Skycontroller: fly further, higher

To benefit from a more powerful Wi-Fi connection, Parrot will offer the Skycontroller as an option for Bebop Drone.

Equipped with an amplified Wi-Fi radio and with 4 antennas, the Parrot Skycontroller extend the Wi-FI range. It’s a device, with a very specific Wi-Fi architecture, designed for the Bebop to maximize its reach. It is not compatible with AR.Drones.
The piloting smartphone or tablet is fixed on a shelf that is compatible with the vast majority of the tablets available in the market.
The pilot takes the helm of the drone via 2 joysticks.


Achieve Icarus’ dream !

For extreme sensations, it is possible to connect FPV (First Person View) glasses to the Parrot Skycontroller with the HDMI plug. Then, leaning the head will position the camera of the Bebop Drone!
Parrot Skycontroller + Oculus


Parrot Skycontroller technical data:

− Android 4.2
− Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n up to 36dBm
− Antennas directives range
− Wi-Fi MIMO 2.4 and 5GHz
− Second chipset Wi-Fi to connect to a tablet
− USB, HDMI extensions
− Sun-visor included
− Weight: 450g

Introducing Parrot Skycontroller



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126 thoughts on “Introducing Parrot Skycontroller

          1. in case you have not yet heard, it is now available on its own (UK £420) so far can only see it for sale on the parrots own page.

          2. Hi Carl. I’m looking for the sky controller myself and have found it in Argos £399 £10 voucher for every £100 spent hope this helps. Gary.

    1. Logically speaking the Parrot Sky Controller should connect to the AR Drone 2.0 because they all run off of a wifi system. The Sky Controller is essentially a range extender with control gimbals. Since both the Bebop Drone and the AR Drone 2.0 run off of wifi there should be no problem connecting the AR Drone to the controller. But there could be other problems, such as the Sky Controller not being compatible with the AR Drone version of free flight or the AR Drone not being compatible with the new version of free flight for the controller and Bebop. Also, With the sky controller i do not think it will be possible to do flips as the Sky Controller is designed for Bebop. It think, thought because they both run on wifi, That the AR Drone will be compatible with the Sky Controller and we can have longer flights and better video.

  1. What about stereo vision? I only see one camera so I assume this is not possible? This seems to be the biggest gap between this and the community work being done on the DJI platform.

  2. Nice concept but, I have an ASUS SMART PAD running Window 8.1 OS. If this can run on my pad I am a buyer, if not then I will be forced to go with a different product all togethe – i try to stay away from companies who are solely proprietary in the their outlook on the future – open source compatibility is the only way to fly.Case in point: I own a NOOK and not Kindle, because with the NOOK I can read everything and the KINDLE I am locked in with Amazon only, I can only read on platforms they allow – NOT GOOD..

  3. From what it looks like, it is compatible with Any Tablet/Phone/Device that works with the Parrot software. It just has a WIFI Hotspot like the Parrot that your Device hocks up to the Hotspot and so does the Drone.
    “− Second chipset Wi-Fi to connect to a tablet”
    They do show it working with the Bebop Drone but since the “SkyController” Specs are the same as a 2 year old high end phone. I would not see why it could not work with the 2.0 or even 1.0.
    Heck I do not even see a reason why it would require a tablet in the first place.

  4. i have the drone 2.0 and got it a year ago and only flew it indoors only become i couldn’t see the screen on my phone out side so if i get this controller il be more confident flying out side. can you tell me when and where can i buy it

  5. This definitely needs 3D display capability, at some point, and haptic feedback in both the controller and anything on your head (Send signal over the HDMI cable).

  6. The skycontroller should be compatible with all upcoming and future parrot products, id love to get this the bebop and the sumo and use the skycontroller for both!!!

  7. Oh my god, I’ve wet my pants. Please tell us when and how much. Also as the others are asking will it work with the drone 2. Thanks

  8. Proving that Apple ecosystem has the best, most scalable, robust and secure platform. Unfortunately, building products for Android is extremely expensive and challenging for any company like Parrot due to massive device fragmentation, huge security holes due to open platform.

    1. That’s why I’m starting to like the Windows 8 ecosystem. More scalable than Apple and also just as secure (in the RT side) plus easier to develop on than Apple.

