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Learn more about Drone Academy on FreeFlight 3

The Drone Academy, created in 2012 for AR.Drone, is now available on FreeFlight 3 for iOS and Android! You can join Drone Academy with over 400,000 pilots and more than 4 millions flights registered!


Connect to Parrot Cloud to share your flight stats with other pilots!

  • Keep track of all your sessions and share your photos, videos (AR.Drone 2.0, Jumping Sumo and Bebop Drone only) and navigation data with other members of the Parrot Cloud.
  • Share instantly to YouTube or Facebook.
  • Backup your sessions and acrobatics data for free.

You can download FreeFlight 3 on the App store now:


Freeflight 3 is compatible with the MiniDrones (Rolling Spider & Jumping Sumo) and the Bebop Drone only. Thanks to your Academy account, you will see your flight statistics coming from your MiniDrone and Bebop Drone.



Share your flight/run pictures and videos with other pilots:



Discover other pilots flight/run on the Drone Academy World Map!

photo 2


If you are an AR.Drone Pilot with an Academy Account: 

  • For AR.Drone pilots, please keep your Freeflight 2 app to pilot your AR.Drone.
  • You can use your AR.Drone Academy  login and password on FreeFlight 2 to log into the Drone Academy on FreeFlight 3 if you also own a Minidrone or a Bebop Drone.


photo 1

If you are a new pilot : 

  • You can create a Drone Academy account on FreeFlight 3 app.


  • You can also register your MiniDrone via the Drone Academy in order to get exclusive information:



MiniDrones runs/flights statistics will come in the next relases! Please stay tuned!



  1. Andre Fernando Da Silva says:

    Hello. Are there plans to support AR Drone 2 ?

  2. Marc De Pooter says:

    I really liked the control system of my new rolling spider. It worked flawlessly… before the new update!!!
    After the update it crashed itself to peaces, straight from the start at full power. Even though I had limited the max inclination to minimum speed. The result was a 100€ loss and a disappointed face, after less than 1 second of flying …

  3. damien GERDES says:

    damien GERDES • a minute ago
    J’habite à côté de Strasbourg et toujours pas l’ombre d’un bebop bleu avec sky… Nous sommes le 6 janvier, c’est lamentable pour une boîte française….qui livre d’autres pays en priorité.
    Introuvable à la Fnac : “vous pouvez le commander, mais Parrot ne communique pas sur les délais, ça peut mettre plusieurs semaines”, introuvable chez Boulanger et chez Darty qui n’en ont même pas vu l’emballage.
    Alors c’est bien joli d’en parler à tout le monde depuis mai si on arrive même pas à le livrer pour Noël !!!

  4. Fabio says:

    Parrot do you can tell me if accademy features will be in Windows freeflight version?

  5. Mike Johnson says:

    The Best Drone Reviews and Comparisons Site check it here : http://pickyourdrone.com

  6. Dennis Beck says:

    is drone academy bebop working for android (I cannot find it on freeflight)?

  7. faber58 says:

    Hi all
    In the academy you can delete individual missions preserving the global stats?

  8. Petter Marklund says:

    I am having problems with the droneacademy. Almost half of my flights with my bebop doesn’t get registered on the drone academy. What am I doing wrong? Is there any special order to turn off the skycontroller/bebop/ipad after flying? I have tried waiting a minute or so before turning everything off but that didn’t help. Seems totally random if the flight gets registered…

    • Emanuele Lombardo says:

      I am having the same problem and I don’t know how to solve it pls if u solved it can you tell me how u did.
      Thanks in advance

    • Delvis Gamboa says:

      I have lost some flights. I use IPhone 6 plus

    • Darth Shawn says:

      It seems as though none of my flights are logged when I use the Sky Controller.

    • Hyrum Hansen says:

      You must exit freeflight and wait on the home screen. On the Drone Academy tile you can see small print showing the flight statistics being transferred from the drone, to your phone, and then uploaded to the academy. Once it shows all flights have been uploaded to Drone Academy, you can power off everything. It takes about 10 minutes to upload 30 flights.

  9. Eino Tiirikainen says:

    FreeFlight 3.0 constantly gives APPLICATION STOPPED WORKING, in another words it CRASHES real often…on Samsung Galaxy S5 snapdragon based, and on Galaxy K Zoom exynos based processor…hope u could fix it soon?

