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The Road plan function enables you to program and save a ride for the Parrot Jumping Sumo. To access this function, press Road plan.

At any time you can press < to return to the main menu. The road plan is saved automatically

Defining a road plan

Note: You have the option of creating your road plans without being connected to a Parrot Jumping Sumo.


1– List of actions: Drag yourfingerto the right orleft to scroll through the available actions

2 – Schematic representation of the environment in which the Parrot Jumping Sumo is going to evolve.Each square represents a zone of1m2. Spread yourfingers out on the plan to zoom in or pinch to zoom out.

3 – Actions planned on your road plan

4 – Trajectory ofthe Parrot Jumping Sumo

5 – Press the button to start the ride.


Press on an action and drag it into the right-hand column to add it to the road plan.

The corresponding trajectory is displayed on the environment.

  • press down on an action to modify its settings;
  • press down for 2 seconds on an action and drag it to a new position to modify the order ofthe actions within yourroad plan.

Press  play to start the ride.



Available actions list :

Action of the Parrot Jumping Sumo
Moving forward
Defining the distance to be covered

Following a circular trajectory
the setting Angle will need to take the
value of α (in degrees)

Le paramètre Rayon devra prendre la valeur de r (en mètres)
Modifying the speed
You m ay insert several speed-type actions with different values into the
road plan.
StoppingDefine the stopping length

Taking a photo
To stop the recording, insert another action Saving, and select Off
Changing the position
Change mode Jumper/Kicker or Autobalance
Performing a jump, kicking an object or loading the spring
Modifying the color and luminosity of the eyes
Select the eyes and define the luminosity ofthe selected eye.
To switch the eyes off, insert an action, defining the luminosity as 0%.
Performing preprogrammed acrobatics
Select the acrobatics type.

Manage road plans:

As you define a road plan, it is automatically saved


Press  folder to access the list of road plans and display the saved dates and times and their durations.

Press  crayonto rename a road plan.

Press  trash to delete it.

Press  crayon2in the top right-hand corner to create a new road plan.


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