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The price of Bebop Drone finally unveiled!

Parrot, expert and pioneer in consumer drones, unveils the final version of Bebop Drone, a third-generation quadricopter designed for leisure.





Parrot Bebop Drone

Colors: Blue, Red or Yellow

Retail price: $499USD (with 2 batteries included)







Pack Parrot Bebop Drone + Skycontroller

Retail price: $899USD (with 3 batteries included)


Available on:










Equipped with a Full HD 14 megapixel camera stabilized on a 3-axis framework, the Parrot Bebop Drone takes video and pictures of the world in a 180° field with remarkable image quality.

A powerful aerial achievement, it combines numerous sensors that give the Bebop Drone impressive stability and easy-to-use piloting via Wi-Fi with a smartphone or a tablet.

Parrot Bebop Drone is also compatible with a Wi-Fi extender, the Parrot Skycontroller, which can be used to pilot Bebop and provides an extended flight range.

Whether you are interested in the sole pleasure of flying, capturing amazing images of landscapes or filming sport performances, the Parrot Bebop Drone offers a unique perspective of the world…


The Bebop Drone masters several challenges: performs amazingly while flying andfilms in  1080p in a stabilized manner; all of this with a  size reduction of  25 percent compared to the AR.Drone,” said Henri Seydoux, CEO of Parrot. “To achieve these results, our engineers worked for more than three years. The Bebop Drone embeds high-performance processors,  a graphics co-processor with professional-grade camera capabilities.  With Skycontroller, we enter a new dimension, one of immersive and high precision piloting.”

Read the first articles on the Bebop Drone:


 Expert pilots and beginners should take the helm of leisure drones in a responsible manner and with respect for the local rules and regulations.

  • David Charles

    We all knew the price per your French blog, but what about the release date in USA? Also Best Buy does not allow you to pre-order at the moment but B&H Photo does, but neither offer the yellow option.

    • Rob Hendrix

      I feel your pain, bro…

      • Nengah Suambawa

        How long the range bebop can flight without skycontroler?

        • Craig Pinks

          300 metres

          • John M Ficarro

            And I suspect 300 is best case in an open field type situation.

          • Maciek Wozniak

            mine went 30 meters and that’s it

          • Maciek Wozniak

            then dies and falls from the sky

        • Jeff

          300 Meters

    • bebopready

      This is possibly the worst product roll out that Iv experienced in a long time. Its very disappointing with the way all of this was slowly announced and with no email updates for the fans who have expressed interest. Im not familiar with Parrot as a company but this experience is definitely not in their favor.

  • David Charles

    Also can this be charged off USB?

    • Maciek Wozniak

      No, it comes with a wall adapter. The drone comes with a USB cord but it doesn’t do anything, charge or transfer data. The whole drone is junk. Buy it from Best Buy (available now) and make sure you get the insurance (refundable) cause it will crash.

  • Vidal

    Will the skycontroller come with the drone included? If so, will the skycontroller be available as a stand-alone product later on?

    • David Charles

      Yes the drone is included and you should absolutely be able to by the stand alone controller later.
      What’s strange is that the drone is compatible with the newest wifi standard 802.11ac, which has a longer range but the controller is only 802.11n but has a 10db signal increase, which I guess makes up for the difference in range. I would think without the controller the iPhone 6s and iPad Air 2s would give you better range over the older gen devices since those do not support 802.11ac.

  • http://www.quadcopterhq.com/ QuadcopterHQ

    What about the release date in the U.S.? I see that websites have it available for pre-order, but without an estimated delivery time that isn’t all that useful. Looking forward to the Bebop, just would like some more info!

    More thoughts on the Bebop Drone here: http://quadcopterhq.com/parrot-bebop-drone-review/

  • Joe Cote

    does the $899 include the drone? or is that the controller only?

    • http://www.parrot.com Parrot

      Hi $899 include the Bebop + Skycontroller + 3 batteries.

  • gogarty

    Is there a way to adjust the altitude for the auto-home feature if the flight is indoors, and 10m is too high?

  • Kamil Beltran

    Will it be able to fly in high altitude cities like Bogota Colombia, which is 8300 FT above Sea Level? Thank you.