    Also i liked the way stats where displayed on media files, in ArDrone 2.0 and on FL3 there is only this stats and curves on different page…

  10. NRS says:

    I too cannot get Bebop to record piloting’s on the Academy. It recorded first flight when using Freeflight and my Galaxy Note 10.1 when using the Sky Controller and Galaxy connected no flights are recorded. Any answers ?

  11. jrc says:

    my jumping spider flights show in the academy, but most of them (not all) are missing all flight data… it just shows there was a flight, 0:00 duration, with no chart or anything. Some of the flights do register. I see no pattern to which ones appear and which ones dont. Ive been flight training and wanted to see the altimeter/airspeed plots… I just did three flights, exited to the main menu, waited for the drone academy icons to show the transfer was done, then powered the drone off and plugged it into the charger. Then, I connected my ipad mini 3 (cellular model) to a wi-fi hotspot, and logged onto Drone Academy. The new three flights appear in the list, but all three have null data.
    What am I doing wrong?

  12. Sajid says:

    hello as I can erase the pictures from the gallery of the application of freeflight 3

  13. Patrick Ryan says:

    Hi- just had my first flight with my Bebop- no crashes, but there seems to be a control issue- I’m using an iPad Air for a controller, and the drone will only fly up/down and rotate- when I tilt the iPad, there is no forward or backward movement… Am I missing something here???

  14. RensD Drone says:

    I’m trying to register my Drone (Bebop) in the ‘My Drones’ section, but it never shows.
    How come?

  15. RensD Drone says:

    I have a problem with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 2. (GT-P5100).
    I can connect only on 2.4 GHz. (5 GHz does not work).
    I can fly, but I have no streaming video.
    How do I make that work please?

  16. AerialArt says:

    I take aerial pictures as a hobby and have two ar 2.0 and one 1.0, I wanted to step it up so I saved up enough to purchase the bebop with sky control, i have been having a lot of trouble with it. It keeps flying erratically. It just doesn’t seem to be working like it should
    Please help

  17. Delvis Gamboa says:

    I love my parrot drone But it does not return home with its funtion It goes somewhere else but not where it take off

  18. Michael Lessard says:

    How can we use the drone academy while we are connected to the drone? Because when we are connected to the drone (via wireless) we can’t use of Internet. Thx.

  19. Keith MAN says:

    Hi, I own a rolling spider and have flown it for a couple of weeks. For some reason, after I updated the software my rolling spider kept increasing altitude even though I wasn’t touching my smart phone. I was flying indoors so one of the propellers got badly bent after crashing into my ceiling. May you please fix this issue? I’ll be glad if it got fixed! Also, I own a jumping sumo and it worked flawlessly all the time! I enjoyed it very much. But after all, please fix the issue with the rolling spider.

  20. Eugenio De Zagottis says:

    I get no video stream to my skycontroller. If I connect the bebop directly to my ipad, than I get normal video streaming, which means that the camera is working perfectly. How do I restore the video streaming?

  21. medros says:

    I got a new rolling spider today and every time I try to register my drone, it says it failed, even when on a strong wifi signal. I updated to the latest firmware, and it’s connected via my iPhone 4s running iOS 7.

  22. Stephanie says:

    Can’t even connect. Had to take the first drone back because it was broken upon opening the package. I now have my second drone and the app continuously crashes and won’t register. Very disappointed in this product.

  23. compukit says:

    I whis that parot fix the problems whit the software (free flicht 3 end ar.flicht) . It is inposebel to regist a drone. I im trying a week stil noting. And it is not uploading eniting no movies and no photos no fly data. Also a fren use free flicht 3 i cant even fint him on the map. I mailt them a week ago stil no anser or selution for my problems.

  24. compukit says:

    It whoud by more fun if the software was working . Whit the software for ar drone it wont upload movies of photos it wont even upload the flicht gps it wont even let my put in my youtube acound. For the jumping sumo. It wond let my regist it end it wond upload the photos. I hope the fix it

  25. Rob says:

    I can’t seem to get my academy to connect to facebook. Any tips on how I can make it connect?

  26. Igottafeeva says:


  27. Roberto Salari says:

    Hi guys!! I’m at the first experiences with my Rolling Spider… It’s wonderful?, but I have a little problem: if I push the photo icon during a free filght, I think that I will find the photo in gallery of the drone, but there isn’t!!! I’ve also tried to push a lot of times but nothing… just one photo in 4 or 5 flights… Could you help me?

