Watch MiniDrones Film Festival Short Movies!

1. Introducing the MiniDrones Film Festival

2. Watch the short movies by 10 international film crews

3. Register, Vote and Win prizes!* (November 22th – December 15th)

4. The Jury

5. The Prizes


1. Introducing the MiniDrones Film Festival

In 2011, Wes Ball released his animated short “Ruin”. Thanks to it and 20th Fox Studios, he became an Hollywood director making the adaptation of James Dashner’s popular novel a reality. A filmaker career began.

To celebrate the Minidrones and the DVD/Blu-Ray release December 2nd of The Maze Runner, Parrot in association with 20th Fox, give the unique chance to one film crew to present their short in Hollywood at the Fox Studios, have a private screening of The Maze Runner, the complete Parrot products collection and win 10 000$.

10 international film crews are now participating to this never-seen-before contest.

They had 4 days to complete their movie. Now their are waiting for the result.

The jury is composed of 6 Hollywood movie experts and … YOU !

Make their dream come true.

Register, Vote and Win prizes!*

2. Watch the short movies by 10 international film crews

After your registration, watch the short movies on Youtube! 50 DVDs/Blu-Rays and 15 Minidrone are yours if you like or post a comment of the movies on YouTube after registering.

3. Register, Vote and Win prizes!*

Who’s gonna be the next Hollywood director ? You decide NOW !

CountryTeamTeam Leader
FranceLes ParasitesGuillaume Desjardin
USA WashingtonBig Honkin'Austin Bragg
SpainEl mono con platillosElena Alavarez
UKLifeUp!Jon Mac Farlane
AustraliaLateNite FilmsNick Colla
GermanyThe Pit StopAviv Kosloff
South Africa113 picturesMukundi Lamabani
CanadaGrand Sarachi'sJonathan Laakso
South KoreaOBO Filmschristopher Gilmoreÿ
USA L.A.Bad and Classic ProductionsJon Redlinger
4. The Jury

The Jury of the MiniDrones Film Festival, The Maze Runner Trial is as follow:

Henri Seydoux, Parrot CEO (Best Film):

Henri Seydoux’s family has worked in the movie industry for decades. As the father of famous actress Léa Seydoux (Cannes Palme d’or La vie d’Adèle, Mission Impossible 4), he is very attached to screen talents.


Vincent Marcais, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Brand Marketing, 20th Fox (Best Film):

Vincent Marcais is not only leading one of the biggest Hollywood brand, but with 20th Century Fox, he has brought the studio productions to an all new level. He has overseen marketing outside North America since 2009, helping engineers to shift from physical distribution to delivering content on all media platforms. Before 2006, Vincent Marcais was based in London, where he was Fox’s VP of marketing for European home entertainment.


Marc Gareton

Marc Gareton, Executive Vice President International Warner Bros (Best Director):

Marc Gareton is one of the international talents building the Hollywood legend everyday. He joined Warner Home Video in 1995 in a senior marketing role in France before being promoted to Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand and then to Senior Vice President Canada, Latin America and Australia/New Zealand. Marc Gareton then served as Senior Vice President, Business Decision Support for Warner Home Video and Senior Vice President, International, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution.


Jacques Barreau

Jacques Barreau, Vice President, Worldwide Dubbing and Subtitling at Warner Bros (Best Actor):

Jacques Barreau’s day to day challenge is to cast hundreds of international talents for the biggest Hollywood productions of the studio. He supervises the dubbing and subtitling of all Warner Bros. Production for every Movies, TV Shows and Games in the entire world. He founded his own production company in Los Angeles in 1991. Since his hit with Space Jam casting, he never stop facing challenges with creativity and talent, bringing the master pieces of the studio with the best actors in all languages.


Jean-Christophe Poulain

Jean-Christophe Poulain, Animation Artist, Disney Aniation Studios (Best Picture):

For 25 years, Jean-Christophe Poulain has worked for the legendary animation studio. In charge of the layout, giving life to many world known characters, he animated such big successes like Tarzan or Hercule. Working with John Lasseter on the new best 3D animation blockbusters like Frozen or the recent Big Hero 6, he is now one of the most talented animator in Hollywood.


Philippe Chany

Philippe Chany, Movie Composer (Best Music):

Philippe Chnay has always played and composed music. He worked as the official composer for many television shows. He worked with many talents such as the Haute Couture fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier. Movie composer for 25 years, he especially composed the score of the international peplum blockbuster Astérix: Mission Cleopatra.



5. The Prizes

50 DVDs/Blu-Rays and 15 Minidrone are yours if you like or post a comment of the movies on YouTube.

*Term and Condition:

Parrot & 20th Century Fox MiniDrones Film Festival



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24 thoughts on “Parrot & 20th Century Fox MiniDrones Film Festival

  1. Very creative! Love the short film concept to illustrate the potential of the mini drones. Ce n’est qu’une question de temps avant que ces petits drones deviennent des acteurs dans des longs métrages…
    P.S. It should be “5. The Prizes” (not 5. the Prices) : une erreur de Google Translate sans doute 😉

  2. I’m 66 years old and I enjoy using both Drones. The AR2 is really fun and my neighbors get a kick but they don’t like the video cam. I film the animals like all the dogs we walk. The Spider is really fun with my cats all 7 of them and the cats try to catch it. I’ll vote for the best video.

  3. I vote for France!
    I think the video is great since it shows off the features of the drones and at the same time shows the fun side of the drones. It is a good ad since people would also want to watch as well get a drone!

  4. I have A question… I registered here with my real identity, however in youtube I have a random username… If I win something, how will you be able to know that it is me? Should I do a new registration here with the username I have on youtube?

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