    • Daniel Merchan

      and… why wouldn’t be able to?

      • Kamil Beltran

        Had an AR Drone 2.0 and I wasn’t able to fly it in bogota.

      • Voip Banglasesh

        High altitude has thin air(less dens) and less dens the air is more difficult to fly.theoretically this one could fly at that altitude.

      • Robert c

        Higher altitudes the air is less dense which creates a smaller pressure differential in Bournellis principle required for airflow on a wing or propeller. This is why high altitudes often require longer takeoff dustances. Also humid air and warmer air can negatively affect performance. If you live in high altitude areas then flying it on a cooler or dryer day will improve performance to offset the negative effects of the altitude.

    • nerys

      it SHOULD. I don’t know for sure but I saw someone lift a gopro on the back of the Bebop (stabilization comparison) and it lifted it no problem. that SHOULD be sufficient “excess lift” capacity to handle higher altitudes. if in doubt wait for more reviews.

  • Mani Butt

    What will be the price for the uk? Thank you

    • Luke Gibbs


  • Greg

    When and where will this be available in the UK? Also, what is the recharge time for the batteries? Thanks!

    • http://www.clubnokiard.com/ Frankie Bloise

      i second this question, when and how much in the UK

      • Luke Gibbs


        • Greg

          Thanks Luke but that’s hopeful thinking it’ll be a straight conversion. After all if you’re working off $899 to £574 what about the french price of €899 that converts to £708? Plus the fact electronic goods are almost always cheaper in the US than the UK :(

    • Mario A Garciduenas

      Just got mine in the US.. no idea when it comes out in the UK BUUUUT!
      I bought it two days ago. Works great, then i got to charge it and the charger was not working. I called customer support they said i was the 2nd reported case in the world, to fill out a form and they’ll take care of it and even send me an extra battery in 10 to 20 days. I opt for just doing an exchange at the store. Second set worked perfect. Impressed with battery charging time.. I ran both dry and recharged both in under 2 hours.. quite impressed as i kept hearing it could take up to 2 hours PER battery. Perhaps it’s just me, but that was not the case.. from 14% to 100% in under an hour both. Also I read reports that it was running for only about 12 minutes on full charge.. Both drones even the first with only 75% charge out of the box outdid 12 minutes.. from full one of the batteries gives me 21 minutes and the other, 18.. which is kind of odd but still better than 12 minutes. With that said.. I doubt anyone will ever have this thing up there for that long.. its actually kind of tiering to do so. I ran a phantom for a production for 30 minutes once and i was exhausted upon landing. This is easier to control and I still wouldn’t fly it for more than the needed shot. Hope this works and sorry for my longwindedness lol

  • JL

    Will the Drone+Controller be available for preorder also? I’m seeing only the light version for preorder.

    • bebopready

      Im curious about this as well

    • John M Ficarro

      The Parrot site is offering both. Either the Bebop alone or with controller $900 with)

  • JayBee

    Is 499 a cover all price? Because if it will be £499 in the UK, I’m calling someone in the US to send one over (roughly £320). I could even take a day trip to France and pick up a Bebop (roughly £390), and some wine with change to spare.

    • John M Ficarro

      It seems to be a price for the Bebob and includes 2 batteries. At this point, it doesn’t seem that they are selling the controller separately. If you wanted that, you have to buy the package of drone and controller for $900. I assume it will be offered separately after they meet the initial demand.

      • JayBee

        John, you mis-understand. What I was pointing out was the bebop was priced at $499 and €499. So I am pointing out the potential pricing structure across three markets. One French retailer is also quoting a third party, for the bebop alone, at over €600.

        • John M Ficarro

          Got it.

  • Grant Hessman

    Any word on a release date. I would like to preorder this but I’d like the $899 version and I don’t see that preorder on this website.

    • John M Ficarro

      If you hit the pre-order button, you will see the option to get just the Bebop or get it packaged with the controller.

  • Mauricio Vazquez Solano

    Hi,I live in Mexico and I’m very interested in one of that appliance, please let me know when it’s gonna be available.

