don’t have access to a pc or laptop to instantly see their footage

  24. It’s a bit sneaky that the date was changed silently from January 26th to “February”. This is frustrating because they could just wait until the end of February and change the release to “March”. If the release needed to be pushed back then please post an update and explain why the date needed to be changed.

    1. Hi, we are really sorry for the delay. Our engineers are working on it so that the firmware can be released as soon as possible in February.
      Kind regards,
      Parrot’s Team

      1. Well, I have to disagree about the customer relations part – Parrot seems to answer quite often to customer inquiries. A lot more often than other companies in same market segment.

        I have to agree though, that the silent topic change was quite intransparent.

        1. Yes, I know what you mean. Still, “we are working on it” is a better answer, than complete silence. And don’t get me wrong, I am also not happy at all with the buggy product and the missing features.

          1. I neither like this “unfinished” software product but remember other bigger companies instances: each Apple mobile operative systems (iOS) had an update between days after their release date!. I am however very pleased with my iPhone. The same can be applied to Parrot. Actually they have designed a break trough with no precursor product. That is meritorious. I think they just released it before Christmas just not to loose that great selling chance, but been conscious of it lacks. I suppose they´re really trying to quickly fix the bugs! I have flown mine many times experiencing various problems. Hopefully none crashed my expensive toy!

          2. True, Apple released the first iPhone without Copy&Paste, without MMS, and even without the ability to install 3rd part apps, but at least the customers who paid for the “work in progress” device did not risk their toys will fly away because of the software bugs in the “airplane mode” implementation 😉

  25. I am curious If random engine stops in the air, drifting, and fly away will be fixed in the major update ? I will get my bebop this week and I am really not sure, if it was a good idea to destroy a not cheap toy becuase of kind of stupid bug in current firmware.

  26. My bebop had 2 times a problem that she went upwards with maximum speed and crashed at the sealing as soon as i pressed “take off”. :( i restarted it and it worked fine again) Had anybody the same problem? I saw some people with this problem at youtube. Please parrot fix the Bug because it’s really annoying. (Sorry my English is maybe not very good because I am from germany)

  27. Initially I tried indoors – a complete nightmare. Few controls seemed to correspond or it would jet up to the ceiling (and they’re relatively high ones in this old house!) and went outside after the recommendation by bebop on this blog which I totally seemed fairly great.

    That said it wasn’t too long before, Sad to say, my bebop just went vertically wild into the sky (even with low vertical limits set etc!) in a number of occasions over two days causing substantial damage on its return!

    I ordered 50€ worth of replacement parts (which arrive tomorrow) but confess to having thrown in the towel and returned it to Amazon who issued a refund. I now found myself with a bunch of parts for something I don’t own. Is anybody interested ?

    It felt at times more a giant leap into autonomous innovation which sounds cool until you see parts of it dangling off and the main frame smashed as it hurtled into concrete terrace on its return :(

    The firmware on the bebop or iOS software (I don’t know which) just isn’t up to scratch – I competely accept this isn’t a toy to throw about which is why I set tilt very modestly, vertical limited to a couple of metres (and less initially). That said I can’t control wild erratic glitches which I note others have also experienced. the Amazon rep didn’t seem suprise at all.. I fear I’m not the first ! Ironically just after its final flight an update flashed up on the phone! Typical

    But that also reassures me Parrot isn’t a company which releases a product and expects it to gauge people with for 1 hour but a company which is committed to investing in fixing it and creating loyalty for later devices.

    I hope to return – I’ll keep tabs on this blog for updates and how people get on.

    1. Ive held off repurchasing.. which is a shame as i quite like the theory of it – howeever I need to see a strong uptick in feedback on this blog first following updates to firmware and app! My money is in teh bank; ready; i just need Parrott to do thier work :]

  28. Hi,
    I would like to give some improvement proposals for next release, if not planned already.
    This post relates to versions Freeflite 3.2.28, Firmware 1.33.0

    1.) motor startup should be done in two steps. You should give a chance to the user to press emergency if motors are started accidentially, e.g. on the desk when doing settings. Suggestion: start motors at low RPM for 3 seconds, then fully startup the drone.

