JAN 2016 UPDATE: Good news about Parrot POT availability!

#CES 2015 : Parrot Pot, the most advanced connected plant pot

The Parrot Pot is part of Parrot’s second generation of plant sensors. Equipped with a 2,2L reservoir, the Pot provides up to 1 month of smart, autonomous irrigation, keeping your plants happy and healthy until you return.

Using state-of-the-art sensors, the Parrot Pot’s smart irrigation system waters your plant precisely when it needs it, using exactly the right amount of water every time. As your plant grows the Parrot Pot will adapt to its natural life-cycle and determine the most efficient irrigation schedule to encourage your plant’s growth while also maximizing water conservation. With a database of over 8,000 different plants, the Parrot Pot provides users targeted, plant-specific, and situation-specific advice about how to best care for their plants.

The Parrot Pot water tank is machine-washable., hardy enough to place outside, and it’s sleek yet conventional design make it perfect for any home, office, garden, and terrace environment.


The smart pot


The architecture


Do you know the Parrot Flower Power H2O the smart sensor that waters your plant while you are away?

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Parrot Pot in a nutshell:

  •         Smart irrigation system
  •         Water conservation mode maximizes water efficiency and minimizes waste
  •         4 professional-grade sensors build a complete environmental profile for your plant
  •         Innovative maintenance design
  •         Free iOS and Android dedicated App with over 8,000 plants
  •         Expert advice directly on your Smartphone
  •         Long- term product autonomy


In the press:

 “The Parrot Pot is even more impressive.”– Richard Lai, Engadget

“ It looks like a rather tall and not very interesting flower container, but Parrot’s device — simply-named Pot — may be just what your plants crave.” – Lance Ulanoff, Mashable

“Paris-based Parrot has essentially created a smart container for a plant to live in, that will monitor its health, and also offer tips to improve its care.” Michael Kan, PC World

Engadget: Parrot’s latest plant sensors can also do the watering for you
Smart Home: Smart Home, Smart Phone, Smart… Plant?
WSJ: Parrot’s Self-Watering Pot Is Made for Plant Killers
Yahoo Tech: Parrot Announces Bluetooth-Connected Flowerpot
Tech Crunch: The Parrot Pot And H2O Give You A Robotic Green Thumb

Comparison between Pot and Flower Power


#CES 2015 : Parrot Pot, the most advanced connected plant pot



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22 thoughts on “#CES 2015 : Parrot Pot, the most advanced connected plant pot

  1. the pot should be connected to the Wi-Fi LAN so if you arn’t at home it sends you a notification via internet if, for example, the water is finishing.

  2. so, how does this run? main power? how much electricity does it use, and what is the environmental payback time for this item? if you are going to make a huge amount of pollutants manufacturing this pot doesn’t that negate any benefit the plant may provide you? grow a plant now to kill the planet in the future is not such a great idea. Parrot – also make sure you are showing indoor plants – the popsci.com pic is of a camellia that would drop its flowers and die inside very quickly, and you will have upset customers.

    1. Hi!

      What environmental hazard? What pollutants? Do you have a car? Washing machine? Use a smartphone? The Pot is nothing compared to them. Maybe 1:100000 env factor. Everything is recyclable, too.

      It runs on rechargeable battery. I design electronic stuff, from my experience battery should run 3 months minimum.

      I am not from Parrot, nor I sell them, but I love the idea.

      You are spot on the camelia :)

  3. Do you have a model with air pruning? i have dwarf banana trees this may be a fit for, but the air pruning pots do a much better job on fruit trees

  4. can you have multiple pots with individual identifiers? Do you have plans to make this compatible with a windows pc? do you have a estimated price? I have 27 plants (15 different varieties) in my home. is this product available to canada

  5. When will they come out with something that tells me when to take a crap??? This is just plain stupid and another excuse to bury your nose in your cell phone.

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