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Parrot Zik 2.0: Own the world’s most advanced headphones

The world’s most advanced headphones

Parrot Zik 2.0 is the latest wireless headphones with adaptive noise cancellation, HD telephony, amazing audio quality and tactile panel. To create the Parrot Zik 2.0, engineers collaborated with the French designer Philippe Starck to combine the best of audio and innovation into comfortable and trendy new headphones.

We have learned from our customers to develop a new version of the famous Zik headphones and came up with an enhanced version with new features. You can read our article about the comparison Zik 2.0 vs. Zik.

Watch Parrot Zik 2.0 unboxing:


Where to buy Parrot Zik 2.0:

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For a complete musical experience, download the dedicated free application and discover a new way to listen music.


  • Jorge Sánchez

    Where can I find different colours? At amazon.com there’s only black available.

    • karen

      audiogeeks.com has blue, black and mocha

  • Nathantaft

    You’ve sold me, I want your product. When are different colors going to be available. Specifically, white. Cheers.

    • karen

      zorrosounds.com has all colors

      • Danny

        They also have a bundle for $439. If you join the mailing list you get 10% off, or $395 for the headphones and bundle (hard case and cloth). It’s a pretty good deal IMHO, free shipping.

  • Ethan

    Am also interested in a white & gold color…

  • robalda

    Can Parrot.com answer the questions of his costumers? everybody here try to know when it’s available and they don’t say anything… Maybe neither see this blog

  • Meggie

    i’ve seen all the colors in stores at the airports – where I couldn’t return them if something happened to be wrong. So… when will they be available online? I’m a about a week a way for settling on Bose – simply because the lack of information has me worried that there will be a lack of customer service

  • Nicolaj Thygesen

    What about spare battery for the 2.0?

    • http://www.parrot.com Parrot

      Hi, more info on the spare parts availability will come soon. Please wait a little more!

  • Abdul Bello

    where can i buy a white Parrot zik 2.0?

  • Abdul Bello

    I need the white parrot zip 2.0…

  • Vikki

    I have a pair but need a spare battery. Where can I find a spare battery?

    • http://www.parrot.com Parrot

      Hi, more info on the spare parts availability will come soon. Please stay tuned!

  • Kurt Robertson

    Whats the difference between zik gold and Zik 2.0

    • http://www.parrot.com Parrot

      Hi, Zik Gold is a first generation Zik unlike Zik 2.0 which have new features. (For example, it’s lighter and has more autonomy)

      For more information: http://blog.parrot.com/2014/09/23/11197/

  • Nicole

    2.0s in black are out of stock on Amazon and need them for Xmas. Where can I get them?!?

  • MoonRazor

    Jez…great advertising…how bout posting a lil info like WHEN AVAIL & THE PRICE SOMEWHERE you marketing geniuses..t’aint that one of the 1st things consumers wanna know? super annoying…

    • http://www.parrot.com Parrot

      Hi, it’s available on Apple Store, Brookstone and Amazon. Public recommended price is $399,99

      • Sergio Fuentez

        When will all colors be available from one location? Amazon and Brookstone currently only has black and orange. The Apple store only shows the first generation.

  • http://tomloverro.com Thomas Loverro

    When are they coming to Best Buy?

  • Al

    Are these available for pick up at Apple Retail Stores?

  • Rod Strother

    Can anyone recommend where to buy a case for the 2.0? Seems like there is debate on whether or not the cases for the previous version actually fit

  • jasonc

    Decent headphones, but also a ripoff!!

    The only reason I bought this is:

    1. Bluetooth (I travel a lot and it’s easier moving around without a cord to strangle me)

    2. Noise Cancellation (Bose QC15/3 is slightly better-I own both of them also)

    I would stay with my Bose if they have a wireless version, but as I said I travel a lot and the cord issue just got too annoying. Otherwise the Parrot is ok cancellation, ok sound (as long as you use the app), but they are a RipOff for charging 400 bucks with a CHINTZY Cloth Bag for storage and NO SPARE BATTERY AVAILABLE!!!!

    Hey Parrot are you listening… ‘POLLY WANNA A SPARE BATTERY!!!” Come on 6hr battery life?? Get Real!! Please stop saying 18 hr (that’s if you disable everything (BT, NC, etc) in which case WHY THE HECK would I spend 400 bucks on so so sound!!!

    • http://www.parrot.com Parrot

      Hi, we are listening and we understand your feeling. Spare parts for Zik 2.0 will be available soon!
      Thank you for your patience.

      • spam

        Guys, really not giving you a spare battery at the price is pretty pure. Bose do as they understand the importance. Not having anything on the market though is pretty amazing. Would appreciate you getting a move on, is it that hard to sell a spare battery?