#CES2014: The Parrot MiniDrone is the winner of an Innovation Award in Wireless Handset Accessories!

Connected to a Smartphone or a tablet with Bluetooth Smart (Low Energy), the Parrot MiniDrone offers flight stability worthy of professional drones.
Thanks to its numerous sensors and its autopilot capabilities, Parrot MiniDrone is the easiest-to-fly quadricopter.
Its ultra-compact and light-weight design, combined with the power of its engines, allows the Parrot Minidrone to fly at high speeds and perform high-precision acrobatics.
Attach two ultra-light wheels to the Minidrone structure and it can climb along a wall or move across the ceiling before taking off again into mid-air.

The most stable mini drone


Removable wheels


Scale comparing to AR.Drone 2.0


Mini-Drone 7597

In the press:

“The Minidrone, made by the makers of the AR.Drone, is a lightweight, superstable, small, and incredibly fun flying machine.”
Popular Mechanics
“Ahead of CES, French electronics maker Parrot has presented two futuristic spy gadgets that are bound to create a sensation in Las Vegas.”
Yahoo News
“Parrot’s AR Drone 2.0 has been one of the most popular hobbyist drone models ever created. Now, at CES Unveiled, the company expanded its reach and came out with miniature toy versions: the MiniDrone and the Jumping Sumo.”
Popular Mechanics

Wake Up1

Parrot MiniDrone finalist in the Cool Tech category!


Star of the CES 2014, Parrot MiniDrone has been honored and received several awards:
1. CES 2014 Best of Innovation award
2. Best Tech Award by Mashable
3. Best drone by The Verge
4. Popular Mechanics Editors’ Choice Awards
5. Digital Trends Best of CES 2014 award finalists
6. iPhone Life Magazine

Parrot MiniDrone in a nutshell:

• Amazing high speed flying
• Indoor wheels to roll on the floor or the ceiling
• Super sophisticated stabilization system
• Robust design
• Piloting mode designed for beginners
• Bluetooth® Smart technology

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