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The Road plan function enables you to program and save a ride for the Parrot Jumping Sumo. To access this function, press Road plan.

At any time you can press < to return to the main menu. The road plan is saved automatically

Defining a road plan

Note: You have the option of creating your road plans without being connected to a Parrot Jumping Sumo.


1– List of actions: Drag yourfingerto the right orleft to scroll through the available actions

2 – Schematic representation of the environment in which the Parrot Jumping Sumo is going to evolve.Each square represents a zone of1m2. Spread yourfingers out on the plan to zoom in or pinch to zoom out.

3 – Actions planned on your road plan

4 – Trajectory ofthe Parrot Jumping Sumo

5 – Press the button to start the ride.


Press on an action and drag it into the right-hand column to add it to the road plan.

The corresponding trajectory is displayed on the environment.

  • press down on an action to modify its settings;
  • press down for 2 seconds on an action and drag it to a new position to modify the order ofthe actions within yourroad plan.

Press  play to start the ride.



Available actions list :

[table id=9 /]

Manage road plans:

As you define a road plan, it is automatically saved


Press  folder to access the list of road plans and display the saved dates and times and their durations.

Press  crayonto rename a road plan.

Press  trash to delete it.

Press  crayon2in the top right-hand corner to create a new road plan.


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