    2.) give a warning, when drone takes off without a valid home position. Or when bad gps occurs during flight and coming coming home flight would not be possible.

    3.) reduce come home fails safe time from 2 min to 30sec (already posted by others)

    4.) Update rate of the preview screen too low in some cases (>2 sec even at best WiFi) , e.g. on a new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.5 the updated rate is worse than on an old S2 mobile phone. Reduce resolution and give more priority to video update rate.

    5.) Skylink should allow RC Modes 1 to 4, which means, allow to swap vertical sticks and horizontal stick functions as two separte options (or RC mode 1, 2, 3, 4).

    6.) Camera Movement control should be smooth, meaning that the camera movement should emulate accelleration. e.g. use 3rd order low pass.

    7.) just an observation: probably this is a specific issue of my drone: sometimes the drone constantly rotates in Yaw direction slowly, without any user control action Looks like an offset of the gyro sensor, depending on temperature. It is worst when operating a low temperatures (0 deg Celsius), but I could observe it indoors as well. Indoors the effect was smaller, but sometimes changed direction.

    hope the next update will bring improvements

    best regards

  29. OMG, if the 1.33 firmware is less stable than the previous one, then they should immediately post an update that reverts the last good version… Immediately, not “in January” “on 26th” or “in February”.
    How can they act as if crashes and spare parts don’t cost money? Ah, yes, that’s customers’ money, not Parrot’s money 😛

  30. I know the one feature I would also like is for it to return home should radio connection be lost. That is a fairly standard feature on most multi-rotors that have GPS. that is my one worry should I be over water ( which I like to video from ) and loose connection. I really don’t want to go swimming lol…. And one other option I would like to see removed would be the Emergency button on the Skycontroller removed. Should you be over a hard surface above 5ft and accidently push it, well we all know what happens when the motors all turn off at the same time!

  31. Ciao Parrot.
    Ho appena aggiornato l’app Freeflight 3 (v. 3.2.13 per iOS iPhone 5s). È normale che non ho più il pulsante “interno” nelle impostazioni di volo?

    Hello Parrot.
    I just updated the app Freeflight 3 (v. 3.2.13 for iOS iPhone 5s). Is it normal that I no longer have the button “indoor” in the settings of flight?

  32. can someone send me a link or tutorial regarding the pre-programming of a flight pattern to be used prior to take-off? Also, I’m more interested in high quality still photos. Is there a piece of software that will easily correct the fisheye distortion?

  33. Is Parrot discontinuing support for the AR Drone 2.0? Support updates including firmware and enriched products keep customers loyal. I hope that the AR Drone 2.0 is not becoming a non supported legacy product.

  34. You don’t want (follow me) feature, there are too many issues associated with the feature that will inevitably cause a crash :- ( … The only safe place to utilize “follow me” is In the open water void of any & all obstructions , the problem with flying over water is funny things happen with frequencies as I’ve seen several platforms take the dive after a few seconds over the water.. Since water isn’t an option for most pilots the only safe route for “follow me” is in the open dessert with “NO OBSTRUCTIONS”, since most people aren’t trying to catch video in the open dessert it really makes it tough! Unless your platform is equipped with sonar you are still at the mercy of any & all obstructions, imagine riding a bicycle and you want your quad to follow you, you will always be looking over your shoulder making sure your platform is actually doing what it’s supposed too rather than getting hung up in a tree, power lines , buildings, telephone poles, there are just too many possibilities & even tho the “follow me” feature sounds cool & clever it’s really more trouble than it’s worth.. Even if it is equipped with sonar , sonar isn’t immediate in its reaction time and needs time to make the necessary corrections in its flight path…

    1. I never thought about these hazards, but if you set a safe altitude (above all nearly obstacles) then “follow me” should be harmless?
      Don’t use around skyscrapers or sequoia parks, but good enough for typical rural areas?

  35. They never fixed the ar drone… Loads of promises… No response to questions… They are just money grabbing liars… They never did directors view for android even though they said coming soon and that was 3 years ago!
    Don’t buy their drones get a decent one from someone who does support its customers….

