Light, small, and offering high performance capabilities, the Parrot Bebop Drone is the top of the line in the family of Parrot drones.

In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to get your Bobop drone ready to take its first flight.

For more information on optimizing the Bebop Drone flight range:


Application downloads :

In order to connect and pilot your Bebop Drone, you must first download the Freeflight 3 application on your tablet or smartphone.   It’s free on the Appstore and Google Play.


Connect to Bebop Drone:

  • After installation, clip the battery to the cable situated inside the Bebop drone’s protection shelland slide the top of the battery inside it.
  • Attach the strap around the battery and finally, press the power button situated at the back of the device.
  •  A (sound animation) indicates that your drone is initialized.
  • On your tablet or smartphone, go into “parameters” and activate the Wi-fi.
  • Then select the Wi-fi connection generated by the Bebop drone.

Start up the app Freeflight 3 to get connected to the drone.  For an optimal flight experience, update your drone each time a pop-up suggests this option.   Download the update by following the instructions.  The files transfer only takes a moment.    Finally, restart your drone to proceed with the update installation.    You will notice the red LED power button start to flash during the rebooting process.  Do NOT unplug the battery at this time.


For more information on optimizing the Bebop Drone flight range respecting regulation:


The Bebop Drone had 3 piloting modes : Ace/Normal/Joypad

  • Normal: The easiest mode (for beginners). Default controls.  Lets you move the Bebop Drone with the accelerometer and turn with the joystick (located on the right side of the screen)



  • Ace: The most advanced mode.  This mode allows you to control the Bebop Drone with just one finger
  • Joypad: The joypad mode allows you to disable the use of the accelerometer.  This mode also allows you to take snapshots and record videos of the Bebop Drone in action with your device’s camera.  To do this, press the ‘Rec’ button and the videos will be automatically saved in the gallery.



Interior framework :

To fly indoors, it is highly recommended to attach the framework (hull) / protective shell to the base of the Bebop’s propeller blades.

In the flight settings, activate the mode “framework/shell/hull” – a configuration that enables the drone to adapt to indoor flight conditions.

You are now ready for take off.


Calibration :

During the first series of flights, you will be required to calibrate your drone’s magnetometer.  To do this, manipulate the drone by reproducing the animations displayed by the application on the screen) (The drone will be calibrated once all of its axes are shown as valid.   Once calibration is complete, you can go back to the piloting interface which is on the previous menu page.)


Take Off:


Before each take off, be sure that the Bebop drone is put on a flat, level surface and push on the button “Flat trim”.

Push on “Take-off” to get your drone off the ground.  Take-off is automatic, the drone lifts off the surface and hovers in place about 1 meter above the spot from which it took off.

As you can see, its sensors give it great stability, even when there are disturbances ((such as)shaky hand movements).

Basic Piloting :

In order to make the drone rise, push the joystick on the left hand side upwards.

To make it go back down, pull the joystick downwards.

To make it pivot, move your left thumb towards the right or the left.

Moving in space :

You can manipulate the drone’s pitch control / (movements) with the accelerometer on your smartphone or tablet.

To make the bebop drone move forward, just keep the thumb on your right hand pressed down on the joystick and tilt the tablet forward.

To make it go backwards, simply tilt the tablet backwards.

Do the same thing to make your drone glide to the left or to the right.  When you release the joystick on the right hand side, the drone goes back to its initial position and hovers in place.

cap-droneCAP / Positioning  :

Depending on the positioning of the drone, the control settings may change.  For example, if the drone is facing you the control settings are  reversed.  (Example : if you wish to make it go backwards, you will have to tilt your smartphone or tablet device forward.

 GPS :

The Bebop drone is equipped with an integrated GNSS type GPS chip (and it also has) the Glonass satellite tracking function.


To activate the GPS, you must first activate the Exterior mode in the flight settings.  After it is activated, wait for the GPS icon on the piloting interface to go from grey to white.  (The GPS activation process takes about 30 seconds)   For outdoor flights, we highly recommend that you remove the protective outer shell in order to obtain more stability and wind resistance.

Return Home:

This function allows you to make your drone automatically go back to the spot from where it took off.   To activate it, go into the menu settings and click on the “Return Home” icon.   The icon goes green and the drone goes into automatic return mode.   During this period, it is still possible to control the drone.  If need be, press on the “Return Home” icon again to disenable automatic pilot.

Flips :

The bebop drone can also do a looping figure called a “Flip”.  To do this, click on the “flip” menu and  scroll to the type of flip you want, then quickly tap twice on the screen to activate the flip.

Remarque : il est aussi possible de réaliser un flip quand le drone est en mouvement.

Emergency mode: 

In case there is a problem such as: risk of collision, the drone going out of your sight, loss of control, the “Emergency” button placed at the top of the piloting interface allows you to turn off the engines immediately.