  28. Roberto Salari says:

    Help me!!! My rolling spider is suddenly became crazy!!! It was hovering when it turn up side down!!! Now is impossible to control it!!! I pushed the Flat Trim button but now is not controllable, It moves fast in all directions also after restart it!!!!!

  29. Tom says:

    Hello I was really like about the kind of drone that you have created, (I was)
    The incidents had happened on 5Sep when I was filming a video around the sea side, I have fly it with the sky controller, it was very well(now) then when I press the returned home button, it went crazy,
    it flip 2 round and it suddenly the engine went off ,it drops into the water and one of my friends had jump into the water and gotten it back , and till now I do not know what to do and I also do not dare to fly the drone again . The only question that I wanted to ask is (is that any solution to soft this? It cost me 1300 over SGD??
    Do I need to bring to the repair centre ?
    And may I know that would my drone can never start again?????

  30. Niei says:

    Dear Parrot, I have just started with my new bebop drone and after a few flight I started looking for the Flight Plan feature indicated on the packagging. Could you give me direction for in the app on how to find the feature please !!

  31. Jo Tizen says:

    I’m interested in getting this drone the PARROT Airborne Night Drone http://smalldronesreview.com/2015/09/20/parrot-small-airborne-night-drone-quadcopter-review/ when is the availability of this?

  32. WoodyB says:

    Everywhere Parrot is showing that you get flight plan…. Also on the website of parrot… Yeaah, i wanne buy that! Now couple months later still no flight plan :(
    If i know that before i didn’t buy the bebop… Grrrrr. Dont make promises or give money back….

  33. Jay Robinson says:

    When are the new update coming out. That has been promised

  34. Jay Robinson says:

    Where is the support? I see good questions with no reply from parrot.
    I’m Feeling ripped off.
    I want a refund. Because of false advertising.

  35. Maicon Leal says:

    Good morning, my Parrot drone Bebop is no stability in the camera. the camera is rolling around flight. what it can be? how they can help me.

  36. Delvis Gamboa says:

    I updated my freeflight3 yesterday (Friday, oct,23/2015) after I updated my drone fly everywhere It is not easy to control with and Iphone6 neither with Skycontroller.

  37. Bob Green says:

    I’m still having trouble getting into Drone Academy! I’ve been chatting with Customer Service for a month now I think. I’m all registered. I put my password into my “password vault” on my phone so I wouldn’t forget and I was able to log in 2 or 3 times, however, it (Drone Academy) seems to have forgotten my password! It will no longer let me in! No problem! (one would think) You just click on that little “I think I forgot my password” link and they either send you a new one or allow you to reset your password (or something like that). You then get a little window into which you put your email address and login name and hit send! Hmmm…no email. Let’s try this again. Login name…email address…send. Waiting…still waiting…going to get a snack…waiting…check spam bucket (nope)…waiting…nope! Nothing…no emails from Parrot to reset the password! Well…maybe they forgot me all together! Let’s try re-registering! Let’s see…User Name…password…Confirm password…email…yep! I agree with the terms of use. Sure…you can send me some junk mail once in awhile! Register my profile! Oops…can’t use that email!?! …it’s already registered!?! Hmmm…I guess they haven’t forgotten me…or at least my email!!! I wonder why they won’t send me a reset for my password!?!?!?!? …any ideas???

    BTW…I’m using a 6s Plus!

  38. Frank Mickey says:

    I have a Bebop, and just loaded Flight Plan. I can define a plan, but when I try to fly it, I get a warning pop-up for weak GPS signal. The drone status says it’s locating – what can I do to figure out why GPS location isn’t working? Thanks!

  39. Donnie Cockerton says:

    i have just got the bebop and for got my login and password..Been trying to reset them with no luck. can anyone help? I can not make a new one with the same e mail

  40. Donnie Cockerton says:

    drone academy login

  41. Sinead O'Connor says:

    I just got a new mini drone but I can’t set up an account in the app it keeps saying its inaccessible? Really annoying

  42. Jeremy Shepard says:

    I am having 2 issues.

    First, when trying to connect to my Bebop from my LG G4 I constant get disconnected midflight and in the middle of file transfers. My phone then shows the network as “disabled”. I can connect from my Surface Pro 4 with no problems.