    1. “Director Mode” is available on iPhone (works great!), but I had to pay $3,99 in-app purchase to get it. Pay extra, for the feature advertised on the box!
      Sure, four bucks is nothing compared to the drone price, but this indicates the aberrant way of Parrot’s thinking about products and customers.

      1. Yes, I see it! I only wanted to say that even after adding the long awaited feature, they could not resist to spoil the overall experience by begging for $4.

  36. Fast forward to future – let’s assume it’s 2016 now, all bugs are fixed and bebop finally flies like a charm.
    Yet, you earned devastating reviews through the year and probably noone recommends you anymore.
    While the bebop price might be justified by some fans, bebop+skycontroller is drastically overpriced (compared to the well known brand, used for semi-professional aerial video). Unfortunately, without the skycontroller, the range is very poor, especially in europe, where the radio power limit is so low.
    Maybe you should introduce something inbetween – inexpensive skycontroller substitute in a form of a small wifi repeater that can be attached to the phone/tablet, but without the sticks, connectors, oculus hocus pocus. Then you might be able to retain good range and stay in the “toy” price tier, below the “big drones”. Unless it is too late already and “big drones” price drops to $500 range, before bebop becomes usable…

  37. For your next update can you please make it so a device can connect to the bebop? I’ve been getting a”impossible to connect “error for 7 days now. Maybe you shouldn’t rush your product onto the shelves in time for Xmas but rather test them and iron out the bugs. I’m no entrepreneur but I think you’re burning through customers here. Mine is going back for a refund and then DJ Phantom here we come. Enjoy your $700 piece of plastic Parrot,I won’t be suckered in by you again!

  38. I am very disappointed with my sons mini drone . It was good in the house but soon he took it out he lost it.
    This was due to the drone just carried on going higher and higher and lost control and wind took it .
    We lost all signal and connection .
    We could not see it land.
    One sad little boy who loved it in the house.

  39. The problem is Henry don’t give crap anymore about his company… he leveraged funding do the commercial .. and now want to sell it. DRH don’t know their job either, even if you are strong, they hired quicky and hasty programmer for up to 40keuro, you won’t find genius for that at all. Not only that, they split a normal job into sub job like

    So instead of paying a guy that could do the signal treatment and image treatment 150% , they are trying to pay 2 x 100% to do both job. That’s call lack of efficiency as it’s a new company , very young on a immature market, it would be best to actually hire strong programmer with high profitable efficiency or even free lancer than making the society grow bigger without any control of quality.

    1. For drone there is an OS specialized called RTOS or QNX, yet they choose school Linux.
    2. They don’t take sales seriously, I reported in their only shop in paris countless minor things to do and they told you they are powerless.
    3. They are hiring too many people and fixing not enough bugs
    4. They invest on the software way too much rather than open it. In essence instead of having the full set of API and delegate the pilot software to open community they are paying people to maintain and develop freeFlight3 ( it’s insanely stupid )
    5. Lack of peripherical , they based everything on smartphone, they at first thought it will help to delegate the interface of sense … however they are not trapped because people expect natural behavior .. dead end strategy, you can solve the problem of atmospheric interference at civil level at all, so most customers will learn rudely what ECM and Interference are by having their toy refusing to maintain a wifi connection or even embedded path .
    6. Jamming frequencies, 1 parrot is ok, however having multiple smartphone , antenna, gsm is indeed a jamming signal that force the receiver to be backupped by a cleaner. There is noway a customer would understand that in term of simple words, the max would be probably that too many people using wifi around. The problem is the parrot have only a embedded antenna and not an actual radar with high frequencies and high enerdy. Since Parrot is refusing retardly to create a memory card microusb-microSD , people are stuck with wifi.

    7. HOW ABOUT do the damn micro-usb/microSD adapter for Summot parrot …

    8. Let community developper see the API to do better software than FreeFlight3 .. it’s just start to be retard.

    1. I guess the reason the timeout should not be very short is that when you are flying between/beneath obstacles and accidentaly disconnect, you would prefer to have more time to move towards the drone and regain control rather than watch it crash immediately, because the autopilot can’t avoid obstacles.
      But this discussion is pointless as there is no reason the timeout should not be fully configurable.