Maximum altitude: The maximum altitude option allows you to set a limit on how high the bebop drone can go.   If the drone is about the go beyond this limit, it will automatically adjust and remain at the selected height.

Maximum inclination: This setting allows you the define the maximum angle of inclination the Bebop drone can take as it moves in space.  This setting directly influences the drone’s speed.   The greater the angle of inclination, the faster the Bebop drone will fly.

Rotation speed: This function allows you to modify the Bebop’s rotation speed.

Vertical speed: This function allows you to adjust the drone’s climbing or descending speeds.



The Parrot Bebop Drone has a unique camera with high performance capabilities that surpass expectations.   Not only does it offer full HD definition, it can film up to a 180 degree wide angle thanks to its fish-eye lens.   And finally, the video is numerically stabilized on three axes in order to avoid all potential disturbances related to the drone’s movements.

Video Mode:

By default, the Bebop drone is in video mode.  In this mode, the drone starts to record video as soon as it starts to fly, and it records in 1080 P at 30 images a second.

In order to start recording video manually, you simply press on the “Rec” icon (picto) at the top of the Pilot interface.  The ‘Rec’ button starts to blink, which indicates that your drone is now filming.   Press on the button again to stop recording.    While in Video mode, you can also take photos by cliquing on the “photo” icon.

Controlling the inclination of the camera :

To control the camera’s positioning, slide your two fingers on the piloting interface, in the direction opposite the desired orientation.   For example, slide two fingers from top to bottom in order to orient the camera towards the top, or from left to right to orient the camera towards the left.

In “ace” mode, you control the camera by using your right thumb on the joystick, at the right side of the device.


Photo Mode :

While in video mode, the photo icon allow you to take a still shot that was captured during filming,  but the Bebop’s camera also allows you to take high resolution photos.  To do this, activate the photo mode which you can find in the “recording features” tab.

You have the choice between two photo formats : Jpeg and Raw.  The images captured in high resolution are in Fish-eye format, giving you the total wide angel view provided by the Bebop’s camera.


This mode allows you to take a series of photos at regular intervals.  Activate this mode in the recording settings, which you can access once you’re in Photo mode.

When you go back to the pilot interface, you will notice that the “Rec” icon has been replaced with a “Timelapse” icon.   Click once on this icon to start recording.  At the end of the recording, you will find your photos in the device’s internal memory storage.

Retrieving content material :

You can retrieve your videos and photos directly on your smartphone or tablet via Wi-fi.  For this, go in the the contextual menu of the application FREEFLIGHT and click on internal memory.   Select the videos you wish to keep and click on “Transfer” to add them to the gallery.   The internal memory has a capacity of 8 gigs, so think to systematically get rid of unwanted footage after the transfer.   For this, select the footage you wish to erase and click on “erase.”   You can also either retrieve or erase material by connecting your Parrot bebop drone to your computer directly with the micro-USB cable provided.   To perform this operation, the Parrot Bebop drone’s battery must be installed and the drone must be turned on.

Photo/Video settings :

  • Changing the exposure : To increase or reduce the exposure of your videos or photos, slide the curser situated on the vertical bar to the left.
  • Changing the saturation : To modify the saturation levels of videos and photos, slide the curser situated on the vertical bar to the right.
  • Altering the color balance : To fine tune the color balance, go into the menu settings and go to image parameters.  5 Modes are available : Auto balance, tungsten, sunny, cloud, flash.

Drone Academy

Keep track of all your flights and share your photos, videos and navigation data with other members of the Parrot Academy. Connected to YouTube and Facebook for sharing. Join the Parrot Academy with over 200,000 pilots registered. Free backup of your flight data and 3D replay.

Enjoy your flights!

For more information on optimizing the Bebop Drone flight range:

Please read the 8 simple steps to fly safely your Parrot Drone

Learn more on Bebop Drone

How-To-Pilot Bebop Drone



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185 thoughts on “How-To-Pilot Bebop Drone

  1. At times my Bebop will shoot straight-up. Not all the time but it has happen around 4 times now. Good thing I’m indoors :-). Any thing I should look at?

  2. Well despite the disappointed I’ve read about rolling spider .. I myself have enjoyed the experience with the rolling spider ..and yes I agree about the length of battery life it has its issues, but my life doesn’t revolve around it. maybe to resolve this issue is to add more then just one battery I’m thinking more like 3 per package with a battery charger ….I’m just saying

  3. how to pilot bebop drone, you cant even buy the dam thing in the uk still.
    ive seen the bebop on for $499, so they are taking orders but not apple uk.
    word of advice for uk buyers, apple does finance options if that interst you

  4. Is there an “autopilot” mode – where it can follow you like on a bicycle trip, hiking, sking, etc? Those would be cool videos……………I’m assuming it can record video?

