Parrot & the Flying Frenchies are joining forces to combine drones and mountains extreme sports.

Globally known for their famous base jump with a human catapult from the highest cliff in the world and for having walked on a rope between two hot-air balloons, the Flying Frenchies now provide a new point of view of their exploits thanks to their drone.
Controlled by its Skycontroller, the Parrot Bebop Drone shot the latest stunt of the Flying Frenchies: the first base jump from a trapeze. A world premiere!

A precious partner when you play so much with heights…

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Flying Frenchies and Parrot to shoot extreme sports thanks to Bebop Drone



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7 thoughts on “Flying Frenchies and Parrot to shoot extreme sports thanks to Bebop Drone

  1. I hope they are using a different firmware other than 1.33 because right now the Bebop is very unstable using this current firmware.

  2. If I charge my spider it will run for about 30 sec then switch it off and try again another 30 sec can be used , if you watch the app the charge indicator runs down to zero in a few seconds and battery warning comes on

      1. Is the problem with the upgrade that I just installed it keeps veering off and crashes, it seemed to happen directly after I upgraded

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