With Rolling Spider and Jumping Sumo, Parrot gives rise to the MiniDrones, ultra-technologic and very playful connected robots piloted with a Smartphone or a tablet via the free FreeFlight 3 application.


New Parrot MiniDrones Concepts

Parrot today unveiled its 2015 Minidrones line-up, offering a variety of new features and bringing more fun than ever. The new models – still no named – complement Parrot’s new Minidrones models to give consumers choices in play option.



  • Pilot in any type of environment with its new off-road wheels.
  • Climb smoothly over any obstables thanks to its brand new Spine System.


  • Explore the most obscure areas thanks to its two headlights.

“Mechanical Firefly” Concept


  • Explore the most obscure areas thanks to its two headlights

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160 thoughts on “#CES 2015: New MiniDrones unveiled

    1. I’d love that! Especially if they used their amazing algorithms that they use in Bebop to stabilize it. Replace the front “angry face” with a 1080p mini camera, then add GNSS with return to home and for even more stability. And finally add an LVC buzzer.

      Would be a perfect micro quad!

  1. Would love a working jumping sumo – purchase one for my son for Christmas. It lasted 30 minutes before the jumping feature stopped working. Received #2 last night and it stopped working within 30 minutes of use. The unit is fully functional except the jumping feature is stuck and makes a clicking noise.

    1. Same exact issue here. If you look at Amazon at the recent reviews, it sure looks like there was a significant QC problem on the Jumping Sumos that shipped for the holiday shopping season. Very positive reviews (with a few complaints about connectivity and battery life) and then, a deluge of complaints about defective jumping mechanisms.

      Sort the Amazon reviews by those that are most recent, and you’ll quickly see what I mean. http://www.amazon.com/Parrot-MiniDrone-Jumping-Sumo-White/product-reviews/B00KQPPG30/ref=cm_cr_pr_top_recent?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=0&sortBy=bySubmissionDateDescending

      Also, I spent 30 minutes on the phone with Parrot customer service. Not very helpful. Not one bit.

      Hope they get this fixed, because this product had a lot of promise.

      1. Hi, we are really sorry to hear that.
        We are taking the satisfaction of our customers very seriously that’s why our support team is here to help, until the issue is completely solved.
        Please raise a ticket via http://www.parrot.com/support
        Also, our developers are working hard to constantly improve our products through software updates.

        Best regards,
        Parrot web team

    2. I got my jumping sumo for Christmas and it stopped jumping and connecting to internet after at most 30 minuets of indoor use my parents are very dissapointed because they spent $160 on the drone and at least $30 on the repair kits. before it stopped connecting all it would do is make a very loud clicking noise when I tried to jump. Oh, and now it wont turn off.
      I am very dissapointed and upset because it looked like such a great product.

      Need help!

        1. I spoke to your hotline and they said try it with another device, possibly windows or apple, and i did so, but it still doesn’t give off a signal. Without that i’m really not sure if it jumps. what now?

  2. belle idee le luci notturne cosi si vede di notte aumentate la velocità massima di jamping sumo almeno a 15 km/h e la durata della batteria

  3. Bonjour,
    J’ai été bluffé dans un premier temps mais très vite déçu dans la foulée!
    Moins d’un mois que j’ai acheté le mini drone et la batterie ne fonctionne plus. Deuxième déception, j’ai commandé des nouvelles hélices que j’attends toujours depuis Décembre.
    Bonne journée!


      1. Jesus… I was so looking for to see you a the CES Las Vegas but i wasen’t able to come… Also, minidrones are awesomne! Sphero and Silverlit can go **** off !

  5. Hello! I love your Parrot MiniDrones super quality very fun to play for 4 months no problems well done thank you.One question in the new series Parrot MiniDrones will be used batteries old version??? I’m really looking forward to the new version really want to play.When about the release date of the new version?

    1. Hi,
      We are really sorry for the experience you had with our product.
      The best thing to do if you have a battery issue will be to contact our support team at: http://www.parrot.com/support/hotline/
      Our hotline will help you fix your Rolling Spider battery issues. If you encounter any problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us again.
      Kind regards,
      Parrot’s Team

  6. I’v tried everything longer Charing, new battery, searching websites everything !!!
    Repair the Rolling spider battery problem pls!!

