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Developers: Free ARDroneSDK3 for Bebop Drone and MiniDrones – just released!


Today is a big day for our community of developers, we’re proud to announce that our latest SDK called ARDroneSDK3 is officially available.
Sources have been uploaded on GitHub under a BSD licence. Here is the entry point:



Parrot Drones SDK contains:

  • Sources that allow you to connect with drones (Jumping Sumo, Rolling spider, Bebop Drone and Skycontroller)
  • A documentation
  • Tools to compile sources
  • Samples files showing how to use the SDK for Jumping Sumo, Rolling spider and Bebop Drone
  • A FAQ

Developers will be able to create :

  •  programmable flight plans, compatible with MAVLink
  •  retrieve pictures, videos and live streaming
  •  3D mapping
  •  scientific demos
  •  remote control with new devices
  • build new piloting apps

Please share your developments with the community on Github.


See what developers did with the previous AR.Drone SDK :


  1. Flavius says:

    Hi Parrot.
    I have the rolling spider,but I don´t know if it is very resistant other it is fragile.Please answer my question.
    Thank you.

    • Charles Dawson says:

      It’s either this or that. Wrong place to ask. Since you have it you should try it for yourself.

    • Jer says:

      just use it with the wheels, i flew it out of my apt on the 5th floor, it bumped into the wall (cause im a bad pilot), fell down 5 stories and was still okay. not a scratch.

    • Kny Phan says:

      You should see if the wings are bendy like the ar then probably yes

  2. damien GERDES says:

    damien GERDES • a minute ago
    J’habite à côté de Strasbourg et toujours pas l’ombre d’un bebop bleu avec sky… Nous sommes le 6 janvier, c’est lamentable pour une boîte française….qui livre d’autres pays en priorité.
    Introuvable à la Fnac : “vous pouvez le commander, mais Parrot ne communique pas sur les délais, ça peut mettre plusieurs semaines”, introuvable chez Boulanger et chez Darty qui n’en ont même pas vu l’emballage.
    Alors c’est bien joli d’en parler à tout le monde depuis mai si on arrive même pas à le livrer pour Noël !!!

  3. Yasith Lokuge says:

    Hi, This is regarding the Bebop Drone. Can I access the optical flow sensor (Vertical) camera for image processing? Is it supported in the API?

  4. Fabio says:

    Hi Parrot,
    do you think you ll release an sdk also for windows?

    • Mike Sawyer says:

      Anyone wanna buy my sumo (in south africa)? thing is worthless without a
      windows SDK, just order a replacement battery for it….

  5. YoHidden says:


    Is it or will it be possible to use an already existing WiFi to connect to the drone (in my case, the Jumping Sumo) in place the drone self generated WiFi ? This is because the range is minimum, that is no more than 5-6 meters in line of sight before video becomes sloooooow and motion control delaaaaaaayed). It really forces me to continuosly walk behind the drone and it reduces a lot all the fun of controlling remotely through a video.


  6. Bjorn says:

    I’m glad the SDK has been released, but it seems very light on documentation and examples. Is further documentation and examples planned? Right now it is quite hard to get started.

    • Parrot says:

      For the moment, we recommend you to check: https://github.com/ARDroneSDK3/ARSDKBuildUtils and go directly on our Forum to exchange on this topic with other developpers. http://forum.parrot.com/english/

      • Darryl Jackman says:

        That’s your answer??

        You DO REALIZE that the “information” regarding USING the “SDK” actually does not exist at either of these sources?? And considering 1 of these mentioned sources is where the SDK is obtained, then anyone who even has the SDK, knows about the first link, and if they are asking for documentation, how can you think they would ‘all-of-a-sudden’ find it helpful??

        Besides a cryptic installation instructions, there is ABSOLUTELY NO USAGE DOCUMENTATION!!

        They claim there are “samples”. And TECHNICALLY they are correct, however!! The samples are just random source files, and if you add them to your IDE (I’m on Max using XCode), they the samples are trying to link to additional files not in SDK or samples file, making the samples useless!!!