    1. No.. parrot said “it’s in a future update”

      Why did I pay 500 bucks for it. It said on the box it has the capability

  5. Just bought the bebop drone at Best Buy. Flew it two times in the basement. On the second flight it was hovering at about 3 feet, then all of a sudden went straight vertical, slammed into the ceiling and crashed to the floor. Now, I can’t get it to reconnect. I own an AR 2.0 and a Spider Drone. I have been waiting for the Bebop for several months. Very disappointed.

    1. I have a similar problem but use it outdoors so never hit a ceiling, it goes up about 7 meters, even if i have a limit on it, then it just comes streight down and bounces off the floor… so far i am thinking it is interferance from WiFi (even though it was an empty channel i was using) i dont seem to have the problem when i am away from houses…

  6. Hi,
    i’m used to RC helicopters and i fear the option CAP/Positionins, i.e., even if the Bebop is looking at me, if i push forward, i want it to go towards me, not away from me. Is it possible to disable this option?
    Moreover, talking about the skycontroller, is it possible to customize the “work” of each each stick, or the configuration is fixed?
    Thank you

  7. Just got a BeBop. Successfully connected to my iPad Air 2. Tried checking for updates but it told my to connect to the Internet. How is that possible when my wifi is connected to the Bebop? Same problem with my iPhone 6+. How do I get this thing off the ground?! I never get the control screen. Just the screen telling to to check for updates, about Parrot drones, how to buy them.

    1. I had the same problem, took me ages but I figured out the problem was the order I turned on the devices, have the drone on, stable, and wait for the beep. Then turn wifi on your phone and connect. Then open the application, it can still take a while for free flight mode to come up on the phone after your have done this (approx 20 seconds).

      1. Same problem, I have done everything you said, but still not working. What should I do to get this thing off the ground?

        1. some devices do not have access to 5 Ghz Wi-Fi and if the drone is set to that then the device can’t find it. Make sure it’s set to 2.4 Ghz to make sure.

      2. Not sure if you figured it out by now, but after going to your wifi and connecting to the bebop, switch back to the app, on the upper left hand side is a menu drop down, click that and select the drone itself, towards the top of the screen, this actually is the part where, the communications happens between your IOS device and the drone, now the screen should change too the “start” menu…. I hope this helps :)

      3. Agreed… I have a problem if i open the Free Flight App First and then connect to the drone it seems to struggle, but if i connect wait a few seconds then open the free flight app and then wait until it shows the drone in the menu. then you can click (Start) on the main screen, once there Take Off is on the bottom.

    2. robford37 i am in US, i exchange 4 drones in 10 day know finally i got a good one more stabile, but i still have the same problem as you, i can’t update the firmware i got 2 more day i will go get my money back, the parrot tim is to lazy to post any instructions or link how to do this.

      1. For updating, connect to your wifi or 3G. When downloading finishes you have to close the app, connect to Bebop’s wifi and start the app again.

      2. To update the bebop, you’ll need to connect to the Internet after you’ve already connected to the bebop. Seems like there is quite a delay but eventually app downloads new firmware for the bebop. Then connect back to the bebop. Same thing, it takes a while but eventually it will upload firmware to bebop. Then you “should” be ready to go.

    3. Just connect to your normal house wifi, then go to the freeflight app, and click on the 3 little bars on the top left corner (maybe the symbol is something else, but you get the point) and select check for updates. If you have already connected to your drone at least once (doesnt need to have been connected and updated, you just need to have tried to connect your drone to the freeflight app) thenit will work. after it downloads just connect to your drone (bebop for me) and then it will work as supposed to. Welcome! :)

      P.S. Works for first time people that have tried to connect but because there is no wifi cant download the update.

    1. Hi Chad, just beware (I am assuming you are in australia which has the most relaxed laws ive found so far), flying a drone any other way than line of site, which includes first person view or gps waypoints is very illegal and can have quite hefty fines. You should also note that all flights are also recorded so even if you think they wont see you, they can look back at where you have been and the power output of each motor. if you go into settings at the top left of the main screen before you enter the freeflight option it will take you through a series of steps, saving the maps for offline use etc.

  8. I got the Bebop recently. I enjoy using it, but the rubber piece at the bottom of one of the landing bars came off. I read another Bebop owner experienced the same thing, but more than one came off of theirs. He said that the rubber pieces easily come off. There was a response from a Parrot rep that provided info to get this issue addressed, but I cannot find the thread anymore.

      1. If you have the piece you can actually plug it straight back in, mine crashed and it came out but if you simply push hard on the hole it should pop in again

  9. How can I put the movies and pictures on my computer? I get a message the I have to activate media on the device, but I do not know how? I have connected the Bebop with the usb cable on my iMac. Thanks.

