Learn more about Drone Academy on FreeFlight 3


The Drone Academy, created in 2012 for AR.Drone, is now available on FreeFlight 3 for iOS and Android! You can join Drone Academy with over 400,000 pilots and more than 4 millions flights registered! WHAT IS THE DRONE ACADEMY? Connect to Parrot

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Parrot engineers flight tests: first 1080p footage made with Bebop Drone prototypes


Parrot Bebop Drone Thanks to algorithms developed by Parrot engineers, the bebop Drone benefits from an exclusive 3-axes image stabilization system that maintains a fixed angle of the view, regardless of the inclination of the drone and its movements caused

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Parrot works with prestigious universities and laboratories to make precision agriculture and horticulture accessible to everyone


In order to develop the Flower Power, Parrot led a scientific collaboration with universities and precision agriculture and horticulture specialists, in order to make precision agriculture and horticulture accessible to everyone. Tests of thousands of  plants were conducted in the laboratories of

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