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How-to-pilot Jumping Sumo


Discover the Parrot Jumping Sumo, a connected robot with a strong personality. With it, each element of your surroundings becomes a challenge. 

First, you need to download the free app (Freeflight 3) on your smartphone or your tablet.


Please launch FreeFlight 3 app with internet connection (Wifi or 3G), then go to the menu “Update” . If a new version of the firmware is available, it will be detected and downloaded automatically.

Then, when you will reconnect to the Jumping Sumo wifi, you can launch the downloaded update file.

To download the firmware on your computer, go to our support web pages : http://www.parrot.com/support/parrot-jumping-sumo
Choose the latest version, click download and put the file into a Mini-usb key. Then, just connect the mini-usb key to your Jumping Sumo to make the update and leave your robot a short moment until it restarts.

  • Insert the fully charged battery
  • Activate your Wi-Fi on your tablet or smartphone
  • In the network menu, select “Jumping Sumo”
  • Upon connection, its LED turns green and it moves: Your Sumo Jumping is ready!

Now, open the Freeflight 3 app.

Check if your Jumping Sumo is updated and start piloting by tapping “start” button on the home screen.

If your smartphone does not support connection to the 5GHz Wi-Fi band, you have the option of manually switching the network generated by the Parrot Jumping Sumo to the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band without using the application. To do this, press down for 3 seconds on the On/Off button.


Freeflight 3 has a minimalist and intuitive new interface. On the piloting screen you can find:


  • A left joystick to move forward and backward
  • An emergency button if you want to stop the jumping instantly
  • Custom animations menu
  • Swipes that allows you to turn very fast
  • Jumps
  • Position button (Jumper/Kicker/Autobalance)
  • Camera/photo
  • Settings



Jumping Sumo is very easy to pilot

To make your robot drives forward or back, just slide your thumb on the left joystick.



To control the direction of the Jumping Sumo, tilt your smartphone or tablet to the left and the right. You can turn very fast if you go likes this and be precise if you tilt very slightly.

To make a quarter turn in less than a second, swipe with your finger on the right side of the screen.

Also, swipe your finger up and down (on the right side of the screen) to make a 180 ° turn (u-turn).

  • To jump with your Jumping Sumo, simply press this icon on the top-right of the screen.
  • To perform a long jump, press the “long jump” icon

It is also possible to jump during movement. For this, pre-charge the jump by sliding “long jump” icon on the left. Then trigger the jump by tapping the long-jump button while the drone is moving.


Jumping Sumo has adjustable wheels for 2 piloting experiences:

The wheels open give Jumping sumo a greater stability in high-speed.

But if you re-tract them, it enhance agility and allows you to drive through narrow areas.


Jumping Sumo has 3 piloting modes: Jumper, Kicker and Autobalance.

By pressing once on this button change-positionthe Jumping turns back. And staying press on this button, the drone switches to autobalance mode that allows you to ride on uneven surface such as carpet, bed…

You can use the power of the Jumping to kick objects. To do this, sets the jumping backwards and precharge a jump before an object. Finally activate the jump to shoot in it.



Several fun animations are prerecorded in the jumping sumo. To activate them, go into the animation menu and select one. Then, the drone will run it automatically!

Here is the first tricks that you can already do:

  • Spin
  • Tap
  • Slow shake
  • Metronome
  • Etc…

These animations can be performed while the drone is moving.

Sans titre


In the settings menu, you can:

  • Change the name of your drone for easy recognition
  • Choose the sound of the animation and the sound volume
  • Modify max speed
  • Modify max turn speed
  • Modify neutral rotation speed



You can also record videos and take pictures! To do this, connect any micro USB key that has at least 100Mb available to the head of the Jumping Sumo.

  • To take a photo, click on the “Photo” icon on the piloting screen.
  • To record a video, click on the “Rec” icon at the top of the screen, to stop the video simply press the icon a second time.

You can download your videos and photos from the Photo Gallery via WiFi onto your Smartphone or Tablet. Select the video or image you want to save and click Download. You can also connect the mini USB key to your computer.