    2. Nothing to do … My drone in seconds has left hundreds of meters so I had to make an emergency and it crashed … It is necessary that my drone stops immediatly when it loses the signal !
      Mr PARROT please, is that it would be possible to ensure that the Bebop happening in RTH mode when it loses the signal or it stops immediately?
      Thank you to let us make our own possibilié settings: p

      1. You don’t understand. In the first place, the drone did not know it was moving at all. The normal behavior of Parrot drones is to keep the position when you are not touching the controls – with or without the connection. So when your drone lost the connection, nothing has changed. The drone still imagined it was staying in place, while in reality it was flying away from you all the time. Don’t try to look for a rational explanation of its behavior, you are simply testing a broken prototype and currently the drone can do anything it wants. Parrot keeps repeating they are going to fix all the bugs and publish the correct firmware, and they will probably eventually do it some day. But for now… you saw it with your own eyes.

  40. bonjour, je viens de mettre a jour la version aujourd’hui 29 01 201 FreeFlight V3.2.14 après avoir mis a jour le firmawre 1.33.0 vers le 24 01 2015 … je n’avais pas encore essaye le bebop a ce jour, je vient de la faire .

    en gros le Bebop se connecte difficilement … la vidéo n’est pas stable ( ca m’est jamais arrivé ) .Avec mise a niveau ca c’est arreté, par contre elle ( la vidéo) ne s’enregistre pas … et le bebop se déconnecte a chaque fois qu’une modif est faite dans parametre … et le plus inquiétant … pour voir je décolle , pas fou je suis à l’intérieure … pas plus de 20 a 30cm et plouf il retombe , comme une merde ? … oui un peu brusque il me semble ..

    Avez vous eu des echos de semblable soucis … je ne vois rien a ce sujet sur cette page … en fait je comprend pas en tete de cette page il est indiqué 05 01 2015 … le mail que vous m’avez fait parvenir: De : “Parrot” date mer. 28/01/2015 20:07 (GMT +01:00) Objet : Download FreeFlight 3.2 app today date bien du 28 01 2015 ? …

    j’ai fait un blog a ce sujet mais peut etre n’est ce pas autorise sur votre page de mettre un lien? , j’ai mis une photos ce matin et je ne la trouve pas non plus sur votre page … est ce autorisé ?

    je ne doit pas etre sur la bonne page … pour discuter de la mise a jour FreeFlight V3.2.14 ?
    pouvez vous m’indiquer ou je doit m’adresser ? je suis aussi sur le forum francais … qui est aussi assez confus au sujet des mise a jour

    et merci pour le Bebop c’est vraiment un tre beau jouet pour l’adulte que je suis

    cordialement Philippe Le Bras

  41. Hello Mr PARROT :p
    My drone in seconds has left hundreds of meters so I had to make an emergency and it crashed … It is necessary that my drone stops immediatly when it loses the signal !
    Mr PARROT please, is that it would be possible to ensure that the Bebop happening in RTH mode when it loses the signal or it stops immediately?
    Thank you to let us make our own possibilié settings: p

  42. Was this about the firmware upgrade to 1.33 and the app upgrade which were released last week. Because if it is, then the gps path in drone academy still doesn’t work properly on iOS !

  43. Dear Parrot Team,

    it would be great if you could also put some thoughts into how to improve the photomodus. Some points here:
    a) there is too much noise
    b) the pictures could be sharper
    c) the sky is often too bright even if you turn the camera down -> the color is lost for the picture
    d) the picture gets to dark if the camera is turned down
    e) it would be great to have an additional jpg option with correction of the fisheye distortion like in the videomodus, but with high resolution
    f) additional settings like iso etc would be epic
    The bebop has so much potential for photography as you can take it away with you as it is not heavy and flying it is much fun. I guess many of my points are software related and I hope you will do something for the photographers among the bebop community.

  44. Could you explain some things about the new freeflight for the bebop. In the fpv widow there are 3 icons at the bottom of the page. A bebop icon, a skycontroller icon ( if in use), and GPS. The first two can be orange or green. The GPS can be gray or white. What do the mean?

