Special Operations Unit tests the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 for recon.
Firstly, the photos were taken following an “investigation technique” tactical advance training session lasting four hours.
The last half an hour was used to try the “added value” which the drone can bring. They used it to illuminate the advance of an assault column in a “large space” management scenario (plant, fort, etc.) and to help them look for and confirm or otherwise the presence of an individual on the floors.

In the first photo, we can see the servant-drone whose task was to be the eyes throughout the flight.
The second shows some of the team, the shield carrier and their two servants behind them, the servant drone and a long support.
Nos. 3-4-5 show a three-person shield ready to enter, protecting the server drone which ensures there is no individual present on the floor. We can see also a two-person support which protects the column in the direction of the door and the floor.
The last shows the flight along the axis of the main corridor, the drone illuminating all the windows and doors on our flank.

Of course, this use of the AR.Drone remains an “experiment”, a test.


Special Operations Unit tests AR.Drone 2.0



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