The “road map” allows you to schedule a course with acrobatics .

  • To make a road plan, select in the homescreen of the app “Road Plan”.
  • To add actions, swipe the icons in the list to the right of your screen. To change variables (duration, length ..), click on the items in the list. The simulated path appears then on the left side of the screen. To start the course, click on the “play” icon.




iOS 7.1 or later: http://www.parrot.com/usa/compatibility/apple/Android : http://www.parrot.com/au/compatibility/android/
iPhone 4SNexus 7 Tab
iPhone 5Samsung Tab Pro
iPhone 5CMotorola Moto E
iPhone 5SSamsung Galaxy S4
iPod Touch 5GNexus 5
iPad miniHTC One M8
iPad 3 RetinaLG G2
iPad AirLG G3
Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro
Samsung Grand 2
Sony Xperia Z2
Sony Xperia Z1
Sony Xperia E1
Samsung Galaxy S3

SUPPORT : http://www.parrot.com/support/parrot-jumping-sumo/



  • Sam

    Is there a way to steer the jumping sumo other than using the 90 degree turns? I’d like to be able to have more fine-grained control than that.

    • http://www.parrot.com Parrot

      You can control it more precisely by inclining your smartphone/tablet.
      Best regards,
      Parrot’s Team

    • Andrew Davies

      I’d love to see this too, better control. Use tilt movements to do the 90/180 and have a right thumb stick or just a 4 way (like pocket Nintendo style). I use mine at work for inspections

  • anon

    no charging station? that’s annoying

    • http://www.parrot.com Parrot

      Hi, an independent battery charger will come soon.
      Please be a little more patient.
      Kind regards,
      Parrot’s Team

      • Chase

        Funny, you posted this 5 months ago. Still no charger. It sure is going to be sad when you become known as the first mainstream drone manufacturer out on the scene for your craft, and then be the first one to go bankrupt, just because you couldn’t provide any good customer support. Let me know when you have to sell the company, Im sure I could find a couple engineering and business interns to fix all these rudimentary issues your company has. —Fun products though

        • http://www.parrot.com Parrot

          Can you please tell us in which country you are? The charger is currently available on our online eshop.

    • ProfessorP18

      The whole robot is a charger… But do what Parrot says and buy the charging port. That’s what I did and considering when I’m driving mine I don’t drain the battery very fast I can just alternate batteries when one gets flat.

  • JayReddy

    Who would I get ahead about making investments, getting up to higher corporate I’ve got some ideas that would Amaze. God bless

  • Bing

    Did any press button be off ?

    • http://www.parrot.com Parrot

      Hi, the on-off button is on the head of Jumping Sumo

  • Naif

    I am unable to locate the jumping sumo in the wifi list and a I used iphone 5 and 5s

    • http://www.parrot.com Parrot

      Please try the following instruction :
      If your smartphone does not support connection to the 5GHz Wi-Fi band, you have the option of manually switching the network generated by the Parrot Jumping Sumo to the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band without using the application. To do this, press down for 3 seconds on the On/Off button.

  • Dan

    Will there be a SDK for this in the future?

  • Lino Shub

    Hi, I saw a parrot comercial on youtube and the jumping sumo haf somekind of clip wich allowed it to carry a chocolatebar. Where can I get the “carry-clip”?

    • http://www.parrot.com Parrot

      Hi, the video you watched was used for the last CES. The MiniDrones you saw on it are prototypes. The carry-clip feature was only used for the protos.

      • Domenico

        hi, will not be sold even in the future the “carry-clip”?

        • jacobawesome1


      • jacobawesome1

        oh com on!

  • Ghady

    Hi, I’ve purchased a jumping sumo, and it doesn’t make any sound. Why ?

  • james

    l have bought the jumping sumo and had it for a week all of a sudden the camera stopped working whats going on? please help

  • Ted

    My robot has stopped jumping! Is there a way to reset the solenoid? It doesn’t seem to retracting the kicker.