    Also, in the map view, i can get a home and bebop white icons if just connected to the ipad. But, since the updates, I either do not get them or occasionally will get just the home icon when using the skycontroller. Also my drone academy postings are missing path data even though I know That data is in the pud files. And return to home does work???

  45. I found Bebop can be flew very smoothly, but the video knob on the Controller is difficult (for me) to give a smooth tilting, especially my right thumb is doing aileron. Is it possible to add two user configurable setting in Freeflight?
    1) optional left & right tilting lock (lock to only up and down movements)
    2) configurable camera tilting speed (want it slower and smoother)

  46. first things first, connection issues, battery percentage accuracy, gps return home with altitude input to avoid hitting trees or anything else, Road map? how does it work? does it? help option would help, flips don’t work with my Android 4.4.4 only with my tablet and last, how about replacement parts….. mine has being park for about a week because of a connection loss and when regained flew out of control hitting a tree and dropping like a brick

  47. Blog Post regarding major upsets and Issues faced by “new drone owners” would be nice, but it is so subjective, not sure how to get started. To be fair, I will have to do all major companies, thats gonna be tiring

    1. They didn’t specify which next week either, it could be this weeks next week or it could be next weeks next week! I think i just confused myself then….

      1. Hey Parrot do you check your forums often? I guess not…. because if you did you would know a lot of people are having issues with RTH, drifting, losss of connection just to mention a few since the 1.33 update. Do you even take the time to field test these updates before you send it out and screw others over with it? Tired of Parrot not living up to their own hype!!!!!!

      2. I must say Parrot has had a lot of negative responses. I have to defend them just a little. A lot of people have never flown an RC product and expected to be expert flyers. Yes there are some quirks with the devise by they have always answered my questions and answered their phones when I call. Thanks Parrot for your customer service and getting fixes out. Regardless of the quirks thie Bebop is an awesome machine. Compared to the Phantom it’s not as powerful in windy conditions but the Bebop video and pictures are far superior an more stable When I fly the Phanton people have a little shock factor when it takes off. The Bebop is more “pedestrian ” friendly. I will take the Bebop everyday of the week.
        I look forward to the other apps that are proposed .

    1. Hey Parrot do you check your forums often? I guess not…. because if you did you would know a lot of people are having issues with RTH, drifting, losss of connection just to mention a few since the 1.33 update. Do you even take the time to field test these updates before you send it out and screw others over with it? Tired of Parrot not living up to their own hype!!!!!!

  48. Is there gonna be an update for a feature like the “Absolute control”, the AR drone had using the freeflight 2.0 app.

  49. What are the limitations in the future function of gps waypoints, I mean how many waypoints can you put, how far the bebop can go with a way point, how high?

    Thanks for your time PARROT

  50. Marco there are 18 days left until March! (Ok I am also waiting for the update but with no hope: they can delay the release date again as they did before).

  51. The last firmware update 1.33 has really screwed all of us over, constantly losing connection, drifting issues, map display is 180 degrees off. Updates are supposed to fix issues not create new ones. At this point I feel like Parrot is promising things they can’t deliver. Your Youtube video sold me with the waypoint option and then I pay out 500 for this disapointment and get the bait and switch feeling. Call it what it is …. false advertisement at it’s best!!!!!!

    1. And actually, we are lucky Parrot makes money on luxury car/audio stuff and not on drones, so they are not going to disappear before delivering a finished bebop in 2016.

      However, the problem is, they may cancel the whole drone branch because of the rising competition who sells drones that actually work, then there will be no more updates… :-(
      This would be sad because bebop looks really cool on paper and I can’t wait until 2016!

      1. Back a life !!
        Hope this one works !!!

        Sorry for the delay ???????????
        Please inform your custummers
        When thy are waiting

  52. I wonder if you have to recalibrate with each software update? Because My first flight the bebop flew into my TV.. the first 5 seconds it went forward by itself and crashed. I was hoping to just hover..

  53. After last freeflight, my gps didn’t work sometime, after last update of firmware don’t work, but in the hardware page happen strange things, look at circle below gps…..PARROT any ideas?