  7. Since what appears to be late 2014 these sumo have a serious design flaw in the jumping mechanism which results in the internal plastic cam breaking apart after as few as 5 jumps. As an R/C product you may not be able to return this and Parrot requires you to ship the entire product to them at your cost to fix. Thankfully I was able to return them since it is clearly a manufacturer problem. A replacement did the same thing and many people online have gone through 2-3 units with the same problem. Please let us know when this is fixed so I can repurchase.

    1. Garry there are problems in so many products becuase so many people bought them at one time so instead of a problem in 1/30 there’s one in 1/5 I’ve gone through 2 jumping Sumos but becuase it has a 2 year warrant you can just take it back to the shop to get a new one. There’s no reason to stress

  8. @parrot i hope your rolling spider has a better battery i own one and the battery is crazy sometimes it wont charge please fix this snd give the new rolling spider 1st person view Plzzz

    1. I bought my rolling spider short after it´s release in 2014 and had the same problem with the battery. it was empty in seconds, went from 90% to under 10% in one second. i send mine back anyway but it looks like they didn´t fix that problem in 6 month :-( and it makes me more sad to see that the onlything they change for the new model is some sick headlights instead of making a good produkt. looks like their focus is just on making more profit, thats what i feel as a customer after experiencing those things and reading such comments. maybe that was the last parrot prduct i bought :-(

          1. Thanks for getting in touch! The case number is 294424.
            A support rep asked for additional info which I sent almost 4 weeks ago, haven’t heard back since then.

          2. Our team hasn’t received any info concerning your case . Can you please try to send them the info once again?
            Kind regards,
            Parrot’s Team

          3. Well, there was an issue with the reply address at first (emails were bouncing back) I contacted support again asking for a working reply address (Case number 294424). They told me to send my info to a different address which seemed to be working. I’m happy to send it again but I’m not sure where to?

  9. bonjour la difference entre ca et celui de lanne derniere appart la que arreingne et le flach autonomie ameilorier ? saut plus grand ???

  10. I think the problem of battery is over charging it…. I’m bought both mini drone while ago… And I have the same issues with both devices battery…. After I tot… It’s was the battery problem… And I bought the charger for it… But unfortunately… It’s still having the same problem… The rolling spider drain the battery in a second… Almost less the a minutes keep on air…. So I bought another battery to try it agn…. But this times, I finished the battery… Only re charging it… And remove it while it’s just turn green… It’s works as brand new… Can keep my rolling spider stay in air in the expecting time… I replied the methods for almost a week… It’s still work perfectly fine… Highly recommending it….

  11. OMG I LOVE THE MINIDRONES!!!!!! I BOUGHT 2 OF THEM!!!!… The only thing didn’t like was that the jumping sumo’s kicker borke really fast! and the motors failed… but I’m getting a replacement from parrot! i hope this one is a better one and won’t break! but other than that i love them so much… parrot is the best company for mini drones

  12. my first sumo bad battery never work,2and sumo 15 minutes no more jumping , 3 sumo same problem no jumping, no more sumo very sad

  13. Would you recommend a micro USB drive that actually fits the Jumping Sumo? Is this something that’s going to be redesigned in the next release? I bought a couple of micro USB drives and they both can’t be inserted in the Sumo connector because of the unusual shape surrounding the USB connector (V shape). Can you recommend a brand and model for a USB drive you know works fine with the Sumo? I considered buying an extension cord that acts as a converter for a regular USB drive, but it gets messy with the long cable.

        1. Hi, not a single micro USB drive on the market without such “ear”. You will have to cut it off as I did, works perfectly!

  14. Another question for the 2015 release. Are you going to provide external battery chargers? What about increasing the 20 minutes limit? I considered buying a second battery, but having to charge both batteries with the same Sumo unit is not practical. I would buy 2 or 3 batteries and have them charged in an external battery charging unit over night and that would make this “toy” more enjoyable by my kids. Any improvements in this area for 2015?

    1. Hi, yes, we plan to sell external battery chargers. Can you please tell us from which country you are so we can indicate you a retailer if this spare part is already available in your area?