  9. Will the sky controller be compatible with the oculus rift dk2 without the positional tracking equipment please answer.

  10. My fingers are crossed that this thing will be compatible with the Oculus Rift DK2 (Which I have), Android tablets (Which I have) and the Jumping Sumo (Which I plan on buying in the near future).

    I can only imagine how cool it would be to have the level of control the actual remote would offer, and the cool-factor of seeing in first person as your little racer shoots around your house/neighborhood.

  11. am looking for this piece…and trying to work how to incorporate the features into the Drone 2. Hopeful the battery should be well….equipped, else 20-30 mins flight time, is not sufficient enough.

  12. hey everyone, i asked this already somewhere else but i am an impatient guy. does someone know when the Parrot Bebop will be available in germany?

  13. I got the parrot drone without sky controller. Can I but controller separately, or do I need to purchase them together as a package?

  14. Hi I see all the questions regarding the compatibility with AR Drone 2.0 and Parrot’s answer. So the next questions is with it work with the Mariner waterproof quadcopter/ drone ?

      1. but when would it be able to be sold separately? Because I forgot to buy it and I only have the BEBOP and I’m also not impressed with it’s range.

        1. Hi Jason, I noticed your message to Parrot and wanted to say I hope you can buy this separately at some point. It really enhances the flying and you will be very excited once you have it. Parrot has been good at coming through with things in the past so cross your fingers. Enjoy
          Grandpa Jake

      2. when will it be able to be bought separately because I really want the skycontroller but don’t want to spend $900 to get another bebop with the skycontroller please let me know when it could be sold sepreatly.

      1. Is there anything similar for the AR Drone 2.0 Power Edition? Or anything in the making? Or simply a way to extend the Wi-Fi signal of it?

      2. Also, do you think you could explain why it is not compatible? Is it the hardware of the AR Drone? Or the software of the app itself?

  15. when the parrot beebop runs into something , it just shuts off and drops. is there a way to disable this feature?

  16. How do I do flips with the Skycontroller with my phone attached? When double tapping my phone (with Skycontroller), the drone does not flip. Please help.

  17. Skycontroller should be sell individual as well. So it will be good for some people who want to upgrade their own bebop drone. I don’t really understand how parrot marketing thinking.

      1. Do you have any ETA on when this can be purchased separately? I contacted Parrot 4 months ago and the customer rep said that more information would be available soon. I purchased the Bebop as soon as it came out, and would really like to be able to use it more extensively.

  18. Hi, I Have Bebop with Skyconntroler and new update working good gps too, but can’t find anywhere simulator for him. Please Help

  19. Parrot you really should sell the skycontroller seperately because people are begging for it to be sold separately

  20. Where can you buy a skycontroller on its own? and when will freeflight be updated to program flight paths. I could do this with my AR drone 2.0 last year and the bebop is supposed to be more advanced??

  21. I have the Bebop Drone and have been waiting a long time for the Skycontroller to become available for sale (by itself, not as a combo). Where can I buy the Skycontroller and other additions to the Bebop Drone?

  22. Where can i get the skycontroler, i alredy have the bebop drone, i cant find the controler whitout the drone?

  23. i have Bebop Drone and i use my smart phone to controll it .many time i lost connection while the bebop in air .i think tablet or smart phone dont perform good as skycontroller.

  24. hi parrot when will you be putting the skycontroller on amazon as a separate product? Because on your website you don’t ship to my country, but i can order it from amazon. I already bought the bebop drone without the the skycontroller. i decided to buy that later on. I really want the skycontroller, but due to financial circumstances i will have to buy the controller later on.

  25. I really want skycontroller but it costs more than i paid for the drone. I paid $350 onsale at best buy for the bebop. And the sky controller costs $500.

  26. Is there a way to adjust screen size when using an hd 7″ screen? I’ve attached a picture for reference. The screen is set to 16:9 and using the hdmi port.

  27. parrot I have the bebop2 and the skycontroller but I’m not sure what is wrong I am only able to go about 500 to 600 ft with the controller am I’m not doing something wright ?

  28. Hi, i want to know if the Skycontroller is just for Parrot or it is possible develop app for other things like raspberry or arduino using Skycontroller

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