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Introducing Parrot Bebop Drone

Today, after 3 years of Research & Development, we are excited to introduce you Parrot Bebop Drone, an ultra-light drone with a full HD camera digitally stabilized on its 3-axes.

More news about Parrot Bebop Drone at Parrot AUVSI, stay tuned !

Video presentation:

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Parrot Bebop Drone




  • http://rswebconsulting.com/ Rajeev r

    I need to get myself one of these, seems like so much fun!

  • secretumpiratica

    What is the price?

  • http://proedgebiker.com/ PROEDGEBIKER.COM


    • Knifexedge

      The bebop drone is at the market ready to buy , if the price doesn’t scare you it can be bought now from horizon hobby for about 8 hundred dollars with the controller then you still need a new tablet for the controller .you can use your phone .

      • Knifexedge

        I just checked again the bebop drone is 500 dollars and 900 dollars with the controller.

  • mike

    Where’s the link to buy, dudes?

    • http://www.quadcopterhq.com/ QuadcopterHQ

      Not available yet! Fourth quarter 2014 – I’m guessing September 2014 right in time for the Christmas shopping season.

      • Geeman

        Just got my Parrot AR, 2.0 power edition drone yesterday, killer machine.

  • Vladimir Savin


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003386080045 John doe

    Need for work, need for play. when and where. inserting bills in DVD slot but nothing yet.

  • Lasse Kristensen

    Well this is not just an awesome toy(which i would like to own) but with the vr glasses and controller, you can give paralized persons or people with disfunctional legs, an incredible experience! Thumbs up Parrot !

  • http://www.quadcopterhq.com/ QuadcopterHQ

    I think the Bebop Drone will be extremely popular, especially if Parrot can bring it to market for under $500 – it is a bit less intimidating for new flyers than the DJI Phantom given its smaller size and direct iPhone/iPad/Android control.

    I do wish that they had been able to bump up the flight time to 20 minutes though, I think that will significantly diminish any professional interest in it. For those interested in the Bebop Drone I have a more in-depth look at its technology and design here: http://quadcopterhq.com/parrot-bebop-drone-review/

  • Spider

    Whether it will be compatible with Windows 8?

  • http://www.proyecti.com Carlos

    Will it be possible to extend the functionalities via APIs? I’m interested in adding features in the SkyController application. Really good job guys!

  • Hector Andres Castañeda Revill


  • GG_NV

    With the GPS navigation with programmable waypoints for flight it should be a winner.

  • Todd Copeland

    Biggest issue I have is companies lack of support on their AR Drone 2.0. They took forever to correct issues and never followed through with promised projects. They just took peoples money and moved on to something else. Will they do the same with this product?

  • Mike Jimenez

    Just got my first AR.Drone 2.0 weeks ago. I previously know Parrot will release Bebop. Just want to fill by myself what AR is about.

  • http://adityamehrotra10.wix.com/phoenixcenterice Phoenix Defender

    Parrot is my favorite company for aerial drones. I own an AR Drone 2.0 and it is the most high tech vehicle I have ever driven besides the EOS ORRCA, but thats a boat. Parrot Makes the best drones in the field and i cannot wait for this to come out, This will surely be on my christmas list.

    I love what Parrot has done with the Camera it is ingenious and innovative. The design of bebop makes it look professional and the range of 2km with the sky controller gives it the prize of best drone i will probably own. Definitely Getting This One!

  • Simeon Handi Kurniadi

    Wow.. Fish eye lens.. I want it..

  • Trevor J

    Can anyone give me the closest date for the release of the bebop? And does anyone know a price yet. I am looking to buy this on the release date.

  • Trevor J

    When is the release date? What s the price? I want to buy As soon as it hits the market.

  • Antony Alston

    I like the design orientation of Parrot Bebop Drone because it looks a bit unique & user-friendly. Being a RC Enthusiast from my Child-Hood I always have passion about Quadcopters. I had a Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition Quadricopter which filled my basic expectation. I was able to control it from my Smartphone. However, it came with some limitations especially the flight time. Now I’m opted to go with Dji Phantom Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter because it offer about 25 minutes of flight time. You can read my short personal review on Dji Drone if interested


  • DeatH_D

    Any updates?

    • http://www.quadcopterhq.com/ QuadcopterHQ

      “Coming soon”…. who knows what that means though.

  • Ben Pickering

    Take my money already!! WHENNNNN

  • Joseph Cote

    What’s taking so long??

  • daisy

    whats the difference between this and the Phantom 2 Vision? does anybody know? thanks

    • Tamas Tokai

      The different is probably they have better support.. :)

  • Jack L Glasser

    its ridiculous! If you don’t get the controller in a bundle package, the controller itself is unobtainable and flying a $500.00 drone with your iPhone is no fun! The whole package is pretty pricey but less pricey then higher end units and until I get the controller I cant rate the ease of use of the product – good luck to you!

  • Craig Cameron

    This drone is fantastic! Two questions: 1. When is the skycontroller going to be for sale separately? and when is the autonomous flight set-up going to be available on free flight. Have been waiting months now!!

  • Michael Simpson

    My partner and I reside in the United States plus this company finally launched the quadcopter along with the unique sky controller. I have ended up a serious radio controlled (RC) man for a long time and still have been holding out for the Parrot to launch an item together with genuine RC control panel. I had the Parrot’s AR 2.0 quadcopter as this has ended up fun to pilot however with it is Wi-Fi span just caused it to be functional for small flights.

    I need to point out once I do all of the updates for both Sky controller and drone it was fun. I am in a position to steer in limited spots and use the FPV. In general, I am not wishing to compare and contrast it with DJI drones that is much more high-priced.

    For all those fascinated in the actual Parrot Bebop drone quadcopter, I have written a detailed review on it after testing it for myself. You can read here if you want: http://www.topquadcoptersreviews.com/parrot-bebop-review-parrot-drone-bebop/

  • daniel

    This drone is look very strange

  • https://www.mydronechoice.com/ My Drone Choice

    We love the Parrot Bebop Drone for the elegant design it possess which is second best to DJI Phantom 4. We especially like the blue color one. It is one of our go to choice for aerial photography. What’s most interesting is the sky controller it comes with. Though a bit expensive but would take it for the performance it offers. The price has come down a bit since its launch which is a good thing for beginner pilots looking to spend on a well-worth gadget. We like to review this kind of product here http://WwW.mydronEchoice.Com sooner or later. We definitely recommend it for beginner users who are learning to perfect the art of flying. Thanks in advance and keep up the excellent work.