Parrot’s innovative infotainement system, SOCA, has been chosen by Renault to equip ‘EOLAB‘ : a concept-car integrating new technologies aimed at reducing vehicle energy demand.


The new concept-car from Renault Design named ‘EOLAB’ will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show 2014 (October 4-19, 2014). It only consumes 1l/100 km and integrates Parrot SOCA, our leading connected infotainment system !

With Parrot SOCA, Parrot offers a unique vision of the connected car via a scalable and flexible infotainment system running on Android 4.4.

With Parrot SOCA, the driver benefits from Android’s easy-to-use and upgradable platform, as well as numerous services, including:

  • Bluetooth hands-free telephony with vocal recognition
  • Internet access via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/USB or modem 4G
  • Sharing of multimedia content
  • Analog and digital radio
  • Mirroring of iOS or Android Smartphones
  • Apps adapted to automotive environment:
    • Navigation GPS
    • Music
    • Driving assistance: parking, gas stations, etc.

“‘EOLAB’ concept-car from RENAULT is a superb platform for innovation,” said Henri Seydoux, CEO of PARROT. “It perfectly illustrates the benefits of SOCA, our scalable infotainment architecture, and represents an important step in the deployment of our connected solutions.”

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Renault chooses PARROT to equip its ‘EOLAB’ concept-car



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