        Almost ALL samples generally provided with an SDK of any type, is a COMPLETE sample program, that can be instantly compiled and tried on the device in question, ESPECIALLY if it is an SDK that interacts or opens communication with a piece of hardware! Then as a programmer, you take bits and pieces as you see fit for your own project.

        The previous Parrot SDK for the ARDrone2.0 was GREAT!!!!!

        It had FANTASTIC documentation!! Right from real basics (proper rotation, yaw, pitch, etc), to pain staking details regard establishing connections to the drone, how to accept and send data, CRAZY detail on the important methods to use with full explanations and examples.

        It also came with the FULL FreeFlight2 project file!!! I was able to open it up in XCode, and there it was, FreeFlight2, every screen, every line of code, if i actually had the ARDrone2 and not BeBop, i could have complied it and ran on my actual iPhone without even touching a line of code.

        Instead, with the SDK3, after 2 weeks, I’m sitting here without even a vague STARTING POINT!!.

        No documentation: They include a ‘html’ files under the ‘Docs” folder, but this is NOT DOCUMENTATION!! It is an automatically generated set of web pages that output the content of source files in list form!!

        NO ONE from Parrot sat down and wrote ANY documentation, and descriptions that show in those files, were just pulled automatically as well from comments in the source code.

        In fact, if you have the source code which is in the SDK, it is actually EASIER to browser through the source code to read the comments, rather than in that stupid automatically generated list, which is housed in a clumsy interface which is buggy (i guess all in the Parrot family!)

        There’s not even a quick start file, just to say something like:

        1) Import xxx.xxx file into your code.
        2) Create xxx object with xxx constructer to connect to the Drone
        3) Call xxx method to send “TakeOff Command”

        THERE JUST NOTHING!!! In case it’s not obvious after reading this far, THIS IS GOD DAMN INFURIATING!!!

  7. New ObjectiveC says:

    Hi, I have problem compiling the SDK in XCode 6.1 on OS X 10.9.5, and provided details in the forum (http://forum.parrot.com/english/viewtopic.php?id=15637) but didn’t get any response, Can someone please help? Thanks

  8. anatole cramer says:

    J’ai acheté un drone bebop en novembre dernier que j’ai essayé avec succès en France avant de repartir pour mon pays de résidence, l’Ouganda. Arrivé là bas, tous mes essais de vol ont été infructueux: le drone dérive quand il est censé être en vol stationnaire, et je perd le contrôle total assez rapidement. Par exemple le drone s’élève seul sans le lui avoir ordonné, bien au dessus de la limite établie. Je suis donc obligé d’appyer sur le bouton emergency. Au bout de 2 chutes, le drone s’est brisé. Je l’ai ramené à la fnac lors de mes congés de noël en France, et ils m’ont remplacé le produit. Puis l’histoire s’est répétée: vols parfaits en France et reperte de contrôle dès mon arrivée en Ouganda. J’ai pourtant recalibré le drone à de nombreuses reprises. A noter que je vis à quelques kilometres de l’équateur, ce qui a peut être un effet sur le compas? Je suis également à une altitude de 1200 metres. Je suis extrèmement déçu et compte revendre l’appareil pour m’acheter un DJI. J’avais pourtant fait le choix de parrot par patriotisme…

    • Parrot says:

      Nous en sommes désolés, est-ce que vous pourriez nous confirmer quelle version du firmware du Bebop vous utilisez ?
      La dernière mise à jour, 1.33, corrige les bugs liés à l’instabilité en haute altitude.
      Bien à vous,
      L’Equipe Parrot

      • Bien sûr, j’ai installé la dernière mise à jour (sur l’appui et le drone) mais aucun effet. J’ai également fait plusieurs reset, recalibrages, etc.
        Je n’ai pas précisé que quand je ramène le drone au sol et que j’appuie sur landing il se met à se comporter un peu comme une tondeuse à gazon, c’est à dire qu’il n’arrête pas les moteurs et se déplace au sol dans toutes les directions. Cela jusqu’à ce que j’appuie sur la touche emergency…

        • Parrot says:

          Merci pour votre retour. Malgré la mise à jour, avez-vous toujours des problèmes de vol en haute altitude ?
          Pour le problème lié à la tondeuse à gazon, nous travaillons dessus pour fixer ce bug dans le prochain firmware.

