Today is a big day for our community of developers, we’re proud to announce that our latest SDK called ARDroneSDK3 is officially available.
Sources have been uploaded on GitHub under a BSD licence. Here is the entry point:


Parrot Drones SDK contains:

  • Sources that allow you to connect with drones (Jumping Sumo, Rolling spider, Bebop Drone and Skycontroller)
  • A documentation
  • Tools to compile sources
  • Samples files showing how to use the SDK for Jumping Sumo, Rolling spider and Bebop Drone
  • A FAQ

Developers will be able to create :

  •  programmable flight plans, compatible with MAVLink
  •  retrieve pictures, videos and live streaming
  •  3D mapping
  •  scientific demos
  •  remote control with new devices
  • build new piloting apps

Please share your developments with the community on Github.


See what developers did with the previous AR.Drone SDK :