header-coverageWe got some amazing feedback from the press after our preview presentation of Parrot Bebop Drone in San Francisco last friday :

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Parrot’s new Bebop Drone promises out of body experiences and crystal-clear video

The new Parrot Bebop Drone — aka AR.Drone 3.0 — is also designed to be a tool for aerial photos and videos. Like its increasingly popular competitor, the DJI Phantom 2 Vision, the new Parrot flyer hopes to attract filmmakers and photographers with an increasingly high-quality flying camera, built-in GPS to fly programmed waypoints, and the ability to hover and pan the camera.
But Parrot may also wind up leapfrogging DJI with unheard-of image stabilization and range — plus the officially-supported ability to use a VR headset while flying around.
Read the full article on the verge .


Parrot Introduces Oculus Rift-Enabled Drone

Parrot has unveiled its most advanced drone yet. (…)
We got a chance to take the Bebop for a spin with the Oculus and the experience was pretty incredible. Flying the drone with the Oculus headset provided a unique first-person view of the piloting experience. Read the full article on mashable


We take flight with Parrot’s new Oculus-friendly Bebop drone

(…) It was one of the most stable drone flights we’ve ever seen in action, even when it was forced to stand up to San Francisco’s winds and an untrained pilot simultaneously. Read the full article on engadget


Parrot’s New Bebop Drone Wants to Be Your Eyes in the Skies

The new Bebop Drone is all sorts of awesome. Designed for both indoor and outdoor flying, the UAV platform itself measures 28 x 32 x 3.6 cm and weighs less than a pound. A 1200mAh Lithium-ion battery provides 12 minutes of airtime per 2.5 hour charge, although the system does utilize a standardized port that can hotswap your existing battery packs. (…)
And, if you want to just get downright silly with it, the Skycontroller also includes an HDMI port for plugging in the Oculus Rift headset. You, in a sense, “become” the drone with pitch, tilt, and pan functions all controlled by moving your head around. That’s nuts. Read the full article on gizmodo


Parrot’s New Bebop Drone Can Do Amazing Things

From its image-stabilized camera to Oculus Rift integration, this is one powerful personal drone.
In the emerging world of consumer drones, the most important company in the world happens to be a French one, Parrot, which was formerly best known for making Bluetooth audio products. Back in 2010, it announced the AR.Drone, a $300 quadricopter with onboard cameras, controllable from your iPhone, iPad or Android device.
Watching it whir off into the sky or hover in place was a revelation: I still remember the moment when a friend of mine demoed his AR.Drone by sending it soaring around his living room during a dinner party. (…) Read the full article on the time.


Parrot’s Newest Drone Packs A Serious Camera, Extreme Range

This is the latest drone from Parrot and it’s a big upgrade from the much-loved AR Drone. It’s essentially a flying camera that can even pipe imagery directly into an Oculus Rift headset, taking flying in the clouds to a whole new level (…)
Essentially, thanks to the 180-degree field of vision allowed by the fisheye lens, the software captures more video than it needs. It then uses home-brew software to cut out the desired bits and discard the rest. This allows the angle of view to remain fixed even if the drone is swaying in the wind.
This setup gives the Bebop a unique selling point over competitors, including models from Phantom that rely on more traditional camera and gimbal rigs (…)
The Bebop will likely be a hit.Read the full article on techcrunch.

Preview of Bebop Drone : Press coverage



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11 thoughts on “Preview of Bebop Drone : Press coverage

  1. I think these are Great Press Releases for Parrot Bebop Drone. I think this quadcopter has a great future because the headlines in each release looks excellent. I hope it will become a success and attract serious buyers. All the best with your future launches as-well. I’m especially a big Parrot Quadcopter lover as-well.


    1. I hate to ruin your party but the Parrot drone will never rise to your expectations & or hopes for it lol, it’s really nothing more than a toy grade quadcopter & doesn’t even have some of the “must have” features that the new flight controllers have IE point of interest, follow me, latitude/longitude , OSD, speed, altitude, flight pack, remaining flight time, RTH, gimbal cability, Etc, Etc on & on it just doesn’t compete! Also- it’s completely proprietary and your stuck buying their trashy props, motors, ESC’s , & I don’t even think you can modify it for a normal Tx & set up for “long range” (very important features for SERIOUS aerial photographers. So no! I don’t see your toy ever evolving into anything more than what it is, a entry level quad that gets “ok” footage & will inevitably end up in the closet collecting dust in short order.
      I’m curious if you folks have ever flown anything in the way of a “Serious” Multirotor ? I think if you stepped outside of the inexpensive $500.00 toy grade stuff you might suprise yourself with the real technology out there…
      Be ye not deceived by clever headlines either, they provide top notch action videos that make these bebops look like the real deal & when you actually fly one you are very disappointed to find they fly terribly in windy conditions, etc , some of the best places to capture video are environments that are very windy & less than desirable conditions, the bebop drone just can’t compete with the others when it comes to these realities so be careful where you spend your money when buying your first platform you might be disappointed..
      Bottom line is the bebop drone is exactly as it sounds, it’s good for nothing more than just be-bopping around and fiddling around with beginner level video, it wears off very quickly .

      Thank you

    1. Hmmmm- well, WOW! How long have you been around this hobby (multirotors specifically)? With all do respect that’s a very ignorant statement sir.

    2. All do respect, but have you just been in a whole your whole life? the multi rotor design came into play in the 20’s- 30’s we put camera’s on them in the 50’s. Parrot made a shitty drone that only has hd capabilities and can’t even fly out a mile that’s like saying starbucks was an original pioneer when all they did was brand there own coffee and all you plebs think its the most amazing thing ever. Open your fucking mind.

  2. I have already purchased the Bebop drone. Will I be able to buy the controller package separately (complete with all that is in it just not the stuff included with the drone) What suggested price?

  3. It is rather poor form to punish the very early adopters by not providing a controller kit at the same time the Quadcopter itself is released. I have the big guy with all it’s accessories but have been eagerly awaiting the Bebop. If I could order it today the check (credit card) would be in the mail. Very poor form. I am disappointed in Parrot

  4. damien GERDES • a minute ago
    J’habite à côté de Strasbourg et toujours pas l’ombre d’un bebop bleu avec sky… Nous sommes le 6 janvier, c’est lamentable pour une boîte française….qui livre d’autres pays en priorité.
    Introuvable à la Fnac : “vous pouvez le commander, mais Parrot ne communique pas sur les délais, ça peut mettre plusieurs semaines”, introuvable chez Boulanger et chez Darty qui n’en ont même pas vu l’emballage.
    Alors c’est bien joli d’en parler à tout le monde depuis mai si on arrive même pas à le livrer pour Noël !!!!!!!

  5. Excellent press coverages! I believe everybody in the technology group is attracted to the one-of-a-kind Parrot Bebop Drone – aspire to notice it outsmarts some other popular best quadcopters. Good luck along with your upcoming products too. I am, in fact, a huge fan of Parrot drones, quadcopters, Parrot Mini drones, and so on. Thanks for facilitating the opportunity to express my thoughts in advance.


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