#CES 2015 : Flower Power H2O, the smart sensor that waters your plant when you are away.

Flower Power H2O is the second generation of plant sensors. Its elegant and solid design, inspired by nature, is a perfect fit for any pot or garden environment. The Flower Power H2O has a built in irrigation system that can turn just about any screw-top bottle (from 0,5L to 2L) into a water reservoir, giving you up to 3 weeks of autonomous irrigation during your holidays and family trips.

  • With the bottle, the Flower Power H2O is the world’s most advanced plant sensor & irrigation system, providing up to 3 weeks of smart and autonomous irrigation to keep your plants happy and healthy until you get back.
  • Without the bottle, the Flower Power H2O is the world’s most advanced plant sensor, a professional-grade instrument affordable enough for your home.

This smart device waters your plants using exactly the right amount of water at exactly the right time, every time. It also gives you personalized advice through the free iOS and Android dedicated App. You will receive alerts on your Smartphone* when your plants need care, via BluetoothSmart


The most advanced sensor that waters your plant while you are away


The architecture


Do you know the Parrot Pot, the most advanced connected pot?

Curious about Parrot Parrot Flower Power H2O ?
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Parrot Flower Power H2O in a nutshell:

  • Automatic watering system
  • Water conservation mode maximizes water efficiency and minimizes waste
  • The most advanced wireless plant monitor
  • Solid & water resistant design that fits in any pot or garden
  • Free iOS and Android dedicated App with over 8,000 plants
  • Expert advice directly on your Smartphone


In the press:

“At their display booth at the Consumer Electronics Show, the solution appears remarkably simple and elegant…The Parrot H2O requires no extra high tech parts or pieces. Screw a water bottle into the top of the sensor for the ultimate in simplified garden care.”Editors, CNET

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Comparison between Flower Power H2O and Flower Power


#CES 2015 : Flower Power H2O, the smart sensor that waters your plant when you are away.



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27 thoughts on “#CES 2015 : Flower Power H2O, the smart sensor that waters your plant when you are away.

    1. I would suggest that the H2O should be cheaper so that people buy more of them – at $59.99 I would not buy more than one at best.

      1. My original idea was a less than $10 simple gadget (see my posting above) but Parrot seems to go the deluxe version route (just like they’ve gone with their quadcopters now nearly a Thou for Bebop) which is not conducive for Walmart type goodies.

        1. Charging too much for the technology.
          I purchased a flower power sensor a few years ago which collected data you had to download. Of course the sensor was too highly priced. I have a feeling youre the same company who offered the flower power sensor. If the product works as well as is promoted,, then you should reconsider price to capture larger number of consumers.

    1. Was my invention nearly 2 decades ago, called it “WaterWitch”. Used palladium silver pads at end of pcb, and further, it kept pulsing at very low frequency …..both to keep pad corrosion in soil to a minimum while sensing the small current between them. Google “Soil Moisture monitor indicator Jerry Batcheler”. Unfortunately it was only initial patent filing successfullt that at that time one needed further funds to maintain the patent for more years coverage, things became too difficult to continue patents for the small home inventor. Well, its all memory lane now, and this company was able to take it over(?), and I’m just a disabled 65yo nearly pennyless senior now! Lol. Best to Parrot for taking it all the way and further with solenoid to water plant, way to go Parrot. Jerry. Batchj2011 at gmail dot com

  1. what happens if its freezes outside? take it this is not frost proof, and so will only water outdoor plants for 1/2 the year…

  2. Bottle with a float valve fitted, linked up to a header tank/water butt and this could be a longer-term irrigation solution. If the water outlet from the h2O could be made such that it’s possible to slip on some narrow dripper tubing, such that the outlet could be fed directly to the base of a few plants (via a “spider”) then that would be really useful, as it will keep water use down to a minimum.

  3. If you want to sell it to a greater mass, then sell the new item for under 10 Euros. 45 Euros for the flower power is too expensive!! I would more sensors, but it’s too expensive for me.

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