FreeFlight 3.2 is now available!

Bebop Drone: We know we still have software bugs to fix, please stay tuned for the next Bebop Drone firmware update coming next week!

In you have any technical question please check our Support pages and Forums.

Main Updates in the App

Home (iOS / Android)

  • Help Menu



  • Available on Android
  • Rename your drones
  • Delete your drones
  • Delete your runs (left slide)


  • Improved cluster display on the Academy Map (iOS only)


  • Crashes fixed


HUD Bebop (iOS / Android)

  • Display distance + height + speed (available with next Bebop firmware update coming next week)



Rolling Spider (iOS/Android)

  • Improve range
  • Decrease long distance lag



Next update for Bebop Drone coming on February!

Main updates in the firmware

  • Stability improvement during flights (including in high altitude)
  • Video recording and quality enhancement (noticeabily less black frames) and video stabilization
  • Enhanced GPS accuracy and Return home function
  • GPS path features improvement in the Academy
  • And many more bug fixes!

Stay tuned and have good flights!