    Thanks in advance

  • Michael Go Young

    Sir, is Sky Controller can be use in ar drone 2? / Thank you

    • Mario A Garciduenas

      lol nice grammar.. jk.. yes i asked customer support and they said it can run all of them…

  • James Sanderson

    The UK price is probably going to be higher ie a rip off

    • Luke Gibbs

      no the UK to USD is 1 USD to about 0.64 UK.

  • James Sanderson

    Very disappointed that it’s for sale in France and not the UK at the same time… Quite anti competitive for an Experienced state

  • Joseph Gauger

    can you buy the controller separately.

    • bebopready

      Over the past week multiple forum users have asked Parrot this question but they seem to be avoiding the answer for some reason. A few hours one user said parrot responded to his email saying that the skycontroller+bebop will be available later in december but the sky controller will not be sold by itself until March. Horrible products roll out, anyway if you bought a bebop and expect to get the sky controller later. Return the bebop drone as soon as possible unless you want to wait until march.

  • Thor Odinson

    What is the actual flight range or approximate with and without the signal booster?

  • Andre Smith

    Best buy is advertising the red drone by itself as “Model: 44265BBR” and as Bluetooth-enabled instead of WiFi. Is this the correct and newest model available? How can I get the Skycontroller if Best Buy doesn’t have it?

    • bebopready

      For some reason no one has it, which makes me wonder if it will even be available in December as promised. Some answers or an update from Parrot would really be nice.
      The only company who claims you can pre order is B&H which Im not familiar with and the fact that its not listed here seems a little shady.

      • John M Ficarro

        I haven’t looked at the B&H site for this, but they are a very responsible company. Most professional photographers I know will only purchase from B&H. They sell a lot more electronic related stuff, but it is a very reliable source. I’ve been purchasing cameras from them for 15-20 years.

        • John M Ficarro

          I forgot to add that B&H is an authorized dealer for Parrot.

  • bebopready

    Why cant we pre order the sky controller an when will we be able to? I have gifts to buy and I need to know if I will be able to buy this in time, or if I should just get the readily available DJI Phantom.

    • Mario A Garciduenas

      you can preorder the skycontroller now.. but if you’re getting it separate you’ll have to wait until march so i doubt you’ll meet deadline lol

  • justin

    Is parrot going to have a sale on black friday?

  • John M Ficarro

    I’m going to check the local Best Buy store on December 1 and see if it is actually there. There online site only mentioned the Bebop, nothing about the controller.

    • bebopready

      I called a select group of Best Buys in California and they all seem to have the bebop drone but no one online or in a retail store do not carry it or plan to carry it (as mentioned to me from best buy). I really wish they would give us more information.

  • Joe

    Parrot I purchased my Bebop Drone at My local Best Buy this past Sunday, before I fly it I want to make sure I will be able to purchase the Skycontroller seperatly in the future and I do not need to purchase as a bundled package.

    • bebopready

      There are a bunch of user videos on youtube with the bebop but I have yet to see a single skycontroller. I wonder if the skycontroller will be available soon. Also I hope Im wrong but it seems they only offer the skycontroller “package” for 900, they have yet to imply the sky controller can be bought independently. That would be pretty messed up if they don’t sell it independently, especially since we can currently only get the bebop by it self right now.

    • Mario A Garciduenas

      it releases march separately and it will not amount to 899 combined.. it will probably end up being marked up as separate purchase and pile up to 1k between the both.. with that said.. i got mine at Best Buy too and they have a return policy until January 15 no questions asked with receipt, even if its been out of the box.. so do as im doing.. fly it till then, get word on how good the sky controller is and if its dope, then return and repurchase lol if not bail.. lol

  • Frederic Schmid

    I wish it weren’t so expensive. I love to fly Quadrocopters and stuff, and this one totally caught my eye.

    • Mario A Garciduenas

      ist well worth the investment.. great quality

    • nerys

      what caught my eye and got a preorder out of me was how CHEAP it is. $900 for 2km range and indepedant GPS navigation capacity? can’t touch that for less than $2500 to $2500 before bebop. I am super excited.!!! I so hope it lives up to expectations.

  • Robert Staalstra

    Curious to know where it is available in Australia, surely not just Apple store and the $AU price and definitely better not be as high as the Ebay price currently
    AU $1,873.85 from US.

