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Flying Frenchies and Parrot to shoot extreme sports thanks to Bebop Drone

Parrot & the Flying Frenchies are joining forces to combine drones and mountains extreme sports.

Globally known for their famous base jump with a human catapult from the highest cliff in the world and for having walked on a rope between two hot-air balloons, the Flying Frenchies now provide a new point of view of their exploits thanks to their drone.
Controlled by its Skycontroller, the Parrot Bebop Drone shot the latest stunt of the Flying Frenchies: the first base jump from a trapeze. A world premiere!

A precious partner when you play so much with heights…

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  1. Jay Scott says:

    I hope they are using a different firmware other than 1.33 because right now the Bebop is very unstable using this current firmware.

  2. Robert says:

    Battery only last 30 sec on full charge

  3. Robert says:

    If I charge my spider it will run for about 30 sec then switch it off and try again another 30 sec can be used , if you watch the app the charge indicator runs down to zero in a few seconds and battery warning comes on

  4. Daniel Newcomb says:

    im not super impressed with the camera I was told what great video and most important to me still photos it took. the guy sold me on it at the apple store. The photos have horrible edges. Very soft focus? could it be the canner is messed up?

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