        1. Glad to hear :) It’s not perfect a bit fiddly as you can’t open files direct you have to download them first . I still haven’t been able to view any on my iPad by using gallery yet !

  10. Hey one of my batteries kind of I guess shorts out and it will flip and crash anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it

  11. Hi,I have a question to the bebop drone. I`m from Germany and order the bebop drone by amazon. They said the drone is available at 12.12.14 but at the 12.12 amazon said they haven`t a save date of the availability of the bebop drone. Can you tell me when the bebop drone is available in Germany?

  12. I got round this issue by connecting the iPad to the iphone via Bluetooth using the hotspot so had a connection to the Internet at the same time as connecting to the bebop’s wifi

      1. I bought the bebop2 and sky controller black as a package and I have had no trouble flying. The bebop followed a long flight plan over the lake I live on and it worked flawlessly despite a 10 to 15 mph wind. I was amazed! I got great video from the flight. I know it’s tricky to fly over water but I set the altitude to 150 ft and everything worked perfectly despite being near the limit of the controller range. I followed the flight on flight plan and it went straight as an arrow to each waypoint. The only thing that made me a bit nervous was that there were two eagles flying in the area where my bebop 2 was flying. But they ignored the drone and it flew right back home to my last waypoint perfectly.

    1. Hi,
      We are really sorry for the experience you had with our product.
      The best thing to do will be to contact our support team at:
      Our hotline will help you fix your Bebop issues. If you encounter any problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us again.
      Kind regards,
      Parrot’s Team

  13. Just received mine from amazon. I have to say: shame this useful and helpful software information isn’t included in the manual I downloaded from your website! the various modes etc and icons in the app are, i found, virtually impossible to understand without reading this post! So far mine has been jetting all over my bedroom into various walls and furniture. but helpfully ill get to grips 😉

    Im trying to learn. Is it best do this INSIDE or out? And indeed should the calibration be done inside or outside? Thanks!

    1. Hi, thanks for your feedback. You can do the calibration where you want. Concerning your first flight, we recommend you to try in a large space so that you have more maneuvrability.

      1. Thanks for replying! Ill try again tomorrow outside. None of the rooms in my house seem large enough.

        Incidentally the flight app doesn’t seem to always save the settings for max height, rotation, mode etc. What’s the best way of making sure they are?

      2. Just to update : MUCH much easier to learn outside! To others with this concern – honestly its likely to damage the craft less !

        My only query now is that during video transfer (on mac using android file transfer) i see some show as being credited 1970.. while others have the correct time/date. Any reason for this?

  14. I plugged the USB into my mac mini but do not see it anywhere. I checked the usb interface and the mac sees the Bebop but How do I access the Image files? Any suggestions would be helpful.

  15. Just got my BeBop today with the SkyController – it crashed into a wall and now the BeBop won’t turn on at all? It displayed a message check Motor 2? Anyone help?

  16. Just got my Bebop Drone last night. Test flight already. The user menu said retrieve the videos and photos directly on smartphone or tablet via Wi-fi. For this, go in the the contextual menu of the application FREEFLIGHT and click on internal memory. But i went to the FREEFLIGHT application can’t found the “internal memory” in the menu. I didn’t see any videos and photos. Please help me, thank you

    1. Recommend plugging bebop in to computer and see if video files are there… if yes your smartphone might not be able to read the video format or your smart phone is slow and might take longer to read or show video file.

  17. Windows surface RT!? Is this tablet compatible? I was able to download free flight 3 but it doesn’t connect with the drone upon opening app… my phone works… but not the tablet! Any suggestions? Thank you

  18. Hello there! I have tried to do the flips while flying the Bebop with the skycontroller outdoors. I manually selected a flip that I wanted to do and then double tapped on my 9-inch tablet that I installed onto the skycontroller. However, nothing happened. None of the flips worked. Any advise?

  19. Help please! I have problem on my bebop drone, it is unstable when its flying, it just moving by it self
    Parrot team help please

  20. Hi Parrot Service Team…

    If my Bebop goes out of control when I fly it (typically this happens if I try maneuver in a different direction suddenly) and it wobbles and goes out of control, do the rotors cut-out automatically, or do they keep spinning?

    A few times this happened, I eased up immediately on all controls, and the Bebop regained equilibrium again (even though it looked like it was going to fall out of the sky). But other times, it did not manage that.

    Also, if the rotors DO cut-out during such an uncontrolled fall, it is possible to re-start the rotors by pressing Take-Off?


  21. Hi i have the sky control with my bebob and use a tab but when i fly the dron i think it is getting comands from both the
    sky control and tab becuse when i leave tab turned turned off it flys ok how can i stop controling it from tab while leaving the tab on to watch my flying

    1. Your tab should only connect to skycontroller or tab … in your tab settings make sure it’s not continually trying to connect to any available WiFi network ..

