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Parrot MiniDrones invasion has begun! Where to buy MiniDrones in the US

The MiniDrones have landed in stores! Be prepared to pilot one of them!

You can now purchase Parrot’s MiniDrones in-store or online at the following retailers:










And from this online retailer:


If you live in Canada, go to this article.





How-To-Pilot Jumping Sumo


How-To-Pilot Rolling Spider

Devices compatibility with MiniDrones 


  1. Edward Miro says:

    what are the price range

  2. Thomas Finney says:

    When are these available Best Buy still says coming soon

    • Guest says:


      On Apple.com, it’s said that :

      Rolling Spider status:
      Available to ship: Within 24 hours

      Jumping Sumo status:
      Available to ship: August

  3. maxeman says:

    When are these shipping? Apple is telling me they are definitely NOT available. And that your site is wrong.

    • Guest says:


      On Apple.com today, here are the status for MiniDrones:

      Rolling Spider status:
      Available to ship: Within 24 hours

      Jumping Sumo status:
      Available to ship: August

    • Andrew Lewis says:

      You can buy it on Amazon and it is currently in stock.

  4. Thomas Finney says:

    Why announce a product as available when it is not actually available ?

  5. nrockin58 says:

    Does the android version let you see “live” footage while piloting the drone so you can fly to different rooms without you actually moving with it?

    • Parrot says:

      Concerning the Jumping Sumo, you will have the live streaming video on your device.
      For the Rolling Spider, you will have just the vertical camera, so it will be better if you follow your drone.
      Kind regards,
      Parrot’s Team

  6. QuadcopterHQ says:

    Are these going to be available in-stores at all? I’ve tried to find the Rolling Spider at the retailers mentioned here, and none of them had it (and a few had no idea what is was). Are they only going to be offered online?

    I was finally able to order one directly from Apple and it says it is shipping, but to be honest a little clarity on where they would be available would have helped; clearly they haven’t really “landed in stores” yet.

  7. Parrot says:

    The MiniDrones are in limited supply for now. More of them are coming.
    Best regards,
    Parrot’s Team

  8. Edoardo says:

    Did you can send it to Jakarta Indonesia? If I want to buy from you? Thank you.

  9. Александр Милюткин says:

    The trailer lied a bit. I hoped there would be a life streaming camera in Rolling Spider.

  10. Edoardo says:

    I just received a shipment of Jumping Sumo yesterday. I have problems on my new toy. Where I have followed the instructions from the quick start guide where my problem is:
    1. Between The Jumping Sumo and my Iphone 5S is already have connected with wifi Jumping Sumo but nothing happened show the connection because of this connections of my Iphone 5S screen I do not get out of his Jumping Sumo Camera. Could you Please explain?
    2. In accordance with the instructions in the Quick Start guide that to turn off the Jumping sumo just push the on-off button on the head of Jumping Sumo. But it could not. Please explain.
    thank you

  11. Botya says:

    hello/ how I can be a delaer?

  12. YANKEE says:

    Did you can send it to MANAUS – BRASIL? If I want to buy from you? Thank you

  13. Nilesh Jivani says:

    I would like to know the release date of BEBOP drone…????????????!!!!!

  14. Andrew Lewis says:

    This Parrot Mini Drone is entertaining. On the other hand, do your self an help and buy a charger off Amazon with three charging ports and two batteries in the neighbourhood of $35.00 u.s. as well as for the investment if you master immediately.

    Love my Parrot Mini Drone Rolling Spider Mini Drone. You specified I can take video from my smart phone. Is that mean I am recording via point of view and phone’s lens or do the high-quality camera in the RS transfer video footage to the smart phone? If so, how can I prepare it all function at the same time flying Parrot Mini Drone? Looking forward for your reply and please do let me know! Thanks in advance!


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