    • ColbyS

      See my comment below.

    • Yo Mon

      It might be stuck or low battery

  • Domenico

    in your video. Jumping sumo had a hook to grab objects, but there is not in the package.
    Coming later this piece?

    Best regards

    • Domenico
    • Manuel Quinones

      According to parrot, that vid was for CES. Those mini drones were prototypes. :/

    • Tyler Mccoy

      My jumping sumo isn’t working it now says jump break blocked can you help me it’s new and it was expensive .

  • Naif

    My jumping sumo is not jumping , any idea what is the issue ?

    • IanSuhDB

      Maybe something is stuck or broken

    • Devon Moore

      the small wheel inside the Sumo that retracts the jumping arm is plastic and flimsy and its integrity is almost always compromised after a few jumps, im hoping that Parrot will start making them out of aluminum or some other light metal

  • S Frae

    Hi, I have a jumping sumo, When doing the high jump the spring goes back in and click repeatedly and does not jump..help needed Thanks

    • ColbyS

      Take the top of the body off, underneath is a round disk. That disk is broken and the metal arm is slipping out of it not allowing it to jump. The rebuild kit is $20. I had to do the same thing.

  • Naif

    Hi, my jumping sumo is not jumping, any idea how to fix it?

    • Sampath Manjula Kumara Elpitiy

      Change gear wheel

  • Vicente

    Is it possible to operate jumping sumo with the iPhone 6 and / or iPhone6 ​​plus? And if that is not possible, when will it be?

  • jayson

    how do I turn off the volume?! Thanks

    • ProfessorP18

      Hit settings and on the 5th one (the last) its has the four options and dial.

  • Craig Busbridge

    Can this device be controlled over the Internet. It would be a great house surveillance camera.

  • Shawn Johnson

    My sumo won’t turn back no lights help

  • Julio Cuadrado

    My sumo stop jumping, help!

    • Sampath Manjula Kumara Elpitiy

      Check your gear wheel

  • Tyler Perry

    Hi, where do you get the rebuild kit? I just opened my drone today, used the jump feature 4 times, and now it does everything but jump. Doesn’t really seem like a $160 dollar item.

    • kt dl

      I had the same issue with jumping and replaced the unit. The replacement’s jump feature broke also, but still enjoyed driving it around until now the right wheel has stopped working. Double bummer.

  • Piers

    Our one does not jump so I will take it back to the shop on Monday. Sadly I see that this is a known problem and Parrot have not answered on how to do anything. If it is a known problem it should be recalled but Partot keep selling them! Shame!

  • Simone Iovine

    My jumping sumo doesn’t steer, I can make 90 and 180 turns, but if I tilt the iPad the sumo can’t turn and it keeps going straight.

  • Louis

    My sumo can’t jump horizontally anymore! Any ideas ? It’s charged and very thing!

  • Cameron Grandi

    Hey Parrot, I got a sumo recently and it’s great! But after a long jump the right wheel, facing the sumo, won’t spin anymore and the left one is fine. It didn’t jump into anything at all it was on carpet. What’s wrong with it, the axle seems bent because the wheel isn’t straight either? Can I fix it myself or will a warranty cover it? Thanks

    • http://www.parrot.com Parrot

      Hi Cameron,

      We are sorry to hear that. We recommend you to contact our support team which should be able to help you: http://www.parrot.com/hotline

  • AndNick

    Jumping Sumo right wheel not working when moving forward. Seems to work ok when moving backwards. Pls help!!

    • Gerwin

      I have the same… did you find a solution? Thnaks for sharing!

    • http://www.parrot.com Parrot

      For technical issues, please contact our support team: http://www.parrot.com/hotline

    • Manuel Quinones

      Same problem. I returned it and exchanged it for some other R/C thing but I regret it… I MISS MY JUMPING SUMO!!! What Ive should’ve done is ordered every single part from parrot x5 so I can make a Sumo fix-kit. I am getting another sumo TOMMOROW. *excited*

  • LachieHarry

    my sumos camera is is fuzzy with a ‘scary effect’ if you get what I mean need some help

  • Nicole

    Sumo won’t drive forwards as one wheel seems to be stuck

    • AndNick

      I have the same problem however when going backwards both wheels work fine. Does yours work going backwards?

