Dear pilots,
Freeflight App is back on iTunes! Get the free App Freeflight 2.3 on iOS

ITS BACK!!!!!!

by bubey
Thank you Parrot for bringing the best ArDone app back. I can finally fly my ArDrone easily now. THANK YOU PARROT.
Accelerometer + Absolute Control is back!

by mrbuffneff
I think dual joysticks is the best method, but it’s great to have options for beginners again.
Great app

Thank you so much for reenabling absolute control and the accelerometer modes!!!


Rescue mode
Due to piloting errors or bad weather conditions, Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 can get stuck in a tree or other
obstacle. To recover the AR.Drone 2.0, pilots now have the option to select from two propeller
movements (random shake or over balance) from the smartphone or tablet piloting device.
Rescue Mode is available for free after updating the AR.Drone piloting app in the App Store. Your feedback is welcome!

Rescue Mode

Director Mode

Pilots equipped with an iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch® can benefit from the Director Mode feature, which is available through the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 piloting app.
This feature gives pilots the opportunity to create smooth videos using nine pre-registered movements (forward/backward travelling, panoramic, crane, etc.) allowing them to modify speed before or during flight.

More info here


Flight Recorder
Geolocate your AR.Drone 2.0 with this GPS enabled device, keep track of its position and store your videos in its built-in flash memory.

– Modelize your flights in 3D on the AR.Drone Academy map
– 4GB built-in flash memory to store more than 2 hours of HD video and flight data
– Plug and play USB connection

Official Website: AR.Drone 2.0 Flight Recorder

Today iTunes has returned Freeflight on the App Store. Get the App!

Freeflight is the free and official App to pilot your AR.Drone 2.0 with all features activated on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Freeflight is to be used instead of AR.Drone, FreeflightWORLD and FreeflightUS. If you made the in-app purchase of Director Mode on one of these 3 apps, please contact us at: www.parrot.com/hotline

Enjoy your flights !

Team Parrot



Freeflight App is back on iTunes with Rescue mode – Director mode & Flight recorder GPS compatible!



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