Parrot, a global leader of wireless peripherals for Smartphones and tablets, unveils innovations at CES scheduled to be available in 2014.
Resulting from Parrot’s proven expertise in wireless and signal processing technologies, projects and developments presented at CES 2014 will once again illustrate the creative capability and technological proficiency in the company’s three business units:
• Consumer electronics with a bold entry into the world of connected toys;
• Automotive with the demonstration of an innovative and scalable connected infotainment solution designed for car manufacturers;
• Drones with major technological innovations, especially in the professional sector.

CES 2014

Consumer Electronics

o Parrot MiniDrone: A miniature drone piloted in Bluetooth Low Energy with a Smartphone or a tablet, that flies… and rolls from floor to ceiling!
o Parrot Jumping Sumo: The first robot-insect, controlled in Wi-Fi 5GHz with a Smartphone or a tablet that spins, jumps up to 80 cm and takes 90 degree turns.

Connected car

o Parrot OEM: SOCA a scalable, connected multimedia solution based on Android and designed for car manufacturers (OEM).


o Parrot senseFly: The ability to produce aerial ‘oblique’ images during flight for more complete mapping.
o Pix4D: A new software package introducing ground-breaking editing tool & subscription model.


The best technologies to play, communicate and fly



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