      • Nicole

        Yeap backwards is fine after a few seconds. Taking it back today

    • http://www.parrot.com Parrot

      We are sorry about that, we recommend you to contact our support team: http://www.parrot.com/hotline

  • Gerwin

    Hi guys, my son’s jumping sumo stopped spinning the right wheel, left still okay. Anything we can do or just sending back? No accident happened, just after charging the battery right wheel does not move anymore. Many thanks for help

    • AndNick

      I tried many things but no luck. Went to store and exchange for another one.

    • LachieHarry

      Hi Gerwin,
      I had the same problem, I just left it to charge for a little while and it worked smoothly after that

    • ProfessorP18

      I kinda had the same problem. The sumos wifi didn’t come up in the network list. I used an apple phone and only one wheel worked. So I went to the store and they said I needed to reset it. Did so and then it could connect again and the wheel worked fine.

    • Manuel Quinones

      My Problem was similar. The right wheel didn’t work but then I switched it into reverse (making the right wheel work by the motor) and switched it back to forward which is only temporary as you will go slow forward and if you let go of the digital joystick thing and go forward, the wheel will stop working

  • Bryce

    My juing sumo bot will not jump. When it tries to jump it just has this really bad like fast clicking noise. PLEASE HELP ME !

    • http://www.parrot.com Parrot

      Sorry about that. You should contact our support team through http://www.parrot.com/hotline
      They will be able to help you.

  • EpicDolphinBread L

    Can you help me I cannot see the network on my tablet wifi settings. Can you explain this.

  • Τάσος Χριστοδουλου


  • Τάσος Χριστοδουλου

    jumping sumo is compatible with Samsung galaxy note II N-7100 kit kat ? or no? why

  • Kate

    My jumping sumo’s sound has suddenly stopped working! Help???

  • Fernando

    My robot doesnt want to change the name for “easy recognition”

  • Fernando

    What do I do?

  • Carter

    My jumping sumo goes extremely slow going forwards but really fast backwards. When I try to jump it has to try a few times to retract the spring. It seems like the speeds switched. How did this happen??

  • dominoes30

    Hi there my sumo has stopped making sound. is that because I am using an iPhone 6? Also the right wheel is a bit wobbly. Please respond and help

    • http://www.parrot.com Parrot

      Hi, we are really sorry to hear that.
      The best thing to do is to contact our hotline to report your issue: http://www.parrot.com/usa/support/hotline
      Our team will fix your Jumping Sumo.

  • dominoes30

    Hi when I woke up this morning I tried using my drone but the right wheel stopped working, so I took it into Harvey Norman and got a new one. I took it home set it up and pressed the jump button. And of course it dosnt jump. So that’s 2 duds now! PLEASE HELP!

    • http://www.parrot.com Parrot

      We are really sorry for the experience you had with our product.
      The best thing to do will be to contact our support team at: http://www.parrot.com/support/hotline/
      Our hotline will help you fix your Jumping Sumo’s issues. If you encounter any problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us again.
      Kind regards,
      Parrot’s Team

  • Jaz Lahy

    My jumping sumo’s network won’t show up on my phones wifi, due to incidient of me pressing forget network which was the jumping sumo’s network. Is the a solution?

    • dominoes30

      The solution is to buy a new drone :)

  • Laurie

    Will I damage the sumo if I charge it for longer than 2 hours

    • dominoes30

      You probably will buy additional batteries or just don’t charge it during the night

  • dominoes30

    When will the 2⃣0⃣1⃣5⃣ drones come out?

  • Pbplayz

    My jumping sumo connects to ipad mini but doesnt load up on the app?????

    • http://www.parrot.com Parrot

      If your smartphone does not support connection to the 5GHz Wi-Fi band, you have the option of manually switching the network generated by the Parrot Jumping Sumo to the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band without using the application. To do this, press down for 3 seconds on the On/Off button.