          • Vous me lisez bien? Je viens de vous dire que j’ai tout fait et que rien ne change. Je ne pense pas que le problème soit lié à l’altitude étant donné que je l’ai utilisé à la montagne en France à 2000m d’altitude sans problème! Ici à Kampala (Ouganda) je ne suis qu’a 1200m. En revanche je suis très proche de l’équateur ce qui pourrait peut être déclencher un problème? En ce qui concerne la tondeuse à gazon relisez ma phrase! Je ne dis pas qu’il y a un problème lié à une tondeuse à gazon mais que le drone ressemble à une tondeuse à gazon lorsque j’appuie sur la touche landing. Bref, vous ne m’aidez pas beaucoup là…

          • Parrot says:

            La mise à jour firmware que nous préparons pour le Bebop, dont la sortie est imminente devrait régler tous ces bugs. Nous vous tiendrons informé de sa disponibilité.
            Bien à vous,
            L’Equipe Parrot

  9. Petr Dyachikhin says:

    Hi Parrot,
    I am a team leader of a engineering project with Ar Drone 2.0. We use node-ar-drone API to create an app which connects to the drone and controls it in the air (it’s a security application). We currently have all the logic on the server, as we did not find a way to put code into the drone and make it fly as an automotive device. Is it possible to program the bebop drone this way (running the code on the drone’s chip), or we will also have to write a server-side application for such task?

  10. Domi Verrascina says:

    Hi can we expect to have an example BebopPiloting soon ?

  11. Jim McKeeth says:

    Does the new ARDroneSDK3 also make use of similar UDP packets of strings like AT*PCMD that the AR.Drone 2.0 did? I made use of those strings in an exciting app, and am curious how much work it will be to port it to the Bebop (before I buy one). Specifically I am curious if I can use a similar method to connect to my drone from an unsupported platform (via WiFi).

    • Parrot says:

      Those two SDK are not compatible at all. It’s possible to do everything you were able to do with the previous SDK but that requires coding yourself.

  12. Do you have any C sample code for navigating Bebop Drone. I tried to run JumpingSumoPiloting project but it didn’t work. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

  13. Greg C. says:

    Auriez vous un exemple de comment récupérer et définir la position gps du bebop avec un programme en c ? merci pour votre aide.

  14. José Catarino Iñiguez Vázquez says:

    Hola Parrot, he estado explorando el sdk 3 en Ubuntu, he terminado la configuración del entorno correctamente, sin embargo, al ejecutar el CheckEnv.py obtengo esto:

    — Checking if your environment will build the ARSDK for different platforms —

    [[ Should work, Won’t work, Not tested, may work ]]

    Generic : OK !

    iOS : Bad platform `linux`, you need to be on [‘darwin’] to build the target `iOS`

    Unix : Missing binary `yasm`

    Missing binary `nasm`

    /bin/sh: 1: android: not found

    Android : Missing binary `arm-linux-androideabi-gcc`

    Missing binary `mipsel-linux-android-gcc`

    Missing binary `i686-linux-android-gcc`

    Missing Android SDK for API 19 (Android 4.4.2), please install it.

    No me queda claro cómo continuar o si es que hay algo que me falte o esté haciendo mal.
    Agradezco su atención.

  15. Peppe says:

    Hi, I was scrutinising the source code, but it is really poor of comments and documentation!!

  16. jcacace says:

    Dear Parrot,

    I can not find any guide or documentation about the full fuctionality of the SDK. Can you tell me wich kind of data are provided by the sdk (raw imu, gps…) and at which framerate?