  • Moti Arnon

    how long the it can fly on on batrry?

  • Peter

    Any updates for uk?

  • Octavian

    Hi Parrot People, I have seen the Bebop advertised in black, and the price being closet to $1,000. Can you A) Explain what the deal is with this Black unit, and B) How can I purchase the Bebop drone and controller in Black. Also, regarding the camera, does it have a night vision mode, for clear, safe flight? I was also wondering about IR capacity, my guess in there is not but I thought it worth thinking about. Also, do you know what average noice range that this operates at, say at 100 feet above desired object. I am wanting to scout for Bear and Mountain Lion around my house in the Rocky Mountains, but do not want to spook them with a high Decibel count. Do you know the focused direction that product operational sounds are projected toward? Also, does the Bebop have a microphone?

    Thank you, and I think that will about do it for mr here. I hope I have chosen the correct forum to ask these questions.

    Thank you

    • John M Ficarro

      Hmm. I’ve looked at the Parrot site and they say it is only available in Red, Blue and Yellow. I’d ask a lot of questions before I got a black one.

      • David_Matthews

        Spray paint it whatever color you want.

  • Maciek Wozniak

    Don’t guy the Bebot!
    Reason #1: The battery plug is all messed up, never seen a product that you have to hold a string to make sure the plug is even with the battery. I thought it was a defective product so I got another one and its the same.
    Reason #2: The app has a lot of bug and I mean a lot!
    Reason #3: The drone is supposed to fly 300 meters away from you. I flew mine 32 meters straight up, so it was maybe 33-34 meters from me and the drone just shot off and dropped. Broken, they want me to send it in to get it fixed? WHY? so it can drop out of the sky again! Don’t buy!

    • John M Ficarro

      Glad to hear from someone who actually had one in hand. My interest in more photography and this looked good. But after a few more days of research and talking to some people, I decided the best choice for me would be the DJI Phantom 2 + V. 3. It is more money. Bebop with controller is $900 and the V3 latest model in the Phantom series was $1,300. But it has significantly more flying time and with the cyber Monday thing, they added an extra battery and other accessories. It is heavier, but seems very stable even in mild/moderate winds.

  • PGG

    This is fantastic , but… :(
    How I can get this product in Iran??

  • brandon h.

    How much and when for the sky controller separately? I’m going to take my drone back to bestbuy if i dont hear anything. This company is irritatingly secretive. Arg.

  • Martim

    Will this arrive in China?

    • Martim

      In Macau ???

  • Hady Hayder

    Hi .. is this camera available in lebanon !!! and where can i get it ??

  • Matt Carango

    it says now available but where can you get the bebop and skycontoller

  • daisy

    Is this in Australia yet or can i buy one and get it to Australia before christmas? Id like a red one with skycontroller plus glasses. any ideas? thanks

  • Sean Ochsenbein

    You need to address the bestbuy reviews that talk about the bebop “shooting” up into the sky uncontrollably. 2 of the 10 reviews talk about this happening. I have been waiting since May to buy the bebop but those reviews are scary lol. Also, why are you not answering questions on this post area and on your Facebook page? In my eyes that is not good customer service. Just a thought. Thanks :)

    • bebopready

      yea those are interesting, Im more so curious what device the users were using to control the bebop. I hope they update the threads if Parrot actually helps them. More importantly I hope Parrot helps them.

      • http://www.droneflyers.com/ craigiri

        Doesn’t matter much what device – on trouble, the thing should hover or slowly drop or return to home – NOT shoot up in the sky. Bugs like that have nothing to do with the device – they are bad software/hardware or QC in the drone itself.

  • bebopready

    FYI everyone who is wondering about the skycontroller.

    Parrot just emailed another form member “Daniel” and informed him that they will not be selling the skycontroller independently until march 2015. The only options right now are the skycontroller+bebop for $900 but currently unavailable on the bebop for $500.

    I don’t see how they can possibly benefit from this and why they wouldn’t sell the skycontroller independently for $400 from the get go. This was a really poor business decision on parrots part.

  • jackassletters

    Did I miss the email saying this was available? I signed up so I would be the “first to know” and only by accident do I see it’s out?