  • Jennie McGregor

    I can’t get any visual on my screeen and I cant click on camera icon. Tried using micro usb and still nothing. What am I doing wrong?

  • Duck Won Kang

    My sumo can do High Jump. But It can not do Long Jump with this error message “Jump Motor Blocked”.
    What should I do ?
    Refund online website ?

    • http://www.parrot.com Parrot

      Hello, we recommend you to contact our hotline for all technical issues: http://www.parrot.com/usa/support/
      Our team will help you fix your Jumping SUmo issue.

  • Max12345

    I got a Jumping Sumo for my birthday. The next day, I used Jump and it suddenly was stuck or something. It wouldn’t jump anymore. I went back to the shop where I bought it and they gave me a new one. A few hours later, I jump again and it breaks again…
    The Jumping Sumo is really nice to play with, but breaks so fast. Especially the Jumping mechanism.

  • Max12345

    I got a Jumping Sumo for my birthday. The next day, I used Jump and it suddenly was stuck or something. It wouldn’t jump anymore. I went back to the shop where I bought it and they gave me a new one. A few hours later, I jump again and it breaks again…
    The Jumping Sumo is really nice to play with, but breaks so fast. Especially the Jumping mechanism.

  • Jack

    Hi, my jumping sumo’s right wheel stopped working, I haven’t crashed it. If I give it a oust it sometimes worked for a bit but then stoppes again.

    • http://www.parrot.com Parrot

      Hello, we are really sorry to hear that. Please contact our support team to report your issue: http://www.parrot.com/usa/support/
      Our hotline will take care of your situation.
      Kind regards,
      Parrot’s Team

  • Jack

    I ment a push not ou’oust’

  • Jokeon Lim

    My sumo’s camera not working… Pls inform what i must do…

    • http://www.parrot.com Parrot

      Hello, we are really sorry to hear that. Can you please contact our support team via our dedictaed page: http://www.parrot.com/usa/support/?

  • vincent456

    i can flip my phone in both three axis the robot doesn’t turn, even with max turn speed and min neutral rotation speed I can only make live 90* turns and planned turns

    • monsi

      I have the same problem with my Samsung Galaxy TAB 2 10.1 and Parrot Jumping Sumo. It works with Samsung Galaxy S6 or with iPhone, but not with TAB. The TAB works ok, also in other games with “device flip functionality”… Is here anyone else with such problem? Do anyone have any solution? I’ve already tried to flash TAB with different FW, but the problem is still the same…
      Please help!

  • Henry Lin

    My mini drone doesn’t jump, appeared with a message saying the jumping motor is blocked. Help please…

    • http://www.parrot.com Parrot

      Hello, we are really sorry to read that. We recommend you contact our support team on our dedicated page: http://www.parrot.com/usa/support/
      Kind regards,
      Parrot’s Team

  • Zenovia Sebastian

    Hello i have a htc desire 816 with lollipop and i have a parrotjumping sumo drone ,i can’t make moves inclining my phone ,but my accelerometer phone is ok. My drone is updated and my phone too. I have checked with another phone and drone has responsed precisely to phone inclining movement. Please help me to enjoy my jumping sumo ❤

  • Jan

    Where do I buy the micro usb key. I have bought several and nothing fits.

    • Riker Wilson

      You have to get parrots card, not any sd

  • Nolan

    Dear parrot, Once I have connected the sumo to my iPad I will go into the freeflight3 application and it will either not show the free ride option, or show it. If it is shown then I go into the free ride menu and it will show the controls but will have nothing but a black screen behind it and then disconnect in 3-5 seconds

  • Nolan

    Please help

  • jacobawesome1

    mine doesnot want to turn of and im holding the button 20 seconds +

  • bubbaboy81

    How do I turn on LEDs?