    Thank you a lot

  17. Kny Phan says:

    If the wings are like the ar probably

  18. Kny Phan says:

    One of my wheels on my jumping sumo aren’t working. Pls respond soon as possible how to fix.THX☺

  19. Kny Phan says:

    Pls answer fat

  20. Kny Phan says:


  21. Gibbs says:

    can i see the video live on the rolling spider?

  22. Kny Phan says:

    Do ya know how to fix a jumping dunno if one wheels not working

    • Parrot says:

      You can fix it by yourself (there are How To Replace Tutorial Videos on our Youtube channel) or contact directly our hotline to ask for support.

  23. Ron Evans says:

    Hi, everyone

    We’ve just introduced a JavaScript library for Node.js for the Parrot Bebop.

    Check it out at https://github.com/hybridgroup/node-bebop and have fun!


  24. frank burzler says:

    Dear SDK Team, nice work … one thing could help to prevent errors compiling:
    Please check the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment !!! When not set correctly the linker (ld) fails to work …

  25. reena says:

    Hi parrot,
    I am developing an application which controls the Bebop drone in ios. Along with controlling, i need to stream the drone video from ipad to remote server. How will I achieve this. Is it possible to do these using ARDrone SDK 2

  26. Shifu says:

    How do I change the IP address of the drone

  27. shuang liu says:

    can I use ROS to control the Bebop ? I am just installing the SDK, but in the first step, it says “missing binary ‘jar’ “, and I cannot solve it until now
    do you have a ROS node driver or other things to develop it in ROS?

  28. Rafael says:

    Hi Parrot,
    Can I use the SDK from Windows?

  29. Rafael says:

    Can I use the SDK3 from Windows?

  30. James Dossett says:

    Hello Parrot,
    Is there a way to download or stream the navigation data (position and roll, pitch, yaw) from the Bebop? It doesn’t need to be real time. Thanks!

  31. yuanlin says:

    Hi,I want to use paparazzi to develop my bebop,in the paparazzi center,i do as wiki tell me ,it seems that the upload is successful,as the first picture,but when i click the execute,nothing is happen,the CGS window is black as picture 2,is the ap.elf not execute?or other questions ? thanks very much.

  32. Ariel says:

    Where is the code?

  33. Aldo Contreras says:

    Hi Parrot and everyone.

    I have been looking for “go home” and “Way point” command for the bebop, I´m developing on Python and I´ve had problems to find it on the SDK 3, Could you help me?

    def navigateHomeCmd( go=True ):
    “navigate home – to STOP use go=False”
    return struct.pack(“<BBHB", 1, 0, 5, go)

    (Robotika Katarina- Github)

  34. Julián Sánchez says:

    ¿Sería posible incorporar una cámara del tipo ”
    Seek CompactXR”? sería la bomba.

  35. Amit says:

    Hello Parrot,
    I want to buy Flying Drone, Require your suggestions. I expect below from it…
    1. Able to get the navigational sensor [IMU Sensors, GPS] information from Drone to Phone/Tablet. Does SDK API supports this ? [I require raw data for processing it in together with streamed camera preview]
    2. Live Camera Preview streaming from Drone to Phone/Tablet and access for the same from SDK APIs
    Thank You

  36. Ahmed Dirir says:

    Hi parrot.
    I would like to know to if there is any way to control the jumping sumo from PC(Windows operating system), because the Parrot SDK3 is only for ios, android and linux as I understood.

  37. Alex says:

    Is the new Bebop 2 compatible with the SDK?

  38. TomSan says:

    Hi Parrot.
    I bought bebop drone 2, now I’m looking into implementation of opencv. But, I don’t know how to output image with opencv. “FIFO”? “framecompletecallback”?
    So I try to use “getFrameFromData” function, and then read image(rawframe?), and output image to opencv(cv::imshow etc…) ??
    If you don’t mind, could you please help me?
    Thank you.

  39. Sanif ss says:

    I am planning to develop follow me mode for drones with taking pictures at regular intervals. Is it possible with the SDK that you are providing?
    If it is possible which all drones and mini drones support this feature?
    Please answer my question and help me to choose a product which suites my requirements. Thanks.

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