      1. Me too would like to buy the external charger! I live in Italy, when it will be available to buy?
        Also, I really would like to be able to buy all the spare parts (like the blue propeller blades and the full X shaped body) on Amazon instead of having to rely on an external shop.
        Please let me know! Thanks

  15. C’mon man, they’re really cool but will they cost more? Like i bought

    the rolling spider and the sumo , so far so good, they’re fine, they work propelly, but man, i don’t want to pay more to have those with the headlights and cross thingy… PEACE OUT

  16. I have a jumping Sumo… any possibility of control it with MOGA or other physical type input? I don’t really like the touch control + gyro/accelerometer tilting on the phone :/

    But i do love the Sumo :). Please add other control methods.

          1. Soz. Thought was a copy of the jumping sumo itself.
            Are You Using A Oculus Rift With That? Or Is That Your Own Thing

          2. No worries, I thought it’d be obvious, though looking at it now I might have should made it more clear.

            Anyhow, you don’t need a Rift, it’s based on using google cardboard-style headsets instead. You can get those as cheap as $20 like the one I used in the video but there are higher quality ones as well like the Zeiss VROne which at about $99 is still considerably cheaper than a Rift.

            Basically they all work the same, instead of packing screens and sensor into the googles themselves, they just use an iPhone or similar which simply displays as split screen image.

  17. I want a rolling Spider because i dont have one!!!!!!!!!!!!! But if you dont repair The problem of the batery, I dont buy

  18. Just got a jumping sumo today, I anxiously awaited for the battery to charge up to 100% and then I finally tried the drone out. It worked fantastic at the beginning. It was quite a neat experience to use the camera as well as I was surprised at how easy it was to maneuver and pilot the Jumping Sumo. However, I was a little disappointed with the battery life lasting barely 10 minutes “would be fantastic to get 20-30 minutes out of a charge” but what was more disappointing than the battery life was that the jumping mechanism broke within that first 10 minute experience. So this leads me to wonder how durable the product actually is… something breaking within the first 10 minutes of use without any neglect or abuse is quite disappointing considering the device is “made to jump” and is quite expensive. Alas, I sadly will be returning the product tomorrow with the hopes of exchanging it for a new one that will last longer. Aside from this I am hoping someone could answer a question that I have been pondering. With the announcement of the New Jumping Sumo Drones coming out, will that render the old ones that customers have already purchased useless? I would hope that the product would be somewhat future proof and that customers could buy the new accessories to add to their old drones. I know the tail and rugged wheels along with a more durable frame would be an awesome addition to my current jumping sumo. It would be very disappointing / frustrating to have to purchase a brand new one just to get these features. I would be much more inclined to spend an additional $40 to get new wheels and a tail to add to my current drone.

  19. I have the same problem with both ,jumping sumo didn’t jump after 15 mins of use and spider don’t respond anymore .these product suck ass

    1. I recon that you can take off the wheels on one of them and place them on the one with the headlights.
      in the old video on the parrot jumping sumo and rolling spider, the sumo could pick things up. Can you keep that on the one with the headlights?
      P.S. If you can adjust the jumping distance on the sumo, there will be no need for the spine

  20. I think it did’t changed too much, because headlights on rolling spider is for nothing when you don’t have live streaming camera, but this better off road wheels on jumping sumo is perfect and headlights too because when you have headlights next to live streaming camera you can go… i don’ know… under your bed in dark room and you can see everything under bed so it’s so much better and you have better experience too. But i don’t know because concept art of rolling spider is different like in video

  21. I am really into drones — and this was only my 2nd one ever. But, like everyone else, it broke in the first week. The durability on these really needs to improve. So, I’m returning it and I’ve already tried replacement propellers. The moral of the story is, these things break really easily. If you’re an amateur, this isn’t for you I guess.

  22. Have you guys fixed the design issue where the jumping mechanism will always break? It’s been a real frustration and rendered my Jumping Sumo useless and Yes, I have contacted support, with no response, guess it’s because my country isn’t supported.

    Seriously loved the thing for the half a day it worked.