    Second, regardless which device I connect with I cannot link the drone to my Drone Academy account. If I select “my drones” while connected I get told there is no internet, but when not connected to the Bebop “my drones” is empty.

  43. Kai Clayton-Walker says:

    What do the icons underneath drone academy on freeflight mean?

  44. Tommaso Santarelli says:

    How can I recover the password of my drone academy account? Thanks.

  45. Does Drone Academy have an affiliate program? I’d love to promote it on my site (http://bestpersonaldrones.com)

  46. richard garcia says:

    This app sucks it flew my drone without letting me control it what so ever i slowly watched my drone dissapear into the sky while i was pulling the throttle stick down and pushind the landing button im very disappointed im still looking up at the sky in disbelief looks like someone out there is going to be happy with their new drone i hope it does the same and comes back to me … what a waist of money i feel a zzz if i have been robbed

  47. Steven Gerogianis says:

    I cant even use my drone. The button for free flight does not appear.

  48. David B says:

    Hi there, I recently received the orak minidrone for Xmas. This thing is driving me nuts, I finally got it to connect to my iPhone, then I had to do an update which I downloaded off the net and transferred it into the root file. Once in I safely disconnected the minidrone, however now the right orange light is still solid. It has not started flashing for nearly 10 minutes. The drone is getting hotter and hotter. I’ve tried to reconnect via blue tooth but it’s “impossible”.
    What the hell is going on with this thing? Will I ever get to use it or is a waste of my time and $?

  49. Darren Robinson says:

    what the max altitude for the bebop drone as i took it out today for a first flight and it just dropped out of the sky.
    not sure if i was out of range but it didn’t seem that high

    • Brian S. says:

      150m is max height, and it wouldn’t drop like that if it reached the max height. Something else happened.

    • Richard Smith says:

      A free fall from flight happened to me today but i know what had happened, i was flying from my tablet today not my smart Phone the screen was not as sensitive to my touch. i was hovering around 32 feet trying to move the camera up when i accidentally engaged the EMERGENCY icon and the Motors just Stop and the Drone Falls it landed square about a 1 foot bounce, logged a crash but still in good shape.

      Maybe in the next update of free-flight 3 we can get an Emergency button which activates by two finger touch top left corner and top right corner may work.

      Just my 2 cents worth.

  50. Yanis06620 says:

    Je narrive pas a mettre mon adresse e-mail pour m’inscrire sur drone academy. Aidez moi svp.

  51. Flaied says:

    How do i record video and do tricks

  52. Danny Salas says:

    I can’t remember my username and password for my account
    Is there a way to reset??

  53. Matt Hall says:

    Since joining the drone academy I cannot free fly anymore :/ I have to pay another £14 to get flight plan nothing else about flying my drone so ive just paid £70 for nothing? And if I want to use it more I have to pay another £15 seems like yet more money spinning products :/

  54. Delvis Gamboa says:

    Why You paid? If everything is free, App for free flight3 is free and update for Flight Plan also FREE I only paid for my Drone

  55. Seth says:

    Hi parrot team my new rolling spider was going great for the first couple of weeks then the battery just stopped working on the MiniDrone it’s very annoying because I only got it not long ago……..by the way I think the free flight app is great

  56. John John says:

    verry good program.I buy the travis cargo minidrone.The drone is PERFECT but the only thing is that the battery is losted verry fast

  57. DdDoug says:

    How do I delete photos and videos from my gallery in drone Academy?

  58. cotne margvelashvili says:

    hello i have bebop 2 and when i try to control drone with freeflight 3 it not controled Adequately. for example when i press take off sensor it turn on propelers but not take off.
    I don’t know how to solve it pls if u solved it, can you tell me how

  59. Nicholas Ma says:

    It says the email cannot have a special
    character then how do i log in

  60. Kim-André Skikstein says:

    How do I access my account without a Facebook account? And I refuse to get one!

  61. ghosttjr says:

    Where can i find the world map (with other users) in Freeflight Pro?????

  62. Scott says:

    Can you connect max the racing jump drone to the drone accadamy and how if possible

  63. MAC Mason says:

    I recently bought an ar drone 2.0. I downloaded the freeflight app, and registered so I could log into the Drona academy. No matter how many times I try, it tells me I have the wrong username or password. And I have reset the password MULTIPLE times!! Very frustrating and discouraging!

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