  22. I like to fly my bebop with my wifi only ipad air 2. The ipad has no gps. It has location services but it is based, I think, on wifi router location. So if I am in the middle of a park. There is no location information. No GPS. No home location. No RTH function. Is all of that correct? And…. if that is correct, I see that bluetooth gps units can be purchased that would feed gps data to my ipad. Then the question is…. would Freeflight be able to see and use that data for home location and RTH.

  23. Dear Parrot I’m about to buy 2 of thes for my company. I’ve been reading a lot of stuff on them losing connection and also them flying vertical out of control. I plan on buying them with the sky controller. I just wanna make sure this isn’t going to happen to me.

  24. if my bibop detachment from 400m above sea level and the maximum height of my bibop are 200m what about me down to 200m? .¿se can disable the maximum height?

  25. My bebop keeps losing gps-connection after the last update… The skycontroller however never loses it’s gps! What is the problem??

  26. I got the bebop drone with the sky controller and i am usually use it with the ipad connected to the sky controller, can somebody explain to me how to do a flip with the sky controller??? Whiobutton should i press. Thanks

  27. Yesterday I piloted my bebop drone and took an amazing footage and photos. I use skycontroller. I flew my bebop till I used all batteries I had. It was a great time and real fun. I recharged my batteries and today I wanted to have the same fun. But instead of fun I could only push the take off button. My bebop after take off went crazy. It did not respond to joysticks on my skycontroller, though I started it with. Instead of being stable above the ground it suddenly started to gain altitude very quickly and pivoted on one side. It was totally uncontrollable. During a couple of seconds went up to approximately 10 to 15 meters and was flying off very quickly. The only thing that bebop responded to was an emergency landing. So it crushed. I am really dissapointed. And I do not know what to do.

      1. I followed the advice and contacted with Parrot Support Team. I applied for return product procedure. It went really smooth, though it took some time. But I guess that the Team is currently understaffed for the number of inquiries for Bebop usage advice. The process was clear and I was well informed. I shipped my Bebop to Parrot and currently I am waiting for my Bebop replacement. I hope to receive it soon, because the weather is improving and I am full of urge to fly!

        1. today I received a package with my replacement bebop drone. I received a brand new one. I am so happy to plan my new flying missions. I just cant wait. Bebop support team did a great job and I am fully satisfied with my return product procedure and a replacement of the faulty drone I had. I really appreciate this.

    1. Jakub, sorry for what happened. I have been enjoying my bebop a lot these past weeks. I did have something similar happen but I was a bit luckier. I took off and had no control with my skycontroller. I noticed the battery was around 68% but started to drop fast. I tried to bring it back but the controls did nothing. It was low to the ground as it passed me on its own. It ran into a bush about 20ft from where I was. I stopped thank god and just hit the ground. Nothing was broken, but made me worry on the next few flights. I am nervous with each flight now. I also worry should I loose wifi or it drifts out of range if it will just keep going? My Phantoms and all my other drones will return home, but not sure about my Bebop. I am sure Parrot will help you, but still that does not take the worry away in the future.

      1. I am happy that you had had more luck with your bebop. I have never tried going out of the range – I am quite cautious so I did small steps with my piloting and never experienced such situation. Based on manuals it should automatically return to the point where it took off. But if this is so, I can’t tell.

        1. Hello Jakub, I guess yesterday was my time :-( It started out with me doing a number of reviews on my most recent multi-rotors. I then took each out to do some flying. It was a beautiful day, no clouds and no wind. Temps were around 70f I went to my new spot that is open pastures. My first flight with the Bebop went well. I then changed the battery, got good gps and sent it out around 100′ both the skycontroller and bebob showed good battery, but moments after I had no control. It started to drift and unfortunately hit a tree branch about 30′ up. It hit the ground on the back left side breaking the frame. I wrote to Parrot but as of yet had not received a reply. I hate the thought of what it will cost to send it back and may just order a new frame. I must have had over 50 flights before this. So it can happen to anyone in time. I have been flying Multi-Rotors for years now and hate when something is damaged, especially when it was not from something stupid I did. Maybe I should not have asked the question about returning to home. Maybe just Karma !!!! Either way I will get it working and hope it wont happen again. Hope you get yours back and working also.

          1. I am really sorry to hear that. It seems like all the force of crash was consumed by the break of your central cross. And hopefully it is all the damage your bebop experienced. This is one of the cheapest spare part. so probably you will have your drone back on the track really soon. The major issues is, how to prevent this type of drone behavior in future. I can’t imagine the situation that drone falls on some individual… And don’t worry about karma – it always gets worse before it’s gonna get better. 😉

          2. It is one of the lowest cost parts, and I will learn a lot from replacing it. I sort of like to tinker so it is not all bad. I guess as Parrot continues working on the hardware and software it will be come even more stable. Trust me I have put it through some really good test, but always had control. The worst feeling is when you go to make a change and nothing happens! With my other drones should I travel outside the range of the transmitter or for some reason just loose site of it, the system will activate RTL or RTH and it will return where it departed from. And with most when it does come back all you need to do is flip a switch and you have control again and can guide it to the spot where you want to land. I see a problem with the Bebop that if RTH happens you cant reconnect quick enough to get control or at least I don’t see that happening as it has to find the Wi-Fi from the Bebop.