  54. Got my bebop a few days ago. Only done in door flights so far but had been practising using ar drone sim app on my phone so think i have mastered it. Updated my firmware with no problems. Only problem i have is laggy footage. Thats after i have downloaded it to my laptop. it may well be my laptop. Any one reccomend any free windows programs for viewing the footage. I have tried it with vlc player but thats what i am finding it lags with.

    1. Hello, thanks for your interest in Parrot and our products :)
      Can you please send us your email address so that our local team can contact you directly?
      We also would like to know in which procucts you are interested in to help you properly.

  55. Next update should fix the fpv and control lag it will stop people from crashing and returning their bebop . Parrot will make more money if this was the next big fix cause bebop users will wont more out of the drone and purchase the skycontroller. Please let the devolopers know that smooth fpv and precise control over the bebop is well needed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT IGNORE THIS MESSAGE

  56. if they don’t work with the camera resolution, and camera options!, this Drone will look only nice at my Desk! needs so much to improve! my personal opinion so disappointed with the camera, and no option for mini memory cards! guys!!!!! need to work hard if you want to keep in the market!!!

  57. Bonjour, j’ai un sky controller depuis novembre mais ne peux toujours pas m’en servir car j’ai une tablette SURFACE. Combien de temps encore avant de pouvoir avoir la version freeflight compatible ? Comment être prévenu sans avoir à regarder tous les jours ?
    Merci de vos réponses. C’est quand même assez agaçant d’acheter un produit à ce prix là dont on ne peut pas se servir !!!

  58. I read…

    “Bebop Drone: We know we still have software bugs to fix, please stay
    tuned for the next Bebop Drone firmware update coming next week!”Sounds
    like Parrot are very honest in their current scenario and are fixing
    things. Unlike other companies like DJI that attempt to use Jedi mind
    tricks to try to fix things.

  59. Hi Parrot, there is a way to reverse the controls of skycontroller how you can do when using the app freeflight 3 a smartphone / tablet?

  60. Parrot Support Team,
    i have problems with my rolling spider. after a less than a few inches in the ground..the drone suddenly shuts down. i already checked max altitude, which is 3.0M, thinking it may be the caused.

    Please help!!!
    Hoping your immediate response!

  61. I am absolutely fascinated by these exciting new devices, and there are a few Questions I’d like to ask about them, and perhaps a few Ideas I can offer.

    My Questions will not be what you’d have in your FAQ section, and my Ideas may be of benefit to you.

    Please advise so I can have a descent discussion, and perhaps help create even Better Products.

    Thank You.

    Best Wishes

    In the mean time, here’s a Teaser for you.

    Its a Dark Eye Security “PROWLER 4000” Seeker.

  62. I try to update but it doesnt work. It tells me to connect to the internet then I do, then it tells me to connect to my sumo and, I do but then it tells me to connect to the internet again! Someone pleade help!!!!

    1. If your smartphone does not support connection to the 5GHz Wi-Fi band, you have the option of manually switching the network generated by the Parrot Jumping Sumo to the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band without using the application. To do this, press down for 3 seconds on the On/Off button.

      1. My iPad should be sufficient, however the App Store was borked yesterday for many hours and once I got the app and updated it to the latest version I find I can not update the firmware on the spider. It gets as far as .8 percent and then stalls and eventually fails.

        1. We recommend you to follow those steps:

          To find the version number installed on your Parrot Rolling Spider, use the FreeFlight 3 application. Press Free Flight, then: . The version number is given in the general information.

          Install the battery in the Parrot Rolling Spider and wait until the lights turn green.
          Connect the Parrot Rolling Spider to your computer using a USB/micro-USB cable.
          > Wait until the left-hand light is a steady green.
          Download the update file available in the blue box, to be found above this procedure. Do not rename the downloaded file.
          Drag and drop the update file into the Parrot Rolling Spider as though it were a USB key. The update file must be placed at the root of the Parrot Rolling Spider and not in a folder.
          > The right-hand light flashes orange/red while the update file is being transferred.
          > Once the transfer is complete the right-hand light remains orange.
          Safely remove and disconnect the Parrot Rolling Spider from your computer.
          > The update is installed. The lights alternately flash orange with increasing rapidity. Do not remove the battery from the Parrot Rolling Spider while the update installation is in progress.
          Wait until the lights turn green.