    • bebopready

      No that email was never sent to the people requested it.

  • Mario A Garciduenas

    Heads up with low light… in daylight its great… but the last 30 minutes of golden hour in the evening its silhouettes.

  • Hasan Tanoemihardja

    What will be the price for the Asia ? Thank you

  • Andorū Castro

    If the tablet doesn’t have a WiFi plan…Will this be able to fly and still take pictures? What if I go overseas amd have no coverage?

    • http://www.droneflyers.com/ craigiri

      It doesn’t need Wifi from elsewhere! It has it’s own wifi transceiver – so your tablet or phone connects directly to it – NOT to a Wifi internet network.

    • nerys

      wifi plan? wifi is a direct wifi link from the tablet/phone to the bebop. no “other” wifi is needed in fact would be counter (reduce your range)

      so this would work in Antarctica assuming it could handle the cold.

  • bebopready

    This is crazy, can you guys please give us an update on when we can purchase the sky controller?

    • Tony

      read my guestimate _ may the whole system comes out on January but I suspect the control alone might take until March – no hard facts to base this on. One supplier said January for whole system

  • Tony

    I want to summarize what I have seen for availability of this product. The only place in the US that is selling the drone is Best Buy (online, but can pick up from some stores). No sign of the controller. Horizon Hobby and H&B are pre order for complete system but they are not to be believed about when they will ship. Parrot said coming soon for 9 months. Horizon said to me this week but no sign. They want to get people to order this instead of competitor. It seems likely that controller would’t be here until March minimum. Amazon France had things on sale so they must have taken care of native country first. Amazon just started advertising pre-orders and Apple store has had 2-3 for delivery for 6 weeks so don’t believe them either. Obviously a badly run company but have the French ever been known to be efficient ? I live in hope……..update want to update my last summary I now see US online Apple store with 1 day delivery for drone only and blue only!

  • Tony

    want to update my last summary I now see US online Apple store with 1 day delivery for drone only!

  • Florian Eswein

    I’m looking for a drone to possibly film snowmobiling in British Columbia. Would anyone recommend thus for higher altitudes, and the cold? Or does it stop function properly under those conditiins? Thx

  • bebopready

    Another disappointment, Amazon has updated their estimated delivery time for the bebop+skycontroller package to February 15th 2015.

    This is frustrating that we all have to guess and do our own investigations. I do not understand why they blatantly refuse to answer their customers questions on the sky control package release date.

    • disqus_IbD9xw6Bs2

      Are you serious? We have to do our own research? WTF is going on here?

  • Fernando

    They should lower the price

  • LightSoundImagination

    I have owned a number of ARDrone products in the past…If you look closely there is no reason to think this product is anything extra ordinary. You will grow bored with this quickly and they are really hard to unload on the used market. I took a 1/2 loss on a ARDrone 2.0 with just 10 flight – NIB

  • Matt P

    I bought a bebop but controlling it by iPhone sucks, does horizon hobby or anybody make a controller that would link with this thing by wifi?

    • http://www.parrot.com Parrot

      We recommend to use the Skycontroller which has been designed specifically for the Bebop Drone. You can also use an Nvidia Shield.

  • Theo Silkstone Carter

    I am finding it impossible to connect my Bebop (to get videos off) to my mac. Furthermore, if I try and move the videos out of the internal memory into my ‘gallery’ nothing happens. One video simply will not transfer, the other does transfer but then won’t open in the gallery. Pretty awful. Has anyone got any suggestions?

    I am seriously considering packing the whole thing up and sending it back right now. But… It was good fun flying it!

    Any help would be much appreciated, cheers.

  • Josh Warren

    I think we are all pretty much saying the same thing. We all want to buy the sky controller separately… Plz make it happen!!!

  • Premal Damani

    I have Bebop Drone, I want to buy only Skycontroller – where will I can get it ?

  • gian paolo fantasia

    Molto soddisfatto del drone ma molto insoddisafatto con la parrot in quanto ho acquistato il drone e non possono vendermi lo sky controller separatemente una cosa scandalosa qualcuno puo dirmi come posso fare o se ha avuto il mio stesso problema