          3. On there update it states.. ( multiple bug fixes ) so they are 100% liable for firmware failure. Ask for proof from the flight data that it was your fault.

  28. Hello Parrot,

    My drone fell from 30mt, after this crash no problem with flying etc. hopefully. But the fan which cools down the processor makes weird noises than usual. Do you have an idea how could i fix? Will it cause any problem?
    Thanks for your answer

  29. just got my drone a day ago, flew it fine the first time, next time it went good for a few minutes and then lost connection mid flight and i couldn’t reconnect. it just hovered there and i couldn’t land it. i tried to grab and hurt myself in the process but it did fall and turn off. i turned it back on and reconnected just fine but I’m nervous it will happen again in less favourable circumstances (over water, or really high up) I’m fully up to date and am using iPhone six cuz i noticed it worked better than my nexus 9 tab. has this happened to anyone before and do you know the proper way to land it even if your completely disconnected? thanks

    1. just an FYI, (*unless there was a problem with the drone) if it loses wifi connection for 1 min it will return to its starting location automatically (goes up to 10m flies straight to starting position and then goes down to 2m and waits, when the battery gets low it will then land gently on its own.)

  30. In my case i was flying normally and suddenly it felt down, then i decided to change battery because drone wasnt switch on. When i change the battery i can fly again and suddenly it falls too. I try to sitwch on without success. I decide to charge both bateries and 1 minute later of charging i can use again bebop drone without problems, what was the problem?? The bateries had enough charge when they didnt work… I am very disappointed because I can not take the risk to over flight the see and I dont know if drone felt or not… 500€ is too much like to waste the money…

  31. Parrot HK is the most unhelpful bunch of useless people I met. i got an unexplainable disconnection and the drone stay at 6m that i just waited for the battery to die and it crushed….ParrotHK said… No exchange o free change of parts even i just bought it 1 day ago….

    Tomorrow, i will go to their office and argue … Wish me luck…

  32. apologize for the previous message to my es.como been a question herror my gallery photos are deleted on my ipad application freeflight3

  33. Just unpacked my bebop,followed instructions etc, however, when I turn on the drone I get a noise that sounds like a cooling fan at high speed rubbing against something else!! The whine/fan noise only sounds normal if I pick the drone up by the upper body taking some of the compression weight off of it. As soon as it’s put down the fan comes into contact with something making an uncomfortable sounding noise again. Do I return it or is there an easy fix? Thanks, Mike R, Guernsey

    1. Mine dose it some times .. be careful how you hold it try not to hold by the lower part of the body… it’s actually bad build quality. . I will be reviewing all my future drone purchase with a lot of scrutiny, from the store I purchase to after sales service, who dose the repairs, can I talk to some one that knows what they are talking about, not some receptionist that doesn’t know what a propeller is, refund policy , repair policy . so generally some one who cares and do sent just want my money.

    1. it will fly without being connected to a satellite if that’s what you mean. if your phone is connected to GPS then the drones ‘return home’ function makes it return to the phone…

      1. Thanks for the reply. No I meant without the gps card attached to fhe motherboard. my bebop dropped from the sky and broke the gps card.

  34. how do you transfer flight data to the Drone Academy? I have had 3 flights now and ‘My Pilotings’ is showing up empty in the Freeflight 3 app.

    1. make an academy account, then it just seems to be there… I didn’t have to do anything special, it even had the data from before i made the account…

    1. from my experience i would say about 10 meters… take off in my parents garden and flew it out over the field pressed the return home and it seemed to be heading towards the neighbours. the flight tracker in the ‘Academy’ also seemed about 10 meters out max

    2. Mine stays within 1.5 meters no wind .. I would say if low satellite count or obstructions like buildings etc it might be 5 meters that’s why you should launch in the open .

  35. What is the difference between outdoor on/Off flight mode – is it just difference in radio frequencies to be used for binding bebop? Does it also switch off gps on bebop while outdoor mode switched off? If not, is there any other way to switch off gps stabilisation?

    1. Honestly I’ve turned in on and flown and I’ve turned of and flown. Both times outside and worked the same … but I think you have to turn off outdoor mode if you have the hull button on.

  36. It’s not there. They (parrot) keep saying it will be released “soon”. They have Deen saying that since the bebop was released. They a bunch of lieing pricks.