    • Riker Wilson

      The night minidrones are a different toy, the emergency button is in the upper left corner, its a red X

      • bubbaboy81

        Thanks for your help! :)

  • Luke

    Road plan won’t work ever since I got iOS 9.1andios.2

  • IanSuhDB

    I’m new to this

  • Willie

    Hi parrot i recently got a sumo jumping drone an as i was doing a long jump it executed it fine then i tried a high jump and it retracted the kicker as normal but then i got an error on my screen saying jump motor blocked i checked and nothing was blocking it and it still wont high jump but it will long jump no problem

  • Jonah

    My jumping sumo doesn’t connect to my tablet anymore, the wifi name isn’t in the list at the settings, HELP PLEASE

  • Laura Unrau

    My piloting screen is black?

  • Ignacio Matidez

    My jumping sumo wont do any animations ? Wont let me click on the menu on my app can some one help ?

  • Charlotte

    The camera doesn’t come on on my phone. The drone can still drive just not with camera. Any idea why? Thanks Charlotte

  • Πάνος Αλευράς

    My tablet is not connecting with jumping sumo because it has not compatibility. It is samsung galaxy tab E. What can i do about it?

  • CreHater

    Why doesn’t tilting the iPhone or iPad work? Should be able to use it to control the drone, but it doesn’t do anything… I can only use 90 and 180 degree turns…

    • CreHater

      Never mind, found the answer in the tutorial video.

  • CreHater

    Can I use a standard apple wall charger for the iPhone to charge the drone?

  • Joshiewoshie1

    How do I change the gear wheel

  • skywa2002

    The camera from my new jumping sumo doesn, t work. How can i put it on?

    • Jim

      I have the same problem, I need help fast.

  • Noah

    Hi, can someone provide me a viable place to find a micro usb key, required for video taking. I can’t find a good one.

  • Marge

    How come I can’t see live stream from my jumping sumo onto my smartphone? But the controls are there, and I can take pictures. I just csn’t see the live stream.

    • Mia Lu

      I have the same issue, have you sort it out? Can you let me know what you did to fix it? Thankz

  • bonbon the bunny

    Hi.im new here and my jumping sumo’s kicker wont work. Each time i press the jump feature,im hit with a retardedly annoying noise and it dont like it one bit! Can i get some help from the Parrot minidrone staff or something.

  • Samuel Lorenc

    i cannot change the name of my sumo . when i change it in freeflight 3 , i type the name but it comes always to the original name

    ( jumpingSumo-xxx_XXX ) pls help

  • Devon Moore

    the small wheel inside the Sumo that retracts the jumping arm is plastic and flimsy and its integrity is almost always compromised after a few jumps, im hoping that Parrot will start making them out of aluminum or some other light metal, mine in my drone is also broken but is not a large issue, im just wondering if i can pilot my drone with my laptop somehow, please reply.

  • Daniel Gerson

    Can you access your droid via the Internet (cool, because it becomes a remote camera) or only via local wifi (a toy only).

  • Lawrence Burke

    I just received my drone today it is very cool only I have one problem, the connection is not very good on my phone and tablet the video footage is very slow and laggy, the drone is only ten meters away and it is lagging so much how do I fix this?

  • Jack Wise

    is there a place where i can buy a new motor?

  • Jack Wise

    My old motor sorta started smoking…

  • Alice Taylor

    Nice tutorial, you explained it pretty good. But, for someone who doesn’t already own this model, I feel like there should be more information regarding some of its features. For example, after I read your article, I decided to do some additional research, and found out that the little jumper has 3 Viewing modes that accompany the 3 piloting modes: The Jumping Mode allows the drone to jump with the camera facing forward. The Kicking Mode swings the camera upward before jumping, and the Balancing Mode makes the camera face the ground. Found this, and more information here: http://mydronelab.com/reviews/the-parrot-mini-drone-jumping-sumo.html

  • https://gearupz.com/ Erik Edwards

    mine doesnt want to turn off and im holding the button 20 seconds

  • GTR Inster

    Can someone help my jumping sumo wont turn on but when I charge it, it only shows the charging light but it still doesn’t work