  63. this update that parrot has been talking about… etc.etc. is it out yet…. i wanted to fly my Bebop through a series of waypoints like it says on the box… however, i have not yet been able to find out how to do this? does anyone have any info… also, i took a video at dusk yesterday, the quality was horrendous, i’m not too impressed, i will check it again after a flight in brighter conditions but right now i’m a little confused…

    If parrot come up with a “Follow Me” feature… massive thumbs up!!!

      1. do you have an estimate as to when it was coming out? it said on the app store page it would be available as an inapp purchase in free flight 3.

      2. It’s been 2 months… what is parrot’s definition of soon? Release the code source and let us take care of it.

  64. Need way point access like the ar 2.0.
    Needs follow me or object tracking.
    Needs Moga controller support.
    (Can’t buy sky controller separately )

    My ar 2.0 elite does both of these at half the cost. My rating is 3/5. Due to the lack of these features. I’m happy with all other aspects.

  65. Hey please answer how do i get my feed on my iPad to live like no lag I thought I would be able to fly this off the screen on the live feed

  66. When will flight plan be released? Was told on next update but no flight plan. Wish Parrot would be more upfront. Frustrating.

  67. I bought a new Parrot Bebop because it worked (supposed to anyway) with my 2 android devices – Xoro tablet and Runbo X6 smartphone. Software downloaded on both, NO WiFi on either, but amazingtly the Bebop Network showed up on my WIN7 laptop. Why doesn’t iw work with Android?? Geez, do I need to BUY an Apple to fly my toy???

    1. Get a Samsung note 3 or 4.. works great on my note 4. I get better range on my Galaxy Tab 7.1 though.

      1. Hi, thanks for the tip. Since writing the first post, Parrot notfied me about a 3.2 firmware update, and that fixed my problem flying it with the Runbo X6. Hooray, something actually works. Haha.

  68. Parrot, do you have an update for is on Flight Plan? 2 months ago in this forum you said “very soon.” Thanks

  69. Parrot, do you have an update for us on Flight Plan? 2 months ago in this forum you said “very soon.” You also said “very soon” 4 months ago in this forum. Thanks

  70. Hi Guys, We’ve just received a Bebop (love it) but we can’t take photos. It states on the iPhone that memory is full when I try. I’ve tried it on 2 iPhones and I know there is plenty of memory space – any thoughts???? THANK YOU

  71. Parrot, do you have an update for us on Flight Plan? 2 months ago in this forum you said “very soon.” You also said “very soon” 4 months ago in this forum. Thanks

  72. I have my drone academy account in my ipad. But im using an android fone. The moment i sign in in my android fone, sign in error; but it works totally fine in the ios app… do you mine helping me

  73. I spoke with a parrot sales rep when getting my bebop replaced and asked about the sky controller and follow me function. they said the sky controller was coming soon. which it did but parrot had no intention of adding a follow me option to the bebop drone. my guess is they are saving that for the next drone they put out.

  74. i copied a video from the bebop drone to my android tablet. I can watch the video with freeflight 3 app, but how can i copy this video to my PC? I only see a share on facebook and youtube option. The video cannot be found in a explorer.

  75. Thinking about getting the skycontroller for my bebop, would my surface pro 3 fit on the skycontroller? Overall good product, battery life sucks though, how am I supposed to acquire max altitude if battery life doesn’t give me enough time to get it up and back down safely?

  76. Hi, I read 2 bebop owner got the drone crashed after the last update, it makes me unconfident to fly my bebop now.
    I hope Parrot fix this problem soon and I wish the drone protected by password in case it get lost t and someone else found it.
    I wrote my mobile number at the batteries and add note that I’ll give reward if he/she return it to me but without password who ever found it could take it for themselves. They just need to buy the charger and another extra battery

  77. Yesterday i was flying and after 2 minutes i lost contact with the drone (skycontroller). I couldn’t restart the connection on the skycontroller. Luckely after 10 minutes the drone came down on the street. What do I have to do when this is happening when i’m over water or a building? What went wrong?