    1. Yep. I have to agree with you on that one. Total false advertising…right on the box!!! I don’t think they have any intention to allow for GPS flight plans! But it sure looks cool in their promotional video and on the box, doesn’t it?

  37. My bebop started acting strange and it’s been shipped to the techs. I hope they get it repaired and returned to me soon.

      1. The customer service was great. I had to open a ticket provide them with proof of purchase. I paid to ship it to the address they provided. They sent me a replacement I about 4 weeks. Only issue I am having at the moment is from time to time the replacement bebop looses connection with the iPad. I never had that issue before. It scares me to go out flying and also the GPS takes a few minutes to connect sometimes 5minutes. I fly at a park early morning when no one is there and no interference. Still loose connection and his issue. I moved on to building a quadcopted 250 sizeand fly that now.

        1. The GPS can take a couple of minutes….. On your iPad be for you launch the bebop I would recommend go to settings go to WiFi then any WiFi that is available select forget network for each one that it finds.
          Might help :)
          Glad you got another bebop, I can tell you in Australia we get no over the phone help.
          And I actually had a representative and a service technician say to me _ what do you want me to do about it_ I was so disgusted after spending $1400 on a toy with no warning on the side of box saying MORE bug fixes in next update!!!!!!!

  38. Can you use the 60beat game controller with than ipod4 and fly the parrot bebop? I’ve seen it done with an AR 2.0 but not with a bebop. I’m trying to find a way to use a controller without having to shell out an additional $200-400. I haven’t found much on the iOS side. Just wondering what peopek are doing. Only android phone I have that I’m not using is an HTC Evo

    1. There is a universal controller .. I’m not sure of the name but I don’t think it would be cheap. Go to your local hobby shop they might be able to help

  39. Hi I was born with one arm and have only my left arm.

    There is nothing I can`t do in life and even flew my older AR drone 2.0 perfectly, in fact so perfect that I started doing small shows and convinced 26 people in my neighborhood to buy your Drones.

    Anyways I got my Bebop an skycontroller and immediately realized that the skycontroller might be tricky to tricky.

    So I was hoping really If there is a way that one of your brilliant experts can help my just revert the controls on the skycontroller from right to left so that the important part witch is controlled with your right hand (forward, backwards , left ,and right ) can be moved to the left stick.

    PLEASE reply I really need your help.

  40. I got a bebop drone last week and it worked fine at my house multiple times, outside it was fine on multiple occasions as well.

    When I went to my friend’s house, it hovered half a meter over the carpet, and then all of a sudden it shot into the ceiling and scratched its propellers. I went into settings and set the max height to half a meter, it was fine for a few seconds and then BAM, it hits the ceiling AGAIN -.- I returned it and exchanged it for another bebop, went to my friend’s house again but this time I strapped a sponge on top of it. It was fine and then it shot into the ceiling just like the last one. At least this time it had the sponge on top of it.

    Why is this happening and how can I fix it? I’m getting ready to return it for good because right now it’s fine, but with the probability of this happening again, I’m gonna lose $500 and it’s gonna look like its my fault when it wasn’t…. I don’t know if I’m gonna even try flying again while it’s still in one piece.

    1. Hi Filipe,

      Even though it’s easy to use out of the box, the Bebop Drone remains a complex high technology product. There are several possible explanations. It’s possible that the Bebop sensor doesn’t work indoor because of low light situation.

      We advise you to contact our support team at

      Let us know how it goes

    2. That has only happened to me once and that was because of user error. Make sure anytime you switch batteries or take it over your friends house that the very first thing you do after getting into free flight is go into your settings, set for indoor with hull and also calibrate it. In my case i figured once I calibrate it would be fine and that’s not the case. This step is very important. Calibrate after anything weird happens and also use the trim button before take off. I have had zero issues once I did that.

    3. I bought a Parrot and skycontroler my parrot did same thing inside home and one time outside it look like it will never stop flying to everywhere. And this sunday it flew away and never return home. Parrot has not answer yet. I hope you fix your before you loss it, good look

  41. I bought the drone today and it worked great after I set it up, but since im piloting it in a forestry area and forgot the “return home” feature brings it straight to the take off point instead of where your location is, it went full speed into a 50 ft tree… Luckily it was ok and just needed to be repaired but since then it keeps spinning in circles after liftoff. Perhaps something with the transmission?

    1. Was it repaired at a certified repair center if so send back with a note from you. They do not fly at repair center so state in big righting Test flight by repair center staff required.
      If you fixed your self one of the prop shafts might be bent (would cause shake) or one motor is off center (tilted ). Check iPad surface is clean.
      just trying to help

      1. It was but I’m actually selling it now, I find no more use but thank you for the help, If I ever do decide to purchase another drone and have the same incident happen again, I will check all your listed notes and refer to them once flying another drone.

