To celebrate summer, Parrot dresses his renowned Bluetooth portable hands-free kit in a pure white robe… Just for China and in 3.000 copies only!

The Parrot MINIKIT Neo is an ultra-compact technological gem that allows drivers to manage phone calls exclusively using their voice, whilst keeping their hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road. It comes with a free dedicated application for iOS and Android Smartphones packaged with practical and ingenious services!

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Parrot MINIKIT Neo white edition

Parrot MINIKIT Neo White Edition will be produce in 3.000 copies only,
at the retail price of 1280 RMB.
Available from July 15th in exclusivity at:

Zhongsheng Group 大连中升集团
Zhengtong Group 正通集团
Shenye Group 深业集团
Yongda Group 永达集团