  78. I want a solar activity monitor in the app , which warns me when the geomagnetic field of the earth is disturbed , and a selection of video quality . The Drone leaps from time to time near the ground and strikes , sometimes they rise higher and slows down the engines , makes them almost out and gives gas … Who wants to collect the portion of 10 meters above sea level ?

  79. buenas, para cuando fly plan en castellano, me he comprado el bebop mas sky solo por esa funcion y resulta que no esta en free flight 3

  80. I recently got a Bebop from eBay for $300 and the app keeps losing signal and or cutting out. And when I hit the video record on the app the screen turns all grey and I don’t know where I’m going?

    It seems like everyone wants to get into the drone business so bad that they are willing to cut corners for the mean time (flyaway issues, app issues etc) JUST to get the product out and start making money instead of making a good product from the start.

    I hoping this was going to be a good drone to play around with for practice and now I’m already disappointed. Guess I’ll stick with my Q500.

  81. how can I delete photos and videos from “my gallery”? there appears to be no option to do this and I don’t want this taking up memory space on my iPhone. Thank you.

  82. Dear Parrot, I would want also a Follow Me feature on the jumping sumo!! I think it’d be cool having my own little jumping robot following me around!. I would really appreciate if you respond!! Ive had my sumo for a year.

  83. When is the flight plan going to be released? When I bought the bebop the box said that this was possible. Why would you put false advertising on the box saying it was available? When in fact the truth is it’s “coming soon” which from what I can see in the comments it’s been “coming soon” for 9 months if not longer.

  84. Dear Parrot, I have a Kobo Arc 7 Android tablet but when I try to download freeflight 3 it claims that the app is designed for a phone and not compatible with my device. The tablet has OS 4.4 and has full access to Google Play so why does it claim the tablet isn’t compatible? I downloaded it on my sons Samsung Galaxy 10.1 without issue. I bought this drone with the understanding that I would be able to put this app on my Kobo tablet. I use a BlackBerry smartphone running BB 10.2 and if you ported the android app to BlackBerry world or put it on Amazon App store that would also work. Any plans to do so? Any suggestions as to why my Arc 7 shows and a device that isn’t compatible? Pretty frustrated right now.

    1. Hi. I had same problem with my Lenovo Tab 2 A7 30 and I went to Google Play store ( with Chrome and installed the app from there. Also I had to update Google Play services on my device and add payment method to there. I haven’t got to flying yet but FreeFlight installed correctly. Hope this helps.

  85. Ordered the Bebop 2 on the 14th December, I wasn’t aware it was not in stock until I checked my order status today, when will I expect to receive it, I’m in the UK, it was for a Christmas present.

  86. Dear Parrot, can please create an updated version for windows 8.1.
    Maybe try add “Follow Me.” But Apart from that keep up the great work.

  87. Ye a follow me option would be great to have..flight plan is great too…. however i have a probkem that sometimes occurs where i dont get the view from drone camera to my tablet or android. On one device, android 5.1.1 lollipop, i get fulll controls from freeflight 3 but never or no image feedback from drone camera view…why is this happening.? App is updated with drone and flight controller to latest update…can anyone help?

  88. I have a Bebop 2 with Ski Controller, I recently updated My software Freeflight 3 and my drone ( 3.2.0) . Now I get a grey screen and no video from my drone when I launch freeflight 3, All other info. shows but know video, I can connect my ski controller to the HDMI on my TV and see the drone video, But just a grey screen with all the flight information on my tablet no video from the drone. My tablet is android 4.4 kitkat… Help Please …

  89. hi i have a rolling spider. it connects fine to my phone but when i try to update it, it just fails and tells me to restart. the download is fine but the second part always fails. This has been happening for a month now. please help!!!

  90. Everytime i would use the app with my bebop, my samsung s7 edge would reset. Leaving the bebop 2 hanging. So eventually, it crashed. It broke a left red prop and damages the front of the drone.

    Freeflight3 did that once and my drone was hovering for about a minute on its own.

    Really disappointed. Was using the bebop 2 on a work call.

  91. i have a jumping sumo and a windows 7 laptop, it would be cool if you could have an app for windows 7 just like mobile with live display but controlled with arrow keys and ect

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