  42. Hi! I just received my skycontroller, however something´s wrong: as soon as the drone takes off, without even touching the joystick, it will always fly to the right and crash by itself. I updated all firmwares and calibrated and reboot several times, always with the same result. As soon as I take control through the tablet, everything´s right again. Any idea why this happens? Thanks!

    1. Did you update skycontroller?.??
      I would recommend restore bebop to factory settings(hold down power button on bebop for 15 eeconds) and re do update. .. or first Uninstall free flight 3 from your device. Reinstall then turn skycontroller on wait till lights stop flashing then turn on ipad/device make sure your skycontroller connects to device then turn on bebop then turn free flight app on. WAIT FOR THE BEBOP AND SKYCONTROLLER icons at the bottom to turn green (GPS LOCK) then launch. If this fails I would strongly recommend returning bebop and skycontroller .
      They will send for service but trust me they put a USB in the back of the bebop and if there computer says it’s fine it will be returned to you. This happened to me I had to fly it in the car park at Harvey Norman in front of the manager to show that the service people are wrong. He agreed that the was a defiant failure and I got a new one.
      Just trying to help

  43. what is right sequence to shut down drone with skycontroller and get flight data to Academy. Without skycontroller I have no problem,but with skycontroller the data is always lost

    1. I think flight data with the skycontroller is automatically saved to your device and uploaded to academy. But you must transfer the video from the bebop to device to match up with flight data. But the device/iPad must have a Internet connection. So turn flight academy on once your home and have Internet and this should store your flight data with or without video.
      I’m not 100% but just trying to help because parrot customer service is really f#@ked

  44. Sometimes, my Bebop drops out of the sky for no apparent reason. I get a “Motor Problem (2) see motor settings” message. Question: how do I access the “motor settings”. It is not in the menu.

  45. Hi Everyone
    Just got my Bepop. Set it up, updated the firmware and fired up the drone.
    Forgot to pull off the lens protector. Pulled it off but I am not getting any video on my iPad.
    After a near catastrophic crash into a building, I downloaded the video from the drone but still not getting real time video on the iPad.
    Must be doing something wrong. Every thing else seems to be working ok.
    Appreciate some help on this.

  46. I just got my drone and started flying it. 4 minutes into the flight I am 20′ above my neighbors house and I lose all connectivity. I turn on and off the sky controller and I still can’t get it back. I tried to use the WiFi on the iPad and it wouldn’t connect. Thank god it was just hovering in low wind. I even had my son go grab the extra battery and put it on the sky controller and that didn’t work. Finally after about 8 minutes it landed. Isn’t there a feature that makes the drone come home if it loses connection. If so how do I turn it on.

  47. Is it possible to revert firmware version to an older one ?

    After updating drone firmware to version 2.0.29 Bebop seems to improperly estimate an altitude.
    During the first flight using v2.0.29 it actually started to go up until crashed into the ceiling.
    I’ve tested with the iOS sdk – the altitude that is returned is always 0.

  48. just purchase ipad mini 2, updated to iOS 8 and freeflight 3 does not display right on-screen joystick. Any one else have an issue with this.

  49. I try to connect mu drone from my phone this morning but it can not connect. Yesterday I still can fly my drone. Why this is happening so suddenly? Anyone have same experience? I live in Indonesia.

  50. Did I read that this Drone only works with an Iphone 5 or later? I have a 4S and cannot find a wifi output broadcast by the drone?

  51. Ok took bebop for first proper flight today. First battery lasted about 7 min, put on next battery had a little fly around then took bebop up to its max alt, at this point lost connection and spent the next 9 min watching it hover 40 odd meters above my head. Could not reconnect no matter what I did. Good thing it was above me so when battery died it came down near to me. Question is why did this happen, has anyone else had same thing and what’s the best way to avoid this happening again.

  52. I am using the sky controller but still get the iPad controls on the display
    How do I remove the joystick display icon so I can see more of the screen

  53. The return to home feature is set to 10 meters. Can this be changed to 40 meters? I am using the drone to fly around my property with loads of white pines. If I lose signal and the Bebop drops to 10 meters it will crash into trees!

  54. Can anyone tell me why my flights are not showing up on Drone Academy or the tab “my piloting”? This is frustrating. I use the sky controller with an android tablet. I transferred the pics and vids from the device to my tablet but that is the only record of my flight.

  55. i have the skycontroller but my bebop never travells further than 300 metres, plus my video is always wobbly, even though i have the updates

  56. Hello!
    I can’t set up Flat Trim. I click the bottom but it does not turn into colored, so this way I’m not able to flight Outdoor. How can I proceed to improve this?

  57. How to softly land my bebop 2 drone?
    When i push the landing button all the engines stop and my drone is falling on the ground

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