  23. I have some ideas. Please think about putting these onto the concepts
    NEW JUMPING SUMO: Adjustable jumping distance (no need for the spine)
    Ability to pick things up
    all into one idea (spiny sumo with headlights)
    MECHANICAL FIREFLY: Ability to pick things up with a crane at the bottom of it
    Eject button for wheels
    Thank You For Reading This

  24. Hey parrot developers! please consider this idea I have. It would make children very happy and satisfied. I think you guys should add a ninja customization sticker for the red/black sumo because the spine almost looks like a bandana that a ninja would have. kids would love this because to kids, ” Ninjas are freaking awesome!”.

    Hello. I’ve purchased a rolling spider.
    On January 28, 2015 at 4: 00 pm by courier. Smartphone apps, download free flight in the middle of the work item is part of the 98% of the battery is shown as mini drones to operate 3 seconds, the battery indicator 4 switches to joystick mode on the screen, as per the battery no warning signs. Where can I get this AS reluctant and sends the mail.

  26. I got my jumping sumo for Christmas and it stopped jumping and connecting to internet after at most 30 minuets of indoor use my parents are very dissapointed because they spent $160 on the drone and at least $30 on the repair kits. before it stopped connecting all it would do is make a very loud clicking noise when I tried to jump. Oh, and now it wont turn off.
    I am very dissapointed and upset because it looked like such a great product.

  27. Parrot my rolling spider can only fly in wheels mode now.When I deactivate it the engines cut off.Also it can’t do the left flip now when I do it the rolling spider crash on the ground.Please help me.

      1. I try what your hotline said and still its not working.Can you please give me the price of the new jumping sumo (the beast with a spine).

  28. How much long the new jumping sumo(the beast with a spine) battery last .And my rolling spider is pretty good but if you could do an update for the battery life it would be great.

  29. I really hope I can save up enough money to buy one of these. It would be helpful to know when the new ones are coming out, that way I can plan when I need to save up my money.

  30. et au fait j’ai acheter le permier jumping sumo mais une des roue ne roule plus donc pourriez vous m’aidez svp merdi

  31. sa sera quand la date de sortie svp et aussi estce que les jumping sumo tout terrain peut rouler dans le sable merci

  32. I know why. The instructions said not to jump it over 2 feet, but the jumping sumo jumps over 2.5 feet. When I took mine apart, the jumping mechanism cracked. BUT, you can buy the whole jumping repair kit for 30 or 40 dollars. But when I went to Amazon they have it for $22.

  33. Parrot can you make the wheel on the inside out of metal? It would certainly make it more durable. I bought a jumping sumo and the jumping wheel on the inside snapped. so if you could make it metal that would be great.

      1. Nothing is wrong and my parents won’t get me spare parts. I just wanted to know if you could make the gear wheel out of metal!

  34. Bonjours, auriez vous pu me renseigner sur la question suivante: vous avez dis qu’un drone tout terrain sortirai bientôt or dans les nouveaux drone pour été 2015 il n’y est pas. L’avez vous supprimer, repousser là date de sa sortie? Merci d’avance

  35. Hi Parrot, Do you know when those new modles are going to come out in the USA? I would really like to know cause I am a huge fan of your company.

  36. Hi could you tell me what is the difference between the new and old models please? They are still selling both on Amazon. I think my Autistic daughter would love this but I am wary of the reviews about it breaking. Was this just s blip? Has this been rectified by the newer model? Is the filming done differently on the newer model?

  37. Hello my brand new jumping sumo has not been working right. My wheels, of which I nothing about, have stopped turning when on solid ground, when I use the left joystick. But when I take it off of the ground and use that joystick it acts as if it’s perfectly fine. Next my thing that pulls back and then pushed for the jumping is stuck inside of the body and will not fire. I just got this for Xmas and I love it besides these facts. Thank you!

  38. I’m waiting when the Rolling Spider with Headlights come out and it would be better if the rolling spider had a “Stable” camera just like the AR Drone, Jumping Sumo and the Bebop! :) Then it would be the drone of my dreams! 😉 ( Who thinks that’s a good idea? )

  39. Bonjour,

    J’aimerais savoir s’il était possible d’avoir deux roues crantées présentées au CES 2015 pour mon jumping sumo. Je m’amuse bien avec à l’intérieur de ma maison mais j’aimerais explorer extérieur. Je sais bien qu’elles n’ont pas été commercialisées mais je me disais que peut être que si il en restait je pourrais en avoir.

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